The Truth about Seeing Spirited Sparkles

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I’ve had several people reach out and ask me about seeing sparkles, especially young teens or mothers of smaller children.

Usually, the child starts seeing sparkles at the age of three or four, and over several years, gradually starts to see them more often. So by the time they are around the age of eleven, it is very common to them.  The younger children view the experience as normal, and may not say anything special about it, thinking that everyone sees them. Older children, can be ridiculed, accused of making up the whole thing, and shy away from sharing the experiences. Then I have known about some children that run and jump to try and catch the sparkles. Many parents are confused and a little frightened about the whole thing. After the first question I received by email, I wrote a blog about it. You can access it by going here: 

Since that blog article was published, search engines are connecting others to me as time goes along. So I felt the need to present more, in depth information about seeing sparkles. And perhaps give a little background about what might be going on. Understand that this is just my perception on the topic, as given to me by my spirit guides and higher self.

NOTICE: ** While explaining sparkles, it must be understood that I am referring to the spiritual concept of seeing an energetic substance – not a physical vision, or eye problem.  And I encourage anyone who thinks their situation might be physical in nature to see a medical professional concerning it. **

What Do Sparkles Look Like?

Sparkles, as seen by people, may look something like this: resembling small flecks of dust, iridescent particles, flashes of light, blinking clear lights and something called “static,” such as the static or fuzz you might see on the television when the station has gone off the air. What they are seeing are not physical things, but spiritual, energetic points of light. It is difficult to explain something without using common everyday things that we all recognize.

Many have said they see them better at night, in the dark. While others (especially, smaller children, see them during the daylight, even outside in the Sun. Others see them swirling in patterns, sometimes in different colors. These people have said they occasionally see black or dark sparkles, but not very often. Sometimes they spin around and blend together. Usually, it is seen with eyes closed as well as open.

Have You Ever Seen Fuzz and Particles?

I thought for a long time that I just couldn’t understand seeing them. And wished I could see them so it would be easier to relate to my clients who have witnessed it. Then after going back into my childhood, I realized I have always seen sparkles. However, I would not have called them that. To me it is more like hazy fuzz. If I could describe it, I would say it was the substance that matter is made of. It looks like manifesting energy to me.

Just What Are Sparkles: Lifting of the Veils

Now that the veils are lifting from our awareness, and the energies are opening up to other dimensions; we are able to recognize things so much more. The separation between the earthly realm and the spiritual realm is beginning to open up and blend. The thing is that the sparkles (or energy field) have always been there: just as the aura around a person is always there, but many people cannot see it. Only after they have been instructed as to what it is, and how to see it, do they really recognize it.

The way I understand, the particles that present themselves like sparkles are very visible. But it is not distinguished by the brain. It seems to be part of another dimension and not something that we are accustomed to seeing, so it does not register in the brain as real. Only after you understand that it could be a possibility can you begin to identify it.

Another way to think about it is the spirits of those who have passed away are always around us. But we might not be able to see them. Sometimes, you can see movement out of the corner of your eye. You turn your head, trying to see it physically and it disappears. It works the same way with sparkles.

Some children believe the sparkles are angel lights. That could be. There is a new resurgence of a phenomenon called “orbs”. They are large, round balls (at least larger than the sparkles) that float around, usually at night. Quite often they show up in photographs. They seem to represent spirit energies or entities of one kind or another and like to be around nature. So the thought that sparkles could be angel lights makes sense. I am given the information that the sparkles are “arranged” by angels in a manner that we can appreciate, and possibly connect with.

We All Have the Ability to Experience Sparkles

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If you close your eyes very tightly and rub them with your hands, then open them, you see sparks of light. This is a natural affect due to the pressure. But with energetic or spirited sparkles it works the other way around. You must lose your focus, not wanting to focus on anything. It works better when you are in your bedroom at night after you turn off the light. (I usually close my eyes as soon as the light goes out, because when I was a child, I could see these particles moving around, forming designs. It scared me so badly that I learned to close my eyes to keep from seeing it.) but it is a great experiment to try.

Turn out your light. Lay in your bed with your eyes open. After your eyes get accustomed to the darkness, everything will have a haze, or film covering it. You might even see it moving around. Yes, you might even think you are going crazy! But believe me, you are not. The more you play with this concept, the more you will experience.

Indigos and Crystal Society
Kids That See Sparkles

This whole phenomenon is becoming more familiar to society. Many other things dealing with the paranormal is coming to the surface. Many children and young adults are showing more abilities to understand, and exhibit psychic and mediumistic tendencies. These children, known as indigos or crystal children, are usually highly empathic and don’t know how to deal with it. These young folks are introducing the change that is springing forth even now. Those of us who are in the paranormal and metaphysical fields are here to be guides for the way-showers, and help them keep grounded. Then they are able to assist us all in the transformation of the world. I believe the kids seeing sparkles fall into this group of indigos and crystal children. And we must do much more to be of assistance.

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Melissa Leath, author of Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics provides Life Consultations, teaches and assists empathic children and their families.

549 thoughts on “The Truth about Seeing Spirited Sparkles

  1. Good Evening, Melissa! I’ve had a few experiences with sparkles. When I first started noticing them in just the past few years, I thought something was wrong with my vision. But then I realized, for me, I feel it is Spirit letting me know its presence.

    What it looks like to me is a sparkler, like on the 4th of July, in the upper right side of my vision.

    I had one instance where I heard a loud noise in the middle of the night that woke me up, and when I opened my eyes, I saw the sparkles in the corner of my bedroom. It lasted several seconds. I felt comforted and protected.

      1. Hello Melissa I am glad I am not alone. I have saw these since I was like 5 yrs old on and off. I have told friends and family members no one could relate. The strangest thing for me and the sparkles is that my last couple family members who have died I have saw them before. I always tell them they are beautiful and not to leave and watch them dance around me. I know in my heart they will only stay for a short time and I take it in. I can not express how greatful I am that you are talking about this. I also dreamed I died one night and the only way I can desribe it was I was flying with them and was one at perfect bliss the best feeling I had ever felt. Shine your light Tabatha

      2. Hi I just stumbled on this tonight and I have seen like lots of different colours falling in my bedroom at night since I can remember
        I used to try and catch them my mum told me it’s just my eyes getting used to the dark
        I still see them now and until tonight I thought everyone saw like that
        I also see them in daylight outside sometimes white bubbles like molecules and until tonight I honestly thought everyone saw them
        I’ve asked my family after seeing this tonight and they don’t see it when I see it all the time my mum did say that she sees 4or 5 difrent orbs spinning in the corner of her room at night but mines isn’t like orbs mines is like drizzley rain like falling glitter all different colours

      3. Hello Melissa, I came across your post cause I’ve been looking for information on the subject. When i was a kid, i was able to see particles, dots, sparkles, energy, i don’t know what to call them, red and at night. They were really tiny but they were everywhere i looked even if i closed my eyes. I was scared of them cause i didn’t know what they were. Then i just forgot about them and never saw then again. And it wasn’t until recently that I’ve been more in touch with my spiritual self that i started seeing then again and not only at night but at all times. And im still confused to what they are and i hope you can help me find out.

      4. Hi Monica~ What you are seeing is different points of energy from Spirit. You are able to (and have always been able to) “see” into other dimensions. This is just a beginning. You can develop a stronger ability if you want to by taking psychic development classes and meditating regularly. Or you can simply turn it off if it bothers you. But since you have gotten in touch with your spiritual self recently, I think you could easily connect with the sparkles (they are representing spirit energies). All the best!

      5. hi my name is Sydnee I’m 18 years old I seen the same thing as you Christine but instead of being comforted I felt scared, scared as to where I started to panic I’ve never seen anything like that before…Should I be worried or is it a good thing?

      6. the first time is like that you are scared of the unknown. But you get used to it and marvel at how beautiful it looks and feel.s

    1. Christine, I’ve seen these as well. and JUST as you described like a sparkler that last several seconds. I think I’ve only told one other person about this, but reading your comment has definitley made me feel better about what I’ve seen!

      1. Hello I am glad I am not the only one I see them a lot more latley I am 48 and have seen them as long as I can rember about 10 yrs of age I believe it’s my mother I lost her at 9 yrs old and I get stuck in my dreams also I have even seen my own funeral allot of people think I am crazy .. I am a sensitive also or that is what my grandmother calls it anyway..Just wanted everyone know it’s an awesome blessing to have it am not fearful I just embrace it!! May everyone be blessed and have a blessed day

      2. Okay I know its all old news everyone sees it but most just don’t pay attention to it, the physical form our bodies are in can live in mutable denominational time, as we occupy the same space but at different speeds each alternate reality our bodies are in that’s microseconds faster or slower within the second we are all connected with and the energy we see is nothing more then a bleed effect into those alternates because are brains cant interpret the information correctly we see it as sparkles of light but we can use things like our dreams to connect with it as this is what happens when we sleep. Now the reason why children and some adults can see it is Dimethyltryptamine or known as DMT its not a street drug even tho some have tried and yes they did make that crap on the street but its also used by the brain when we go to sleep. REM and the Pineal gland is what makes dreams happen, the body stores it from the food you eat in the brain in a cavity just below the center of the brain where the Pineal Gland is above. Our bodies during puberty calcifies this gland to protect its self when hormones start to kick in because of our environment I can only assume. There are many ways to bring this out and correct that issue if people are after the use of this chemical during the day. A it helps your flow of energy within, B it helps keep you young and C well it lets you see things in a different light. But one beware of messing around with your flow can cause side effects within. There is soo much to this would take forever to go into great detail but the truth of it all, it is more then dead energy I mean energy without form its more along the lines of energy sped up or slowed down. Its energy with out a shell in this realm, I have seen felt this force all around us sometimes you will feel a chill sometimes it will feel like a nudge sometimes it will feel like a shock to your system sometimes it feels like a pinch anytime you feel this if you know its not normal like a conic condition you should pay attention as something is trying to tell you something subconsciously I am not going to say its a spirit but it might be something of your other versions of you telling you something that will work as they already have done it. We live and die within a second of time its just how we look at it is slower then it is.

      3. Thanks Stephen for your take on Seeing Sparkles. You describe it in much more scientific terms and understandings than I have. And some here may have a better way to connect to it. In my blog articles and book about the subject I merely share the way I can understand it. It involves information I received from my Higher Self. The one fact that amazes me is that children are staying wide open to see and interact with these energies.

      4. I don’t think we ever loose touch with the energies its just our brains focus more on whats in front of us in the here an now allot to do with how complex the world around us is. If one chooses to see it they will type situation. We all are one very complex sensor that wireless transmits and receive stimuli around us. Some choose t believe that we can transmit thoughts or emotions to each other, I think one can tune into this but its not an easy thing. But the truth of the fact everything is correct nothing is wrong in any aspect as everything happens somewhere that’s what makes someone go insane if they think about it too much. I have to say this and it goes for all, do not live in the pass or the future live in the present and let your creative mind guide you to what you need to do. Basically tell yourself your goal and let the wave of information guide you to the end result. To many people are attempting to use and manipulate the dirty little secret the law of attraction. This comes at a price you have to be willing to give up what you have sometimes to make it work. All I say is look at what you have now and improve on it you want to be rich well you have to tools in front of you now use them. Hard work and the respect you get from it pays off that is what you need to do.

    2. Hi, I happened upon this page looking for information. I’m nearly 50-years old live alone and I recently lost my dog, she passed 3-months ago and was the only dog I’ve ever had. She was with me for 15 years and I love her more than I can say. I’ve been in a very bad way since losing her. About a week or two after losing her I began to notice a faint energy like flickering at the edge of the hallway as I sat in the living room. This happens when I’m very distraught and sobbing telling my dog I love you. During the next few days this energy would be more easily seen and the faint image of my dogs face could be seen with her eyes being most pronounced, this was also accompanied by a faint light blue haze in the same area. This has happened many times not only at home but also when I visited my elderly parents in Florida a couple weeks ago. Seeing her has given me comfort and before I first saw my dogs face I had prayed to God very hard for a couple days to please let me see her, I want to tell her I love her and to know she’s alright. I’ve kept this to myself and wanted to know if this happens to others. I have no children and I love my baby girl with all my heart. This has been the hardest thing to cope with by far in my life. Thank you, Russ Fleenor Noblesville, Indiana

      1. What a beautiful recognition of life after death (of the body). And thank you so much for sharing this personal account with us. It is another testament that love lasts forever. My blessings to you…M/

      2. Hi Russ…What a beautiful story…I totally resonate with it. I got my first and only puppy 17 years ago. He was a German shepherd named Wolfe. I, like you lived alone and didn’t have any children. I was 28 at the time. Wolfe was the love of my life and still is. I literally loved him like he was my child. We were best friends. I’m talking, birthday parties…Christmas presents…buying him chicken nuggets at the drive thru after Vet. visits…etc…I have never felt a stronger love…including family and friends. I had him for 11 wonderful years. The real weird thing is that my diamond white, very bright sparks of light started in 2010….What I just realized NOW is that Wolfe died in 2010…. WOW Even stranger… This is the my first time on this or any site. I was just looking to see if anyone sees what I see…I call them divine sparks and say thank you after I see one….Today I am well aware that these sparks are divine and work very synchronistically… They are from a higher and pure dimension of love.

      3. Hi. I see tiny white stars above my head in front of me. I’ve been thinking I’m anemic and take iron but they still appear. When I look up they are gone. Happens every night…..thought I’d look this up makes sense. Have quite a bit of ‘activity’ here so might be related. So much activity called a paranormal team but backed out of their coming here due to not comfortable with the process. I just enjoy what happens now and let it go. Oh and good conversation too!

      4. Hi Russ,
        We lost our beloved Whippet, “Tilly”, just last night. She was with us for 14 years, 3 months and two weeks and we cherish the memories of every moment we shared with her. Last night, after she passed we sat in one of the vet clinic’s examination rooms with her so we could say good-bye. As I sat there, holding my head in my hands with tears streaming down my face I looked up and I was amazed to see what I can only describe as something resembling rain drops or tear drops, floating in the air. However, these were not ordinary looking drops, they were a shiny gold colour and they were not dropping down to the floor, but were floating slowly up toward the ceiling. I blinked once but they were still there. This probably lasted in total for maybe 5 or 6 seconds before I no longer saw them. There were not just a couple but dozens of them, in multiple layers because I could see drops behind other ones and they all moved slowly upwards. Now, I have never in my life had anything even close to a “weird’ or supernatural experience before and there may well be some logical explanation for what I saw. On the other hand, there have been more than a few times in my life when I have been distraught and shed tears, but nothing close to that has ever happened before. Was this our dog Tilly’s soul departing and perhaps letting me know she was there? I cannot say for sure, but it was an amazing thing to see and it has made a big impact on me. I always wondered about people who said they had experiences like this, but now I am one of those people. So, Russ you are certainly not alone and I am so sorry for your loss. Please know that you and your friend of 15 years is in our thoughts and prayers.

      5. It’s amazing you saw the light blue haze.. That’s your beloved puppy’s aura! It’s a color of positivity as im sure you know since you felt so comforted by her presence 🙂

      6. I believe your total expression of intense Love and the fact that it is pure and unconditional is met with glowing ” note the word that God just gave me to describe the dancing swirling lights “approval that it becomes energy….
        A pure loving energy that is manifested because it is so pure and ” Alive “

    3. My sister said it could be spirits I never tell people of it for fear of being judged of haveing seen them when others can’t but if it is a spirit worry because they are not always good

      1. Bhavya joshi~~ Welcome to my blog! Just look around at the many article I have already written about Sparkles. There is plenty of information, much too much to a add here. Thanks!

      2. I want to know too because I only see them in the outside no where else!

    4. Okay I’m very young… Age 11 actually. So when I’m at school (Only my 3rd period this happens in.) Every time my teacher talks up at the front in my corner of my eye I see a pair of eyes always staring at me by the Texas Flag. Am I just imagining things or is that really spiritual energy and yes I do see sparkles as well.
      Kaitlyn R. (P.S. Phew I finally got that to roll off my back……)

      1. Hi Kaitlyn~ I am so glad you are researching your experiences. When your teacher is positioned towards the front of the room, there probably is a certain color or backdrop behind them. This sometimes help create the perfect scenario to see things, especially the aura — perhaps around the teacher. But the state flag also has an aura, or energy field associated with it. So it definitely could be radiating a vibration that you can see with your third eye. The reason it is the corner of the eye (peripheral vision) is that allows you to see without the physical eye. Pretty cool, right?

    5. I see Them all the time,at least once a day at random times. I call Them my fairies. After a serious nde,I see Them more often also dark blobs scurrying across the ground and shafts of light. (Nde due to broken neck c2-t2 )

      1. I have experienced (and just experienced) the same shafts of light and dark scurrying things on the floor. Any idea what it is? It seriously freaked me out.

    6. On the way to work this morning driving up the highway there was a large swirling sparkly mass coming towards my truck as I was driving past. I have never seen anything like this before.

    7. I also see stuff like that.. During the day i can see what one girl said looks like bubbles or i believe im seeing orbs. I can see them very easily in the day when i look up in the blue sky because there os nothing blocking there material or there energy.

    8. I have been seeing these colorful sparkles since I could remember.I was scared when I first noticed them moving around in a circle but away from me so I stuffed my head in my pillow to c a whole new thing. It looked like i was above a dark feild dropping these sparkles out of the sky in red blue green orange and yellow pieces of glitter. So neat that soo many ppl c them . I still c them and r quite used to them now. However I stopped asking about them be

  2. Hi,
    this is so interesting – my 3 year old daughter awoke saying she saw “sparklies” – blue, orange…above and around us in one particular room – for at least a half an hour…..on the very night you wrote this article! I love the coincidence.

    Although I don’t think she felt truly threatened by them, she was afraid. She said they made a loud noise in her ear and something about (the sparklies I think?) turning into a lion..any guesses as to what that part of this experience might be?


