Active Meditation for Kids: Creating Your Own Mandala, by Melissa Leath

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Shaheen: Here is another beautiful article by Melissa Leath for the Kids Growing Up Psychic Series. This is really fun, and has my imagination running in so many directions! 

Psychic and empathic children can handle their gifts better if they know about meditation. But it does not always mean sitting still with eyes closed.

Meditation comes in many different modes. This time we will talk about Active Meditations. Anything that helps you stay focused and calm while doing something meaningful is Active Meditation. Making a Mandala is a perfect way to do that!

Mandalas have been used throughout time as a meditation tool. It is a piece of art that your child can create on a poster board, within a drawn circle.

Mandala means “circle” or “center”. The sacred circle can be seen everywhere in nature: galaxies, planets, flowers, etc. The energy of these powerful patterns is poured into Mandalas…

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Can Loved Ones Become Spirit Guides?

soaringI have had so many people ask me if their Mother or Sister who passed away is now their Spirit Guide?

Ordinarily, I would always say “No.” But I have to clarify that answer. A very large percentage of the time, Spirit Guides are not loved ones from our family who have died. Generally speaking, a guide is one that has agreed to help a certain person during this Lifetime Experience. It rarely is ever a loved one.

But this situation happened to me during a reading I was giving. And it surprised me as much as it did my client!

Guides who have reincarnated: A client of mine asked if her grandmother, who was gone over ten years, was alright. Immediately, I connected with her grandmother’s spirit energy through my spirit doctor. I described her in detail, including personality traits and other personal information to share with the family.

“Then an unusual thing happened. To my surprise, I said that her grandmother had already reincarnated. The client asked the obvious question: ‘If grandma already reincarnated, how can you talk to her?’ She wouldn’t be in the spirit world, would she?

“Amazing information was made available, something I was never taught in the spiritual classes I attended. The essence or memory of the loved one who passed over is energy with a special imprint. This imprinted energy is like a grid of information representing the loved one (grandma). The medium connects with this representation. We can connect with this memory even after the soul has already reincarnated into another life.

“It’s like being in two places at the same time. Grandmother’s essence was already a guiding spirit for the newly incarnated human being. In other words, the soul had reincarnated. And the spirit essence (of grandmother) was helping the new life as a guide.”

— Excerpt taken from Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics. 

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Awakening Intuition Through Imagination


Melissa’s Note: So happy to share with you our next installment for the Kids Growing Up Psychic Series, by Shaheen Miro, guest blogger.

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.   -Mark Twain

Your psychic child is a beacon of light. A spark of the Divine, as we all are, yet he or she has a connection to that spectacular place beyond the veil (that has not yet been shut down). That beautiful thread that connects them to the Other Side is their imagination.

Imagination is the pathway to intuition. It is the blank canvas of possibilities, for which your inner world can come alive, animate itself, and speak to you. Children are intrinsically fantastical. They thrive off of using their imagination to paint the world in all the colors that make their souls feel alive. This is their Divine nature.

As a parent of a psychic child you must feed this craving to create, and imagine. Nurture your child’s need to play, to explore, to taste, touch and see things that aren’t part of the mundane. When you do this you allow them to grow, and bloom into empowered people… into healers of all different ways.

I was very imaginative as a child. I found validation in fairytales, and stories of sorcerers, good witches and fairies. I saw them as people much like myself. They had a connection to something that others couldn’t see, or understand. I would play for hours. I created stories, worlds even… where all these magical things were real and alive.

My Mother, and Grandmother were wise to nurture this part of me. It allowed me to stay empowered. I never really felt shutdown, or left out, or even misunderstood… well not in the dramatic, isolated way. They would play with me; they would help create these stories. And sometimes I think they were really passing on their own wisdom of the psychic world.

Pull at the Thread

As a child I learned the Tarot. My mother used them as a way to help me use my psychic abilities. She would lay them out and ask me to tell her a “story”, but those stories had more truth to them than fantasy. But I didn’t know that… all I knew is the images before me were fascinating, they made me feel a certain way, they spoke to me, and they spoke to one another.

I just gave words to what my imagination seemed to be creating before me!

