We Are The World: 11.11.11 Theme Song

May we all radiate love...

This morning I woke up around 4:00am. I’m sure there were many other people who were awake around that time too. I spent the time meditating, setting positive intentions and sending love balls to different parts of the world. The special date 11.11.11 sets a new integrity to our lives, if we allow it. This can be the start of a postitive upswing in our lives. Manifestation comes much quicker now, so be sure of your thoughts, keep present in the knowledge of what is being directed through your mind. Make sure they are intentional thoughts, brought by you, instead of random thoughts that Ego has directed from abstract areas.

As I was awake and open early today, a very familiar song kept running through my mind. We Are The World, originally written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie 25 years ago, is still playing through the ethers.

There comes a time
When we hear a certain call
When the world must come together as one

Best wishes to you, blessings on your path. As we all become closer to each other through spirit energy, I will greet you with love…M

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