    1. Hello Kim~~

      I appreciate you responding to this article. And, yes, what a synchronistic event. To this point, I have not heard of kids seeing AND hearing the sparkles at the same time. So this is new to me. So be it! But having them shift into a lion is pretty common. That is how I have always seen them, always forming patterns, etc. Actually, in your daughter’s case, I feel like she is subconsciously changing them around to form a special thing. Whenever she sees them in a certain form, such as the lion, then the two of you can decide what that means to her. (For me, a lion means courage and strength.) So she could say that the lion is a special spirit guide bringing her courage.

      Pay attention: Be sure to notice if there is a pattern in when she sees them. Or if there might be a physical movement that brings it on. We always must be careful and insure that it is not a physical issue to deal with. Young children especially count on us grown ups to care for them. Recognizing this as a spiritual event is great, but do not rule out any physical situations.

      Be sure to keep us informed about her sparkles. This is turning out to be a learning chain for many people, including me! Thanks so much.

  3. Hi,
    Since I was very young I have been really interested in life after death. Though my experience came years later. When my grandfather was dying we were driving from WA to CA, we were about an hour away from the small town. I all the sudden started seeing sparkles. I had never seen them before. They continued all the way to town. When we arrived to the small town, I talked with family members and they said that we just missed my grandfathers passing within the last hour. So I believe that, that was my grandfathers spirit with us, through our last of our travels. Shortly afterwards I started seeing purple like a dark violet. In different forms sometimes mimicking other objects/shapes. I see his color mostly when I drive. My mother died a few years later. When I went to this place she was staying at, I saw once again sparkles this time they were like a swarming amount. I then started seeing pink. Somewhere lost I have a picture of my grandfather’s garage (my mom’s dad) that I took after I got her ashes. There is this one picture that has this big blob of pink. Months after my mother had passed my brother passed as well. I then started seeing green. Not knowing why this would be his color, just that he loved orchids and he had tons of them. Though I had no green thumb we lost tons of them and I sent the rest packing to the college that he had started an orchid club. Back to my brother I was in the hospital his last days and it was just an overwhelming amount excitement for me to be bless to see what I wittiness. On his last days he would sit up on the bed and not talk but for hours he would follow something on the wall/air. Me being to focus I was able to see sparkles of light where he was looking. I just followed the sparkles as he did, and out of the corner of my eye I watched him in amazement. One of his last words was he saw someone he knew. He just blurted it out, it was crazy I tried to get more information from him but he was like in another world. After he passed away he was struggling to breathe so he had a strained look on his face. My son who was around 5 asked me why he looked that way so I told him he was having a hard time breathing. Our family all gathered in the waiting room to talk about things. I returned to the room where my brother was to gather my things as I looked at him, I noticed something very different about his face. He was smiling! It was crazy, I asked the nurse if anyone had been in the room, she said no. I brought the family back in to see him and everyone was amazed! The coolest thing ever!
    I see other colors and I just guess who it may be. I wonder how I could really find out who these colors belong to?
    I recently went and got a reading and there were definite things that were there that made sense. Though I was disappointed that no one in the family wanted to talk.
    Thank you for this blog, it makes me feel better knowing that it is what I am seeing.

    1. Annmarie~~

      This is a great testimony to seeing sparkles, your psychic medium tendencies, and a loving memorial to your loved ones! How wonderful that you are able to participate in this manner in the events. You are truly blessed. As far as knowing who the other colors are, just ask your spirit guides, and you will have an immediate knowing.

      Thanks so much for telling about your experiences…M

      1. I’ve seen sparkles for 6 months and very night. It always starts friendly but then I get dark speckles or bubbles that happens every night, but I pray for those unfriendly sparkles or bubbles to disappear and they do, If I close my eyes doing pray. I may have to pray 3 or 4 times.
        The good vibes are white, pink-lavender, and dark blue sparkles. They may have been there my whole life but I never looked. Its only at night when I’m in bed.

  4. Very good read, I started university today for 3 years of art. As the lecture began it was all normal, and at the mention of painting, which is my chosen specialty, I felt an electric pulse go up my spine and suddenly there was floating darting sparkles everywhere. What I can only describe as a thick cloud of mosquito’s made of glitter. I was worried it was an eye problem, when I got home I researched it, concluded that it was not floaters , or white blood cells as some narrow minded doctors were claiming. (white blood cells are too small for the naked eye to see anyway). I found this page and others with information correlating to this. I am a spiritual person and I took this as a sign that I am advancing down the path chosen for me in life, becoming the painter and spirit/person I strive to be. Thank you and much love. Dan x

    1. Dan~~

      I am so glad you decided to research the topic, and not let others influence your experience! And I agree that this must represent your chosen path at this time. Thank you so much for responding to the blog post. Also, if you are inclined, there are a few other articles in this space that might be of interest to you!

      Continue on in your heart’s passion! …M

  5. I saw sparkles for the first time yesterday! My husband passed away 8 months ago , a medium I consulted at Lillydale a few months ago said that my husband was sending me sparkles – I had no idea what she was talking about – but she said that she had never had a spirit communicate that so strongly…yesterday I was cleaning up after a successful work event (that he always helped me with) and suddenly I was surrounded by beautiful gold & silver floating sparkly particles – I was so startled – it only lasted a few moments but I’m certain it was my husband sending me his congratulations…..Like others who commented before me I first thought OMG am iI having a stroke? but it was so peaceful and amazing that it must have been him.

    1. I am so sorry about your husband’s passing, MJ. But it sounds like he is very active and close by all the time. What a comfort that is! It is amazing how special the sparkles can be. So simple, but so special at the same time.

      Thank you so much for sharing your story…M

  6. Hi there, hmm, I had a theory about the sparkles or “billions of trillions of little lights” as I’ve been describing them that they were the light of true reality breaking through the distorted reality which I have been accustomed to perceiving. Well for the last 6 months I have dedicated every hour of every day towards spiritual enlightenment and as such I noticed a dramatic shift in my perception. For at least 5 months now I have been seeing these sparkles on everything, including my body, and when i close my eyes. Even when I look into a mirror or into a light I see them. 24/7 for the last six months they have only become brighter and more numerous. And when I am focusing on them they tend to coalesce into many linked moving concentric circles of varying changing colors; If I become even more focused they fuse into a semi-solid white which makes everything I see much brighter. I suppose I should mention that I also see random flashes of light and white glowing outlines around everything, including humans (sometimes auric colors as well) all the time. Sometimes I will look at a grid of lines such as a flannel shirt and I will always see a very intense grid of lights outlining the pattern. Objects will also spontaneously seem to vibrate and appear to me to look more like holograms. These are only some of the many frequent “strange” phenomenon which I have been experiencing of late. Regardless, I hope this helped, and that no one should feel frightened if these happen to them; for me they have only brought joy and inner peace.

    1. Thanks so much for your comments Brian~~ I have never known someone who is so intent on growing like that! But you have brought some interesting ideas to my mind that I will also explore.

      I also know that your experiences will help many other folks that read this. Blessings…M

  7. Thanks for pointing me to these posts. That is exactly my experience. It started in the bright day light outside, but then I could see them when it was shady, inside and even at night. I noticed I see them best when I do a soft gaze, like you mentioned. The ethereal energy makes great sense to me.

  8. I found your site upon googleing the words “sparkles in the air” , as that is all that I can describe my experience this past week. It is uplifting to hear there are other experiences.
    Let me describe my recent encounter.
    I have had some tough times in my life. But I don’t think I could ever say I have ever felt the glory of god like I have recently. I feel surrounded by his love and I believe I have just recently felt the real love and faith that taking god into my heart brings. Its a feeling I can’t describe. I can’t put into words. I don’t attend church, or talk to others about this. I have never considered myself a really religious person. Did not grow up with a faith but have always believed in a higher power.
    I just started googling words of wisdom , reading bible verses, and started listening to music of faith in the evening on my laptop as I lay in bed. Just this past week.
    And this is when I started seeing the sparkles. I don’t know what they are or what they mean. But I feel no fear when they are around. I feel safe and protected. Which is weird because I am a fraidy cat usually, and any creeks and unexplained things leave me frozen with fear. But I feel at peace. In fact after I see them I feel tingling all over, like a warm feeling comes over me of calmness.
    Its hard to describe what I see. All I can describe are… sparkles lol I see them out of the corner of my eye, or when I am not looking directly at something. Its in the air of my bedroom every night this week. Like Gold sparkles, or gold glitter glimmering in the air. Just one or two little sparkles. It catches my eye like when light reflects on glitter. It simmers. They only last for a few seconds and they are gone. And are never in the same place twice, but seem to be in my room mostly.
    Can anyone tell me what this means? lol
    Are these possible spirits? Any why just now? Are they angels? Should I be afraid? So many questions and I just am not sure what it all means.

    1. Thanks for googling! So many people have the same questions that you do. All I can say is this: as long as it is not a physical situtaiton, then I believe they are angels and spirit loved ones. And this just happens to be the way you are aware of them. I consider it a blessing. Check out the other articles that I have posted on sparkles and children. There is lots of info there. Peace to you…Melissa

  9. Hi everyone, in my never ending search for a reason or some sort of understanding for what literally terrified me on a nightly basis since my very early childhood up until I would have to say the age of 11 I have stumbled upon this blog and thought to share my experiences. I was a child who saw sparkles, and that was the only term I have ever used to describe them, and now that I am older I can better describe what they appeared to be, I would see clusters of floating moving colored light which resembled sparkles, each cluster its own color, some would be gold or purple, blue, lavender, various colors. The clusters were never mixed nor were their colors. I would see them only at night, and every night since I was very very little and stopped before I hit my teenage years. They never hurt me but they terrified me badly, I would cry in so much fear, scream for my mom and when she would come near I would be screaming, “the sparkles the sparkles” and sob, burying my face against her, but even with her near, and eventually snuggled up between my mom and dad in their bed, there they were, the relentless sparkles. I felt I wasn’t safe even in the safety between my parents. These sparkles seemed to want something from me, that is what it felt like, like they were watching me and getting closer, and as the clusters would come closer, they seemed to grow larger, or more vivid. They did not touch me but that didn’t matter, I just wanted them to leave me alone, it was such a frightening experience on a nightly basis that I always had loss of sleep, it was emotionally and mentally disabling, I felt tortured every night.
    My Father chalked it up to my imagination and would ignore it and let my mother console me, though neither one explained what was happening which made it more scary, and of course I can’t blame them, obviously they never experienced what I was experiencing, but because of this there was no real comfort or the feeling of protection to guard against what I was seeing and feeling. I suppose I will never have a definitive explanation, but my search continues because it was such a huge part of my childhood, I would like to have an answer and put it to rest. From doing a lot of reading, and coming upon this blog, the idea of the sparkles having had been angels seems a nice thought and it isn’t that I don’t believe in angels, I believe in God and believe that angels exist, but I wonder why if they were angels, did they scare me SO much, why did they not give me a sense of peace like others I have read about actually holding out there hands to touch the sparkles? I don’t know and I guess I might never know, but I wanted to share my experiences here and to tell the parents who are concerned to please let your children know you understand even if you don’t. Being little and knowing your the only one going through this adds to the distress you feel.
    Eventually as years went by I saw the sparkles less and less until I stopped seeing them completely, I can not remember exactly what age I was when it stopped but I do know it was right before I entered my teen age years, most likely around 10 or 11. So if your wondering if your child will always see them all I can say is that as for me they eventually went away. There were nights, after the sparkles had stopped appearing to me that I would feel a very light touch almost like a feather brush my face while I was trying to sleep, and oddly enough that did not scare me half as much as the sparkles always had. When this would happen I would open my eyes to see nothing there. I am now a 40 year old woman and mother and my experiences have helped me to understand my own daughter who is now 18, but when she was very little and well into her young teen age years, did not see or speak of sparkles but of seeing people, ghosts if you will, in her room, day or night, anywhere she was really, and though that has never happened to me, I was able to be understanding, consoling, and better equipped to help her understand that I did understand about seeing things others may not see, and how she shouldn’t be afraid, which she never really got “afraid” but more like annoyed, she always will say how they did and do bug her and she just wants to be left alone. About a year ago she would complain that there was a little girl, and she would describe her in detail, in her room wanting to talk all the time, this was the first I saw of it really bothering her, but she is a pretty tough kid and it didn’t take a long time for it to stop affecting her. She said she taught herself how to make it stop, and that’s good enough for me! Well all, it feels good to know there are others out there who know and understand about the sparkles, and that I am not alone, although I do hope and pray that the parents of the children who do see the sparkles will pay attention to their kids in a comforting way, and let them know that they are not alone.
    God bless.

    1. Hi Amanda!

      Your experiences as a young child are amazing. I only wish that the internet had been around when I was a young child to help me through my years of screaming to my parents so much, that eventually they ignored me: thinking I would get over it. If they had known what we know, it sure would have helped. Thank you so much for joining the comments about sparkles. Look around my blog because there are earlier posts ~~ about 3-4 all together to address this interesting subject. Blessings…M

      1. Hi Melissa 🙂

        I totally understand what you are saying, I too wish the internet had been around when I was a kid and that my parents as well as yours were more able to understand, and BE understanding toward us, well now we can be there for others by sharing our experiences, hoping to shed some light for them and for ourselves as well. Thank you so much for creating this site, it is amazing to be able to connect with others regarding something so personal which I as well as others, I am sure have always thought and felt like it was something no one on the planet would ever understand and relate to. I am going to take a look around your blog now at the earlier posts. Thank you again, and God Bless!

    2. Hi Amanda, what a great post and thank-you SO MUCH for sharing with us all, who are going through the same experience. Myself, with my daughter. Just a few days ago, my daughter was in bed and was sobbing uncontrollably because she said there were blue lights on her pillow and they were scaring her. She was swatting at them and then was pointing to red sparkles that were on her blanket. I obviously couldn’t see them, but I told her not to be scared because they might be little fairies who are just there to protect her. Today she said she felt them on her skin and said it felt like ants underneath her shirt. It gave me the goose bumps. Do you have any other advice on how to calm her down and put her heart at ease when she sees them? Thanks so much, Lina.

  10. My Dad passed away in December of 2005, he lived next door with my Mom. That night, she slept in our downstairs reck-room. She was quietly crying and then suddenly these sparkles appeared. She described them as the white shimmers which glisten on the ocean waves-like white, small points of light. She said that they were about 2-3 feet wide and almost the length of my futon that she was sitting on. She said it was a comforting feeling which allowed her to at least get some sleep. Anyhow, last week, before she went to bed next door, she put on my Dad’s pajamas and was in the process of putting on his pajama top. She said she had not worn his PJ’s in a while. While she was pulling it over her head, her eyes were closed and this happened again. Sparkles-glistening, the same band of sparkles that occurred in 2005 hours after my Dad passed. Coincidentally, she was feeling down and said she was crying prior to the sparkles. My question is this. If we as humans are seeing and bearing witness to all of this…why do only a few people see them and why does it happen so irregularly. Why can’t the spirits or angels come when asked-it’s as if they are playing hide and seek. Sorry so many questions…I am a believer but I don’t know how this energy works…it’s quite baffling to the normal Joe. Do these sparkles have a mind, have emotion and if they are spirits can they see us all the time and then again…why can’t we see them? I know this is horrible…but there’s a desperate need to know. What is your professional thoughts from one mortal to another? I hope you respond…thank you so much in advance for your help and insight. May God Bless You…my name is Steve P.

    1. Thanks Steve for the wonderful personal testimony of your mother’s experiences. I’ll see if I can explain what I understand of this special contact called Sparkles. /// Whenever a loved one passes away, they are still concerned about the living folks they leave behind. /// Being fully in spirit, means that the vibrational content of the person’s spirit is quicker, the frequency vibrates at a higher level — since the physical body no longer weighs it down. /// It is natural for the spirit loved one to check in to let us know they are alright and sending love. (to me sparkles is a great way to express love). In order for the one in spirit to accomplish this, he has to bump down the vibration to match that of the third dimension. At this point, what is witnessed depends on where the living person is oriented emotionally, concerning belief systems, and what might be occupying their minds. So– if the living in question is a highly spiritual person, very open to possibilities, and not clouded by societal thinking, she will witness some kind of contact. You know the saying: “I hear what you are saying” or “I see what you mean” Well, these statements help to understand how some people experience life. /// Those who “see” what you are saying, for instance, may be very suceptable to “seeing” spirit appearance. This is not physical seeing — although it may appear that it is physical. It really is seeing with a deeper spiritual vision (I call it UltraSense). /// Not everyone will see it the same way.. Not everyone will see it at all – although the spirit is there, whether seen or not. And the manner in which the spirit being presents itself will be different according to the one seeing — it could be the sparkles, or a fine mist, or a depression in the bed covers, or even a figure or outline of a person. /// Also, when dealing with spirit communication or contact, many factors must be taken into account for just the right circumstance to occur. /// Given your account, all those things were met, and your mother had a wonderful blessing from the spirit world — love and comfort sent from your dad. /// As many times as I have witnessed this same type of thing, and as many stories as I have heard, I am always amazed at the wonder involved and eternal message sent each and every time it happens.

      1. Thank you so much Melissa, just shared your response with my Mom and family. I told her she should give you call-you seem like such an amazing person, thank you once again for providing the insight. You’ve got a new fan-and I will hopefully be in touch, thank you again. Steve from Georgia

  11. Hi,
    I have recently noticed in a few images there appears to be ‘glitter’ either on my face or on my clothes. these images have been taken months apart and with different cameras so i am unsure of what they are, do you know anywhere i can have these reviewed or get more information. Thanks, Kirsten.