Imagination is the thread that connects the dots. It bridges the gaps in all the spaces where logic can’t seem to make sense. And that thread of imagination becomes the pathway for intuition to spark into life.

Explore ways to let your child tell stories. This helps them to pull at the thread, and gain more control and understanding of their abilities. This can be through drawing pictures, looking at storybooks, or exploring some kind of divination system.

Begin with looking for cloud animals. Take a large blanket outside, and lay on it together. Look up at the sky on a cloudy day and look for shapes in the clouds.

What do you see?




Create a story. Don’t just call out shapes. Use them as settings and characters.

Why are they there?

What are they doing?

Play! Don’t try too hard. Don’t worry about how crazy it may sound. If you have fun, your child will certainly do the same.

You could even have a tea party with you psychic child and read tea leaves together. The ancient art of tea leaf reading is based on the same idea that loose leaf tea will form shapes in the bottom of your tea cup, just like clouds, and those leaves can be used to weave stories.

Or ink blots!

The possibilities are endless! Tap into your inner child and look for ways to have fun, which will help your child strengthen and gain control of their psychic abilities.

Give them a Place to Play

Encourage your child to play. Play all the time. Find a way to help spark the creation of their fantastical world. This could be a place where they play often: A room, a tree, or an area in the woods. It can be anything that feels exciting to them… they will paint it with their minds and hearts!

I use to play in my Grandmothers garden. It was the most lushes Eden of a place I have ever been. It was filled with flowers, berries and all sorts of vegetables. I would run through the rows, hide under bushes of black berries, and eat the most delicious things. It felt like a grand palace, with the most decadent banquets. I could be anywhere when I was there.

Sometimes I would imagine that we were two fairies on the edge of dreamland. And she would just laugh, and play, and go along with it. I know sometimes that being in my little world of fantasy probably made her feel like a kid again, too.

Give them a place to play! It will become their sacred space.

Befriend the Unseen World

Children are always exploring different levels and layers that you may not see. They are naturally in tune with these unseen places. Even in myth and legend we see that fairies and other mystical beings take interest in children. It is their light that still shines brightly.

These unseen forces can be guardians, and teachers. It can be the gentle hug of a tree, or the sturdy force of a rock. They all whisper to psychic children, they remind them of the power that is within.

And if you open yourself up just a little, you will hear that same, loving whisper.

Take your child outside when the weather is favorable. Visit a park, a stretch of woods where you feel safe to roam for a while, or a beach if you are near one. See what your child does. What calls to his or her spirit. Something will spark their imagination.

Maybe find a nice inviting tree to sit under and meditate. Make a game of naming the trees and the rocks; or telling stories about them. It isn’t uncommon for a child to find a “guardian” tree… think of Grandmother Willow in Pocahontas.

Being in this space will help your psychic child stay grounded, and centered, and help his or her psychic senses to find balance. Whatever seems to catch their attention will be what is needed at that time.

I always find that children love rocks, and pieces of fallen wood. They regard them as talismans. Bits of magic left just for them. Think of the countless legends of wands, and staves of power. Or stones and crystals of great magic. This is all held deep in the subconscious mind.

Let your child find a token of nature to take home to remind them of their trip.

My grandmother made it a ritual for us to find rocks, and sticks to paint. You should invite your child to decorate their token. It can be with paint, beads, feathers, or whatever speaks to them. This is a great way for them to feel the energy that is within the object. I encourage you to do the same!

Look at Life from Different Perspectives

The one thing children always seem to do… that is so unique, and so powerful… is see the world from different perspectives. This is how imagination thrives. It doesn’t seek to confine the world in some small little box. Imagination lets the world explode into Technicolor.

Everyday you should encourage your child to see the world upside down, and sideways. Look at things from all different angles. Find a new vantage point. See the others facets of the crystal.

Walk backwards. Especially when you are upset, or confused. Laugh at yourself when you fall.

Dress up silly. Wear two different socks. Or mismatched patterns. Or something inside out. Don’t take it too serious. See it a different way. See the beauty in the chaos, and the contradictions. It will stir things up!

