Children Seeing Sparkles

Published July 4, 2010 by Melissa Leath

Does your child see sparkles?

I get so many great questions, either while lecturing and conducting workshops, or through phone conversations and emails. They are so important to everyone, that I’ve decided to start posting some of them that I thought would be of benefit to my readers. 

The following is the answer to a question send to me from a woman searching the internet for information about what her young daughter was seeing: Sparkles.

I thought this blog would be a great way for many people to gain from one person’s question. By presenting the email to you along with the answer I provided, I have chosen to change names and some circumstances just to keep anonymity. The woman who contacted me, “Karen” has given permission to share this information with you. And I send my heartfelt thanks and best wishes to her and her sweet family.


Subject: Hello!
Date: Wed, 26 May 2010 18:11:18 +0000

Hi there!

I hope you don’t mind my sending this email to you. I found your name on Google while trying to research “sparkles” that my 7 year old sees.

She has been seeing “sparkles” since she first told me about them when she was only 2. She was trying to catch them…jumping up, etc. with her hand opening and closing.

I have asked her for a few years now various questions regarding these sparkles.
She sees thousands of them…all different colors….all the time. Day, night, light, dark, etc. All the time.

She is amazed that I cannot see them. She assumed for a few years that everyone could. Her siblings are teenagers and she doesn’t talk about them as freely with them, since they are skeptical about her seeing the sparkles.

She answers all my questions, freely. I did have her eyes/vision tested and they were fine. I asked her pediatrician and he said she was playing. Kind of an imaginary friend.

If I hold my open hand out, she said they go on my hand. There aren’t any “bad” ones, except she doesn’t seem to like the small black one she sometimes sees. She said they are just round and look like sparkles. They don’t talk, they aren’t “people”.

Can you help explain to me, PLEASE, what she could be seeing. Is this good or bad for her? Are they auras? They seem to be in rooms, but not “on” people, so that puzzles me. Not stronger or lighter on people, just around…everywhere.

My husband is also a skeptic, so I’m not sure what to do. I certainly don’t want to tell her anything to scare her, so PLEASE let me know if you can help me out here with what you think may be happening.

Thank you sooooo much for your time!



Date: Sat, 29 May 2010 20:04:18 -0400

Hi Karen~

Thank you so much for connecting with me. I certainly hope I can bring some resolve to you.

First of all, I feel you are very blessed to have a daughter who is open and sharing with the things she sees or witnesses. I know she is eight now, but as a two year old, she could not possibly make up something like that. Her natural responses to the phenomena is proof enough to me that it is real.

But besides that, I have known other children who see or hear or feel things other than the normal physical things we are comfortable experiencing. It is important to realize that we are all spirits. We are spirits who are really living in a physical body, experiencing the earth plane, or third dimension. Then you start to open to other possibilites. We actually are limited in many ways by our physical bodies!

Have you ever tried to walk through an open door, only to bump into the side of the frame with your hip or shoulder? That is because the true self (spirit being) saw no limitation. But the physical body really is limited by the physical doorway.

Your daughter is not seeing limitation. She sees things of a spiritual-realm nature. It is natural and normal. It exists, whether we see with our physically limited eyes or not. There is a story about the time when there were only natives living in the Americas…long before it was United States. There were men from Europe who were searching for other lands in their ships. They came to the eastern coast of America. The Indians who lived there did not see the ships because there mind had never witnessed anything that represented such a thing. It was totally foreign to them. The brain could not register the vision of the ships.

Several days passed and the leader started to notice ripples in the water…slowly then began to see what had always been there~~the ships.

Our children these days are coming into the world totally aware of the spirit realm. They see no limitation. We must be alright with that, because it shows how wonderfully our human race is evolving!

My daughter was born in 1974. She was raised in an openly spiritual environment. We taught her about communication with angels, spirit guides and loved ones who have passed away. When she was about 30 years old she reminded me that she could see things in the dark atmosphere of night. She described it as looking at a television set when the network picture was not on…gray fuzzy stuff. Only she saw it anytime at night, not when she was looking at television.

When she focused on it, the fuzz started to move and change, then take form. It would shift into animals and scenes that she recognized. Sometimes it was fearful to see, because she didn’t understand some of the things visible to her. They looked scary, like monsters.

It took a long time for me to understand what in the world she was talking about. Even when she explained it in terms I could understand, I still didn’t get it. (and I’m a spiritual medium! ) So for your husband and other older children to question the validity of the experiences, I totally understand. They just don’t “get it”.

But that’s okay. It isn’t important for them to understand. Your daughter knows you believe it, and that is enough.

I believe she is seeing ethereal energy. It is not people’s auras per se, but the same stuff that they are made of. It is just an unorganized form of that energy: pure and simple. Quite a blessing.

As she grows, she may begin to see it change and take form too. I hope she is able to continue to describe these sparkles to you, expecially as they take form. She may be the one to write the book on these experiences.

I hope I have settled some things in your mind. If you have other thoughts or questions, please feel free to write to me again.

I would love to edit your question (to change the identity) and answer to add to my blog. There are many parents with these types of questions, that I’d like to share with…but only with your permission. Is that alright with you? I will not use your names or email.

Many blessings to you and your family…

Peace! Melissa Leath                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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100 comments on “Children Seeing Sparkles

  • My daughter is ten years old and she has seen these all her life also. She calls them dots and they are different colors. I don’t typically see color, but I have seen the sparkles from time to time, when I are extremely tired or if I wake up in the middle of the night. I have to have an altered state of consciousness, unlike my daughter. She sees th form shapes of people, and she usually sees them start ad orbs and then form into faces and bodies. I don’t see the bodies as well when I am awake unless it is dark. Spirits manifest in the infrared spectrum and children can see more easily into this spectrum because their eyes are not as mature .
    I am surprised everyday at my daughter’s amazing ability. Being a psychic, I know a number of psychics and my daughter’s ability to see ghosts exceeds all others I have met (and myself by far) because she can see energies which are very weak, as well as those which are strong, and she does so with her eyes, rather than her mind’s eye as I do when I can’t physically see them.

    I am sure my daughter would be happy to talk with your daughter or email her if you like. She has helped many other children because she so readily embraces her gift and wants others to do so. When I was a child I was told I was ” imaginative” and I vowed I would help my children with their gift by not allowing the media to shape and grow their fears. Instead, I shaped their perspective so they enjoy spirits. They are just folks without bodies, and my kids think it is really interesting to learn about what happened in the past. However, I only let them do so if I am present. If your daughter would like to email my daughter, you may contact me at or 1 866 297 0742.

    • Thanks so much for your thoughts and experiences. I’m sure Karen’s daughter would benefit from connecting with your daughter. We’ll see if we can make that happen.