      1. This gave me chills. I have this too! This blog is old but If someone could speak to me also

      2. Kendal (and Kirsten)~~ I am sorry that I have not been able to locate anyone that is informed with this phenomena. However, I can tell you that it is natural and not to be concerned. I knew someone many years ago who manifested gold fleck on her arms and face without realizing it. It usually happened during church service. To me, it is a very spiritual event and your angels are conducting this manifestation. ‘bless you both. And watch this blog site, because I will do some research and post an article in the next month or so. Blessings…M/

      3. Oh, and Kendal ~~ the blog site has been around for many years, but the article you commented on still gets well over 100 views each day. It is very active! And because of that, I try to add updates to it as possible. Thanks for stopping by…M/

  12. My Dad passed away two weeks ago today. My 5 year old daughter has been increasingly complaining about seeing green and pink sparkles whether her eyes are open or shut, particularly at night. She says it’s a little scary, and sometimes there are shadows. She also sees zig zags and white moving circles…would this be part of it too? I had originally googled looking for medical possibilities and couldn’t believe what you were describing and it sounded identical to her!

    1. Thanks Susannah for your comments. What a wonderful gift it is for a grandfather to visit and let you know he is fine and near by. Given the timing, I would think it is the spiritual version of Sparkles. But do not rule out the medical aspect. Better to be safe…

  13. I have seen spirits all my life, and have had many many psychic experiences. I have seen the sparkles many times also usually in front of my of me and in day light, but I was never sure what it was. I am now pregnant with my first and many times when I prey for my child or think of how much love I have for this little one, I have seen a tiny but bright blue light and it flashes. It is often high above, once it was above my door way where my icon is.

    1. Hi Alexandra~~ I appreciate you sharing your experiences. Other people feel comforted when they realize they are not alone. Many blessings with your new baby! The child is very special and watched over…M

  14. I have seen “sparkles” since I was little. I remember the first time I saw them. I have seen two different types: little clear balls very very tiny (which I think might be “explainable” material in the liquid of my eyes). I have also seen in the blue sky, the best anyway, very billions of tiny quick moving flashes of light. Seriously they look like tiny “fire sperm” doing spirals and moving extremely quickly. I have always been intrigued by both of these things, however, maybe the sparkles could be a result a lack of electrolytes as I can see them way better after a night of drinking alcohol. Also, I see these when I am in the sun way better. Sorry to anyone who disagrees, btw I am a very spiritual person that is the whole reason I stumbled upon this discussion, but eyes are extremely complex and sensitive sensory body parts. Like if you look at a light and close your eyes you can see the light floating around. The same if you rub your eyes and then open them you can see them floating too. I am in the middle (unsure.)
    I am glad others have experienced the same phenomenon and recently I have found out I might be an Indigo baby/child, now adult…

  15. Two days after my beloved lab died i was looking in the mirror putting on some make up and in my reflection millions of sparkles were raining down on me. I couldn’t believe my eyes and kept squinting at myself thinking I was hallucinating. It only lasted 15 – 20 seconds. I hope it was him letting me know I didn’t put him down in vain and that he was okay. On our last walk together raindrops from an earlier rain fell from a giant oak and the sun had illuminated them making them look like rhinestones raining down. I had said to him look at how pretty that is, maybe it was his way of saying I love you. I hope so.

  16. Hi Melissa! Thanks for posting this article. Today I saw a large static image, like the static of a TV on my wall, that was very large, and ethereal and definitely was exactly what this article is talking about. A few weeks ago I opened my eyes at night and saw tons of patterns on the wall and all over the room. I was freaked out! It also happens every night when I got to sleep and have been trying to fall asleep immediately or I try to at least close my eyes and ignore it, since its frightened me, (I’ve kind of always been afraid of the dark) I was thrilled to read this article and find the explanation. I want to try to keep my eyes open tonight and see what I see in the patterns. I definitely feel like I have a clairvoyant ability that I need to develop. I was born in 1988 and believe my boyfriend and I are Indigo Children. We are going down this spiritual path and I’m excited to see that Spirit is with me and us. 🙂

  17. I’ve seen sparkles for a few years then they stopped. Last night, where I used to see sparkles, I had a 1/2 second flash of white light that came about every 30 seconds. Lasted for over an hour. What could that be. I prefer the sparkle they seemed gentler. Thanks, Anne

    1. Thanks Anne for you comment. You have been blessed many years with sparkle (spirit energy) visitations. Seems that the white light flashes are different spirits. Probably because you have grown and are dealing with different things in your life than before.

  18. Thank you! I had dreams about my deceased mother telling me about my eyes and these dreams felt so real so I’ve gotten my eyes checked and my eyes were healthy then lately I’ve been seeing sparkle type things so got my eyes check again healthy eyes…then I was having a bath (what my mom and I did together when I was a little girl) the “orbs” were completely strong and lots of them while I was in the bath I passed it off as tired hungover and hot from the bath but I’m starting to believe that’s my mom or spirits visiting…

  19. Hi my name is Michelle, i am 24 and have been seeing static lights (sparkle) everyday since i can remember. Over the years they have changed from vivd colors and shapes to just white tiny lights… I have told many people but no one seems to take me seriously. my “static” is such a part of my life that I could never picture my vision without it. Sometimes when i look at the sky it looks like thousands of tiny angles flying around and brings peace to my heart. I want to learn as much as I can about this and your artical helped out a lot so Thank you!!!

    1. I love your response, Michelle! Thank you so much. If I can get your permission to quote you, I would love to use part of your response in my new book on this topic. Just reply to this comment. You can look at this blog article about the book: . Also look around my blog for other articles.on this very same subject. It just keeps growing!

      1. Of course you can use my quote lol I cant wait to read your new books i know its going to be very helpful for me and many others thank you for everything you are doing 🙂

  20. I gotta say, this is good to see that it is normal…when I was 20 years old…about 17 years ago I had seen a cluster of sparkles outside my shower. I thought it was my eyes playing tricks on me…the clusters was in the shape of a person some what..I reached out to wipe my hand through it to see what would happen….the sparkles then started to move around like I disturbed it and like a breeze blew into the room the sparkles slowly was a very amazing experience and it has never happened again…no matter how many times I try to make it happen..months prior to this some friends and I were playing with a quija board and many things happened that whole year…but thae sparkles were the only thing I had ever actually seen…was this a spirit?

    1. Great comment Jason. Thanks! I feel like the grouping of sparkles represented a protective spirit around you, such as a guardian angel or spirit guide. Wonderful to know they are around us! …M

  21. I was walking to school and it was bright outside and I saw what looked like tiny bubbles and sparkles everywhere I focused my eyes at. Would that mean it was a spirit or something? Or is that just a normal thing that happens with your eyes? Thanks (:

    1. Thanks Christine!

      You have to be aware that it could potentially be a physical thing with the eyes. If it happens at certain times, you should be able to define if it is physical or spiritual. Blessings…M

  22. Hey!, so i was watching the passion of Christ , the movie. so it made me think a lot afterwards, when the movie was over i went upstairs and looked out the window and there i saw a single shining sparkle, it was white and it stayed there, floating in top of a tree branch ( 5 meters away ), my mother was in the other room so i called her to come and see it, the closer she got to me the less bright the light was, it ended up disappearing and she could not see it. i was like… ok this is not normal. Any ideas?

  23. it was just one light, really small. like a star in front of me. not the same lights or sparkles the others describe. And i did not feel protected or good or anything like that, it sort of scared me, but i guess i was just afraid because it was weird. but stil…

  24. I have been reading your articles after seeing sparkles of what looks like white flecks of light flying around. I see them often when I am sitting outside my deck in broad daylight.. I though at first it was just my vision acting up but after watching them for awhile I noticed they are speck so light, not dust! But it does looks like dust flying around.. I’ve been reading that children specifically can see them but I am 24 years old :p I really have no idea what it is but I somehow find it comforting, like I am seeing SOMETHING even if I don’t know what it is

  25. We All Have the Ability to Experience Sparkles

    If you close your eyes very tightly and rub them with your hands, then open them, you see sparks of light. This is a natural affect due to the pressure. But with energetic or spirited sparkles it works the other way around. You must lose your focus, not wanting to focus on anything. It works better when you are in your bedroom at night after you turn off the light. (I usually close my eyes as soon as the light goes out, because when I was a child, I could see these particles moving around, forming designs. It scared me so badly that I learned to close my eyes to keep from seeing it.) but it is a great experiment to try.

    Turn out your light. Lay in your bed with your eyes open. After your eyes get accustomed to the darkness, everything will have a haze, or film covering it. You might even see it moving around. Yes, you might even think you are going crazy! But believe me, you are not. The more you play with this concept, the more you will experience.

    This is in response to the first few statements made on this site and I have copied the text that I can relate to and that I believe is a very accurate method of trying to see spirits/energy.

    For me personally I have had horrible vision since I was 10 years old, can’t see farther than 6 inches away from my face before everything would become “fuzzy.” I would put my glasses on and I would have “normal” 20/20 vision. Over time I began to realize that without my glasses on I was actually seeing energy or spirits very easily because of my limited vision. Recently I had Lasik eye surgery to correct my limited vision problems. I wondered if I would still be able to see the “fuzz” after my surgery, and I do. To see it now though, I just have to stop and look at different “plains” to see them. For example if your field of vision allows you to see 30 ft away, look at everything that is maybe 10 ft away, or 15 ft away. Don’t allow your eyes to look the full 30 ft and start looking at what you can see at different distances, and if you look at what is truly their you’ll see for yourself. Sorry I’m not very good at writing what I really want to say but orbs and spirits are all around us all the time, and you can see them in the form of “fuzz”. I am now 32 years old and I have seen them forever, they are there, its kind of like blinking and breathing, our body does these things naturally so we don’t even think about it, well apply this to spirits and energy and orbs. Our body/brain is so used to them being around us all the time it doesn’t even acknowledge them consciously because they are a part of normal everyday functionality. Look at what is truly there and you will see. If you ask someone what color the sky is, people will say blue, but look again, its blue, pink, purple, white, gray… look at what is truly there.

    1. Thanks so much TRUTH~~ for co-signing my explanation. And for adding another manner of seeing at different distances. Yes, your body really does experience these things! We just have to allow and be aware of them…M

  26. Edd Young
    April 29,2013 @ 1935hrs
    Very interesting explanation, My interest is a bit different.
    When I look into my new girlfriends eyes, I can see extremely small
    sparkles & flashes of Gold,Silver & rainbow colors.
    Hears the strange,we ask anyone else if they see them, and they to a
    person say no,also she can’t see them either.
    Maybe it’s just me,but anyone else eyes I look at, nothing is their
    I really have come to believe I could be seeing some kind of manifestation
    of her actual spirit. I told her that if & when she see it in my eyes, it will
    confirm that we are each others (true soul mates) may she see mine soon!

  27. Finally , I am not nuts ! When I go to bed and turn out the lights it gets hazy and the sparkles come out …..sometimes the haze moves , okay it is always moving . Sometimes there is color to small orbs of haziness that seem to move close to me. I can actually move the small hazy orbs ( that have sparkles ) to my husband and there they sit . When I put my arm up into the sparkle haze , my hand becomes wispy like and hard to make out my fingers and the sparkles dance all over it. So I’m not sure what this is but it is quite delightful.

    1. Thanks so much Annie~ Yes, it is delightful! And it is your ability to see with your Spiritual Vision, rather than your physical eyes. Some thing we all should remember how to do…M

  28. I was curious what blue and purple sparkles were i have seen big sparkels (about the size of golf balls) around my angel. Mirrior and curious of what it means

  29. my son had this 2 day white shimmering sparkles moveing round his head he was amazed the heath worker asked him if he been taken any tablets, he never had them b4 n he is very hypo n troubled i hope someones looking over him i do worry about him

    1. Hi Linda~ Sometimes we have to look at the possibility of there being a physical imbalance. I only work with the spiritual phenomena of sparkles. Thank you for sharing your experience, and blessings to you both…M

  30. Hi i was very happy to come across this site, when i was a child even before i remeber i always saw sparkles but they was fine made me feel safe and content. Alot of occurances happened in my bedroom and on the nights that the sparkles wasnt there i felt uneasy and dare not shut my eyes, i felt there was something bad in my room if i did close my eyes my head was busyit was like watching an untuned fuzzy tv the violence of it and busyness, i was paralyzed with fear every time, and when i woke i told my parents things it would been impossible for me to know there is alot more went on but not really sparkles emma louise.

    1. Thanks so much Emma for sharing your insights. So many people have had these experiences as a child. I am sure you have helped others with your comments…M

  31. I’m happ I’m not the only one experiencing this I’m 30 yrs old but as far back as I can remember I would always b able to see these sparkles wich you referred to…if I had to describe them it would b like tiny little points of light floating around and more recently while observing these little points of light with in them a more steady or focused kind of light appears n then disappears all while the tiny ponts of lights are still flashing…but I only see these lights during the day especially wen I’m looking into a clear sky……

  32. Im hoping someone can help me out. My 4 year old has been seeing sparkles for quite some time now and they freak her out so she chooses to sleep in her brothers room. NOW she says they hurt her. When i question her how she said they are pink sparkles that land all over her body and it hurts her. could this be possible to feel sparkles? Thanks

    1. Serena~~ I have never heard of sparkles hurting when they fall on you before. My first impressions on this are that someone may have inadvertently asked her if it hurt, or she may be using this fear as an attention getter. You must judge for yourself, and engage her in a conversation about it. Do not comment negatively about anything she says, but open her to talk freely. You may get your answers from her. /// If anyone else reading these comments has heard of this, please leave your thoughts…M

  33. I googled you post here, and am pleased I am like many who’ve experienced this! I’m not crazy lol… great readd, and well put for us trying to understand.

  34. I hope someone can help me understand what I saw when I was younger… it’s slightly different than what is posted above.
    One night when I was 6 years old I had a bad dream so I went to my parents room to sleep with them. I couldn’t fall asleep and was up just looking at the room when I had then saw this single white sparkle descending from the ceiling. I thought it was just a dust particle lit up by the passing cars through the side of the blinds. But dust particles would fade and slightly reappear and what I saw held its sparkling intensity the whole time and it floated very, very slowly downwards. I was so unsure as to what I was seeing that I just laid there watching it slowly float down by the end of their bed. I then thought maybe it was just a sparkle, so I went to the end of the bed to see where it landed on floor, but saw nothing. It was odd, but since I didn’t see anything on the ground I sort of doubted what I saw.
    After a few minutes when I laid back, 3 large, chunky, Casper looking ghosts came in doing a limbo train right by the bedroom door. They had big smiles and I thought they were so cute and funny. After a couple of minutes of their dancing a ghostly/translucent net dropped over them to capture the ghosts. The 3 ghosts then started crying. I can’t remember what happened next… if they had disappeared possibly or what, but I remember not knowing what to do and had no idea why they were frightened and crying. I then turned onto my side to try to start sleeping. When I turned I was facing where my mom puts her clothing (it was a pile on a bench), this angry, witch-looking woman appeared (just her head and shoulders) and was trying to grab me. She had long bony fingers with long sharp nails. She would extend her arm out as far as she could with her fingers all spread then slowly close like a claw to grab me. I was so frightened and all I could do was lean away closer towards my mom. The witch-looking ghost woman tried around 3 times to grab me before she disappeared back into my mom’s clothes. I know I had closed my eyes real tight so that I wouldn’t see it anymore. I KNOW I was awake the whole time, and I stopped squeezing my eyes shut when I heard birds chirping and knew it was morning and took a peep to see that nothing was there any more.
    I have thought that maybe I was just a child, maybe I was asleep, maybe items in the room just looked a certain way…. but I truly do know this all happened while I was awake. I did doubt the whole sparkle thing too. But when I was 13 and again when I was 15 or so, I have seen the sparkle again at night as I was laying in bed but in my room by my closet, floating down very slowly again. I know for sure when of the more recent times the sparkle was red. I watched one of them descend and fall to the end of the bed and I went to go look and saw nothing, but since I was frightened from what I saw years ago, I shut my eyes really tight and refused to even peek.

    If someone can please help me understand what this sparkle is it would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  35. Dear Melissa Leath,

    Thanks for the understanding what the sparkles are!

    I’e been trying to read upon what these sparkles are, that I am seeing more at night.
    I see them when I am lying in bed with my husband, who also can see them too! All of a sudden something is flowing above me, some times they look like they swimming in a little group also I have seen sparkles kinda like stars, Looks yellow, some times I have seen white of some kind of shape. Almost every night I see some kind of light above me, no noise or nothing. past couple weeks been seeing these sparkles of spiritual engerys spell wrong,

    Thanks again, for your time on writing what the sparkles are!
    Now I know what they are and not be afraid of them, I am adult, been dealing with this since was lil kid, but knowledge more when I was a young teenager!

  36. wow I have only recently experienced similar (difficult to describe) floating energy, white transparent, very dark purple and the move, starting always on my right in the corner of my bedroom, always at night when I have turned off the light, I was not afraid the first time, so I tried to force it to appear it as the experience was so very beautiful and from the right of my room it filled the whole room , when I tried to force it to appear it would not appear but again it appeared but I grew a little scared this time as it was the colour black and I freaked a little an put the light back on. last night I saw it again but went with it an it was so beautiful I even put my hand in the moving energy and made shapes and it was as if I had put my hand into a lamp and it glowed and the movement of my hand the energy or whatever it is the spiritual realm danced with me it is truly remarkable I felt so calm am not sure how long it went on, maybe hours. I thought I would be tired today but I woke up early full of energy. I have recently become a Christian, born again, as the lord saved my life and did for me what Dr’s could not do an tried many of them for 21 years. Therefore I am sure it is another dimension in the spiritual world. Now I no longer watch TV and play video games am connected more spiritually the more I let go of this world and worldly things. It is hard to describe the lights or energy as I refer to them, I have searched on the internet for similar stories and wow am so happy to read other people can also experience this wonder, they were the light of true reality breaking through the distorted reality which we have been accustomed to perceiving, random flashes of light and white glowing. Thank you so much for your website and everyone for their honest comments, it has helped immensely. God bless you all x from ali in North Wales, United Kingdom.