Remember that your psychic child is a visionary. It is a gift for them to see the world through such different eyes. You are entrusted with them, to help them grow and learn. The more open you are to them, to their gift, the better you will know how to help.

I hope you embark on a fantastic journey! Maybe I’ll see you there.

Do you have questions about your psychic child?

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Shaheen Miro is an intuitive reader, energy worker, fashion designer, artist, writer and spiritual nomad. Shaheen coaches people to live more consciously through spiritual practices such as spiritual cleaning, protection, and intuitive development. He is also the creator of, Shaheen’s Tattered Nomad Oracle. To read Shaheen’s writing or to learn more about Intuitive Consultations visit his Website.


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Feeling Safe and Empowered with Psychic Events, by Melissa Leath

Melissa Leath:

Here is our next edition for Kids Growing Up Psychic Series!

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We’re back!! Happy New Year… and get ready for lots of new information with the “Kids Growing Up Psychic” SeriesBlog Series.

“The sparkly lights never hurt me but they terrified me. I cried in fear, and screamed for my mom. My father called it my imagination and ignored it. Neither parent explained what was happening which made it scarier.”

Feeling Empowered

The best way to be empowered is to learn and understand about the thing that scares you. So we’ll talk about Energy, since that is what the world is made of.

Energy is simply energy. Energy is always energy. Energy can take the form of many different things: clouds, houses, people, Jell-O, even thought-forms. It also can be the way those in the spirit world show themselves to us: such as spirit lights and shadows.

Here is an example of how we sometimes view energy: If someone comes into…

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What are Spiritual and Psychic Ethics?

crystal_ballAThe concept of ethics is generally described as professional standards of conduct; uprightness and honor: being fair. Ethics are derived from social commonalities. Sometimes they come as a result of what is deemed as usual, or as society’s expected customary response.

Many psychic readers think of ethical behavior as something such as: I will charge you a fair price; I will not share your information with anyone; I will refer you to another professional who may assist you, such as a lawyer or psychologist. I feel ethics development starts (or should start) many years before working with clients as a reader. Much of it comes as part of your upbringing and the way your parents or families teach you about life and respect. It has to do with your integrity.

The integrity needed for readers comes as they are learning to use their psychic gifts. Many are born with these gifts, but may not instantly know how to relate the information to others. The reader may not know about the higher and lower levels of entities relating information to them; it could be coming from a low vibration wanting to trick them or just play around. So discernment of sources is very important. This all comes with study, practice under mentorship, and trial and error. That is why I have included in this book a whole chapter on unfoldment. Unfoldment means allowing your gift to evolve or grow.

The process of maturing the ability teaches a reader to present the information coming through them in an honest, ethical and reliable manner. Some call it unfoldment because it is unfolding a spiritual gift that already exists, allowing it to expand and become stronger. This is the perfect way to understand what the gift is all about, how it works, to experience it in the long term. (Unfoldment is usually practiced in a circle of potential mediums who sit in a group to train together and allow the gifts to mature.)

Many use the word development, since it is bringing about or producing a psychic ability. This word implies purposefully taking classes and being taught through experience. Development seems to be more directed and purposeful in the approach. Even though these two words (unfoldment and development) are slightly different in meaning, they are commonly used in the psychic trade. I may use the words interchangeably but I realize they are different.

Ethical Statements

Many psychics consider offering advice or dealing with information of a personal nature as a business. Some professional psychics have a code of ethics that govern their business and protect themselves and the interest of their clients. It is important to make this code of ethics known to the general public, in order to instill trust in the services provided.

I’ve researched many materials of psychic readers and psychic organizations, and I have constructed a composite of suitable ethical statements. Below is a sample of pledges that many professional psychics make available to their clients.

I promise to —

  • always serve the best interests of my clients, and conduct my professional activities without intentionally causing harm.
  • treat all my clients with • respect, regardless of origin, race, religion, gender, age or sexual preference.
  • honestly present my qualifications, including educational credentials and levels of certification.
  • keep confidential the names of clients, and information shared or discussed surrounding the reading.
  • recommend consultation with a licensed professional for advice of a legal, financial, medical or psychological nature I am not qualified to provide.
  • respect my client’s right to end their reading at any tim

I agree with all of these statements. They are definitely necessary for anyone working personally with a client.

