Angel Babies

Patricia McGivern's book, Angel Babies

Angel Babies author Patricia Seaver McGivern, has first hand experience with miscarriage and communication with her unborn child. This is a fascinating book that speaks to many women in their untold grief to help the process of coming to terms with the sorrowful situation. McGivern has a sweet and mild manner that comforts people as they read and process their experiences.

Patricia states, “My hope is that this book helps heal those who’ve lost a baby, validates those who’ve had their own special experiences, enlightens those who haven’t, and opens doors for anyone on the greater path of understanding the soul.”

I gave a reading to Patricia two or three years ago in Florida. I was exhibiting at an expo in Tampa and lectured there. Patricia came to me for a session and I remember telling her that this book absolutely needed to be written and published…hpwever she was able to do that. But I made it very clear there were so many people out there that needed to hear her experiences.

No one else had ever addressed this subject. It is just too painful. But Patricia has approached it with love, understanding and acknowledgement of unseen experiences. Now there can be healing on the planet through this vessel.

Bless you, Patricia for all you have done for grieving mothers.

Visit her website and read more about her book: Angel Babies, Messages from Miscarried and Other Lost Babies.  IBSN 978-0-595-53542-2

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