    1. Alison~ I am so glad you came across this article too. And I really appreciate your description of your experiences. Everyone sees the energies in different ways. And yours is beautiful too. You mentioned being afraid of the black color at first. But I have always looked at black as being a very sacred color (for example: the robes of priests and nuns) so I would not be concerned about the color, but enjoy the blessings that are shared with you! Much love…M

  37. Thank you SO MUCH for this post. I started seeing the beautiful light particles (again) a few months ago. I say again bc I have always seen them, like you said, but blew them off. I never fully saw their brightness but I’ve always seen fuzzy blobs floating and always thought it was due to my poor eyesight. But a few months ago while outside I kept seeing something out of the corner of my eye and I finally turned slowly and let my eyes relax, lost focus and voila! I saw the magic and I can now see it anytime I want, usually when the sun is out. I want to quote you bc you mention very true statements, at least for me!

    “While others (especially, smaller children, see them during the daylight, even outside in the Sun. Others see them swirling in patterns, sometimes in different colors. These people have said they occasionally see black or dark sparkles, but not very often.”

    Yes, I see a beautiful pattern and they are sacred geometrical shapes. Very intricate and even the smallest pattern within the large pattern is geometrical. When u look at the design from a large viewpoint I see bigger shapes made from the smaller shapes. I tried to paint what I see, I could share it with you. I also started to see dark, like black, flecks a few years ago and thought I had an eye problem. Doc checked my eyes out but she said I didn’t have any of the eye diseases that are linked to seeing black spots. You’re right, I didn’t see them often and u actually don’t see them anymore. Perhaps that is what a star child sees before their eyes are reopened. Not sure. But I’m so happy someone wrote about this, I’ve only shared this experience with my friends and wrote it in my journal. I’m going to reblog this!!! ❤

  38. Hello, I would like to share my experience with the “dancing lights”, as I like to call them. Two years ago my twin brother died from cancer at the age of 39. We had a small memorial celebration for him afterward in Colorado, where my parents live and on the way home to Texas, my husband and kids stopped at a hotel in New Mexico. I felt so weighted down with worry, fear and sadness that night and while everyone was sleeping, I was crying in the darkness of this hotel room when I saw this beautiful light on the wall in the form of a flower that was constantly blooming and changing colors. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and I just felt like it was my brother, trying to tell me that he was alright and that everything else was going to be fine and immediately all my worries had subsided and I felt this great sense of relief and calm.
    What made me find this site today is that just last weekend, we were celebrating my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary at my older brother’s house in Colorado and the night before the celebration, I had gone to bed and I was thinking of my brother. In my mind I was speaking to him and telling him I knew he was there and I asked him to make sure we had a nice day for the party. Then on the wall right at the head of the bed, I saw this brilliant patterns of color and light, mostly blues and deep purples. I just remember thinking that it was happening again and feeling so utterly grateful for this gift and feeling like the light was love. I kept thinking that it was going to go away and I was so mesmerized by the patterns, then I decided I would reach out to touch it this time and when i did, my hand became indistinguishable, blending into the lights and colors and I held my hand up and the energy formed a kind of ball of brilliant colors in my hand and there was a slight warmth and tingling. It was the most amazing experience of my entire life. I told my husband about it and he said that my youngest son, prior to me coming downstairs to bed had gotten up from the airbed he was sleeping in beside us and was sleep-walking to the corner of the room we were in and he held out his hand and said, “it’s right there” I couldn’t believe it! I am a worry-wart, I always have been but this makes me less afraid of death. I believe there is only supposed to be love and what I saw was love. Thank you all for sharing your experiences!

  39. Thanks so much Kate for this lovely, and loving story! Yes, our spirits do live on. Yes, our loved ones who have passed from this earth wish to express their love and support. And Yes, the lights you have witnessed express this love. //// Will you allow me to share some of your story in a book I am writing called Kids that See Sparkles? (Of course, I will keep your identity private) Blessings…M

  40. Melissa, of course you may share my story! 🙂 Thank you for giving us all a place to share these experiences; its nice to know there are others with similiar stories!

  41. / came across this site after googling. My mum is currently very poorly in hospital so last night I woke up early hours got out of bed for couple of hours as I couldn’t sleep as I was so worried and troubled. I got back in bed, still troubled then saw what I can only describe as a purple haze shimmering just outside my bedroom, it lasted a couple of minutes and then went. I then felt the deepest sense of calm ever, the room just felt so peaceful, and I thought finally I can go to sleep, drifted off and slept solid for 3 hours. It wasn’t a frightening experience, quite the contrary it was strangely comforting, I haven’t a clue what it was but it certainly helped calm my anxieties and help me sleep.

  42. Hello all,
    I find this so interesting. I have been seeing these “sparkling lights” now on and off for about 3 years. My first experience was while sitting on the couch watching TV. I saw this light thing flicker for about 3 sec. It was about 5-6 feet off the ground at the front door. I kind of freaked out when I saw it. Since that first time I have seen similar lights, all at around the same height, and all either during the day or with lights on in the room. Now as of late I have been experiencing missing items. 2 cell phones to be exact. Both were on the kitchen counter and both gone without a trace. No explanation. This isn’t the first time. As a young boy I have experienced these things. Any help woul be appreciated.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experiences Domingo. The lights are very normal and I am glad you told about them. I am not sure about the missing items. But I have experienced it once in awhile. They always showed up later. I hope other people reading this will have some insight. Blessings…M

  43. Thank you for posting this Melissa. I used to see these dancing particles of mutli colored lights / sparkles when I was a little girl and I can still remember them 30 some odd years later. I used to lie in bed at night and watch these waves of little sparkling lights moving in such a fluid motion about my bedroom. It was never scary to me. It helped me fall sleep seeing these little lights moving about. I used to reach out and touch them and would get mad when I couldn’t actually feel them. I remember asking my mom about these little lights and she couldn’t answer me; in fact, I think she just said it was my eyes being tired and adjusting to the darkness. I always thought it was more than that though… So I just accepted it as my thing I was able to see and enjoyed the shows these sparkles put on for me. I eventually stopped seeing them when I was 5 or 6 but I can certainly remember seeing them and being frustrated when I couldn’t feel them.
    So again, thanks for posting this information… Nice to know I am not the only one to have seen these. 🙂

  44. I am an INFJ personality (intorverted intuitive) & am very empathic. I have been experiencing something similar to this. It often happens right as I wake up..although I’m wide awake I see the particals coming together to form moving visions/scenes w/hazy moving edges. Recently I saw police cars & people searching a field & today I saw old 2 story houses w/pine trees behind them (as if i were driving past them). One house in particular was white wood w/an octagon window on the second story. (the visions are detailed). I tried opening/closing each eye & it did not seem to affect it much altho’ the particles would occasionally disperse then merge back together, I get this feeling that maybe it means something as if they are searching for someone. IDK what to do about it & the few people I’ve told don’t understand it (neither do I tho’) I also have problems w/absorbing other peoples energy & emotions & confusing it w/my own. Does this sound familiar to U & if so what should I do ?! *lost* I have also experienced shadow figures in the same room on one occasion I could hear an electric noise & it felt as if they were trying to pull me down…It was scary. Sounds crazy so I don’t talk about it much so IDK where to turn for guidance.

  45. I was so excited to find your articles on this subject!! I just ordered your book and can not wait to read it. I need to give a little background, before I get to the sparkles.
    About a year ago, my son started seeing a spirit/ghost of a 12 year old girl, who he says looks exactly like his older sister. Lets call this spirit “May”. He can clearly see her, and can describe her in great detail. My son is of course uncomfortable when “May” visits, its startling to wake up in the night and have May just watching him. He also sees her while he is awake. Now on to the sparkles:
    Over the past month or so, my son has revealed to me that he sees little dots in the air. I asked him to explain. He said they range in size from a speck of dust to a grain of sand (super itty bitty) and are all different colors of the rainbow. He says that they are like diamonds, in that they seem to reflect light – he explained it to me like when the sunlight is reflected off of a shiny coin. He says that there are millions of them – everywhere. He sees them all the time, day and night, with his eyes open. He says they are all around, but if he puts his hand in front of his eyes (about 6 inches), the sparkles won’t be in between his hand and his eyes, but all around and behind – kind of like there is a personal space around him. He says that he has always seen them and thought everyone could. He also says that along with the sparkles are “drawings” (his words), He drew them for me and they look like some type of symbol – not really a shape, more like a design – there are 2 in particular that he sees. He says these drawings are colorless and like glass – see through. They are much bigger than the sparkles and they just gently fall like snow. I explained to my son that these sparkles are the spirits of loved ones, angels, etc here to protect us (really have no idea – but want him to feel safe, and b/c I do believe our loved ones are always with us, it didn’t seem strange to me that perhaps, he could “see” them). Now, back to May. My son says that if closes his eyes and empties his mind (his words!) and then opens his eyes, the sparkles merge together and form the vision of May. He says that she is surrounded by a glowing multi colored light – all the colors of the rainbow. He explained it as if the sparkles were the pixels in the TV and they formed the vision of May, the same way the pixels, form the images we see on the TV – this kid blows my mind sometimes!! Upon further discussion with my son, he revealed that he sees a thin outline of color around people. He can’t see it in the daylight or in the complete dark, it’s best in a dimly lit room, or a room that is dark with the door slightly ajar letting in a bit of light.He sees green around me, red around his father, violet around his sister (again his words – I find it interesting that he used the word violet and not purple), and he sees blue around himself. If I put my hand up in the air with my fingers stretched apart, he sees the thin green outline around my fingers and if I move my hand quickly, like I’m swatting at a fly, he sees the green color trail behind like a sparkler. He gets a huge kick out of this. Now – this is all new to me, and I’ve been googling everything possible. Is my son seeing auras? Are the sparkles connected to the auras? Can May or any spirit for that matter have an aura? He says May is the only one he sees with a multicolored light around them -everyone else (those alive and kicking!), he just sees one main color. Now I must also say that my son has always been very spiritual – we have always noticed that about him – long b4 May started visiting and all this sparkle/aura stuff came to light. He is extremely sensitive, compassionate and completely selfless. I do believe that it is a gift from God and that is what we are telling him. I just want him to feel safe and blessed. I am really hoping that I can share some of the stories in your book with him, so he knows he is not alone and that he is very special. Thank you so much for reading – sorry I rambled on, but it’s not something I can discuss with many people.

    1. April~ I really enjoyed your son’s description of what he sees! Yes, he is very detailed and that is so cool… He is seeing aura energy around people, yes. The sparkles are different. They are angels and spirit guides using energy in a special way so we can see it. And I have the feeling that May is a guardian angel there is assist him. /// You will find answers to your other questions when you get the book. And, yes, please share it with your son. /// Thank you so much for your comments. If you are so led, please go back to Amazon and leave a review about the book…M/

      1. Melissa- thank you so very much for getting back to me. I am hoping ” May” is indeed a guardian angel, but am curious if guardian angels can be a spirit that lived on earth as a human? I’m fairly confident that I have found out who May might have been- lets just say I was given some very clear signs about this- it’s a whole other story! I believe my brother, who died when he was 5 years old – over 30 years ago, is somehow involved- again very confident on this. The thing is that May is not someone that is related to our family in anyway- she has no connection that I can find. So, could it be possible for her to be a guardian angel? So interesting, but kind of frustrating, as I have so many unanswered questions. I will certainly comment on your book once I receive and read it!

  46. Love that I have found this Blog and I too ordered your book for more indepth information and explanation. Both of our children have seen “dots” in every color and have told us of them in the past and we of course kind of thought it was their imagination. Just recently our 8 year old daughter brought them up again. She does not call them sparkles but “dots”. Lots of them in every color, “like the rainbow”! She can see them as I sit next to her and it amazes me the look on her face when she watched them around the room and describes them. She smiles and watches intently. Sometimes a group of them will swirl around like a “tornado”. She says they can go through the walls and through the blankets on her bed. When I opened my hand she said “mom they’re in your hand, can’t you see them?”. My husband and I do not see them and my 6 year old son does not see them either. When our son described seeing dots a few years ago they were shaped like “robots” at times. There was a night I can recall him lying in our bed and he was just looking up saying “mom don’t you see all those things flying around us?”. He was nervous. He has not talked about seeing anything anymore but our daughter is very descriptive. She said she use to see bigger red ones at night that she didn’t really like, they made her uncomfortable and “all the little dots went away when the red bigger ones came”. She said she no longer sees the red ones. She said they make designs sometimes. I asked her if they have a face and she said I don’t think so, they never get that close to see, and they are so small. After reading your blog I came home and explained to her about other children seeing them and she is not the only one and I explain she is seeing energy  She was very excited to not be the only one and that she was glad I believed her. She is a very honest child and I never didn’t believe her I just thought it was her imagination. What do you think the “bigger red ones” were vs the smaller ones? Why the difference and why are they not around anymore? She also described her favorite ones are the purple ones with green around them. They absolutely have a positive energy for sure as I can see the amazement and calmness she has when she sees them. I wish we saw them too  Thank you for your Blog and setting our wonders at ease.

    1. Thanks Melissa for sharing your story about Sparkles! Your children are amazing. I have a feeling that the big red ones were there for a special purpose. When that was accomplished, they moved on. Blessings to your family, and I hope you enjoy the book…M/

    2. Melissa- your daughter sounds so similar to my son! I would really love to chat with you more on this as I would love to have some support from someone in my shoes! I’m sure you feel the same! Would love to share my sons story with you! Is there some way I could contact you? If you are interested of course! I’m on Facebook as April Sampson. Really hope to discuss this more with you- I have no friends or family that are experiencing this. There is one thing I am certain of- our children are extremely blessed! Take care.


      1. Absolutely April!! I’d love to chat with you. What state and city are you located in? Your name is very common on FB 😉

  47. Hi Melissa!
    Thanks for getting back to me! I’m actually in British Columbia, Canada and the city is Chilliwack. Really looking forward to chatting with you! Hopefully that should narrow it down- pretty sure I’m the only April Sampson, here in Chilliwack!

  48. Sorry April I am unable to find you on FB 😦 What is your email address, maybe we can connect that way first then figure out FB 🙂

  49. I googled ”sparkles in the room” and came to your website. I am a doctor by profession, once in the month of march 2013, I was on duty 24/7 in a hospital and during the night time I came back to my duty room and thought of lying down. I switched off the lights and had a nap whilst browsing internet on my laptop…after 15 mts I woke up and i saw many sparkles in front of me…..they were of different colours, like green, dark pink, magenta, violet, purple, gold…I was astonished, at first I thought”omg!! is it my eyes!! or my brain!! I sat up straight and rubbed my wide open eyes and still the sparkles stayed and and I switched on the light and switched it off again, but the sparkles remained….It was like for about 10mts and then it was pitch black….After that huge changes started occuring in my life which were scary like lost a job, visa rejected, but got everything immediately, like lost a job on 4th april and found a new job on 16th april…But until date I have not seen those sparkles again. I have moved to a different hospital and place, moved house. I wonder what is your view on this….what were those sparkles…what did they mean

    1. Greetings Mamta~ This is a very interesting story! It is interesting because you have only seen the sparkles that once — and for a really limited time frame. My thoughts on this is that you were in a very tiring state of life at that time. When you went to sleep, and woke to the sparkles, it was because of your physical energy. You were in a weakened place in your life. And the sparkles, or angels and spirit guides as I refer to them, were surrounding you and preparing you for change. This I believe happens to all of us. but we all may not see the energies when they are around. This was a special situation, and you were blessed to witness it! I am glad that the changes have taken you to a better life experience. And thanks for sharing your story…M/

  50. Dear Melissa, I am so thankful that you took time t read and reply. But, yes, I was very weak at that time, insecure and also that one week, dont know why, i had started chanting a buddhist mantra and many other buddhist prayers …it was like my duty to chant. I am not a buddhist, still….The whole week in the hospital, in my duty room, i used to get up, take shower, chant the mantras and then go to the ward…when i come back for lunch, i used to again chant….that evening I went into a sleep whilst chanting mantras, even in the ward I had ”nam myoho renge kyo” running in my mind. I could not understand why, but yes may be, because I was afraid of the intuition I was getting….which i was denying….but everything is clear now…..all that was so dramatic and i feel like i stand on a different platform and viewing it…it was all meant to happen….I had been taking in the exploitaton by the employers too much and it all ended very dramatically…But again all is well, that ends well. I have moved to south west of england now and its a sea coast….its lovely. would be lovely to walk by the water…so peaceful.

  51. Hi i have recently experience seeing a gold sparkling cluster like glitter i have seen couple orbs in my 26 years but not many, ive heard things before an seen shadow movement not to much but i do getting feelings mainly like im not alone. After seeing glitter the 4th time in less than a month i wondered if what i was seeing was energy? My mother is wiccan an my 5 yr old told me of seeing a ghost like 3 times maybe a year ago but wasnt sure if it was true or not. I am so curious to if this is paranormal?

    1. Hi Shana~ Thank so much for your comments! The word ‘Paranormal’ is very misunderstood. Because I truly think of these events you mentioned as being Normal. These things have always been happening, and seem to be more frequent, even for folks that do not believe in it! It has a lot to do with the Veil between the worlds thinning. So we are more aware of what has always been there. Many blessings to you and your family…M

  52. Hello I am a new massage therapist and this is the first article I have come across on sparkles googling it the best I could describe it. I’m seeing these sparkles which I call glitter like objects that flash so quickly I almost miss them . Maybe I have always had it but as a new therapist they are becoming stronger and more obvious I need help I’m not a child seeing sparkles but a adult 24 yrs old id like more information. Just two days ago I seen a brighter and a bigger sparkle and it surprised me. What does this mean Do colors mean certain things. I have so many questions please email me thank you!

    1. Hi Jessica~ I am so happy you have come across my article. If you poke around an the blog, you will fin many more articles about Sparkles. And much of it has to do with adults — one is about an older woman who was grieving her husband’s death.

      The colors will mean something to you as you get familiar with them. I feel like each person have different thoughts about what color means to them.