      Also, I’ll be checking in on your blog from time to time…we may be able to do something together some time! Take care and thanks again.

  • Hello, I am hoping you can explain something to me. When I was around 33 or 34, I saw a psychic. As she did my reading, she asked that I give her my hands. As I presented them to her, she got all excited and asked if I’d seen the stars in my hands, like sparkles. I hadn’t, then she asked if I knew what that meant. I’d explained that I’d read that seeing stars was the presence of angels. She acknowledged this as true, but there was something else to it. She didn’t say that, but I sensed it by her reaction, as though she couldn’t tell me unless I asked. I wanted to, but for whatever reason, fear likely, I didn`t. Do you know what this might have meant?
    Thank You!

    • Hi Loanna~ I apologize for the length of time it took to answer your question.

      Thank you so much for bringing me this question. I hope I am able to answer to your satisfaction. First, I must tell you that each psychic has a set of personal symbols that they work with. These are things that are shared with them by their guides and angels as a way to impart information (each psychic understands one symbol in a very personal way, specific only to that one psychic). Sometimes one symbol can expand to mean many things and have a wealth of information in it. So for me to tell you what she meant, that would be impossible.

      That being said: there are two or three other answers to this question.

      1) Universal Symbols- these are symbols that have hundreds, or even thousands of years of well-established meanings that many people can understand, in general. If this is the case and way your psychic was interpreting, the star would probably mean renewed hope and inspiration, even discovery. It could be a breakthrough if used in a certain context.

      2) My Personal Symbols- as used in my own spiritual and personal interpretation (the way my guides give me information), stars would mean loved ones who have passed away are visiting. So she could have been witnessing some one from Spirit around you (or even the impending passing of someone close). At times, depending on the circumstance and clients, it could mean that the one I am working with is able to see energy fields (auras) around others and perhaps etherically see other unembodied spirit entites.

      3) Then of course the third answer could be she didn’t really know what it meant and was relying on you to answer it for her!

      However, Loanna, since you did not ask, you will probably never know exactly what she meant. The next time you have a reading, be sure to follow up on everything that is being given to you. The reading is for your knowledge and edification alone (not for your reader), so it is important to always ask for more information and explanation. If things are said to you that you do not understand, or need clarity on, always ask for more details.

      Getting a reading can be very empowering. But only as empowering as you allow it to be.

      Many blessings to you and your family!

      • Thanks so much for your comment Emily. It’s great to know that what I have to offer here is beneficial. You know, the more I hear about the sparkles, I continue to have differing opinions about them. (all of them good, but different takes on what they are.) In the end, I have to go with what my guides are giving me concerning sparkles: that they are positive energy entities. Some experience them as angels, others feel like they are guides, still others think they are other-world beings. But they are all positive.

        But, if your daughter is upset with them being around, then we should deal with that. She (even though she is still very young), because she is able to witness them and verbalize to you about them, has control over her situation. If she still continues to feel uncomfortable with them being around, you can help her tell them to leave, or just not be visible. I feel they are there for her protection/ benefit, but her high sensitivities makes it possible to see them. So perhaps allowing them to be around, only invisible, might be just the thing that works. But she needs to tell them it is uncomfortable for her, always in a loving way. (you may want to watch a great movie called “Heart and Souls” with Robert Downey Jr.) It deals with a young boy who sees spirits of people who died when he was born, and their relationship. Very good movie.

        If I have any other thoughts, I’ll share them with you… or post a new blog about it. Thanks again…M.

  • Thank you for this blog article. I have been having the same “issue” with my 4 1/2 year old daughter. I only call it an issue because it makes her anxious and keeps her from going to sleep at night. She’ll often sleep with a wet washcloth or an eye mask on to avoid seeing the “sparkles”. The other night we were making 3 wishes with an Aladdin story and her first wish was for the sparkles to go away. While she has an incredible imagination, I know that she is not making this up by the way she describes it – so matter of fact and with such innocence. She told me that she used to have “floating people” in her room (so innocent b/c she doesn’t even know that adults would refer to them as spirits or ghosts) but when the clear sparkles and blue lines came to her room, the floating people didn’t come back to HER room (they are in other rooms though). She also knows who is calling and little things that are going to happen and is clearly gifted in this realm. She said that she thinks the sparkles protect her but she still wishes they would go away or that she wouldn’t see them. She says that they only come to our home and are not outside the house – even on our deck. Anyway, I am so happy to see this article because Dr. Google has me worried about small seizures and all kinds of things. Her eyesight tested fine and she was dx with an active imagination! Since I see energy myself I knew better. While it makes her uncomfortable, she seems to think it’s a positive energy.

    The way I have handled this and the “floating people” is that I do not show any doubt or disbelief to her but also do not encourage her because I don’t want to make her more anxious than she already is. She wonders if I can see them too and is so confused that I don’t see the sparkles. Is there anything else I can be doing to make her feel more at ease with this gift?

    Thanks again – very reassuring to find this article.


  • My daughter also sees “sparkles”. That is her word for them too. She started telling me about them almost 2 years ago. She’s 5 now. She only sees them in the dark. She said they start on the ceiling and float down. They come in every color of the rainbow. They land all over her body and go under the blankets. She catches them and tries to show them to me. She says they tickles when they land on her.

    For almost 2 years she needed a light on in order to sleep. The “sparkles” scared her because she didn’t know what they were. Just recently, she told me that the “sparkles” are fairies. On her own, she decided to sleep with the light off because she likes to see them now. She is also sleeping better at night. She used to wake up at least once a night crying. She is a sensitive girl and is tuned in to the spiritual realm. I think the hardest part for me too, was that I couldn’t really see them all the time. I wanted to be honest with her about what I saw while I also let her know that I believed her. I occasionally see a sparkle here or there, but not the same amount or intensity. Thanks for writing this article and it’s good to hear other people’s stories!

    • Thanks Jess so much for sharing your story! It sounds like you are doing all the right things. I realize how difficult it is to reassure your child about something you can’t even relate to. Your story will be an inspiration to others. Especially because your daughter came to her own resolution. Blessings! …M

  • Hi*

    First I want to thank the host of this wall, I he searched many times on this topic an not much information/shared exeperience avail.

    I have being seeing sparkles since I was 15yrs (31 right now) not everyday, but time to time. The thing is that they are “Gold” always “Gold”

    It seems that other ppl can see them around me sometimes, something good always happens after they visit………I dont know what to think only…..of angel protection.

    with light,

    • Monique~ Glad you responded to the post. Interesting that you only see gold sparkles! That’s really great. (I love the song, “I’m living my life like it’s Golden”) And I agree with you, angels protection and hearlding that good events are around for you. Blessings, and I hope my articles continue to inspire.