However, I want to take it a step further. Ethical behavior should be defined by a person’s integrity. The issue is not only how you work with the general public. It is how you live your life, how you are trained, how you learn, how you practice your abilities: being the best you can be for your client.

(Taken from Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics, by Melissa Leath, Copyright 2011)

Blessings to you on your path, Melissa

Awakening and Renewal ~ 2015

2015RenewAThe Season that comes between two different years has to be the most interesting I know of. It means so many things to me, especially since I met my husband during the Eve of 1972 New Year. It is the time that Mother Nature rests in preparation for A Time of Renewal. She allows certain living things to complete their cycle of life, to nourish others in their journey. This is an essential aspect of Growth.

All things in this World have a beginning and ending. But the endings are never final. They are merely a way to cycle around to the next starting point.

So now, this gives you a place to set your starting point. That can be in any form you like. Many people create an affirmation of things they wish to achieve in the new year, such as career, wealth, health, happiness. Some come up with resolutions to do better, such as eating habits, relationships, or resolving addictive behavior.

And there are many ways to do this. Different cultures prepare certain foods as a way of marking this shift. And those foods are traditional in many families. Spiritual customs include clearing of old beliefs, such as The Burning Bowl. They write down things on paper that they wish to release, and ceremonially place them in a special bowl to burn.

However you decide to celebrate the New Year, and re-affirm your life, be sure to take some time for reflection. Go over your past year. Look at the accomplishments you have made. Celebrate the joys and loves that have been in your experience. Also honor the losses and failures, for they are the things that make you strong and wise.

Be sure to witness the way Mother Nature is expressing herself in your world. You will waken something within when you pay attention to nature. It helps you move through your life.

For this New Year, I wish you and your family happiness, love on many levels, and the ability to feel, as Mother Nature shares her emotions with you.

Happy New Year!

Melissa Leath

An Authentic Television Series About Psychic Kids – I Need Your Help


iStockFreeCrayonPsyKidsI had an interesting conversation the other day, via conference call, that I want to share with you. It was with a video producer I have known for several years. (His mother is a fellow author, psychic and associate of mine.) He has done many television projects (Discovery Channel and Animal Planet) and independent documentaries. He is associated with a reputable cable television production company.

Anyway, his two bosses were in the conference call too.

Basically, they are looking at the viability of producing a television series surrounding psychic kids (and their parents) in a sincere and authentic way. They realize the backlash the earlier paranormal and psychic kids type shows have gotten. And they have asked me to assist them in this initial investigation as to if it would be possible to film the families of psychic kids —  without exploiting them in any way. (I really like their take on this.) And they asked me many questions about different ways to do it, and other possibilities.

Since I have mentored families of psychic children, and written Does Your Child See Sparkles? they have asked if I could contact some of my clients, mentor students, and parents of psychic kids and find out how they feel about this. Here are some possibilities, with differing levels of exposure that they are considering: 

  1. Film the family and child while I counsel/mentor them, but filmed for television.
  2. Or – Interview them about any mentoring or assistance we have done, create a staged re-creation with actors, and then at the end of the segment show the family (as a way of confirming the authenticity of the situation).
  3. Or – Make the re-creation without the family being exposed at all.
  4. Or – Interview the parent, probably by phone, to get a sense of how they feel as a parent about the televised idea of their psychic children. They want to know any concerns a parent might have. (They really want to know if this is something that could be done responsibly)
  5. Or – Maybe there is another direction we are not seeing yet? Ideas are always welcome.

Please think about these ideas. And see if you (or if you know anyone that) may like to engage in this project. There are many families with psychic and empathic kids that are looking for help of any kind.

I know that if a reliable, caring television program could be reinforced as a teaching tool, then many people could benefit by it. We just have to understand how it can be presented in a way that provides proof of this phenomenon, without sensationalism, and also provide assistance in gaining empowerment for it.

If you or anyone you know would like to help in this project, please get me in contact with them. Let me know. Email me here:

Thank you so much for your help and good wishes!

Melissa Leath