      You can find so much more information that will help you understand this by reading my latest book: Does your Child See Sparkles? Help for Parents Guiding Psychic Kids. It is not just about kids, but all of us. Here are the links for the ebook and the paperback:

      Kindle EBook

      Thanks, Melissa

  53. As far as i can rmbr i used 2 c ‘things’ in sky with open eyes and after i grew up i dont c those thing anymore bt i do c sparkling lights wen i close my eyes on my eyelids. N things happen in real wen i say or dream it, its like i knew it b4. Is it normal?

  54. I have been seeing bubble like things in sky as a child, wen i grew up i ignored it, bt i still see sparkles of light on my eyelids wen i close it. Is it normal?

  55. Hi Melissa – I found this post through Google and am so relieved to know that I am not imagining things and also that I am not alone in my experiences.
    3 times now I have experienced a glowing pulsating or swirling light – a bit like Aurora Borealis but white or very pale green – it has twice come from the wall and floated directly above our bed and since we moved house it tonight appeared in the left hand corner of our bedroom, spreading out to about 1/4 of the ceiling. It turns a pitch dark room into being light enough that I can see the outline of my hand when I hold it up.
    Within this glow sparkles appear – tiny white twinkling stars that seem to come and go, sometimes they are colored.
    I have closed my eyes and rubbed my eyes, but they are still there. It lasts about 10 minutes to 30 minutes.
    Tonight I really focused on the lights and the glow seemed to come together into a human like shape (head, shoulders, arms) with the sparkles being in the chest area.
    As soon as I tried to rationalise what I was seeing, it spread back out into the swirling glow again.
    The first 2 times I had this experience related to my dad who passed away 12 months ago next week. I was feeling heavy, overwhelming grief and had been sobbing deeply earlier in the night – the appearance of the light and sparkles gave me immediate sense of peace and calmness.
    Tonight was the third time – I am feeling quite sick at the moment and also feeling the pain of the anniversary of losing my wonderful dad. I was rolling around in bed crying and said out loud that I can’t handle this (feeling unwell) and at first an orb appeared so bright I first thought it was someone with a flashlight. I closed and opened my eyes and looked around the room but there was nothing that could have reflected or shone a light. I relaxed and then the glow started to light up the room.
    I woke my partner, but he could not see it. He said the room was pitch dark to him. He doesn’t think I’m crazy, but thinks there is a normal explanation (ie. my eyes are playing tricks) but I know what I saw was real.

    1. What a wonderful explanation of your experiences. I feel your father is with you always and has the ability to share these Sparkles as a way of comforting you. Sweet…M/

  56. I see the lights all the time and the sparkles sometimes. I saw them again just now. So i did a google search on them again. I’ll try that test you mentioned.

  57. NO glitter in the house,,,, waking up from sleeping with glitter on my or even after i takes a shower i comes out with glitter more sometimes ! It been round three weeks!

  58. I see them as bright flashes and sometimes dark as if in the small space their is no matter just blank it’s very interesting I feel it’s a sign I’m on the right path and consciously picking up what I need to or to pay closer attention to what is going on.. They are random for me and come in many colours and absence of colour I like how you wrote that when the lights are off it looks like static that is true and it moves like a living field, outside …the source field becomes more visible

  59. Hi Melissa – I lost my 20 yr old daughter a little over 10 months ago…I strongly believe in life after death as do all my children..I have asked my daughter Kayla who passed to please give me a sign that she is at piece.To this day I find it hard to believe she is no longer here with me.My grieving is very strong at times.However since her passing I have been coming across blue and black butterflies a lot …If first stared when my daughter was still alive we were at a butterfly place, and this one blue and black butterfly kept trying to land on her and it did..Now since she passed I see them everywhere( I don’t mean the living ones)..They may appear in a photo that has crossed by me or I have even had a friend lend me a book and there on the front cover was a blue and black butterfly mind you the book had nothing to do with butterflies. I feel these butterflies keep crossing my path from a sign from my fact 3 days ago I got my first tattoo of a blue and black butterfly with her name on it (crazy eh)..Now my question about this light I just saw last night…I was woken up in the middle of the night,not sure as to what woke me up but when i did I felt the need to look in the corner of my bedroom..There I have a few picture of my daughter and I have a blue butterfly beside them on the wall..When I looked up I saw a very bright blue light (very bright)..I know I wasn’t dreaming this blue light was real I looked at it for what seemed to disappear after I blinked a few times…Now that it’s morning I am questioning If it was real or not.I went over to the corner to see if my daughter left me a sign but nothing…Can you help I grieving so much that I am making myself pretend she is sending me signs?Does this blue light mean anything?

    1. Oh Linda~ Thanks so much for reaching out. Grief is something that will ebb and flow through your life. But it never goes away. It just becomes part of your life. But to answer your question, yes, this is your daughter. It’s interesting that you looked for some sign that she might have left. Because the sign was the beautiful blue light that she woke you to see. The light was not her, per se. But she was able to manipulate the spirit energies to present it so you could see it. It happens in the Spirit World, and is manifested in such a way that we humans can see it. –sort of like you are looking into the Spirit World!

      How wonderful that you are open enough to see it. And your daughter is able to present her love to you in this manner.
      Thank you so much for sharing this with us…M/

  60. My Grandfather passed away in 2007. Afterwards my grandmother moved in with me and my family. She was sick and was in and out of the hospital. She often talked to my Grandfather in her sleep. She even talked to him one day while she was awake in the ICU and a nurse asked her who she was talking to and she told the nurse that she was talking to her husband. The nurse told her no one was there and she told the nurse that he was there sitting on the edge of her bed by her feet. She was a very religious woman. She passed away 1 year and 7 days exactly after my grandfather did. Shortly after her passing I saw her in my house. 3 times. One time about 3 weeks after she passed away i was standing at the stove cooking and i glanced into the living room and saw her laying there in her hospital bed. (she had a hospital bed and stayed in our living room for about 8 months) We had gotten rid of the hospital bed 3 days after she passed away. Another time i was in the kitchen and the light in the hallway was on and i glanced down the hallway and i seen the back of her. She looked like she did a few months before she passed away. Another time i was going to the restroom in the middle of the night and i opened the door and she was sitting on the toilet. I had seen her in all these places so much that i thought it was just my brain used to it. I didnt think that it could actually be her. I was taking a shower about a year later and i saw these sparkles, glitter, lights that i just struggled to describe. It caught be by surprise and i was in awe. I just stood there watching them float and move about. I felt so calm and warm when they were there. Afterwards i got kind of worried that it may be something medical. We move out of this house and into a new one. The sparkles still came in the shower. Sometimes me and my partner would shower together and they would never come when my partner was in there, only when i was alone. They stopped coming so frequent maybe once every 3 months. We then moved out of that house with my family and into a house of my own with my partner. I still get the sparklies in the shower. and its still not very often but, i have started to get them else where. I will be at work and the only one in my office and they will just appear. I have been to the doctor and nothing is wrong with me. My eyesight is perfect. I told my mother about seeing my grandmother in our old house and she told me that she had seen her too but was afraid to tell anyone because they wouldnt believe her. It scared her and i told her not to be scared that it was just my grandmother (her mom) and that she wasnt going to hurt us that she was just there to let us know that she was still there and watching over us. My mother also had something weird happen to her when my grandfather passed away, the night before he passed away she was sleeping on our couch and she heard a very loud knock on the back door and no one uses our back door it was practically impossible for anyone to get to the door to even knock on it.. my grandpa was notorious for knocking loudly on the door. He would used his pocket knife to tap on the door to make his knock distinct. She said it sounded exactly like that. The next day he passed away. She feels like it was him telling her goodbye. My aunt and grandmother on my Fathers side were also “gifted” as they call it. My grandmother often had premonitions but she was also mentally unstable so people didnt really believe her. My aunt also has premonitions and a strong intuition. I sometimes have dreams that parts of them come true and my intuition is very very strong. I can feel when things are going south in certain situations before they do. I learned to accept that my grandmother is always with me and i am always comforted by her visits and i am extremely eager to learn anything about any of this that could help me communicate with her or use my gifts better.

    1. Thanks for your comments Ashley! Isn’t life interesting? I love it when people share their experiences. You should be able to develop the communication with your grandmother but meditating on a regular basis. Picture her in your minds eye, and talk to her (in your mind). Soon you will be having regular conversations. You also might want to read my book Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics. You will find a link to it on this blog page. It takes you through step-by-step how to develop this gift Thanks!

  61. When I focus at one point I start seeing everything in purple, it varies from light purple to straight black, contrasts are also getting harder. Any Idea what it is?

    1. Hi Jacob,

      I have never heard of this before, as far as spiritual sight. So, if you feel that your eye sight is changing, you might want to see you eye doctor. I cannot evaluate this type of situation. Thanks so much for your comment, and I wish you all the best.

  62. I read the article of the child who said he/she could hear the sparkles. I too, had a similar experience. It happened mid day. I was babysitting two toddlers, as well as my son who was also a toddler. They were playing in the rec room when I went to go check on them. I heard the sparkler whiz passed us and then if hovered over the stairs and burned for a good 30 seconds or more. It was just like a sparkler a child would light up on the 4th of July, except it was as large as a softball…and the sparks flew out from the large bright light in the middle. My dog, who followed me downstairs was barking at it as it hovered. It burned long enough for me to try to get the dog away from it. It slowly burned out…just as a child’s sparkler would. We could clearly hear it burning too…and it was loud…..just a child’s sparkler. I called the fire department. My husband was a firefighter, so I knew all the members that showed up at my house. They did a thorough check, and were puzzled because there was no source of hydro energy anywhere near there. I’ve tried to find articles on this for a long time. That young child is the only one I know that has heard it. I have always had great intuition since I was a child. Today I do readings for people. I have the gift of contacting spirit world, and can usually give insight on what is coming. I don’t charge for the readings, as it gives me pleasure in knowing I am able to help people. It was after seeing the sparkle that I seemed to have increased my intuition. I see small lights floating around often….and usually in the corner of my eyes. Sometimes bright, sometimes not. As for the dog? She was hit by a car and died. I can’t say how long after, but for sure within a year.

  63. Hi Melissa i have bin wondering about this experience, i had it 2 times in my life ones when i was 9 and now i am 21 and i have saw it this week and looked it up and saw your name, its good to know that others have had the same thing happen to them, the first time lasted about 5 seconds, this week it lasted 2 seconds, my grand mother told me the first time the it was a sign from God that i was getting blessed and will be blessed and i had a vary good feeling as well and that i believe its true but has more to it, and that’s what i`m trying to look for is what is the real meaning of it and what it has to do with us..

    1. Thanks Michell for your comment! I have been told by my Spirit Guides that these wonderful sparkles are special signals prepared by our loved ones. It lets us know how much we are loved and that they are always supporting us. You might enjoy my book, Does Your Child See Sparkles? Help for Parents Guiding Psychic Kids. Even though it has information about kids, there is much information about adults that remember seeing them as a child. There is a 90 year old woman who sees her deceased husband as sparkles! Cool, huh?

  64. I have had these sparkle encounters my whole life, when I was younger I just figured they where dust . As I got older I would see full on ghosts . Today was rememberence day and what I saw was very beautiful at the time of silence the clouds turned a yellowish color and all around the hundreds of people where the sparkles everywhere . It was a truly amazing exsperience . It can be hard seeing that many at a time because it impacts me emotionally , I think that’s the hardest part to learn to deal with .

  65. Okay…. I think what I am seeing has every thing to do with energy or some electro magnetic field, but who knows? At one time I was very much a sensitive, but getting knocked out (horse throwing me, twice) has the visions diminished somewhat. Now for the past year or so, I wake up in the middle of the night and see green lights, not always sparkles. And the places changes. One night it was in my bed buddy (you heat in microwave to get warm); looked like it was swarming. The next it was in one corner of room and last night, a first, I would pick my down blanket up and flames of green light would follow my hand. I would shake it up and down and watch it. It doesn’t scare me, I learned a long time ago what you cannot see is more imnportant than what you can see. But I decided to see if there were others out there experiencing anything like it….. this is something relatively new for me, just in the past couple of years and it doesn’t happen every night, but it is mesmerizing….. I am 60 years old and when I was young was terrified by the things I saw. I had no one to discuss it with and when I did it was usually when I was drinking lol. I have lost friends because I “saw” something. Once I called up a male friend several hundred miles away because I was terrified. I knew someone hit a tree (with vehicle) and died. Turned out it was his son. He screamed and kept asking “who told you” and I have not spoke with him since. His family shunned me after that. Good ole baptist belt I lived in. So its not like I haven’t experienced weird things, but the lights are fairly new. Any thots?

    1. I feel the “lights” is a new version of what you were seeing earlier in your life. They are engineered by your spirit guides who are excited to works with you. Spend some time everyday in quiet time or meditation to open to their information. Blessings…M/

    2. Barb, I asked my son to draw for me what he sees, and he drew something for both day and night even though I did not ask him to do that. His drawing for the night was a person lying in bed with large swirling green light above them. He is 7. How interesting that you can see green light too. I wish I could see everything that my son tells me he sees. It is hard to find people who don’t think you are weird so I don’t say much. My son attends Catholic school and I don’t think it would be received in a way that it positive.

  66. My son has seen “colors” around people since he could tell me he could. Lately (he is 7 now) he has been talking about seeing “sparkles” that look like “comets” as he describes them. I never bring it up to him, I allow him to talk about it when he wants to. He has also tested as intellectually gifted, so he is very articulate in his descriptions. He says that when a person has a lot of energy, the sparkles swirl more rapidly, and when they are low on energy, the sparkles hardly move. He can go on and on about it.
    I asked him to draw what it looks like yesterday, and I was very fascinated. Then, today, I typed in “my son sees auras” and I found your page, where you mention “Sparkles,” just as he has described. He has always had an “old soul” as many have told me. He is not frightened by it, and he says he can make it go away if he gets too distracted.
    Needless to say, I will be reading your book asap.

    1. Marie~ How wonderful, and exciting that your son describes the sparkles so well. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us on this stream. And thank you in advance for reading the book, Does Your Child See Sparkles? Blessings…M/

  67. I was scrolling around facebook and I saw this thing about dead cells on eyes that made me remember of a past experience when I was a child in which I tried to google for answers if it was also an eye problem or whatever it could be.. I am currently 19 years old as of now and I’ve had this experience when I was 15 years younger or even more. Like you said you can get sparkles by closing your eyes and rubbing them which would cause sparkles from the pressure but with mine I just lay there, hugging my pillows as i close my eyes slowly and open it again and again..and this just came to me… I don’t really remember when was the last time I had this but all I could remember was …well I really never told anyone about the whole thing cause I just thought all experiences it for fun to sleep but as time went by I was able to see them more at often times and what’s real weird is I could control them…like they would start from a far and I could reach out my hand and make them twirl around my wrist or let them rest on my palm. I even remember asking my grandma before when she was still alive to open her hand so they can come 🙂 and she would be real dumbfounded and just open it just cause I asked. I don’t know but at a young age I felt like it’s some blessing. I even used to asked them to come to me or heal my grandma and it really helped somehow.. What is even more weird is that I can pick the colors I want from pink to yellow or even a mixed. I am not sure if I was just a child full of imagination but now that I’ve seen this I got even more curious about it. It has been a real long time and all I can remember is I’m the type of girl who would stay up for hours and this just came to me…all those sparkles started coming one night and came every night since then, helping me to be able to sleep…But now I don’t know where could they be or what happened to this blessing. I hope you could help me, to tell me if I could have that blessing or what was really happening. Thank you so much.

    1. Sometimes, Life just gets in the way. I am sure if you take time for quiet meditation each day, and remember to breathe, you will soon see your Sparkles friends again. Yes, it is a blessing…M/

  68. My child is a few weeks from turning 5 yes old he began mentioning seeing a dark spot that would cover him at night around 3yrs and 8mtths. We would pray every night and ask to not be bothered by the dark light, because he expressed the dark shape grabbed his arm really hard. I guess it may have worked he stopped speaking of it, but began mentioning a white light. I felt the white light was my best friend checking on him she had just passed away a few days prior. My son expressed it kind of scared him while i myself tearing up said ” Wendi if that is you, thank you for checking up on him but the light scares him. He hasn’t spoken of the light since. It is now a little over a year and my son is 4 almost 5 and he has been speaking g of seeing colors at night and they tickle him and make him itch (he doesn’t seem to care for them) we tell them to go away but he says it doesn’t work anymore. I need help on what I need to do or who I can see to help me help my son. I do believe we can experience seeing the deceased it happened to me one time as a child, but only once(but never forgotten). My son sleeps on his own and always has, but I gave in a few times this past year to help him when being bothered by the colors. OK…. while in my room I was snuggling with him helping him feel safe and he all of a sudden ducked under the covers I asked why?? He said mama that man standing at the end of the bed…. OK I am a spooky person so it took me a second to get brave enough to look and focus I did not seeing anything.I said baby you are being silly he sat up and said no mama he is right there still mama still!! My husbands father passed in 99 so I wonder if it may have been him checking in??? It freaked me out horribly but it is the only time an actual human that has been seen by him. We prayed and asked them to please go away he said he was still there so we snuggled up closed our eyes and chose not to look anymore. Either way the colors are my issue so much lately…. does anyone have a clue what is going on and how to calm it down something?? I promise I am not crazy but all of this makes me worry for my son and him feeling secure and not scared. He seems confused because he asked mama you don’t see the colors??? He says they are right there he always says they come out of his fan???

    1. Thanks Jeanie~ Your son is seeing into the Spirit Realm dimension. Kids these days are able to see other dimensions — not just the third dimension — where we are used to seeing. So sometimes they confuse what they are really seeing. And it is difficult for them to distinguish one from the other. Sit quietly with him and ask him to pretend he has a mouth full of pink bubble gum. The pink color represents God’s Love of protection. Have him blow a huge bubble that completely covers him. This is a great way to protect himself. You might want to incorporate a special prayer with it too. State the obvious: “I am protected with God’s Light and Love. Only loving and positive energy will be with me. All spirit people that I do not feel good with will not show themselves.” Something like that. make sure it is in his own words, and it is said in a loving way. You might want to read my newest book, “Does Your Child See Sparkles? Help for Parents Guiding Psychic Children”. I am sure you will find some great information.