  • Hi,
    I am eleven years old,. I have seen sparkles since I was five years old. But lately, it’s seemed to have gotten worse. I see them, all the time. In the day, at night, when I close my eyes, when my eyes are open. Everywhere, 24/7. It’s gotten so annoying I haven’t been able to sleep. Last night, when I closed my eyes, I started seeing words… They were hard to make out, and I felt my brain beating. I mostly see it in the dark. I also see patterns when I close my eyes, (sometimes I see patterns with my eyes opened), (mostly colors of -Red, Purple, Pink, Yellow, and Blue)
    that look like “spirals” that comes closer to me and then disapear, then it repeats, it keeps coming towards me, then it ‘leaves’, it’s just very annoying and it makes it hard to sleep. When my eye’s are open, I see sparkles everywhere, they don’t glow or anything, they just float. On occasions, I see black ones, not all the time. They don’t form into anything, though. They just fly around. Also, sometimes I see white lights around people, or things. I do see flashes of light at times. I am literally driving my mother insane, and she doesn’t know what I am seeing. She says it could be, energy, or angels, or something like that. I want to make sure it’s not my vision, or my brain. I want to talk to someone about it (besides my mom), but my friends will think I’m crazy :( Please respond!

    • Hi Deanna Lynn~

      Thanks so much for contacting me about the sparkles. It’s really interesting to hear different people’s experiences with them. I have to say that I feel like your experiences are not unusual. Many youth see such things. (But most of them do not mention it, or think everyone sees it) Many stop seeing them as they grow older. But it is hard to judge how many there are.

      Ask your guardian angels and spiritual guides to help you with this. Tell them nicely that you don’t want to see the sparkles all the time. Then plan a special time that you could see them, only when you want to. Being empowered with this beautiful gift is important. After all, you are in charge of what you want to have around you. Also, if it just gets too much at a certain time (say, at bed time) ask the sparkle energies to stop showing themselves to you then. Be nice and polite, but firm.)

      If this does not work, or you continue to be worried about your eye and brain health, it might be important for you to be checked out by an eye doctor. It will make you feel more at ease.

      I wish you blessings in this endeavor, let me know how things work out…M

  • i am amazed to read this because I have just searched the internet to find children seeing sparkles as my daughter has seen them since she was 3 now she is 7 completely scared of going to sleep in the dark and says they show her ghosts I have been sceptical but it has nagged at me because she mentioned them when she was so young and sparkles was among one of her first words, Can you clarify what they are and are they dangerous or scary I just don’t know how to talk about it with her do you know any books she loves reading and being read to
    thank you

    • HI Cathy~

      You have just read one of my old articles. If you go to the newest one, I think you will get an extended understanding. Here is the link:

      I don’t know of any books about it, and I seem to be the only one writing about it on the internet. But I feel the new article will make you feel at ease. Always talk to your child about it. You may not understand it, but they do in some way, and that needs to be re-enforced. The child needs your support, so seh knows you believe her.

      Let me know what you think of the new article. Much love to you …

      • Thank you so much for your quick response,

        Are you saying the sparkles she sees showing her ghosts are angels have I got this right?

        Also could she and her brother who is 3 be crystal children! is that what you mean, her brother was a late talker and could communicate very well without speaking and is very loving, affectionate and sunny character although both have tantrums, my daughter has always struck me as having the most beautiful eyes they are wonderfully light, bright blue green unusual especially for our family she is very interested in fossils, crystals loves animals – dolphins we gave her, her own cat when she was 4 as she wanted one, I of course think she is special them both… I became very ill post natal with both my children could that be why..she has always especially been to me unusual and bright I was told she had the best speech of any 5 year old, I will stop now as want to know your thoughts
        Thank you so much i am just amazed to find your blog today

  • just wanted to add my daughter today has described to me very similar to the above experiences it has been so helpful for me to read all this, I have commented again because i am just worried these ghost figures with wings seem to have been acting nastily towards her opening and closing theor mouths she says tryibg to bite her and saying they hate her, from the exoeriences above I thought it was a positive experience, these sound scary, Thank you for your comment from yesterday. Cathy

  • My first experience with “sparkles” was probably in 1995 when I was 4. I remember telling my mom about seeing them, but when she responded in a concerned/confused way I just said never mind and didn’t mention it again. I have always seen them here and there, but I never mentioned it to anyone again. Then, about 4 years ago I started seeing blackish/grey orb-like circles (maybe spheres) darting in and out of my vision. I now see them all the time, along with the sparkles. Occasionally, I also see a very interesting energy pattern in the sky that sort of looks like a ‘flower of life.’ I’m 20 now, and I’ve never told anyone about this. I have been googling this from time to time over the last 4 years and am extremely happy and comforted that other people’s similar experiences are coming to the surface.

    • Thanks so much for your comment! And for sharing your experiences. This topic seems to be opening up so much lately. I’m very excited about the flower of life pattern you see in the sky. I’ve never heard anyone tell of this before. New things are on the horizon. It just proves to me that the earth really is evolving in to other dimensions. Blessings!

      • Melissa, thank you for your articles on this subject. I look forward to your future research.
        Also, just a side note, but I have traveled a lot in the past year, yet I still see this ‘energy’ most vividly at my university (Kent State). Anyway, I just thought that was interesting. Thanks again! Cheers!

      • Blessings! The research continues (as it comes to me). I’ll be giving a lecture at in Columbus Ohio this weekend. And the topic is of course: Seeing Sparkles! I sure hope I get more experiences to share with everyone. I may even be able to post an article about the event. By the way, I think it is so interesting that Kent State has the most sparkles that you witness. I went to Mount Union College, nearby, in the late 1960s, and the problems that happened there were so sad, concerning the protests held there in those days. I feel like the sparkles are around to help lift up the energies of that time and bless the area. Wonderful!

  • All I can say is wow. Just wow. I am 55 years old, 2 years free of benzodiapines which were for panic attacks. I had to stop taking them because the doses were just too high to function but have been basically “white knuckling” the anxiety for the whole two years now. I started reading the book Emotional Freedom yesterday and came across the term empath for the first time. While googlng the term a sidebar came up regarding children seeing sparkles and I almost fell off my chair. As a child, I used to see them almost every night coming down from the ceiling. I don’t remember what age I was but I remember it seemed as if everything in my room was covered in a quilt..or quilt-like material so all was safe but my face. For whatever reason I thought they were acid and could burn me if they touched my face. I apologize for rambling but I have never talked about this, never read anything about this..I thought I was just overly imaginative and had no idea other children had this experience. Thank you so much. This is another piece of the puzzle for me and others as well, I’m sure.

