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Published July 23, 2014 by Melissa Leath

Feeling Another’s Distress at a Distance: A Seemingly Psychic Connection
The Epoch Times
The universe is full of mysteries that challenge our current knowledge.

Source: www.theepochtimes.com

We truly are All One: As described in this article, we can ‘feel’ or ‘sense’ each other especially when high emotions are involved. It is known as an Empathosphere.  This universal realm of feeling transcends both space and time. The more you engage the use of it, the stronger the ability becomes. It is all linked to the psychic awareness of earthly energies, including a person’s emotion.

☆ July 22nd 2014 AngelScope ☆

Published July 22, 2014 by Melissa Leath

Melissa Leath:

Fear has many guises. And the third dimensional world want to lock you into limited thinking, limited dreaming. Today, and all days forward you have the support of your guides and angels to open to All That Is, and All That Can Be.

Originally posted on newagelove:


It is safe for you to see the energy of love in all of its forms, such as angels, auras, and visions.

Today, I’ve been guided to use the Angel Therapy Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue. I was nudged strongly by Archangel Michael to get a shuffle from this deck as he has a special message for everyone of us this morning!

“My dearest Earth Angels,

The energies are shifting. Can you feel them? This is no doubt the purging season where the negative energies are being transmuted to positive energies by me, and the angels have been constantly nudging everyone to get rid of all that no longer serves you in your highest purpose. You may feel the flu-like symptoms, vivid dreams bugging you nightly, or even a subtle change in perceptions in your habitual circumstances. It is perfectly normal to feel these shifts. Do not fight the symptoms…

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Doorway to Your Spirit Guides EBook

Published July 19, 2014 by Melissa Leath

Many entire worlds exist in the same space we occupy, but they are unconscious to us simply because we are not “in-tune” with it. These are not places, but states of being, or spaces of awareness.
~Melissa Leath, Doorway to Your Spirit Guides

Doorway to Your Spirit Guides: Tips, Details, and Techniques to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

Doorway to Your Spirit Guides: Tips, Details, and Techniques to Connect with Your Spirit Guides

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* This course of study is essential for expanding your psychic medium abilities. *

The foundation to connect with your spirit guides starts in a simple way: early childhood experiences, developing a spirit guide meditation, personal symbols, and special exercises. Create distinct practices for your own unique link, generating a deeper, harmonious rapport with your guides.

Now you can contact your guides and feel confident that your connection is of the highest vibration. “Doorway” helps you understand where your guides really are and who they are. It prepares you for your communication by creating your own Power Field. And shows you how to meditate in a way that assists the process. Here is a quick look at the different chapters:

Chapter 1. Who are your guides?
Explore who your guides are and how they are connected to you. Includes discussion on the different levels of existence, ascended masters, spirit teachers, animal guides, etc.
Chapter 2. Making first contact.
Are your guides always there? Why don’t you hear them? Learn how your guides are able to connect in a very natural and organic manner. Exercises and practices to use.
Chapter 3. Are you sure?
Get doubt out of the equation. Receiving Recognition Response. How can you be sure you are receiving information from your guide? What are the clues you can be sure of? How does the information feel?
Chapter 4. Deeper linking.

Now you can go into a closer relationship with your spirit guide. Find out just how much you can receive from them and understand. Realize how much you can use spirit guide connections in your work/life.

Doorway to Your Spirit Guides by Melissa Leath

Finding Peace in a Psychic Mind

Published July 12, 2014 by Melissa Leath

MindToo often my world is crazy busy. Just like you, I am sure, there is work, house cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, more work (this includes writing, website stuff, psychic readings, and teaching classes), and extended family members that need attention, including kid stuff. Plus, I kinda like having a little personal time. It seems there is never enough time in a day, never enough room to think things through…

But if you are psychic as I am, then you know what it is like to be bombarded with energy pushes, astral garbage rolling in and out of the mind, spirit guides relaying information, and being vulnerable to the emotions and energies of other people.

Also, the Earth is going through massive shifting and changes. Since we are humans, we are connected to the Earth Changes as a normal thing. But if you are sensitive and aware then you “feel” all that Mother Earth is sending: volcanoes, thunderstorms, earthquakes, and other earthly meteorological shifts. But also the effects of sun flares and moon phases. The list goes on and on.

What is a person to do? How do you sort it all out? How can you have Peace of Mind if you are Psychic?