  69. Hello,
    I’ve started to see these sparkles when I was about 4 years old. I thought it was normal and never questioned it.
    But when i started to be in my teen age, the lesser and lesser i saw them, then one day they just completely disappeared. Do you know why they disappeared? Is there a way to see them again? Cause i know, when i was a child, seeing them at night made me feel comfortable and safe.
    I am 18 now.
    Would be happy for an answer! 🙂

    1. Hi Steph~ I am so glad you found my blog! The best way to connect with the sparkles again is to find some quiet time when you can meditate (even five minutes helps). Ask you spirit guides and loved ones who are in spirit to show themselves to you again. You will soon see them. Blessings…M/

  70. It puzzles me to see such a large swath of people believing in ridiculous ideas that other made up simply because of something that’s not understood. In my experience I have lucid recollections p being able to lay in bed at the age of six and notice these particles flying about but the photos above are absolutely of no similarity and look closer to some mystical bullshit some self proclaimed psychic would draft. No, on the contrary, my conclusion was that I was a young person and could therefore see things more clearly than an adult and this could see details and such that weren’t visible to the adult naked eye. They would twist and swirl and I believed them to be the particles of the air being witnessed by my young unacclimated eyes but to believe some idiots are going around calling them spirits is profoundly idiotic. My theory on them when I was 5 had grand effects on me as I aged because I understood particle movement in a way few others did and astounded the people around me with my ideas on the aging mind in connection with the environment.

    1. Grant~ Thanks so much for your thoughts. I agree that the idea of Sparkles, and what it is that people see is not understood. But we are not to judge what other people see, how they see it, or what they believe it is (Since it IS unknown and not understood.) When you talk about seeing particles floating around as a child, that is much different than what is commonly called sparkles. These sparkles are not large dust particles that are visible when a shaft of light is flowing through the window. It is, however, an energetic — or vibrational energy, being manipulated by spirit entities, such as angels. If you read the article above, and the related articles — along with the book, you will clearly understand that I have never said that these sparkles or lights are angels. but that they are energies that are arranged by spirit beings. (OH, the graphics in this article are only graphics — not real photos. I’ve never seen anyone able to take a real photo of a sparkle.) But there are people who really do see them just as they are depicted in these graphics. You may see them differently. We all see them as we can relate to the phenomena. As for “some mystical bullshit some self proclaimed psychic would draft,” I do not need to defend myself to that statement. My record stands alone. But to say that it is mystical bull***, is trying to discredit the hundreds of people who have lovingly reached out to me in question as to what they were seeing. They came to me for some kind of understanding. They do not believe it to be mystical bull***. It sounds like you are a very opinionated person. Just know that everyone has an opinion. That is why (when screening the comments here) I decided to let yours post in the comment section. Thanks so much…M/

    2. I also would like to respond to Melissa. I got one have listened to my child for a long time before researching if other children or people experienced what he has tried to explain to me. So I must say to you I feel your story you have shared is very immature and I’ll tempered and I do not appreciate it. I sure many others felt the same when reading your rude antics. If you experienced things as a child and don’t now that is wonderful, but in my research some children grow to only experience more. So me as a parent was concerned and meant a lot to see my child is not alone in what has been happening now for right at 2yrs. I feel you may be close minded and that is OK but don’t judge others and there feelings, questions, and theories.

      1. Thanks so much for your thoughts Jeanie. I will continue to keep this blog open to anyone who searches for information on what kids call sparkles! Blessings…M/

      2. My message was towards the female the negatively responded to us that are concerned for ourselves or our children. It was not towards you at all. When I read her comment I thought it said her name was Melissa also Lol sorry if seemed to be towards you, it was not at all was directed to you by no means. So sorry for the confusion, no I love your blog it is helping me understand more for my son! The female that was so rude and negative just was so out of line making judgement on everyone, so I expressed to her my feelings of I felt of her negative expressions and anger.

      3. Melissa I now he name Grant my cell must have showed just your name when I responded. I am so sorry for the confusion but my message was meant for Grant, lordy please forgive the confusion. Gone I feel horrible you thought it was you. I just thought the other person name was Melissa Lol so very sorry once again. Keep up your wonderful information to us and research!!

      4. Jeanie~ No worries! I knew you were upset with his comments. No, I understood the confusion. I appreciate your comments and concerns too. I guess he just had to vent and we were the ones that got it! I am so glad you enjoy the blog, it gives me inspiration! All the best…M/

  71. Dear Grant…..You had to search this sight out, the same way I did. I was looking for answers as to what I had clearly seen ……. what were you looking for? Answers to dust particles? Or an argument? You were obviously looking up something you had no information about and you needed answers. I’m sorry you stumbled across this sight rather than finding out what a dust particle is. If you don’t understand what we’ve all seen, that’s OK. But don’t ridicule others. We know what we’ve seen. Just move on to another sight.

  72. So before reading this i have plenty of nights where I just lay in bed staring at my ceiling almost in a trance and I see what perceive as shadow movement which I have normally assumed was my eyes adjusting to the darkness or something so I find it very intriguing that I may actually be seeing something paranormal. However I have one burning question I can’t say I have seen sparkles per say as in a grouping of them but I have always seen one tiny sparkle of light or a twinkle that lasts half a second then disappears. Sometimes I see it head on sometimes it’s in the corner of my eye and my question is is this also paranormal? Or should I just see a doctor about my eyes? As far back as I can remember this has happened to me.

    1. Hi Larissa~ It is always important to have your eyes checked periodically. But the way you describe the experiences, it sounds like the sparkles I talk about. And it is a spiritual experience. Such a blessing…M/

  73. I’m a Native American woman, I just turned 36 in Nov. Around August 2013 I figured out that I’m an Empath. Then about a week later I was sitting outside my house and saw the sparkles. To me they are a beautiful energy of some sort. I call them diamonds in the sky. When I first saw this I felt like I was having an episode and loosing it! I did have a panic attack and thought this is it I’m dying. I told my son I loved him and get ready to call 911. The energy was moving about everywhere-It is Alive! It made me realize that everything is connected and I am so happy to be able to see this anytime I look for it, which is daily! Anyway another week after this my hands started tingling regularly in the palms-It feels like a power or healing of some kind. This is all so new to me and I’ve only told two people-my son and my boyfriend. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Kiana~ How wonderful that you are experiencing these special energies! And thank you for sharing them with us here. The tingling would probably be healing energy coming through you and your hands. When ever you experience this, extend you hands in front of you, and ask that the healing go where it is needed. This is a universal type of healing. Blessings…M/

  74. sorry for not reading da whole article as its time for me to go to bed, But i started seeing sparkles when i was 14 or 13 they usually are golden and i saw white sparkles when it was raining one day. Usually i see the golden ones. They jus float in the air for few secs and vanishes.

  75. Hi Melissa.

    My name is Tyler and I am 18. I have been experiencing some things lately and I am confused. I do not know if I am blessed with something or if my brain is tricking me. My mother has been told by a ‘psychic’ that I am an indigo child. I was wondering if you could help me.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Tyler~ Thanks so connecting and looking us up! Since you really did not explain any of your experiences I cannot say for sure, but given your age, I would say you probably are an Indigo. Look around this blog and read the other articles similar to this one. It will tell you a lot. Also, you could get the book Does Your Child See Sparkles? Because it tells about some of the things that psychic kids experience. Find a psychic or medium that you feel comfortable with and ask to sit in some development classes. Feel it out and see if you want to continue. Just because you might be psychic, does not mean you have to development it. But you should know enough to be in control of it. Blessings…M/

  76. I saw sparkles constantly as a kid. when I was little, sparkly green little people would come play with me at night. I dont know who/what they were, but they were friends. I didn’t think about the supernatural or anything like that again until I almost died of postpartum preeclampsia at age 22. I knew I had a meeting with angels that night. After that, the sparkles came. I saw them mostly in bright situations like outside or in class at college, or on a computer screen. I am now 29, and this past year, the sparkles have become really intense. I did see an eye doctor who said the gel in my eyes were knocked lose during the preeclampsia causing a sensitivity to seeing particles in my own eyes. Made sense. But now, I am not sure. I have been reading a lot of new age stuff and angel books. the sparkles come daily, constantly, and sometimes it comes in balls of sparkles, about basketball sized. I convinced myself the “sparkle balls” are from some type of ocular migraines, but I am not sure. I don’t know if what is going on is divine or if I have something like MS..please help. Sometimes they freak me out, like when i see them with sunglasses on. I think they freak me out because seeing them while pregnant is an indication of preeclampsia.

    1. Also, I have been told I am a “sync” based on experiences i communicated to a man who is some type of Shaman. These experiences, I can’t remember the ones in particular, but they come daily as well. I notice the more I acknowledge and give thanks to the signs and wisdom I receive, the more it happens. Right now I am so very stressed due to my husband losing his job. Yesterday, the only times I looked at the clock was 3;33, 4;44, and 5;55. There is no such thing as coincidence right? I think that was my angels ways of telling me they are here, it is going to be OK. I’ve also heard things that I am certain were from my Grandmother who recently passed. She’s communicated to me on little things, like what to wear, how to cook something, and how to hang some home made ornaments made by her. I think the stress i have been going through is making my body hurt, tired, and see sparkles even more (with sun glasses on). Usually the sun glasses stops them, but not yesterday. I didn’t like seeing them with the sunglasses on so I asked it to stop and surrounded myself with a pink light, it stopped.
      Thank you so much for any words of advice, comments, etc. I really appreciate your response.

      1. Hi Shona~ Thanks so much for sharing this information. There are many people who feel that lights, or sparkles is a medical condition. I am sure there are many that are. This is certainly a possibility. However, with the other experiences you have, I must think that you are having spiritual experiences. (Of course, it could be a combination of both). But the fact that you asked the sparkles to stop, and they did, helps in realizing that you have control of it. So, there is some kind of spiritual intervention here. You might try asking for more concrete proof that the sparkles are real. Then wait for confirmation. I have never heard of “sync” before, so cannot comment on that. But I might know the concept by another name. Blessings to you…M/

  77. Hi Melisa,
    Recently i learned pranic healing after that i started observing thing around me. One day I say at the raising sun…it was not very bright. I observed a very huge band of energy coming down to earth. I had closed my eyes after watching the energy band from sun. I saw OM symbol for very log time for say around 15mins.
    After 3-4 days later I observed the sun on same time.
    Again i saw the same type of energy band coming down to earth. But along with that i saw very huge bodies with different shapes coming down to earth.
    I saw very huge black snake coming down to earth. Later I saw huge bodies like ghost are coming down to earth from sun rays. Actually those bodies were in dark violet color. They were coming out from sun.
    Later i observe that same kind of ghost shape(full body from head to feet cover with dark violet color) coming down to earth.
    So i closed my eyes but this time i didn’t see any OM symbol but i saw red color bright circle.

    Can you please guide what exactly it means.


    1. Hi Swamini~ What a beautiful picture that must be! I feel you are blessed with second sight. Meaning that you are able to see things that are not third dimensional — things that really do not have form or substance, that we are used to seeing. When you see these things, ask your Higher Self, or Spirit Guides to give you insight and understanding as to their meaning. You will receive answers. Bless you…M/

  78. Hi
    My grandfather passed away 6 days back. I often cried during the period and all of today afternoon I actually felt a heavy sensation on myself. I went to the washroom for a cry and was facing the mirror. I turned to my side and suddenly I could see a light smoke around me and something that I now identified as ‘sparkles’ after reading the articles here. It lasted for a good 15-20seconds. I called out to my grandfather and told him that I loved him. The pain I have been carrying all these days lifted a bit and I have been finding the weight I have been carrying around also reduce somewhat.
    A lot of things were also left unsaid by my parents and according to our customs the soul departs after 12 days. Is there someway I can contact him again through these sparkles and give him my parents message

    1. Hello Rittu~ I am so sorry to hear of your grandfather’s passing. These times are very difficult to understand and adjust to. But you have been blessed with his presence by the way you explain the smoky energy and sparkles. Even though the soul departs from the earthly realm, the spirit of your grandfather still exists, and can continue to connect with you through your thoughts and feelings. Just talk to him (in your mind, or out loud). He will hear you. He is very lucky to have you as a grandchild. Blessings…M/

      1. Hi melissa
        I told my mum about my experience. And she told me that since round about the same time, she has felt the grief and weight lift off her heart as well

        I want to speak to him again. Can u pls help me

  79. I have seen sparkles of light which were red and blue and they weren’t inside my eyes they would just appear on the walls and on my flag and over my bed when I would be laying down in the dark or sometimes while im watching a movie but they never startled me or never made me feel afraid I’d just watch them pop up and disapper it started to happen everyday to the point where I knew what spots to look as I was laying in bed to look at to see them appear again could some on help or just define what these lights are what they want and the meaning of the colors?

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! Take a look around the blog, and read all the comments too. You will quickly see that these sparkles are a spirit led configuration of energies. Those in the spirit world just want us to know they are well! And love being around. Blessings…M/

  80. My son recently went on his “spiritual vacation to come back anew” after being ill. Since his crossing over journey I have been seeing sparkles every time I think about him or talk out loud to him – at first I thought I was having a vision issue too but it became apparent that it was him. I had to google to see if anyone else was having this experience and have gratefully found you.

  81. Hello! My name is Jaime. I’m so glad I found this site. I used to see this stuff when I was little, it moved all over my room and I was too scared to move and if i had to go to the bathroom oh well I would just go in my bed it wasnt gonna get me haha..but after the years i just began to ignore it. But in the past 4yrs (im 29 now) i spend a lot of time outside and i just stare into the sky and i can see the sparkles all over very bright and clear as i began to get used to it and focus. It kind of looks like a swarm of insects or something alive because they seem to not run into each other. Im just glad i can finally understand what it is. Thank you!

  82. My mother n law died in August of 2011. At the age of 15, I moved in with my then boyfriend-so in in many ways, she was like a surrogate mother to me. She was a tough as nails but tender hearted nurse, and I followed in her footsteps, and I am now a hospice nurse. One of her wishes while she was alive, was for me and my children to be baptized in her church. Sadly, she died before I decided if I wanted to do this. I decided to join her church because I liked the pastor and appreciated the connection he gave us to her memory. We have been been baptized there, and actually a church that was shrinking in numbers is now growing. I know she would be so pleased. She always loved the pastor’s sermons and this is the pertinent part. While he is speaking, I will often see a fine mist over the top of the church-it comes and goes but is definately there-I will blink and still it remains. I have never seen the mist except during his sermons. I can’t help but think she is somehow present. This would seem to fit her style-not overstaying her welcome, lol. It is so cool. It makes me feel good about many things, because I always feel I could have spent more time with her when she was at the end of her life-but I know we kept her out of the nursing home and that was her biggest fear.

  83. I’m 16 and today in sociology I was watching my teacher in a very relaxed manner and realized I saw a white blue outline around her. It was white around her head and got blue around her shoulder/arm/hands. What’s it mean?

    1. You are seeing your teacher’s aura (energy field around the body). Colors mean different things to different people. But generally the white color is pure and compassionate. The blue is for communication and creativity. Quite a gift you have!

  84. I am soo happy to have come across this board. Long story short, I believe my ex boyfriend (who passed 10 yrs ago, but his energy is around me and I have experienced many amazing, spiritual things) came to me one night or my angel? (i was asleep, but felt the energy and woke up) and presented in front of me were 3 triangles (dark silver metal). I kinda looked at it confused (at first), but then the triangles started turning and formed a pinwheel, then the pinwheel blew my hair and blew out orange/gold sparkles which showered me from head/to. I have been trying to find out what this all meant (this happened in August 2012) Meaning, anyone?? Changes; Protection; New beginnings?? I know it meant something. ..This past summer I lost my Mom and then my job weeks later. Overall, I am amazingly luck. I never found that kinda of love that I had w/him and know that I will find love again, at some point. I feel like BIG changes are coming and the sparkles could be some type of attraction for BIG changes, or protection, I’m guessing. I would appreciate any comments. Thank you!!

  85. Thank you for posting this.
    When I was young I saw these “sparkles” all the time at night I used to watch, what I then thought of as colorful T.V. static. I would see them best at night when I lay in bed as described above,by others, but also when I would look at a solid color, like the clear blue sky. I think I asked my mom about this, but she sorta shut me down as I was a story teller when I was young….haha.

    I never felt any sort of presence at all I guess I just thought the sparkles were normal, when I was a teenager I started to believe it was some sort of mind trick because they would move when I moved my eyes. So I started to ignore it 😦

    Recently some strange things have been going on with me, I will think of something and it will happen…. not like a glass is going to drop and it does. But like some deeper stuff, I recently stopped drinking, as I was a functional alcoholic for 15 or so years, so I guess I am having clarity or something I don’t know. Anyway, these strange things that are going on, are quite obvious to me but to others they would seem wacky, so I wont go into detail. Believe me I tried to talk to my husband about it and he looked at me like I’m a loon…ha

    But last night I stayed up reading and when I when I finally went to and bed turned out the lights. The sparkles were back but only faintly, at that point I said ” I missed you, what are you?” and that is why I did a google search on this and found this blog.

  86. I have seen these for the longest and have always thought people Would think I was crazy if I told them about it. Tonight and last night I saw one in the same spot in room that a lamp was on. Tonight I was able to look directly at it as it faded out. I have seen them different places but they usually are always above somewhere.