    • Cathy1956~~ thanks so much for your story. You are exactly why I wrote these articles about sparkles! I hope more people will find them too. And hopefully the book by Dr. Orloff you mentioned will be a special blessing to you too. I’m know you will connect with powerful information she shares too. Good luck with balancing the panic attacks…M<3

  • Wow!!! Can i say how normal I feel now!
    The last time i saw these sorts of sparkles was as a child, I remember when I couldn’t sleep I would stare up at the ceiling in the dark and there they were – red, blue, green, yellow/white. They would flicker (I’m guessing this is why they are reffered to as sparkles) almost a bit like the black and white fuzz on the TV when there is no signal. They would reform into clusters and shapes and float around really gently, one night i managed to bring them towards me and then they disappeared into the headboard. The earliest memory i have of them was from about 3 or 4 until i was about 10 then they went. I used to feel so calm watching them move about but would only see them at night. I would ask people if they saw them too and they would think I was odd.
    It wasn’t until last week that I saw one or two sparkles throughout the day so i googled the meaning, i was shocked to discover so many others experiencing the same thing as I had as a child and I’m really excited about it. I still lay awake looking for the sparkle clusters but they haven’t appeared for a long time. Believe in them because they really are magical and I’ve missed being so open to them.

    • Stacey~~ I am so glad you googled it! Yeah, we got a regular group of folks acknowledging it now. Seems like they have all been “underground”. Some people have thought everyone saw them, it was just another natural occurance. Others are afraid to mention it. But all things are good right here at the go between blog! I like the way you just laid awake and watched the light show. Pretty cool. Thanks so much for the comment. All the best, Melissa.

      • So after a whole year since my first post and almost a whole year of trying to will these beauties to come back to me I had an AMAZING experience.

        They came back to me Wednesday night, big huge swirls and bright twinkles, almost like it was snowing in my room, as I put my hand up it felt like pins and needles. I was quite overwhelmed but a little scared at first because it was really heavy and the room was full of these sparkles snowing down on me & my fiancé (he was asleep unfortunately).

        I had been laying there reflecting on some of my personal spiritual experiences & smiling about how nicely life is treating me at the present time & then they started they were there. I nearly cried because in the past I would just lay there and nothing would happen, this time I didn’t even think about them & they came.

        I’m so happy, the 16 year wait has been worth it :-) I hope they never leave me again.

  • Thank-you so much for writing this. I was talking with a friend about this just today. She found this article and sent it to me. I don’t remember seeing sparkles as a child, but I have seen them in the recent past. Just like Monique, the sparkles I saw were all gold. They most beautiful gold color that you could imagine. I saw them outside once when I was sitting down on a hillside and I was thinking about life and God. They were very tiny, except not. It’s hard to explain. There with thousands or hundreds of thousands of them. It was windy out, yet they were not affected by the wind. They just gently floated. Though the wind did not affect them, my hand it. I could cause them to move or ripple by waving my hand through them. I thought I was crazy and didn’t say anything to anyone except two of my friends.
    I’ve seen something in a similar vein of thought but they weren’t floating… they followed the parameter of my house and rooms.
    I saw the sparkles several months before I started to be “visited” by some not so friendly spirits

  • This came in very useful. My daughter was very poorly last night do slept in my bed. She’s 4. She was trying to explain these sparkles she could see floating and flying around the room, she said they were landing on me. She couldn’t understand that I couldn’t see them. Now
    I know what they are, energy…. It’s made me feel quiet happy and I can re assure my daughter. Thank you

    • Nicola~~ I am always so pleased when information I share is helpful to someone! Your daughter is young enough that both of you can explore this wonderful topic together. She can be your teacher and you can help her understand what it is. Please share other experiences as they come. Many blessings…Melissa

  • Woah! I’m really loving the template/theme of this website. It’s simple, yet effective.
    A lot of times it’s very difficult to get that “perfect balance” between user friendliness and visual appearance. I must say you’ve done a
    awesome job with this. Also, the blog loads super quick for me on
    Safari. Excellent Blog!

  • HI, I’m 15 years old and have been seeing these “sparkles” since I was around 3 or 4. I told my nanny about them and she said I was gifted and different. They look like the colors of the mardi-graw beads: red, green and purple but out of those red is the most noticable. When I was smaller I thought everyone saw them but as I got older I knew they didn’t. I used to lie awake at night and watch them form different patterns. I was ever frighted by them but looked foward to seeing them. I want answers as to what they mean. Please if you can help i would be so greatful!
    Thanks Kayla

    • Hi Kayla~~

      I really appreciate you finding my blog! It sounds like your nanny really knew what she was talking about. The best I can understand is that the sparkles is the way you see spirit energy. That means that angels, loved ones who have passed away, and spirit guides are around you. And you are able to see them as sparkles. (other people may see them differently — some people don’t see them at all!) So the fact that you can see the sparkles means that you are blessed with this inner sight. If you feel like interacting with them, you can. You may be able to communicate with them too. Keep me informed about what happens!

      Many blessings…M

      • Thanks so much for replying back to me, I’m really greaful! I think you’re right and I will continue to try and interact and talk to them. Thanks again Kayla

  • My son, just tonight told me he saw something, and having a medical background I asked him if they were sparkles and his reply was yes and that they were going into me. My immediate thought is it is a physical reaction. For instance, push on your eyes with your palms. just enough so that in a few seconds you see colors. hold it there for 30 seconds and release and you will see sparkles. It has to be optical, nerves or blood restrictions. We need to look at more than kumbaya spiritual attributes, it could be serious. Will be back in touch.

  • For the record, i’m very spiritual. In some cases however looking at other possibilities other than medicals is prudent as a parent. Head injury, small blunt force trauma, dehydration … or does your child rub their eyes often from allergies or what have you. This is not to say that all of our children are little angels, because they are. As a parent (first) I must look at the real posibilty that there could be an underlying cause other than the supernatural.

  • This is a really interesting question, mainly because I didn’t immediately know the answer and hence had to go away and think about it! When that failed, I called a friend who is a consultant ophthalmologist to ask his opinion!

    These lights are a so-called end optic phenomenon. In other words, they originate from within the eye itself. The most likely explanation for the ‘lights’ or sparkles that our children are seeing is related to rubbing their eyes and is a temporary interruption of the blood flow into the eye. Please study the pattern of when it happens and notice if it happens after an eye rub or if it is spontaneous.

    The patterns produced are very similar to those that you see when you stand up too quickly from a hot bath, or if you jump out of bed too fast. In these instances a ‘postural drop’ in blood pressure temporarily leads to reduced retinal perfusion and consequent inappropriate retinal activity, producing strange light patterns.

    The retina has the highest metabolic rate of any tissue in the body and hence is the most energy and oxygen-hungry. Any interruption to its blood flow therefore causes rapid symptoms.

