Spirit Discernment: Insight into Life

When we talk about discernment, it usually is in relation to psychic and mediumship work. It has to do with recognizing the vibrational energy of a person’s aura or the frequency of a spirit entity. Everyone and everything has a frequency to their energy field. Some are positive and in harmony with your own vibrations. But some are very different or feel disruptive to your own.

To understand how a spirit entity is interacting with you is to discern its intentions. You begin to recognize whether it feels good or not. If there is a feeling of upset, nervousness or fear, you know the spirit is not in harmony with you. On the other hand, if you have a sense of empowerment, serenity, and love, then the spirit is in harmony with you.

As a spirit works with you (especially a spiritual guide) they will pull from the love of the creator and universal understanding. The message will be uplifting and positive in nature. You will feel like light and love are cradling you.

But if you are receiving negative messages, fear tactics, and controlling thoughts, then you have the right and ability to remove that entity from your connection. You can either think in your mind, by saying “You are not harmonious to my vibration. Leave me and do not return.” Or you can say it out loud as well. The easiest way to judge or discern the connection is to ask if it comes from Creator, or if it was a loving feeling.

Another thought is take the idea of discernment into everyday life. Do the things of your life make you feel empowered or un-empowered? Are the situations you are in loving ones or fear-laden? Are the relationships bringing you peace or turmoil?

After you have taken stock of your life experiences, situations and relationships, then work toward balancing them so they are harmonious to you. Here again, you have the right and the ability to change things by eliminating the negative or unharmonious things, people and situations from your life.

Blessings until next time! http://www.PsychicIntegrity.com

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