Spirit Messages

Spirit Circle of Love

Last night I was at the All Message Service at the small spiritualist church in our town, TheCircleOfLightAnd Love.com .  Charles and I were the founding board members of the church many years ago, and we support it whenever we are in town.

The All Message Service is a gathering of people who are interested in receiving messages from spirit loved ones, guides and guardian angels. In this particular service, everyone sits in a circle. Several mediums from the church take turns giving spirit messages to the attendees.

If you have ever seen mediums like John Edward and Sylvia Browne give gallery messages, then you have a good idea of what I am describing. The Gallery Messages seen on television are very similar to the way spiritualist churches give message demonstrations during their regular church service.

This particular event, The All Message Service, is once a month and does not include the orthodox Sunday-style service. There is a song sung to raise the vibrations and a prayer for protection and invocation. Then the message sharing begins.

The group has gotten so big over the years, we have had to make two circles. Luckily, the church has plenty of mediums to serve the group. I remember one particular message I gave to one of the attendees. Without giving her name, or any personal information (which would be very unethical), I can share a piece of the message.  It is very interesting how mediums and psychics receive information, and this is a great example.

As I asked the woman’s name (an excellent way to connect with her vibrations~~just by saying her name, she opens her aura to allow connection), I saw my favorite Aunt Elizabeth, who has been in spirit for many years. I told the woman I was reading for there was a very sweet lady in the spirit, who was very close to her by the name of Elizabeth. Then I told her how the name came to me. I always like to share the source, if appropriate.

Immediately she perked up and said that Elizabeth was her daughter who passed away about two years ago. She was very pleased to be contacted by her. After giving more information to her, I closed the message. And privately I thanked Aunt Elizabeth for her assistance.

It always amazes me the way our spirit loved ones and spirit guides bring information to us. Quite often, you might think it is only your imagination and not a real spirit connection. But just remember you are working with “subtle energy”. You will get your information in a subtle way. Rarely does it come in a booming voice, or wild spectacular visions.

It is presented in the most normal way you could recognize it. Once you start working with vibrations and spirit energies, they present themselves to the spirit body, rather than the physical body. So you have to be aware of different levels of recognition.

That is why I enjoy teaching Spiritual Awakening Classes.  No matter what level of ability the class members are, they have many tools to practice with and understand how their guides and higher self communicates with them.

(added 7/7/2012)My new book, Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics is now available.  The website is  Psychic Integrity . You can read a excerpt there from the book, or order it. It is another excellent tool for psychic and medium unfoldment and integrity.

Blessings and Peace!

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