  87. To Everyone: Comforting to finally to be able to discuss the blessing we have been able to see. I have experienced more & more in the last few years – why? I don’t know. I’ve always been intuitive/sensitive, but nothing like this. I feel blessed, lucky, protected (it goes on & on). I remember one person I told (never again) said I was probably halluncinating. If I’m hallucinating, then why can’t I hallucinate all the time? Last year was tough (losing Mom & job), but I know I am protected and a few ‘angels’ are watching overme. IMO I think alot of people do have guardian angels/spirit guides, etc., but they don’t get to see them – I don’t know why. I can only speak for myself & say I always have always and will continue to pay it forward, I always think of others & (too) thoughtful in general – do these have anything to do w/it? Again, I don’t now – I just say thank you and feel very comforted knowing everything will be ok! I’m curious what Melissa has to say about what I experienced (posted above) we will see.

    1. Bo~~ Bless you for commenting on this blog. I enjoy everyone’s experiences. I also believe that others are still searching and trying to figure out what is happening. So to see so many people that have witnessed this gift is great confirmation for them. I must say, that your love, compassion and openness to Spirit is a major reason that you are able to experience the Sparkles. I like to say it is similar to Living in the Innocence of a Child. Children do not judge but accept people as they are. This is a wonderful way to live your life. Thanks Bo…M/

  88. Melissa: My pleasure…you do feel like (as the G.B pointed out) a ‘loon’ …but, I know that they are spiritual gifts. I just can’t always figure out the meanings all the time (except it’s all good). As I was sprinkled, I knew it did something to me or for me, ex: protecting me (against what, everything?) I am very lucky is so many ways, it’s amazing, sometimes it’s like I have a genie…it has happened more times than I can counter and everyone who knows me agrees (I don’t even manifest’s strange, but so cool) I have always been open to these things, but only experience d2-3 things in my whole life and over the last 10 years it’s alot. I started meditating, to see if that brings it out more…sometimes things don’t happen for a long time…there isn’t any rhyme or reason to it. I am never scared, I LOVE it! So, I guess we’re all blessed (I feel pretty special, hope you all do) Melissa, any comments on what I experienced…Pinwheel in addition to the sparkles, gold/orange meaning? I may never understand what they are doing, I just have to trust! Thanks for your reply – I loved it.

    1. Hi Bo~ I have been pondering your pinwheel experience for some time now. This is what I understand: It seems, that even though you woke up from your sleep, you were still in a twilight-type of state, still accessing other dimensions. This is just like you do while dreaming. You were awake enough that your conscious mind was able to realize what was going on. Kind of “here and there” at the same time! Cool. But as far as the meaning of the triangles/pinwheel and sparkles blowing your hair, I am afraid I have not been given any explanation. I feel that it is for you to ask your own spirit guides and angels to give you the understanding of this experience — speciaficallt for you. Blessings to you Bo! …M/

      1. Hi Melissa, Thank you so much for replying…I wasn’t sure if you would, but glad you did 🙂 I agree w/everything you said…I was still asleep, but it’s like my soul woke up…that’s the best way I can describe it (very hard to explain)…I will now tell you, after my own research, the triangles represented the Holy Trinity…one triangle is amazing, I had three! I wanted to see what your opinion was before I shared about the Holy Trinity. I have asked my angels/ex boyfriend to help me understand (I’m very curious by nature) The best I can come up w/is the same as I said before – I have been blessed & protected, maybe a magnet for upcoming attracrions (not sure, anything is possible). Spirtiual gifts (as I call them started happening after he passed, that is why I am convinced it’s my ex-boyfriend. I will never understand ‘everything’ but that’s ok. I really feel like the luckiest person in the world…I think I am on the right track w/the Holy Trinity speculation…blowing of the hair was invigorating & fun…Last question for you, any comments on the meaning of the gold/orange. I couldn’t find much on these colors, myself. Again, thank you, I really appreciate your input – you just can’t talk to many people about this ‘stuff”

      2. Bo~ I truly believe that symbology of colors is very personal: what it really means to you. but in general, the Gold is especially significant. Gold, as I see it is closest to heavenly realms as possible. Again, I think it is angelic in nature. So you are truly being ‘sprinkled’ with lots of Love from Heaven! But more than that, I feel like they are preparing you for special work to be done with assistance from Spirit Beings. Much will be done in the Dreamtime. If I were you, I’d keep a journal at bedside to record any dreams. You should be amazed.

      3. Melissa: That was beautiful…Thank you so much! I actually do keep a journal, I have only experienced the Spriritual Sprinkles once (Aug 2012) but, I have experienced a cazillion things other than Sprinkkles…I can’t post e’thing, I would hog up the whole blog LOL. I really do feel lucky. As I mentioned before, the following Summer after experiencing the Sprinkles, I had 2 major losses (Mom/Job). I have had a few visits from my Mom (that’s another story)…I haven’t found a job yet (6 mos) but, I know I will (people will say ‘how can you be so confident w/all the people out of work for so long) I wish I could tell them about the Sprinkles, amognst other things, but I just keep it to myself and say “I’m lucky, it wil work out, I have a few Angels around me ;)” I have always been a natural believe in the Power of Positive Thinking – it works for me! Everyone should realize (for example) no matter how many people are having a hard time finding a job & it’s been a while #1 you don’t know their thought process, they could be saying ‘I’ll never find a job” #2 Every one was born with an individual blueprint…My thought process is very different from most, with a strong spiritual bent! Thank you, again, I appreciate you taking the time…Who knows, maybe I in the future I will write about one of my many other experiences, but the only thing is they are not Sprinkled related and I feel like this blog is meant just for that topic….Blessings!

        PS: I have thought on the same idean as what you wrote about “Preparing me for special work w/Spiritual Assistance”…Interesting!

      4. Thanks, Bo~~ I have some news about an open discussion board I will open up in a week or so. I’ll post the link here, when it is ready. That would be perfect for your experiences, and hopefully some interaction with others, too.

      5. Since I’ve been going to Church(4 years),I have seen objects for last 3 weeks with my eyes open in bed.I too noticed my fingers were hard to see, and last night I held my hand there, and the sparkles attached to my hand until I moved my hand under the covers. I always tell God to remove the dark globes that come every night.I also have experience 2 angels,plus seeing my deceased mother.

  89. Hey i never ever really thought about this but after my daughter acting weird at nights i thought id stick a cam in her room as ive had a few weird things happen to me when i was a boy. Might i add she is 6. I only recorded for 15 minutes but for about 12 minutes of the video that was in complete darkness i could see bright white and orangey twinkles of light above her, mainly around her head with some venturing out a bit further (maybe a foot or so).They would flicker between the two colours and also swirl about. Would you consider this to be the same?

    1. It definitely sounds like the same thing! I have never heard of it showing up like this — but, why not? There are spirit orbs that show up in photos. I guess this is a similar situation. What a blessing…M/

  90. I see these often with eyes open. Both during the day and at night. It started heavily after some strong paranormal experiences I had as a teen. I was an “atheist” when I began seeing them. Of course, I know understand there are Universes beyond my perception. I’ve seen sparkles swirling, which I read is the interaction btwn angels and our denser dimension. As well as just random sparkles. Some even scared me till I breathed into my heart. It is now my understanding that the fear comes from my mind’s difficulty in accepting beings that function within other paradigms. Though the one Universal Force and desire has always been Love.

  91. I have had so many experiences threw the years and have been told I’m an indigos child but it wasn’t until tonight I decided to look something up I’ve never seen anyone else recreate. I had been summonsd by a shelf of pendulums to start infact I didn’t even know what they were but wouldn’t stop until I picked the one up that wanted me to buy it. I practiced and practiced until eventually I started seeing green and purple sparks starting from the base of the amethyst rising to the top of the chain where my fingurs rested. I for a long time thought I was jus seeming these until I began to open up and showed my gf what had been calling to me louder and louder until I couldn’t ignore it anymore and she could see the green and purple sparks as well. Infact I hadn’t mentioned what I had been seeing but wanted to ask some questions and show her how I was using my instrument (pendulum ) she was so amazed was so excited when she saw what I was seeing I was blown away she could see it. I still don’t know much but I am striving to learn and understand the many different gifts given to me. I was wondering what ur take is on this can u show someone else energy was it a fluke I haven’t seen it since my pendulum was needed in a different place. Kinda weird I can’t tell u how I know but someone else needed it so it resides in a different deminsion for now . It feels like we will be deprecated for many years until I absolutely need it again. For now I use my kyanite stone as my pendulum on a cloth ribbon as my necklace. It works but I feel like I must know more any advice?

    1. Hi Jude~ I just found your comment, sorry if it took a few days. It must have been hiding!

      Anyway, I am happy you are following your impressions as they come to you. I also am impressed that your girlfriend could see the energy too. I think that your vibrations helped her to see it. Seems like you raise people up. Nice.

      Just read everything you can get your hands on about the areas you want to work with. Be sure to stay in control and feel comfortable with whatever you decide to do. Ask questions of your spirit guides and for confirmation.

      You should be fine! Blessings, M/

  92. Melissa: I found a link to an explanation of Angel Colors & Meaning. It’s really, really good and my colors fit perfectly (Gold/Orange) to what’s going on in my life. Is it ok to paste the link here?

      1. Once I googled Angel Colors, I found alot of info v. colors from spritual sparkles ( didn’t think of doing that before, don’t know why…). I found this link so informative and fits e’thing that I have been going thru. It helped to give me more undertstanding & confidence that e’thing will be fine. Hope this helps all of you….Here is the amazing link

  93. Jude, I read your experience, that’s amazing! Maybe you can look at the link I just posted for meaning of Angel Colors…It helped me understand, maybe it will be useful to you in some way.

  94. Melissa’s, I was laying in bed one night and I awoke to these green sparkle thing hoovering around me. It scared me to death. The next night my daugher (she was about 3 at that time) was sleeping with and I heard her say you get away from my mommy. When I asked her about it she said that she was talking tonthrbgreen sparkly things. It really freaked me out! Any thoughts on what it could be?

    1. Dawn. thanks for your comment and question. I feel like your ‘visitors’ are special spiritual entities watching over you. If you are scared of them, tell them to leave in a polite but firm manner. Please read more of the articles in my blog here about sparkles and psychic kids, etc. I think it will answer you questions.

  95. PLEASE PLEASE READ ALL THE WAY THROUGH. help me.I am a 19 year old male.I was a heavy ganja smoker before I had a terrible experience. One night I was laying in bed after smoking alot, then out of no where a red orb about the size of a pea appeared about 2 feet above my feet.Then another, and anther. Until they formed a kind of robust shape made up out of the orbs.It was weird because they made a kind of humming sound.To continue. .Then after about 30 seconds, they would disperse as if I were zooming out and then there were thousands, upon thousands of miniature red translucent sparkles, I could feel this extremely ominous presence in my room.Then they all disappeared. After they disappeared I looked around my room with this unimaginable threatening, dark, insidious presence in my room.Then a throbbing red orb the size of a tennis ball appeared on my last look around my room right in front of my door about 4 feet above the ground.I could literally see into this thing.It was like a red black hole.I got so scared that a hid under the sheets.After I cooled down and got the courage to come out of hiding it repeated, but even worse and more vivid, as if the scenario was trying to finish.The final orb the second time was about 3 times the size.The next time I smoked it was similar but it was thousands of sparkle clouds that started translucent red, then would go just plain white light color, also on occasion I wold see these floating red orbs that would very in size according to my focus and high level, covering everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I COULD SCOOP THEM UP IN MY PALM AND THEY WOULD JUST FLOAT THERE!!!!! While there were the random floating orbs there also where ones making designs and lines of them hovering across my body and my sheets and even when I would be outside.Last but not leasr.I see these clouds of white sparkles when I’m not high, and when I reach up to touch them my hand tingles like an electric shock.I am scared please give me advice.

    1. Hello Elon~ I have to admit that I do not know what ganja is, but I imagine it to be similar to marijuana here in USA. If smoking this brings the experiences to you, then my first and emphatic advice is to stop smoking it. What is happening is that the ganja opens you up in a lower vibration of spiritual awareness. You are not protected and have not prepared yourself for this mind-opening experience. Since you are only 19 years old, I must ask you to consult with an adult that you respect and ask their opinion of this. They will guide you appropriately. Blessings…M/

  96. I have constant snow vision also see sparkles of purple and white lights. I see many strange phenomenon in my vision path lots of blanks spaces and distortion of space with lights. I see the energy in everything I look at. I see how light shapes. I am pretty used to this and am comfortable with it. I also see aura. This is new. It seems the more I consentrate and except the more advanced I am becoming.pretty interedting stuff. Funny I went to the eye doctor told her my world was a fuzzy screan and I saw purple flashes that differd in sparks and long bursting streaks. My vision tested beyond perfect.

  97. Hi Melissa,
    I have just in recent weeks have started to see sparkles. I see them during the day, flickering and dancing in my vision. For about a year now I have also been seeing gridlines when I wake up in the night. They are on the ceiling and walls, surrounding me. They vary in size, but are always bright white. Any idea what this is about? Thanks for your insight.

    1. Hi Rachel! Thanks for the comment to this article. I understand the gridlines, and have seen movies about them being seen etherically, but have never known anyone who sees them. How cool! I imagine you are looking into other dimensions. And you are being assisted with a scientific spirit-doctor teacher (a highly evolved spirit guide). You might start seeing other things too, like geometric symbols. Start meditating and ask your guide to give you some understanding about it. Please share anything you receive in this blog. Thanks…M/

      1. Thanks for you insight. I will take time to ask more questions the next time I am meditating. You mentioned movies about them being seen etherically. Do you mind passing along the titles? I have been searching for information since I began seeing them, and I have not been able to find anything! Thanks again!

  98. We moved 3 weeks ago and my daughter told me she keeps seeing small white lights in her room. She’s 10. weird thing Is I also have seen them around the house but didn’t say anything due to not wanting to scare anyone. When she told me I was more convinced that I obviously wasn’t imagining it. I don’t feel scared by them. I also see which looks like someone / something stood in the room but when I go to look it’s nothing. I keep putting this down to it being a new home and getting use to the different shadows the house forms when dark and obviously car lights driving past creating light coming through the curtains etc and myself just not being use to it. But since My daughter had seen theses little lights I’m now convinced theres more to it. just to add I’m not Not feeling scared or frightened by it.

  99. Hey there,

    I have been seeing these sparkles for approximately 6 years now. They are really really comforting actually, and happen when I least expect it. I’d best describe it as a dust particle but larger, and really beautiful and like nothing I’ve seen before (except I have seen it …)

    I have a strong feeling as to who it is (as it started happening when they passed) and I’m really comforted that they are there for me 🙂

    It used to occur a lot in the year after they passed and it slowed down. Often occurring when I least expect it to. But recently I’ve seen it a few times (I’m going through an emotional time atm). When is saw my ‘little sparkle’ today I made sure I said Thank-you for being there for me 🙂

    Thankyou for this post it really cleared up a few questions I had about what’s been happening. It’s also great to know that other people see it too. I don’t feel so weird now. (Even though it’s fine to be weird :))

    1. Bethany~ This is kind of an open question. I have more questions for you than answers right now… Does this bother you? or are you alright with it? Best thing right now is for you to keep spirit energy protection around you — ask your guides to prepare a protective barrier around you so that the spirit does not invade your energy field. That will give you time to decide if you want to pursue this. Look for a metaphysical bookstore in your area with classes and lectures on the topic. Check it out. Let me know what happens!

  100. Thank you so much Melissa for helping children and their parents with this topic! I am very grateful to have found your website. I am open to learning and understanding more about the spirit world and have always been very interested in it.
    This is why I want didn’t want to just dismiss what my 5,5 yr old told me yesterday. Two nights ago she was up for a little while whispering with her sister, around 03:30. When I came into the room she asked me what was behind me. I told her “the door” and she said “so you can’t see it. Little sister can’t see it either”. I asked her what she saw to make sure it wasn’t anything frightening her but she described it as non-threatening so I laid down with the two of them and we soon fell back to sleep. She told me then (and told me again when I asked her yesterday afternoon) she sees shapes. Only when she opens her eyes and only in that very room. A square with other shapes who are trying to find their way into it. The first and last time she saw it was the first night she slept in her sisters bedroom 6 months ago. She didn’t tell little sister because she didn’t think little sister would see them (which was confirmed last night when she said she thought big sister just saw the rooms’ decorations). My 5,5 yr old hadn’t seen the (pretty colored) shapes between that first night in September and two nights ago. She said there were also fish that she was telling a story to in her head but they were closer by her bed. The shapes swirled through the air and had positive colors (pink, orange, yellow, and purple). She’s a sweet 5 year old and may not be “special” in a spiritual way, but if she is, I want to make sure she knows she’s understood and is not a freak. I want her to have positive guidance so she doesn’t become afraid. I hope you understand this comes from a loving-mama heart. My question is, how do I help her feel comfortable so she’ll continue to share what she experiences? Also, last night she was distressed going to bed as she knew I had an appointment and I don’t leave her side often (we’re homeschooling). She said the shapes were back and I told her she could tell them she didn’t want to “play” or see them right then. Then she started crying and saying that didn’t work. It was so sad to see her frightened. I guess this ties into my one question of how can I help her? I’ve written down the prayer you mentioned in a comment earlier. The positive prayer to affirm she’s protected by God. Is there anything else I can do for her? Do you know of any picture books we can read together on the subject? Thank you in advance so much for easing our worried minds and helping us to help these little souls feel comfortable with seeing both “worlds”. I have Reiki I and II and I also wonder if sitting in the room at night after the girls have gone to sleep and sending out Reiki can help any with the energy, at least keeping it positive. Much love, Anneke

    1. Anneke~ Thanks so much for searching this topic and finding my blog. Your story is so very similar to many other parents’ (as you might find reading other articles and comments here). Assure your daughter(s) that you totally believe that she is seeing the shapes, even though you might not be able to see them. Instead of saying that she is special, say that she is able to see things in a special way. Many other people are not aware of that way of seeing. (I truly believe that everyone can see these things, and that they exist in layers of existence. But so many people have forgotten how to see that way.) Enlist the help of your daughter’s Guardian Angel. The main purpose of this angel is to “guard” her. Each person has been appointed such an angel by God (Divine Source). But you must ask your angels to do things. So have her create a special gratitude-request for her angel. There are times she may want to see the shapes. Other times when she does not. She may want to completely stop seeing them all together. But let her decide what that is. //// Also I know you and your family will appreciate my book, Does Your Child See Sparkles? There is a link to it on this blog. (ebook or softcover). But I do not know of a picture book for children yet. I am looking for one. I will post about it when I find some. Blessings to you and your sweet family…M/

      1. Thank you for the quick and personal reply, Melissa. I’ll look into getting your book as well as reading up on how to help her find her guardian angel. With love, Anneke

  101. I want to start by thanking you for this brilliant blog! It is very difficult to get credible information on these sorts of topics. I have seen ‘sparkles’ as long as I can remember (I’m 42 years now) and I love the fact more and more parents are open to listening to their children regarding these matters. Both of my boys have quite potent psychic abilities, but I have never even thought to ask them about the sparkles, which I will have to do now! 🙂 There is one thing I’m a wee bit concerned about though, while I do agree some of the time the sparkles may be energy of a loved one, I would like to caution everybody against forming unhealthy attachments to the energy of a loved one. Not only do we earthly beings need to let go in order to move on, but we need to recognise the spirits of our loved one’s need to move on as well, and if we hold their energy in our plane of existence, those same energies can be negatively affected by our attachment. Please, please accept the fact that our loved ones will often pay a visit or 2 to lend us comfort in their continued existence at a time when we probably most need that comforting–accept that for what it is, express your love, say what you need to and let them pass on, even telling them you wish for them to pass on and that you (survivor) will be OK.

