Inception: Are you dreaming or awake?

"Dreaming is life's great solitary adventure. Whatever pleasures or terrors the dream state provides, we experience them alone or not at all." ~Sun Sentinel News

There aren’t too many movies I go to see twice in one week. But Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio is one. Charles and I saw it on Thursday last week and then went back on Tuesday to see it again. Warner Brother’s is creating quite  a stir with this visually exciting make of what dreams look like, with plenty of suspense for the thrill seeker! Directed by Christopher Nolan, it must be one of the best for 2010.

I didn’t need to go again to better understand what I had seen. But wanted to see it again because it was just that good. Only the second time around, I did see things that I’d missed the first time. There were subtle things said or a scene that I looked at better, and it explained further what I understood.

I don’t really care for espionage movies, with a large amount of gunfire and blow ’em up scenes. No, that’s not what this film is about. It is about what can be done in the dream state. There are many levels to access, and architects that “build” the dream, or what you may think of as the look of the dream. It has to look like something you can relate to, so a natural setting, such as cities, streets, libraries, restaurants are needed to move around in.

The different levels are accessed by going to sleep. So you go to sleep and dream within a dream. You have to realize though, that the deeper the levels, the longer the time-experience. And more dangerous it is to return to what you percieve as the ‘Awake Time”.

Many of you may already know about lucid dreaming. Basically, it has to do with realizing that you are in a dream. The way you may know it is that when you look at a clock, the hands are running the opposite direction than normal. (what is normal?) Or you may look at the sky and it is white and the clouds are blue. Whenever you see something in the dream that is not normal to your understanding, it is an indicator that you are in a dream.

When you know you are dreaming, it gives you a chance to participate more directly in the outcome of the dream. You can change things to the way you want them to be. Maybe in a recurring dream you are always being chased by a bear, seeming to never move fast enough. This time you know you are dreaming and you can make the outcome of that dream different. You can run into a safe place and lose the bear. It’s very empowering, to say the least.

Of course dreams are used by wise spiritual workers to bring about a needed change. Many visions of the future can be found in dream quests by knowledgable shamans and high vibration workers. I have to say, it is imperative to know what you are doing before trying something in the dream state.

There was evidence of mistakes that can be made in the dream in the movie that are important to look at. If you have not resolved emotional issues from the past, they can spring up at anytime to sabotage your efforts.

If you have any interest in dreams, you will be fascinated with Inception. Go see what I’m talking about. I’d love to know what you think of the movie and the extended ideas presented there. 

 Until next time…blessings…Melissa Leath