    When you rub your eyes you are applying pressure directly onto the eyeball, raising the intraocular pressure. This can affect blood flow through intra-optic capillaries feeding the choroid (the network of blood vessels at the back of the eye that feed the retina), temporarily diminishing the supply to certain parts of the retina. According to my ophthalmology colleague, when performing eye surgery (and hence watching the retinal vessels beneath an operating microscope) it is frequently possible to cut off blood flow through the retinal artery, just by pressing on the eye.

    Many, if not all of you are going to subscribe to your own beliefs and that is wonderful. My primary concern is the child’s well being, i.e. is it immediate life, or limb threatening…

    Representing and opposing point of view because I’m a contrarian by nature.

    • Hi Tony!

      And thanks for putting so much thought into these comments. I totally understand your concerns about the physical aspects. And that is something I addressed in the second article that I posted to this blog about Sparkles. You will find it here:

      The first article (which is the one you read) was actually a personal response to an email. And after I started receiving so many comments from other people who have witnessed this thing, I felt it was important to respond in a more expanded way.

      I think when you look at the second article, you will see that I address the possibility of vision or some other physical issue. But my information is strickly metaphysical in nature. I have no schooling in medical problems and do not try to answer it in that way. I refer people to their own medical professionals for that.

      There is another, third article that you might like to look at:

      This is an ongoing fact-finding thing in my life, and I only respond to it in the metaphysical manner. I appreciate your candor and the loving way you present your concerns. Thank you so much! All the best to you and your son…M

      • Melissa, thank you for the response. I enjoy reading you blog. On a side note, about 10 years ago I was fasting as well as not sleeping. Taking my body to the hurt zone on propose. While attending a prayer vigil with the family (about four days in, no food, limited water and no sleep) and during meditation I lost focus and was hovering my eyes above the crowd. It was at this point I could easily see each and every person’s aura. Looking directly at them it went away but looking focus and drifting just above the crowd with my eyes I could see the orange and yellow energy streaming from each soul in the place. Keep up your enlightening work. Tony

  • hi im harry from Philippines, I started seeing those things when I was 3 or four years old…i thought everyone sees it until i ask a friend about what i’m seeing, then he just laughed at me. Maybe It was an illusion then. But years gone by, it doesn’t disappears, until now i’m 22… i still keep seeing sparkles….now im chasing shadows, browsing the internet for answers…still i don’t know the reason why im seeing those things..what’s my purpose???is it a gift?what can it do?

    • Hello Harry~~ So glad you commented. There are many people who are seeing the sparkles but have not said anything about it. /// The gift is that you are sensitive enough to recognize that spirit, loved ones who have passed away, and angels are near you. They send love to you this way and want you to know they are there to support you. /// There are several other articles in this blog that I have written that you might like to read. The most popular one is The Truth About Seeing Spirited Sparkles. You will see it on the right hand side of this blog page under Popular Artitcles. Check it out and read all the other comments that go along with it. /// You are not alone. And i consider this a blessing to be able to witness it. /// Take care…M

  • I see this!!! My first memories are when I was around age 4. As an adult I’ve gone as far as seeing an optimologist. At first it was just in the night, & then every now & then it will happen on the day. My doctor guesses they are optical migraines, however I have no headaches. So I don’t know…
    As a child I thought I was seeing something magical. As an adult I just have not known what to think besides something must be wrong with my eyes. It looks like colored, sometimes just white light sparkles. Looks like they are sprinkling down, shimmering, & even moving as if a sworm of bees were following one another. It would be nice to know what’s really going on. I’ve never met anyone else with this.

    • I so appreciate your comments Kate! I seems that there are many people who have witnessed this — either as a child — or even into adulthood. Some of them were told it was not real and ignored it. Others have marveled at it. I hope my articles (there are more on this blog dealing with sparkles) have helped you understand what might be happening to you…M

      • Yes I will definitely be reading your blog because this is something that I experience. After reading this actually talked to my husband about it, which I mentioned this before casually but never wanted to depth about it.
        There’s something else that I see also, but I don’t know how to describe it. I’ll keep an open mind, and I’ll read your blog.

  • I have started to see these sparkles and I’m 29 years old. It started about 2 years ago that I would see them randomly, but now it’s constant. It scared me, honestly. I believe 100 percent in ghosts/spirits/elementals, but had never seen stuff like this. It hit me hard and came on really fast. I dream of people I’ve never met and they talk to me. Two days ago, I heard a young man say, “OK, I’m going to go now” and the next thing I knew I my dog was waking me up to go outside. I also had a dream where an older man got in my body and was pushing my hand to write something. We have TONS of pics from my home that has entities. One is a hand reaching on the bed where I was sitting. I knew for a few years now I had a spirit that liked to follow me around bc I could hear them sit on the bed. So, to prove it to my hubby, I told them to come sit on the bed. We got a clear hand (white and misty). We also have two pictures of two different men. Another with a large white swoosh. The spirits mess with me.. touch my head, arms, hands, and one even sits with me when I’m sick. I feel a sense of urgency from them, but have no earthly idea how to deal with this. I cleansed with sage and keep crystals in the corners of our main rooms. Mainly bc I have Lupus and get scared that they will attach to me and zap me of energy. How can I learn how to deal with obvious abilities at this point in my life? You seem SO knowledgeable and enjoy your blog posts!

  • Hi my name is christina and I was woundering why my daughter is seeing these sparkels and shiney lights I cant see them at our house she said there angels but when she stays at grandmas house there bad one why this is weird shes five and this is going on for a year what do I do so shes not scared help

    • Hi Christina! Thanks so much for the comment to this blog. (Look around the bog for other articles like this one) //////// Just because the sparkles were different at grandmas, does not mean they were bad. But maybe this is the only way your daugther can express it right now. //////// Talk to her about it even though you do not see them. As her specific questions for her to get a better idea of the make up of the other sparkles. Let her know that she has the ability to tell them to go away, that she does not want them around her. –not in a mean way, but loving way –still in authority. Every one has full charge of the energy field around them, and it will help her to understand things better if she can be in charge.

  • you have brought some wonderful closure to the experiences I had as a child. when i was alone in my room at night getting ready for sleep i would call out to “my colors” to come play. a mass of sparkly dust would come out from my closet and i would reach out and collect them in my hands. then i’d hold them up to my eyes so my palms made a pitch black bowl for me to look in. i’d think of a guitar and they’d take that shape. or of a horse and they’d take that shape! i loved playing with them, they always felt wonderful and friendly, i was never scared of them. i can’t remember ever telling anyone about them, they were just part of my natural bedtime routine.
    over the years i forgot about them and recently tried explaining them to friends. it was so real then, not just imagination.
    are there some exercises i can do to open myself up enough to see them again?

