Psychic Abilities Using Psychometry

When I am teaching a class on psychic development, I like to introduce the technique known as “psychometry” to the participants to use and they will always receive a response that is verifiable. Psychometry is a form of psychic divination using the sense of touch. You can receive intuitive impressions and information about an object, or anything connected to it, by touching it. The physical sense of touch then shifts into ultrasense™ which is the spiritual sense of feeling.

What it is:

“Psychometry is picking up or reading the energy of an object (such as keys or jewelry) by holding it in your hand. You can sense the vibrations emanating from it. The energy patterns of the object are downloaded into the reader’s subtle bodies. The memories contained in the object are accessed by the subconscious mind and raised to conscious awareness.

“The reader receives information about the history of the object. If someone had it in their possession for a long period of time, you can receive information about that person as well.

“Psychometry can be used to heighten the contact with someone’s vibration during a reading. Many readers use this
method as a tool along with their main area of expertise. It also can be used in connect with others at a distance. I have successfully used this method to assist contacting the spirit of a recently departed teenager, receiving critical information for locating the body.”

~~taken from Psychic Integrity, Ethics and Morals of Modern-Day Mystics

Psychometry is a term described in parapsychology as a psi (or psychic) ability. The person using psychometry is able to connect with and relate details about the past condition of an object or area, or events experienced by the person who possessed the object. The user could, for example, give police precise details about a murder or other violent crime, if they were at the crime scene, or were holding the weapon used. Psychometry is a type of retro cognition.

Psychometry opens the practitioner to bursts of energy and/or memories (both negative and positive) that have left imprints on an object or place. For instance, a house where a traumatic experience happened, such as a murder or suicide, may feel distinctly chilled or negative; while a favorite childhood toy or play area may feel light or positive. A place or thing may be so charged with emotions and memories that it may even seem haunted.

As we exist in an electromagnetic programmed reality – metal objects work best. This refers to keys, jewelry, etc. However, all objects carry a frequency signature. The vibrations vary and can be recognized through psychic means. When doing psychometry, you attempt to connect your frequencies with the object in question.

How to do it:

The Basic Use of Psychometry

Here is a great exercise for you to practice to get a feel for what psychometry is. It’s best to start out by yourself in a quiet, light meditative state.

Put these items in a box or basket: rocks, crystals, treebark, fabric, tissue paper, plastic, or an assortment of other inanimate objects. Everything in the universe has a vibratory rate – animate and inanimate. That is what renders its manifested form. Denser objects have slower, heavier vibrations. Thinner, softer or more porous objects have a faster or higher vibration.

Clear your mind and take an item out of the basket. Hold it in your hand and sense what it is and where it came from. The feeling you are
looking for is not a tactile feeling, but a sense or impression.

Go with your first impressions. Become aware of the different vibrations, special feelings and impressions. They are very subtle at first. So if you think you feel something, you do. Trust it and say it out loud. This exercise can be practiced at home during your meditative times.

After you get used to using this exercise, you can feel confident to move ahead and explore other uses of psychometry. In another article I will explain a more detailed approach to the practice that will allow you to share information with someone you wish to psychically read for.

Until then, enjoy your new abilities of exploring subtle energies!

3 thoughts on “Psychic Abilities Using Psychometry

  1. I wanted to correct you on one point, if that’s okay.
    To say psychometry is a type of retrocognition isn’t exactly correct. Psychometry accesses the energy imprinted on an object. Just like how the human brain remembers more than just the events that happen to us, the energy imprinted on an object can contain thoughts and feelings. The objects we use are an up-to-date recording of the state of the person coming in for a reading.
    Like a dream, the reader has to sort through what is memory and what is fantasy. Each person sees things subjectively, so memories in objects can be skewed. To call it a type of retrocognition doesn’t quite work with me.
    Sorry for the text dump.

    1. Point Taken** Thanks for your comments Rose. I am not sure if I agree with you though… I did some research before posting this article. Certain aspects of the term retro cognition still apply here. While looking for different ways to describe psychometry, (I always like to use several ways of describing to reach everyone’s perception) I came across the term retro cognition as meaning “backward knowing”. This point fits perfectly. But of course, beside the direct events that might be recorded in the object, there are emotions, possibly other memories along with fantasy thoughts associated with it. But then, that is in everyone’s energy field and reputable readers and energy workers must sift through these things anyway. It does not dispute the fact that it still addresses past events that become known through the energetic psychometry experience. I believe we are still on the same page, but just subtle differences in terminology. We could have a lively discussion with this – wish you could sit in on one of the classes!

  2. Thanks for the quick reply, I feel a little rude responding so late.
    You definitely present a valid point, Melissa. I had been thinking when I wrote my previous comment that since the energy imprinted is from the past it be very similar to retrocognition. Thinking back, I believe my definition of retrocognition was at fault. I’d always seen it as the opposite of precognition, which I’m sure you know of. Seeing into the past as events unfold, not as memories, was what I thought retrocognition was.
    Would you mind telling me the what sources you used in your research? To be honest, I’ve found it difficult to find indepth information about psychometry anywhere, and I don’t really have anyone to talk to about when it comes to psychic phenomena. Though psychometry was my diving board into this world so many years ago, I feel that I still know so little about it. I’ve been researching it afresh recently because I’ve been feeling an awakening of sorts. I’d love to visit the classes, whereabouts are they held?
    Thankyou again, it’s nice to talk with someone who knows their stuff.

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