Psychic Abilities Using Psychometry

When I am teaching a class on psychic development, I like to introduce the technique known as “psychometry” to the participants to use and they will always receive a response that is verifiable. Psychometry is a form of psychic divination using the sense of touch. You can receive intuitive impressions and information about an object, or anything connected to it, by touching it. The physical sense of touch then shifts into ultrasense™ which is the spiritual sense of feeling.

What it is:

“Psychometry is picking up or reading the energy of an object (such as keys or jewelry) by holding it in your hand. You can sense the vibrations emanating from it. The energy patterns of the object are downloaded into the reader’s subtle bodies. The memories contained in the object are accessed by the subconscious mind and raised to conscious awareness.

“The reader receives information about the history of the object. If someone had it in their possession for a long period of time, you can receive information about that person as well.

“Psychometry can be used to heighten the contact with someone’s vibration during a reading. Many readers use this
method as a tool along with their main area of expertise. It also can be used in connect with others at a distance. I have successfully used this method to assist contacting the spirit of a recently departed teenager, receiving critical information for locating the body.”

~~taken from Psychic Integrity, Ethics and Morals of Modern-Day Mystics

Psychometry is a term described in parapsychology as a psi (or psychic) ability. The person using psychometry is able to connect with and relate details about the past condition of an object or area, or events experienced by the person who possessed the object. The user could, for example, give police precise details about a murder or other violent crime, if they were at the crime scene, or were holding the weapon used. Psychometry is a type of retro cognition.

Psychometry opens the practitioner to bursts of energy and/or memories (both negative and positive) that have left imprints on an object or place. For instance, a house where a traumatic experience happened, such as a murder or suicide, may feel distinctly chilled or negative; while a favorite childhood toy or play area may feel light or positive. A place or thing may be so charged with emotions and memories that it may even seem haunted.

As we exist in an electromagnetic programmed reality – metal objects work best. This refers to keys, jewelry, etc. However, all objects carry a frequency signature. The vibrations vary and can be recognized through psychic means. When doing psychometry, you attempt to connect your frequencies with the object in question.

How to do it:

The Basic Use of Psychometry

Here is a great exercise for you to practice to get a feel for what psychometry is. It’s best to start out by yourself in a quiet, light meditative state.

Put these items in a box or basket: rocks, crystals, treebark, fabric, tissue paper, plastic, or an assortment of other inanimate objects. Everything in the universe has a vibratory rate – animate and inanimate. That is what renders its manifested form. Denser objects have slower, heavier vibrations. Thinner, softer or more porous objects have a faster or higher vibration.

Clear your mind and take an item out of the basket. Hold it in your hand and sense what it is and where it came from. The feeling you are
looking for is not a tactile feeling, but a sense or impression.

Go with your first impressions. Become aware of the different vibrations, special feelings and impressions. They are very subtle at first. So if you think you feel something, you do. Trust it and say it out loud. This exercise can be practiced at home during your meditative times.

After you get used to using this exercise, you can feel confident to move ahead and explore other uses of psychometry. In another article I will explain a more detailed approach to the practice that will allow you to share information with someone you wish to psychically read for.

Until then, enjoy your new abilities of exploring subtle energies!

Spirit Discernment: Insight into Life

When we talk about discernment, it usually is in relation to psychic and mediumship work. It has to do with recognizing the vibrational energy of a person’s aura or the frequency of a spirit entity. Everyone and everything has a frequency to their energy field. Some are positive and in harmony with your own vibrations. But some are very different or feel disruptive to your own.

To understand how a spirit entity is interacting with you is to discern its intentions. You begin to recognize whether it feels good or not. If there is a feeling of upset, nervousness or fear, you know the spirit is not in harmony with you. On the other hand, if you have a sense of empowerment, serenity, and love, then the spirit is in harmony with you.

As a spirit works with you (especially a spiritual guide) they will pull from the love of the creator and universal understanding. The message will be uplifting and positive in nature. You will feel like light and love are cradling you.

But if you are receiving negative messages, fear tactics, and controlling thoughts, then you have the right and ability to remove that entity from your connection. You can either think in your mind, by saying “You are not harmonious to my vibration. Leave me and do not return.” Or you can say it out loud as well. The easiest way to judge or discern the connection is to ask if it comes from Creator, or if it was a loving feeling.

Another thought is take the idea of discernment into everyday life. Do the things of your life make you feel empowered or un-empowered? Are the situations you are in loving ones or fear-laden? Are the relationships bringing you peace or turmoil?

After you have taken stock of your life experiences, situations and relationships, then work toward balancing them so they are harmonious to you. Here again, you have the right and the ability to change things by eliminating the negative or unharmonious things, people and situations from your life.

Blessings until next time!

So Many People are Making Transitions Now


A Recent Question Asked of Me:

So many people are checking out of this earth right now. Any ideas on why that is? It reminds me of a movie where God was taking all the “good Christians” like part of the rapture or something (personally it scared the crap out of me!) and all the sinners were left on earth!

According to the movie you watched, I guess we are the sinners! The only thing I can come up with is that there really needs to be a huge group of dedicated spirit beings in the heavens to help us here on Mother Earth to help take Her where she needs to be. It seems like a great transformation is happening (not really a rapture, but many religious folks can relate to that idea). It is the Earth that needs the transformation. When I say Earth, we are included in the concept of Earth: everything that comes from the Earth, all creatures, all plant life, all mineral relatives, etc.

There is much to do, energy-wise to sustain and maintain the transformation. Once it gets going, the momentum needs to continue.
I feel it is the great souls who have chosen to make their transitions now that will be the needed energy boost in the right direction.

Another thing to consider is that many not-so-good people will be transitioning. They may be lost in the change and not be able to fully
transition without help (and unconditional love). Again, our loved ones in spirit, along with the help of many spirit teachers and ascended masters will assist them as well. Sooner or later, we will all be on the same page so to speak.

At that time, Earth and all Her inhabitants will fully move into a grander existence, whatever that may be…some call it “fifth dimensional
existence”. Some feel there will be a splitting of the earth dimension into a yin and a yang. I don’t think so. I think the spiritual majority has gained
enough vibration to take everyone and everything into the new dimension.

As far as our loved ones, and those from far away cultures making their transitions now: I know all too well it is difficult to bear the sorrow. But compassion comes from sorrow, and it is compassion that heals all.

I honestly believe we (as spirits) are doing so much more in the world than we (as humans) could even know. We exist on so many
different levels at once, but only associate with the third dimension for the most part. Other parts of our Self are so very active, participating in the
grand scheme of Life.

Isn’t it awesome? Even if we don’t understand it…it is truly awesome. I know, as you do, the grief of Life can be
overwhelming. But still, the whole thing is interconnected and amazing.

Blessings until next time…Melissa