    • HI Savannah~ To see this wonder again, all you need to do it be aware that it truly is there! Then at night as you drop off to sleep, open your eyes, but don’t really try to look at anything. Soon, you will see new versions of the sparkly dust you spoke of seeing as a child. Just watch it as it plays a whirls around you. Blessings…M

  • I am 34 years old and as long as I can remember I have been able to see purple static. It has never taken any other form. However I have stared at things in the place between wake and sleep and seen all different colors of sparkles swirling around them.
    I have been playing a bedtime game with my 5 year old since she was 2 trying to understand what she sees when she closes her eyes. She sees all sorts of swirls.

  • hello! I’m 20 and I have decided to seriously embark on my spiritual path recently; I’m on a path to become a healer. A part of my spiritual growth included moving out of an unsuitable living situation and to distance myself from “friends” who no longer supported me and my decision to become a better person. Now, I see a sparkle or two every so often at what seems to be the most random times in random places, but since I moved into my new apartment I keep consistently seeing a shower of sparkles over my bed(they’re still there after two months and they don’t disappear when I do a double take either…). If anyone has any insight as to what they are/why they’re there it would be greatly appreciated.

  • hi… i dunno if anyone still reads this, but my name is joe, i’m 18. i’ve been seeing what y’all are calling ‘glitter’ for a really long time now. i see it all the time. when my eyes are open, closed, whether it’s night, day, even when i dream they incorporate themselves into the setting. in my dreams they seems to have a purpose they’re communicating but i’m unsure of as to what, but i know it is something enormously beyond my understanding right now. they really are everywhere, and i can really only compare the quantity to infinity. the way i’d say it is if someone asked me to describe infinity i would describe the endless amount of shifting neon blue/white ocean of light or ‘glitter’ that flows throughout my entire field of vision from the horizon to the foreground. i don’t think they’re at all harmful, somehow it hasn’t ever kept my up at night, rather i put my mind in a certain way and i can sort of travel throughout these lights in a vague conciousness. i can’t really explain that part very well, except i wake up in the morning with a feeling that what we think we all know is really, really minute and miniscule. i’m only posting on here because i feel like people are curious for they’re kids i guess, and i wanted to see if i wasn’t crazy. but i’ve lived and slept and thought and breathed with this eternal aura surrounding me, fading, shifting, lighting up and sparkling for a really long time, it’s a true part of me and no one has ever had any clue of what i’m talking about when i try to describe it and/or don’t believe me. the way i feel in my heart of hearts right now is that each dot, glitter, is a universe that unknowingly observes and weaves itself in and around others. like whole realities that float through and reappear throughout an infinite cosmos of realities. uncountable, but always flowing. but hell, i’m only 18 . i’m trying my best to understand these better, but it does get overwhelmingly complex at times. i hope this was helpful for anyone who reads it. thanks

    • Thanks Joe for reading and commenting on this article!. (and YES, people are still reading this line) Man, oh man, your perception of this sparkly thing is amazing! And you said you are 18 years old? You have a wonderful way of explaining what you have experienced your whole life. *** May I have permission to share some of your post in a book I am writing about psychic kids and those who see sparkles? I will not use your name, and might change a few words for the content. But this would ease the minds of so many parents who are really beside themselves that something is wrong with their child. Blessings…Melissa

  • Snow falling and falling fast, oh, fast
    In a field I looked into going past,
    And the ground almost covered smooth in snow,
    But a few weeds and stubble showing last.

    The woods around it have it – it is theirs.
    All animals are smothered in their lairs.
    I am too absent-spirited to count;
    The loneliness includes me unawares.

    And lonely as it is, that loneliness
    Will be more lonely ere it will be less –
    A blanker whiteness of benighted snow
    With no expression, nothing to express.

    They cannot scare me with their empty spaces
    Between stars – on stars where no human race is.
    I have it in me so much nearer home
    To scare myself with my own desert places.

    Robert Frost

  • My daughter describes these sparkles as dots that are small or big and come towards her. She is petrified of the dark and I don’t know how to help her. What are they?

    • Ariane ~ I hope you have a chance to read some of the other articles that I have here on the blog. And some of the comments from other readers. If you are calm when your daughter tells you about the sparkles, then she will calm down too. In every example I have seen, these represent beings from other realms, such as angels, spirit guides and helpers, as well as loved ones who have passed away. They are nothing to be feared. However, if your daughter does not want them around her — and she has every right to feel that way — then she can calmly, but firmly tell them to go away and not bother her. Do it in a loving way, but stated firmly. Blessings to you and your daughter! …M

  • Hi. I see these sparkles and i have for a long time. I told my mother (a medium/tarot reader) about them last year (i was 11) and she had no clue what it was! I don’t see coloured ones only the nice ones that are i guess colourless? They are coloured but not coloured at the same time. And the not so good ones which are dark or black. I also get that static or fuzz sometimes but it’s fainter then the sparkles because i focus on the sparkles more then the fuzz. This article helped me a lot personally and i am trying to get my mother to read it because i know if i ask her enough she will. But i know that she believes. I grew up in a spiritually open household and i feel very, very grateful. But i wanted to know what i can do so i DON’T lose this sight when i grow older. I want to keep this even when i’m older because i know that when you become an adult you’re adjusted and you’re perception can’t be changed.

  • So glad to have happened upon your blog. My son, now 19, used to see sparkles at night. He described them as colorful and enjoyed them. I tried to understand what he was seeing and even took him to an ophthalmologist who did not come up with the medical explanation proposed earlier. I’ve seen those types of sparkles after rubbing my eyes and they don’t fit the colorful things he would describe. I suspected they may be some type of spiritual energy since he is quite intuitive and would read my mind a lot when he was little. Anyway your book sounds like a great idea. I will be checking in on your blog. Thank you!

  • Hay
    For some time now ive been seeing them cant make any sense about them but i call them my stars or specks of glitter my mother also get them but they are dark and not very bright and sees them when someone is about to die with me i see them above someones head over a picture of someone or objects. if its a object its usaully will be broken or break shortly after but with people i usaully receive a phone call text or email n sometimes something will be happening to that person or they end up doing something to hurt me in some way.  i see them during the day aswell as night but it puzzles me as to what it is or what its trying to tell me. im 26 n have been getting them from an early age all different colours and in different places but it happens more when im zoning out getting lost in my thoughts …..

    • Hi Karyna~ Thanks so much for your thoughts and experiences about the Sparkles. I love hearing from everyone. You are more open to the spirit energies and guidance when your mind is relaxed. When you receive information about someone or an event, be sure to say s short prayer for them so they can work through experiences easily. blessing to you…M/

  • Hello Melissa,
    This may be old, because it’s 2014 now. Haha, I guess this would never get old.