Well, here are a few things I have found that will assist you in dealing with it all. At least dealing with the psychic aspect, so you can have calm and quiet to work your regular (normal?) life:

1. Start your day with 5 minutes of solitude. Usually the best time is just before you get out of the bed. But anytime in the first 20 minutes of your day. Sit quietly. Plan on doing nothing. This gives your mind a break. (I know, you just woke up. But your mind has been dreaming all night trying to make sense of your previous day.) So taking a few minutes, it helps your mind to re-fresh, or reboot. This sets the mood for the rest of the day.
2. Have a serious talk with your guides. Yeah. Really talk — out loud, or an internal conversation — to your guides. Let them know your wishes. Your guides are there with you all the time to help you, and assist you in this lifetime. So put them to good use! They can filter out all the astral garbage (that’s what I call low level energies and entities that have nothing good to say about anyone or anything). Also, they can help you stay focused on certain goals or points on your list of what to do today.

3. Take charge. You ultimately are in charge of your life. No matter what anyone tells you, or expects of you, you are the one to make the decision. Consider your choice. When you finally decide, then stick to it.

4. If you are bothered by spirits from the other side, know that you can choose to not listen. Just because they are trying to get your attention, does not mean you must. Many spirits (or earthbounds) only want to interact with other people in the third dimension. They really do not have a special need, but want to control your time.

Then what should you do? If these are loved ones who have passed away, then schedule a special time during the week that you agree to interact with them. They wish to support you and let you know that they are alright. That is a good thing. But, if these are unfulfilled spirits, then they only want to remain physical. Raise your vibrations by thinking about positive issues and interests. Focus on your own Heart-Light and they will not be aware of you anymore and move on. You will be resonating at a finer frequency.

5. Decide if keeping a journal might help. As you track the thoughts during the day, you will soon see that much of what is moving through your head is not peaceful — and not necessarily self motivated thoughts. Pick and choose what is positive and beneficial. As you become aware of the negative or lower thoughts, you can let them go and replace them with positive affirming ones.

** These ideas are just some of the things you can do to calm your thoughts and bring peace to a psychic mind.
Peace! Melissa Leath


Indigo Children, Defiance and the Classroom: “Why do we have to do this at School?” “I’m Bored” “I’m Outta Here”

Published July 9, 2014 by Melissa Leath

Melissa Leath:

Diary Indigo written by Nathan has a wealth of information straight from the source of an experienced Indigo! This particular article is so important for teachers, as well as, parents and other role models of children today. If you are — or know — a teacher who is in the regular school system, this idea of defiance in the classroom can be seen in many different ways. It may not really be defiance, but a need to understand the reasoning behind an exercise or lesson. Please enjoy the article, and feel free to share with others…M/

Originally posted on Diary Indigo:

Do really we have to do this Miss?” I asked.
I BEG YOUR PARDON?” said the teacher.
I feel this isn’t important because I won’t need to know it when I grow up”.

I can clearly remember saying this scene clearly in mind as if it were last week. I can remember getting reprimanded for speaking my mind and speaking my truth. I knew that I wasn’t interested in what i was learning in my Grade 3 Religion lesson. I was being honest and I was punished. “What relevance did this have in my life and future?” I wondered. I could feel and see that it didn’t. I knew. However I still didn’t get my answer and I am pretty sure it’s still a common thing going on in classrooms and schools today. I am…

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“Traits of Awakening Souls” ReBlogged

Published June 24, 2014 by Melissa Leath



This link goes to a great blog post by Christina Sarich called 21 Traits of an Awakening Soul. Take a few minutes and check it out. Do you have any of the symptoms (or traits)?

Peace! Melissa Leath


Daughter seeing sprinkles sparkles orbs again (2)

Published June 12, 2014 by Melissa Leath

See on Scoop.itEnlightening Spirits and Psychic Exploration Salon

Daughter seeing sprinkles sparkles orbs again (2)

Melissa Leath‘s insight:

This is the first time I have seen a video that really looks like sparkles to me. Children especially see these wonderful spirit energy lights. But the more I report it and explain it, I hear from adults that can remember it. But they had forgotten it or thought it was normal vision.


I love the way the video camera captured them.


Sparkles are energetic representations from loved ones who have passed away, spirit guides and teachers, and guardian angels. They create a special force so you can see it. The sparkles are not actually angels and loved ones. But the sparkles are created by them.


Have you ever seen anything like this?


See on www.youtube.com


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