Metaphysical Tip: Clearing the Energy of an Object


Spiraling Heart-Love Vibrations

Over the years, I certainly have found myriad manners in which to change negative energies into positive. They range from the four-step smudging (offering tobacco, cedar smudge, sweet grass smudge and finally sage smudge including prayers that I may discuss at a later time) to the detailed oriental art of feng shui. All of which are admirable and productive ways to clear a space. I use them all.

But today I want to share a quick and easy, instant ~if you will~ method for clearing energy from an object. This can be used at inconvenient times when the other, more organized methods are out of the question.

Suppose you are at an event and find that your crystal or pendulum have collected negative energy, or at least energy that is not harmonious to yours. You certainly don’t have time to go through the four-step smudging. I have a quick and effective method for you.

Simply hold the pendulum in your left hand. Clear your mind. Ground yourself. Focus your intent on clear, positive, heart-love flowing vibrations.  As soon as you are ready, place your right hand about two inches above your item. With your focused intent, start moving your right hand in a clock-wise circle, moving up into a spiral. This should take four or five circles. Finish by closing your right hand to your left, with the item inside.

Yeah, some people will say this sounds like hocus-pocus. Well, I guess it really is. Hocus-pocus is a magickal method of changing vibrations. It is similar to alchemy. And these things cannot take place without focused intent. You have effectively changed the vibrations of your crystal’s energy.

Another quick tip: To change a room’s energy, that has stale or heavy vibrations, simply clap your hands! Start by the doorway and clap your hands four or five times. Then turning left, go to the first corner. Clap your hands up high, near the ceiling. Move on to each corner until you reach the doorway again. Finish by clapping one time at the doorway. This chases the heavy energies out the door.

…more metaphysical tips on the way…meanwhile go to to get more information about the spirit and psychic worlds.



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