    Anyways, I am happy to see there are many possibles that could prove what I had been believing and aware of without seeing those things. I wonders if there is possible ways I could develop Clairvoyance? maybe to see like what they could see?

    thank you. Namaste

    • Thanks Christopher! The articles I have on this blog about Sparkles get daily responses. And have since I wrote them. No, they do not get old! The main way you can develop these gifts is to spend time each day in silence or light meditation. It gives your guides a chance to communicate with you. You should look at my latest book “Does Your Child See Sparkles?” You’ll see links to it here on this blog page. It has great exercises and practices to use to open the psychic self. Even though it is originally for children, adults can use it too. Thanks so much…M/

  • Hi I’m 31 now but have been seeing these sparkles for a long time with red blue gold colours. More at night but also have seen them in day light. I also have started seeing a fuzzy haze like atmosphere in my room at night with the sparkles and sometimes swirls in and sometimes like a black shadow, I do not no what this is. But it’s like the air is heavy and thick I have also have heard my name called and other experiences. Does this mean I have a gift to develop thanks

    • Helen. Thanks for the question. yes, I definitely feel like you have the potential of developing your gifts. That would give you more control over them, so you could unfold in a way you feel comfortable. Try connecting with a metaphysical bookstore in your area and see if they offer any classes you are drawn to. Another option would be to get my book, Psychic Integrity that you see displayed on this blog page. It describes step by step how to develop your gifts. All the best…M/

      • Thank you for your reply, I will most definatly take your advice with this. I did wonder can I try and communicate with the sparkles and also are the black shadows anything to worry about or is that just how the energy is presenting its self
        Thanks again

      • Yes, please talk to the sparkles! The energies are connected to spirit. So let them know you see them, ask them why are they there, etc. I feel the dark shadow is only another level of awareness in seeing those from the spirit world. It will refine into a better picture, if you wish to experience it.

  • Thanks for your reply, I will try communicating with them. I was worried that the black shadow was something to be worried about so thanks for that reassurance. Thank you again and keep up the great work your doing x

  • I stand in awe with all I have read here. I am 39 years old, and have been seeing sparkles too. Mostly blue, pink & gold. Blue & pink in my bedroom, and gold swirling around the face of someone I have a heart connection with. He is a friend. A friend who’s mind I have read; I told him some things about his childhood I could never have known as we only met 8 years ago. I believe we knew each other in another life.

    I work in a field where I literally hold people’s lives in my hands, and have had experiences too numerous to mention. My favorite is the “messing with the locks” of my work truck. I often hear my rear access doors being jiggled; I have lovingly named this spirit “Charlie’s Angel”. I have seen firefly-like lights swirl past people’s faces in the field…and until I came across this wonderful site I thought I was the only person on earth who had experienced this.

    Recently I acquired a clear quartz crystal heart. I sat in my rig parked under some bright sunlight, and held the crystal for a good charge. I took the crystal home & fell asleep holding it in my left hand. At some point in the middle of the night I was woken by something that scared the daylights out of me–I had a ray of light in my left eye. My god, I thought. It’s dark in here. This can’t be happening. I can only describe it as the blinding light u are left with after looking directly at the sun. I could barely see out of my left eye for the whole next day. In my panic I placed the crystal in a pouch & put it out in my backyard. And after a few hours the light-ray had disappeared.

    After a few days I felt comfortable handling the crystal & brought it back into my house.

    To be clear this happened right around the time hurricane Sandy destroyed my home. I’d love to know what you think as I cannot find any information on sunlight transferring itself from a crystal into my line of sight. God bless you! Love, light & peace.

  • My daughter is seeing rainbow dots at night. She tries to catch them and can describe them clearly. I found this post from searching for answers on Google. What you mention about your daughter seeing a TV screen like image my daughter has mentioned a few times the movie on her wall at night. She’s 5. She’s having nightmares and coming in our room most nights. Please explain what the movie would be. I am not sure how to help her get through this.

    • Some children are able to see other dimensions even though we think we see just third dimension. She must be witnessing other beings or activities in other ‘realms’. It is important that you support her visions (even though you might question them). Even if you do not believe it yourself, let her know that you believe that she sees it. Create some protective prayers, or visual thoughts to keep her safe. My favorite is visualizing a Pink Bubble of Love. Pretend she is chewing bubble gum, and tell her to imagine herself blowing a big bubble that is big enough for her to be inside. Explain the pink color represents LOVE. And nothing is stronger than LOVE. Also, if the movie thing really bothers her, tell her she has the power to tell it to go away. We are always in control of our energy field. Say it is a nice, but firm way, then ask her guardian angel to help her create the bubble. Look around my blog site for other articles about this type of things. blessings…M/

  • I just found this site because my 7 year old daughter saw an old man last night floating above her bed last night, he had a white beard, white hair and a red t-shirt with black stripes. She described it as a bad dream- but explained to me that she thought it was real and that she was awake.

    After talking about it she started explaining about these different colored shapes that fall down on her-she said the purple one are like splashes, the black one are like circles, pink ones are circles, and blue are different shapes etc, she see loads of other colors and they can form in all kinds of shapes.

    She explained that they come down from the roof but also other sides of the room, they twirl together and then fall down onto her hands, she also reaches out with her hands to catch them, and jumps on her knees to get them. I was very intrigued so I searched online and found this site. I have never heard of this before. i see extreme white flashes at times, but never this, so have never looked it up.

    I have explained to her that if she ever sees anything she doesn’t like she can tell them to please go away. She has told me this works as she has seen other things and they left almost instantly- but she said this one thing wouldn’t go until she said please a few times.

  • Last year my then 3 year old daughter was in the bathroom and said one of her stuffed animals was glowing. I went in and nothing, I thought oh cool she is using her imagination, but she was adamant about it, saying it over and over, how pretty it was. A month or so later, she told me some pillows on her floor were glowing with spots.
    She is now 4 and a couple of months ago, she saw her Hippo stuffed animal glowing. She has also mentioned the wall was glowing on occasions, when I saw nothing. Today, she was so specific, I actually got goose bumps. She told me there were 3 sparkling dots, floating and pointed right at each place she saw them. I went and got her Dad to make sure I wasn’t crazy. I said tell your Dad what you see. He had her point them out. We could see nothing. She said they were like what would come out of a rainbow but round. She pointed in the same place and indicated they were going around in a circle. It is always in the daytime, usually the morning that these occur and only in her room or her bathroom. She says they don’t talk to her and are not scary. They seem to make her very happy. I had just let the issue go on the last few events but after today, I am interested in learning more about this. Would these be spirits from the house, or family, or just energy, I don’t think she is making it up? What do you think?

