Physical Phenomena and Mediumship

As promised, here is the second excerpt from Psychic Integrity. It comes from Chapter 2, Intuition, Psychics, and Mediumship.

Seers and Mystics

Seers and Mystics

What Is Mediumship?


Mediumship is being aware of the vibrations of spirit beings, and receiving messages from them. It is the communication of a deceased loved one through an intermediary. The information is then given to those who are grieving the loss.

The main purpose is to provide recognition of continuing life after the physical death, and to send love and encouragement.

Connecting with the crown chakra (or seventh energy system) at the top of the head, a bridge is built to the higher levels or planes of existence.

By building this bridge, an association is made with visions, imagination, and spiritual awakening. It enables you to empower your spiritual path. This opens you to integrity in becoming responsible in your communication dealings.

Association with the higher realms also plants a firm foundation for the connection with finer vibratory entities and spirit teachers. Lower level energies will not be attracted to you, since you have established your connection with higher vibrations.

Other reasons spirit beings open communication with the living are to give evidential information only acknowledged by those still in the body. They create outward activities perceived by humans in a physical manner. These activities are often recognized as paranormal activity. They manifest in physical form to be identified.

Mediumship involves cooperation between a living person and a person in the spirit realm. This entails either communication of some kind or physical manipulation of energies.

Mediumship is divided into two categories: mental (communication) or physical (energy manipulation).

[ We’ll only explore the Physical Mediumship here in the excerpt. ]

 Physical mediumship is done with the use of physical energy. It is done under control as in the mental mediumship, but usually much deeper. The spirit manages the transformation of energy into physical objects, movement or sounds. A paranormal event occurs in the physical, and can be felt, heard or seen by humans.

This form of mediumship has to be the most unusual demonstration of what a spirit entity can do through medium control.

There have been far too many contrived and deceitful examples of the séance event. Because of that, many people discredit the entire concept of mediumship.

The spirit entity operating for the evidential séance uses both mental and physical energies of the medium to create a physical manifestation. This is something all sitters in the experience can witness physically.

The physical medium is one who has an over-abundance of a magnetic and etheric energy emanating as part of the aura/energy field of the individual. Usually, while the medium is in a deep trance state, the spirit being uses this etheric energy and creates ectoplasm.

If you have ever seen the movie “Ghost Busters” or any ghost-laden, scary program, you have seen a filmy or cloudy emanation coming from or around an entity, spirit being or ghost. This is the best representation of ectoplasm available.

Although the medium’s etheric energy is the main source for the event, usually more is gathered from the sitters. If the energies are good, a large amount of ectoplasm is formed to work with. It takes full attention of everyone in the séance.

The use of personal, auric energy (full of emotional and feeling experience of the each person) is a main ingredient for this operation to be successful.

This is why the sitters in the séance not only experience the event, but actually become part of the event. It can be a very dramatic demonstration of spirit manipulation.

The medium gives consent to be used by the spirit being, by going into the trance state. The spirit is now in control of the work being done and can manipulate the ectoplasm to create phenomena.

A medium can produce physical phenomena because she has an abundance of this etheric energy (ectoplasm). It is a part of the subtle energy body that allows us to emanate as humans.

In a physical medium, this subtle body is more loosely attached than in most people. (More on this in the chapter How You Can Talk to Heaven and How You Can’t)

There is no limit to what can be done through physical mediumship, as long as the proper conditions are held in the séance room. These physical phenomena can range from rapping, levitation of objects or people, lights, independent writing/painting, direct voice (spirit speaks without the medium), and partial or full materialization of the spirit people.

I have witnessed and became part of many séances…


…oops…can’ reveal it all right here! You’ll have to buy the book to read everything.  

Don’t be upset, there will be more excerpts soon. In the meantime, read more in

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