Psychic Integrity, by Melissa Leath

While I talked to a client of my husband’s (Charles is a Reflexologist), she asked me how my new book was coming. I told her I was in the final editing ~~that’s right!~~ Psychic Integrity will be ready for reading in September if not sooner!

She asked if the book was similar to my other recent books (Meditation, Plain and Simple Workbook, and Outrageous Living). I smiled and said a definite NO.

She said, “Well, then, what is it about?”

Psychic Integrity is a guidebook for psychic readers and mediums, both novices and seasoned readers. Many readers may not have a mentor or spiritual teacher for continued studies so they really don’t know where the information comes from, or what vibrational level they are working from.

Their clients will benefit from this book too. Too often, people don’t know who to go to for a reading or what kind of reading to get. They don’t realize they have the opportunity to interview the reader first to see if they are comfortable with that person.

This book gives Readers and Clients many tools to use in making decisions and working from integrity.

There are so many fascinating things that go on during the psychic/medium consultation, you’d be surprised. More on that soon…


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