  • Hi, I just randomly Googled seeing sparkles because it is something that I have experienced randomly and sporadically for as long as I can remember. I just recently experienced it the other day at my desk at work. I thought it was interesting that your blog mentioned that kids report experiencing it most, but I am 37 years old and still experience this. I always related it to something spiritual without even asking anyone. I always feel peace when I experience it. Anyhow, I thought I would share. Thanks.

  • Some of these comments are out of it… I see the black n white dots tho, when its dark, but its Js white dots like sparkles in the day time.. I see thm when I look at things too. Lol but I remembered I cn see rainbow colored floating dots like what Melissa blogged about..

    I know most people probably can’t see it, but I know I cn see them.. They’re like little invisible rainbow circles floating in the air. Some of the little circles have a smaller circle inside it.. I usually see them through my eye lashes on a sunny day… I don’t know why, but when the sun is on my eye lashes, n i look up at it, i defocus my eyes n look past the light on my eye lashes n see the little rainbow colored circles… I Js thought i was weird.. Koz I like to keep myself occupied by seeing what I cn do.. Koz i know I’ve got a few abilities.. Astral traveling n some form of esp.. Probably telepathy. Lol i don’t know.. Just get a sense of knowing something I’ve never heard about.. So i assume I’m wrong n get a weird feeling because I’ve found out I was actually right about something I thought I was wrong about.. Because of not knowing anything about what I was thinking.. I Js knew it was a thought, but thought it was my own thought, so I Js looked at it as a possibility.. Because of being told the things I was interested in wasn’t real.. But nothing stopped me from believing…

    thanks to that, i had a flashback that reminded me I’ve BN able to astral travel since i was 4 n sense things.. Just doubted it, because I knew i was young n didn’t know anything because I didn’t even know how to read… Still the same tho, but i don’t know what it all means :-/

    I’ve had a few flashbacks that reminded me of a few astral experiences i forgot about.. Because I’m 18 now, so this would’ve BN 14 years ago.. Like when i first found out about astral projecting/traveling, OOBES etc, I had a flashback that reminded me of my first lucid dream experience n even reminded me what I vowed to myself when i woke up. I’m too shame to keep writing tho because I don’t think this makes sense

    • Thanks Blade~ I love it when people share their experiences. It helps others not feel alone. See (!) It was here for you, too! Ha! There are many adults even older than you had these same experiences, but just thought everyone did. So when they randomly searched it out, low and behold, there are lots of people who see things like this. Enjoy the journey…M/

  • I was searching for information on orbs and came across this page :-) my daughter who is 4 has said for a long time there are ‘bubbles’ in her room, we have even moved house and the bubbles are still there. Tonight we talked a bit more about them as she said they wouldn’t go away, so had a light hearted conversation about them being naughty bubbles, she said they are different colours, she didn’t know their names yet, I asked if they talked and she said no just noises like brum, bong, bung and then laughed and said bum. She said there was 5 tonight. I am in no way psychic but believe in the spirit realm. Are the bubbles what other people are calling sparkles? I try to make my daughter feel comfortable about talking about them but it is hard when I can’t see what she is talking about.

    • Hi Rachael~ So glad you found this blog. (you will find other articles on this subject too). The orbs your daughter sees is very similar to the sparkles I speak of here. It really just depends on who is seeing them, some people see them in a different way, flashes, fuzz, sparkles, orbs, bubbles, etc. So it all fits into the same subject. How wonderful! But I have suggestion. Instead of calling them naughty bubbles, try finding a more positive name. The more you use positive wording, then there is no chance of scaring her with negative thoughts (naughty things do bad stuff, you see what I mean?) But having the light hearted conversations is great, and please keep it up. She will be very open with you about everything in her life. Even though you cannot see them, all you have to do is let her know that you believe that she sees them, and enjoys hearing her talk about them. Many blessings…M/

  • Thank you for the reply. He he we only called them naughty bubbles because she said they wouldn’t go away when she asked, but I will make sure that I only use positive from now on :-) as I do not want her to be scared of them, I want her to see them as a good and special thing. I try to be as open as possible and although I cannot see spirit things I believe so it is a pretty easy for me to believe she sees them, I just wish I could too :-) I hope she is always open, we have a lovely connection that I hope stays always. Thank you again, blessings to you.

    • Thanks huapapa808life~ Glad to see you here! If you look at the categories down the right side column of the blog page, you will see Kids and Sparkles. There is a list of all the articles about it. Also, a series of articles will be published month to month. Look for it around the end of September!

  • I am 57 years old. Last night I woke up and went to adjust my pillow, as I moved my right hand, all my fingers sparkled with white light. It was quit beautiful. On my left hand only one finger had a small shimmer.

  • A couple nights ago I was lying in the dark thinking about some of my loved ones who have passed when I saw in my peripheral vision the most beautiful iridescent sparking lights. It was as if they were hovering over my shoulders. It lasted about 15 minutes. I asked it questions, but I heard nothing. So, I decided to ask my 7 year-old son as I was tucking him in if he ever saw sparkly lights. He looked at me, surprised, and say “yes, every night I see sparky white lights floating in my room; I call them my fireflies.” I was stunned. For his whole life he had been seeing these things and had never told us! When he was 3-4 years old he said all kinds of things we didn’t understand like “there’s a grey girl floating on my ceiling”, but he hasn’t said such things for the last 3-4 years. He said to me: “But I thought I just had bad eyes. How can these be real?” I told him that it was real because he was seeing them with more than his eyes. I told him that they were his guardian angels that watch over him all the time. I believe that to be true.

  • Hi there, I am 19 years old and i have been seeing these sparkles all of my life in light and dark places around the rooms i was in, and even outside i also noticed when i look up into the sky i see trillions all dancing its never really bothered me much when i see the dark ones id sometimes feel unsafe but not badly, But today the strangest thing happened i was having a shower when these sparkles of mixed white and black started to come up right in my face and all around me and i was very frightened and surprised i blurted out “Oh god no” and they suddenly despaired so i carried on finishing in the shower when i got out of the shower they appeared again black and white like before around the rooms and not around me so close and even now in my room typing this there still around i feel slightly shaken up, i wondered if it was anything to do with me clearing away dead leaves and weeds away from my rabbits graves an hour earlier.

  • I am an adult (62) and have just started seeing these only on my bedroom ceiling over the past few years. I have never seen them anywhere else. I spent an hour last night watching them on my ceiling and wondering about them, but not fearing them. What could it mean that I have only just started to see them?

    • Hi Chuck, and thanks for connecting. I believe that we become aware of things (like seeing sparkles) at a time in our lives that we are more open and loving. How wonderful that these special energies are sharing with you — and that you are able to witness it!

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