Now What? Where Do We Go From Here?

With the last few days of earth changes and devastation, and possibly more to come, we are truly at a decision-making time. What can you do as an individual? Can one person really make a difference?

Sparks of the Divine Flame

And more than that – what is really going to happen? The truth is: we don’t know. Yes, we want to believe that the New Earth will transform from the old, but how?  We want to believe we will all be lovingly moved into a new dimension.  But some people believe there will be total destruction. Which is right? Astrological experts are saying one thing. Channeled information is coming from many directions; much of which is contradictory to each other, or just flowery metaphors without solid tools to use.  We have to remember that channeled information comes through the consciousness of the channel, not directly from Source. But there is no real way to know, positively, what is going to happen or how it will happen.

For me, it is a time to stay centered in the heart (compassion energy). Our ego mind tries to keep us caught in the fear of what might happen. By staying centered, you can be totally present in the moment. This is the only true time. Being fearful robs you of your energy. But staying centered allows you to be aware of the circumstances, but totally in control of your thoughts and actions.

As the Piscean Age finalizes, the Aquarian Era salutes us with very different energy. We must get familiar with it in new ways never recognized before. I like to think of Pisces as the time of being in the water, like the fish of the sea. But Aquarius is more like walking on the water: certainly not something we have been doing with any regularity! But we have models that emulate that concept and believe it can be done.

So now we must embrace new energy. We can do that by feeling it through our own individual energy fields. The aura is there for many reasons. It holds who we are. It mingles with outside energies to experience them and understand them. It allows us to merge into new spaces slowly. But if we are not paying attention and caught up in fear always watching media reports, instead of holding compassion in the present moment, then we can’t experience the changes. We could lose connection with reality and not be aware of what is really going on in our world.

So one of my original questions was: What can one person do? Pull out your spiritual and metaphysical tools. The ones that you learned so long ago: meditation, prayer, visualization, affirmations, intention, ho’ opono pono, sending love, any remote healing method, seeing white light around difficult situations, pink bubble of love. There are so many simple, powerful tools we are to be using now. If you are not familiar with any of these, research on the internet, ask friends. Be proactive.

Please continue to stay alert with the news reports. Being aware is powerful. But do not be pulled into the fear. Compassion is so much more powerful than fear. (I do not mean feeling sorry for anyone, but instead having true concern and caring love for the situation. Sorrow is also draining to the energy.) As you feel a pull on your heart towards fearful situations, use that as an indicator to use your spiritual tools.

You are an individual: a single spark of the divine flame of perfection and creation: One of a tremendous number of sparks that are the whole of light. Just as a slice of a hologram contains all of its parts, so do you as a spark, hold all of the parts of the divine flame. We truly are all One. Together we can make a difference. No matter what is going to happen, we will all be there together.

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