Working with Your Spirit Guides

You have a whole community of spirit guides around you to see you through life. Guiding forces have been part of our existence since the beginning of time. 

Who is your spirit guide?

Usually, your guides will present themselves in human form, or with a familiar name. Historically, a guide will be of a special culture or ethnic origin, such as Native American, Chinese, Egyptian, Irish, etc.

Your guide may have a certain vocational association: physician, musician, professor, healer, etc. Others may present themselves as a color, sound or sensation like royal blue, chimes, north wind.

The main reason for this is so to associate with the guiding force in an easier manner. Many people feel more comfortable with the idea of Inner Self or Higher Self. These are wonderful ways of looking at it.


There are three general classifications of guides:

  1. Personal Guides~~These guiding forces are around you all your life. It is their mission to assist you in any way needed. They gently nudge you into positive situations. But we don’t always pay attention at the time. You may be attracted to something that represents your guide. This could be a flower, or a rainbow, or a crystal, for example.
  2. Guides for Special Gifts or Talents~~These guides may be with you all your life, or only a short period of time. Their main purpose is to help you in an area of expertise, such as, playing the piano, a knack for working with children, or weaving a blanket.
  3. Master Teacher or Doctor~~These guides are specifically for your spiritual growth. Many of them help in healing techniques or spiritual counseling. They may also help you in communicating with people or teaching.

Before spirit incarnated into the bodies we have now, we decided the experiences we wanted to help our soul evolve. After taking on the physical body, we may be doing other things than our life purpose.

This is when your guide will come to influence you and gently urge you onto the path again. He will never tell you what to do or make you do something against your nature. The guide is only there to assist you. You always have free will, and can choose to follow the advice or not.

Sometimes loved ones you knew in this lifetime may come to help you. Even though your loved one comes with love and help, the advice she has may not always be helpful. You may have taken Aunt Sue’s advice when you were 10 years old.

She is still operating with the same mental capacity. Her spirit has not evolved as greatly as your spirit guides have. Being in the spirit world does not guarantee enlightenment. Better to seek the advice or counsel of a more evolved guide or spirit who can give you a broader look at the problem, rather than a limited earthly view. then you can embrace Aunt Sue for encouragement on the path.

Who are your spirit guides?

I have a very personal opinion of who spirit guides generally are. This is not something any one told me, nor have I learned it in seminars or classes. It is information brought through spirit in many different readings I have goven and other meditative moments.

I believe guiding spirits are rerepresentative of previous lives. Imagine a large wagon wheel. The center cog of the wheel represents your life now. This is the one small part of yourself you are right now. The outer wheel represents all you have ever been. And the spokes are different interpretations of lifetimes you have experienced.As you live this present life, you may need help in familiar areas or experiences. Then a past life remembrance is made known to you in the form of a guiding spirit.

The essence or spirit of a previous life is always connected to the soul. When the soul realizes you need guidance it provides you with a past life experience through the system of spirit guides.

These guides are usually with you for the whole lifetime. It is easier for humans to grasp the idea of help coming from individual beings, than to imagine it as an essence, energy or vibration. It’s easier to describe this as a spirit guide…

Copyright 2009, Melissa Leath. All rights reserved. This is an excerpt from Psychic Integrity, Ethics and Morals of Modern-Day Mystics.

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