    Again, thank you so much for this blog!!!


    1. Thanks so much Mike for your insight. You are right, attachment is not healthy for either party. And although the loved one comes to greet and send love, they have their own work to do in spirit. By letting go, you will be surprised as to how often you see the sparkle energies. Also, very often, the sparkles are brought about by guardian angels and spirit guides, hoping you will take notice. There is so much to cover on this topic! Mike, I hope you are able to read some of the other articles on Sparkles. Blessings…M/

  102. I’m in my late 30’s now and have always seen for as long as I can remember flecks of light moving around like you might find cultures moving under a microscope. They are almost bubble like (colourful like bubbles too), different shapes, tiny, interacting with one another, bouncing of one another, some active, some floating quite slowly. (Not dust particles) I thought it was normal and have never ever thought to mention to anyone. On a night I see active red and green tiny electric like zaps of energy, very rapid almost like fork lightening (but not as severe) entwined with one another – all very bizarre. I then sometimes get a black spot that shifts from eye to eye. I then see snow flakes (like on a tv screen – just black & white fuzz) totally came across this page by accident searching for something completely different about light & was drawn to it to read. I’m now totally baffled. I always thought what I was seeing was normal & everyone saw it & that it must have something to do with natural liquid or dust particles in my eyes? Now I’m confused? Can you advise? Thank you x

    Ps:just remembered: every time I see the day time ones I always think to myself that that’s how I’d imagine atoms & molecules etc to work if we could see them with the naked eye. I enjoy their beauty for a while then get distracted and go about my business again x

    1. Thanks Mel~ The thing is: it IS normal, but not everyone can see them. Only because we have forgotten how — or ignore it to be more third dimensional. I am happy your stopped by, read the article, and shared your experiences…M/

  103. I just happened upon this page as I was searching for an explanation for what my oldest daughter (6 years old) just described to me. She was awake in the night and as I was talking to her she said that there were always all these balls floating around (even under her covers) in the night and that they landed on her and it hurt! :/ She said they land on her neck and legs sometimes and she could feel it. But that they were floating all around (even as I was talking to her). I told her I was sorry I couldn’t see them! And she said she knew I wouldn’t understand, which broke my heart. I asked her about them and she said they were tiny and white, gray or maybe clear. She didn’t seem overly worried/scared of them (and she can be an anxious child in many ways). I want to help her… I don’t know if she is experiencing a spiritual thing or physical issue??? I’m scared for her, though, because I don’t understand at all what is going on.

    1. Emilie~ I am glad you searched this. I feel like her experiences are spiritual. But if you have any concerns, always have her checked by a medical professional. The part that she says it hurts when they land on her skin baffles me. If feel like this might be related to subconscious memories of “scary” or “ghost” movies that she might have seen. They have a way of strongly shaping our young minds. Probably positive reinforcement from you will help her. Also, she has the power to tell them to leave her alone. You can also help her form a positive statement to help with that. Be sure to look at some of the other articles I have on Kids that See Sparkles, or my book, Does Your Child See Sparkles. You’ll find some great info there…M/

  104. Thank you for responding, Melissa. She was awake from about 2am until she got up this morning. We ended up turning the light on for her because she said she didn’t see them then. But she never really went back to sleep. When she first told me about them, she didn’t seem to worried… but then after a while she did because she said they were forming circles and coming at her and it was scaring her. 😦 She said they’d never done that before (seems strange that the first time we talk about them, they start doing something new). She said there’s a LOT of them… like more than she can count. Does that sound “normal” for sparkles? How can she tell them to go away? I’ll also be checking out your other articles. I just feel so bad that she’s been, apparently, dealing with this for quite a while and I never know. She said she just tries to ignore it when they land on her even though it hurts.

    1. Here is an excerpt from my book: “Feeling Empowered vs. Having Fear ~~
      Energy is simply energy. Energy is always energy. Energy can take the form of many different things: clouds, houses, people, Jell-O, even thought-forms. It also can be the way those in the spirit world show themselves: such as with Sparkles.
      Here is an example of how we sometimes view energy: If someone comes into your house, and you feel strange and uneasy around them, then you usually will say, “There’s something wrong with that person,” or “I get a bad feeling around him.” It depends on how we feel about the person as to whether we think it is good or bad. This is only a judgment. It is not how the energy is. It could be that the vibration of that person is just different from yours, and that is why you feel something. But it does not always mean that the person is bad. ///
      The same thing can be said about other things in life, such as Sparkles. The reason I say that is because our younger children have a difficult time relating what they see or feel to us. Their experience is still very limited to find references for this situation. So, if they have seen a scary movie, or ghost story, then they know the feeling of fear. It is a quickening, or tense feeling. ///
      Perhaps, the Sparkles are connected to spirits or angels. But if there is no reference to that, then “ghost” might be what they say and believe. So, something that originally did not present itself as negative becomes scary. Of course, this might not be the case for everyone. But I see this in many situations. ///
      Now I want to talk about being empowered in these strange situations. In the physical world, we teach our children to be safe, and how they can protect themselves. For example: Your child might be at school playing on the playground with other kids. A man comes up and says scary things to the child. You have taught your child ahead of time to stay away from them, and to say “Go away, stay away from me.” ///
      The same is true when dealing with spirit energies of any kind. They may be positive spirits. But they seem scary to your child. Or the Sparkles might expand, and show themselves all the time. It might get out of hand, and frustrating. ///
      Sometimes, children remember the scary movies and relate what they see to something negative. Then their imagination can create more of it. It is real to them. (I have to say here, that once in a great while, there can be a real negative energy. But that is very unusual. The more common thing is that the sparkles, spirits, or situation, is confusing or misunderstood. And the child doesn’t really know how to react to it or describe it.)
      Talk to your child about being powerful, just like the scenario about the playground. Each person is “in charge” of what goes on around them. You have a say-so, whether you want to be around good energy or bad energy. Your child needs to know that they are empowered to be in charge of that. Even if they are good Sparkles, but your child is scared of it, or just doesn’t want it around them anymore, they have the power to do something about it. ///
      It is important to be nice and stay calm. Your child can say something like, “I don’t want to see you Sparkles at night anymore. Go away now. Leave me alone.” They should say it very firmly, but in a nice way. If the child is too small, then the parent can help. But remember not to be aggressive or angry about it. ///
      Through conversations with others, I have found that children sometimes out-grow seeing Sparkles. At least, they become less intense. I think it has to do with being involved with the worldly things of life. Other children embark on a wonderful connection and relationship with the Sparkles. This would be similar to conversations with angels or spirit guides, which I consider normal.” ~~~ Your daughter probably never thought about it being real, until you started talking to her about it. Now, it has become a real thing, and probably makes it scarier. So keep communication open with her. Let her know you h her and it will work out alright…M/

  105. Thank you for the information. I will try having her tell them to go away (nicely). But if that doesn’t help then I’m not sure what to do. I will try to be positive with her. I just don’t know anything about this or dealt with it myself… so it’s hard. She is apparently scared of them (probably because they are hurting her). But when the light comes on, they go away… so she may be sleeping with her light on for a while. Thank you again for your help and suggestions!

  106. I have one more question… in reading on-line… I see what are called orbs are usually bigger and fewer… but what my daughter describes are LOTS (more than she can count) tiny little balls. Is that what the sparkles look like?? Why so many of them floating around?

    1. I have photographs of several 1000 on me in pictures from my iPhone. May I email you them to analyze? I’m 28/f from PA

  107. I really don’t know anything about it?? I’ve never seen anything like that. My daughter is the one who is seeing them… lots and lots of little floating balls.

  108. i would love to see the pics, Kendal…i’ve encountered alot, but no orbs. I was showered w/gold & orange glitter once (blessing)

  109. Just wanted to say its very comforting to see other people seeing what I call firefly sparkles I just started to see them 2013/14 I had third eye awakening 2-2012. Since then many changes have occurred hence sparkles. I kept seeing sparkles and had my eyes checked they were fine. Along with hearing my name being called and a few pokes/touches from something I became alerted to what was going on?? I decided to take a picture after I seen the sparkle show itself then go through my computer screen like a piece of snow and out the other side I was puzzled?? I snapped a picture guess what it is a solid beautiful sphere about 4-6 inches diameter with rainbows around the edges I have to say not an ordinary clear bubble it was quite beautiful, it doesn’t seem to be bothering me by poking or touching after i said touching freaks me out no touching please..but it still hangs out here I like to think its a relative watching over me or a spirit guide/angel. Much Love

  110. What dose it mean to see the sparkles I’ve been seeing them since about 2010 I think not sure but its strange now when I’m in school I almost always see it they are black and white and usually after I see them maybe dayse weeks hours its always different but sometime after well something good or bad happens to me or someone close to me what dose it mean if you even know

    1. Hi Sabina~ Usually, seeing the sparkles is simply loved ones in spirit or angelic forces that are around you letting you know they are around you. They are able to manipulate the energies (or ether) to show you these sparkles. I do not believe that they announce any event (good or bad). These things happen to all of us, so it is difficult to pin point seer-visions concerning this. As I say, good things and bad things always happen. these are not unusual. Thanks so much for your interest. Please look around the blog for more articles about sparkles, or by the book Does Your Child See Sparkles because it answers a lot of your questions. Blessings…M/

  111. My opinion is that what I’m seeing is light/electricity/radiation on a different spectrum than what is normally acknowledged that a human can see. That alone shouldn’t cause alarm, because I realize that those things are there whether I can see them or not. Space is big, human understanding pails in comparison. Gotta roll with it. A person would do well to try to find out how this can be useful instead of being afraid. But of course that seems to be what this site is about.

    I’ve seen the bright sparkling white lights for as long as I can remember. They’re more intense the less light sources there are around me, actually. Even more so intense when I close my eyes. I usually just tune it out. It look like static, or something like billions of stars blinking lightning fast, like a zoomed out view of the universe. It’s pretty neat, actually.

    My vision is better than 20/20, so even though they do at times interfere with my distinguishing of the details of objects, it seems from my experience that in general I’m still able to distinguish details and subtle variations in my surroundings better than most of my companions. (For example, being able to tell how many individual people-shapes are approaching from long range while to others it may just look like a blob only signifying more than one.) I can also see in the dark very well. Not as well as cats it would seem though, unfortunately.

    My first conscious memory of them was when I was about 8 or 9 due to some other interesting visual phenomenon that happened which kind of turned the rolling camera in my conscious memory on full alert. I assume that I saw them before that, but it probably didn’t strike me as anything out of the ordinary.

    I’ve seen more distinguished shapes of all kinds, from floating colors to humanoid-ish ranging from frightening to awe-some. That type of perception happens a lot more often if I were to concentrate on such matters. I do not think that taking the visuals literally is always the best policy, as I’ve noticed my own inner state affects what I see.

    There have been times when I was in a particularly harmonious mood, where it appeared that my mental frequency was creating wave-forms around me and the lights I saw were conforming to them. This in general appeared as circular with complex geometrical shapes shifting and spiraling inside the circle. Look up the wave-forms of sound and you’ll pretty much see what I mean. Very stereotypical new-age type shit XD.
    I feel I’ve earned the right to be a smart-ass about all of this since I’m acting as a jaded inhabitant/observer of this world, while I wait to unlock and unleash my inner reserves

    Good Hunting 😉

  112. I have seen sparkles most of my life but took no notice of them until I became spiritually aware. I thought they were normal until a pattern emerged. I see white sparkles when significant events are coming or happening (these tell me I’m on the right path) I have seen bright purple when physical danger is present (I saw these when an intruder broke into my work and stole a girls bag and then took her car) blue sparkles warn me that something could possible cause me mental harm (usually when someone I know is trying to make me feel bad about myself and I don’t see it)
    I have seen green a few times but don’t know what they mean. I also sometimes see sparkles mixed in with other signs, just last night I saw a sparkle in my right eye that was as large as a ten cent piece and it really freaked me out, then straight after a song that was the favourite song of someone I know who had died came on the tv twice in five minutes and the show I was watching had lots of references that related to this person. I know I was getting a visit by a spirit, and I knew he was there to bring me a message.
    I have tuned in to these sparkles for the last three years and have been developing my spiritual side as much as I can,but I have one problem that after reading your blog you may have explained. I suffer from awful mood swings that I have a lot of trouble controlling and I don’t know what to do. I am a very energetic, loving happy person who is always trying to help my fellow man, but out of no where I can become paranoid, depressed, angry, judgemental, and so down on myself that I can’t bear to be around other people and I just want to shut myself away. Sometimes I can feel like this for a whole week or two, sometimes just for 1 hour, and its like magic when it goes away, it’s as if the fog lifts and I’m a completely different person. Do you know if there is a way of not becoming trapped in this horrible dark state when it sets in? I have tried just about everything and I am even seeing a naturopath to help me treat the physical symptoms. I can’t explain why this happens to me, but I am curious about how this “empathic” trait you speak of works and what do you suggest I read on the subject?
    Thanks for the blog i found it very comforting . X

    1. Thanks so much for finding me! If you look around the blog (on the right side column) you will see the other articles. Some of them are about empaths, hyper-sensitive people and ways to work with it. Also my book, which is on the blog is Does Your Child See Sparkles? It has tons of information in it that will answer your questions. – just too much to cover in the comment section. Blessings…M/

  113. Funny, a friend of mine just told me her son sees Sparkles. It hit me so hard that I use to see them as well and all the time. I have never told anyone this in my 44 years of life. When I was younger, I would close my eyes when going to sleep, it would start as green then turn to red sparkles. They would swoop in and rush around like glitter. Sometimes I would see purple ones as well. This lasted for years. My friend told me to go on line and research it. It brought back so many memories of this. I would watch them and fall asleep doing so. I need to read more about this.

  114. I wonder if you can help me because I swear my child is psychic. He’s 3 years old but the oddest thing happens between us and the coincidence is very weird. I have hashimoto’s so getting to sleep is really difficult for me and I’m often struggling to sleep but the minute I finally start to drift off he cries out and usually needs settling. My husband has already gone to sleep. There’s no sudden noise or light change to alert him to wake up…nothing. I’ve managed to sleep early two times in a year and both times my eldest teenager has chosen to wake me up at 6am when I could have slept in and got some much needed rest. I feel like theres some spiritual tomfoolery trying to cheat me from a good night’s sleep. This isn’t a joke. I’m being utterly serious. My 5 yr old has never done this. What is going on?

    1. Rachel~ I am so sorry you are not able to get your sleep properly. And having two small children really adds to the problem, as well as the illness you spoke of. I get the feeling that yes your youngest has unusual abilities. But it seems more like empathy rather than psychic at this point. And When he wakes up, he is overly sensitive to your pain and desperation. He feels it like it is his own. I might suggest that you regularly protect yourself with a pink bubble of love. then visualize it around your two children — each separately. Do this especially at night before you start the bedtime rituals. This should help your younger son in particular to be resistant to your emotional energies. He will sleep deeper and so will you. Give it a good try: at least every night for two weeks. It will give you a good idea I this is what it is. Blessings…M/

  115. My Mother and I share similar experiences. Twenty years ago, she was in her late 50′s when she first saw “floating glitter”. I had recently moved across the country and she missed me terribly. After one of my visits home, she went into my old bedroom and discovered fine silver glitter all over my bed. She reached out to touch it, and the glitter began to rise and slowly swirled in the air before her. It floated, wrapped around and traveled slowly up one arm, crossed over her chest and traveled down her other arm, and then it vanished. Two years later, following another visit, she went to my old bedroom and the fine silver glitter reappeared. This time it was floating inside a large antique mirror over my dresser.

    A few years ago, my Mother was having health issues and due to her medications, it was difficult to have a normal conversation with her. I am in my 50′s now and I missed my “old” Mom very much. After a few months she finally recovered, and we had a wonderful phone conversation. I hung up the phone that day feeling very happy and relieved. It was a bright sunny day and I stepped outside onto my lanai (a covered screened-in patio). Suddenly, a small cloud of fine silver glitter began swirling around in front of me. It looked like a little tornado of sparkles and I reached out to touch it. It then moved slowly to my right hand, began wrapping around and traveled up and down my arm and then it vanished. I was so excited and felt blessed, as if an Angel had just reached out to comfort me. I smiled and spoke out loud to “It”, and said, “Cool! Do it again!” and I waited for it to reappear. I feel this was a spiritual awakening, and hope to see it again someday. It was truly an amazing experience!

  116. Last night I was in a bar’s bathroom and the ceiling lights had a lot of glitter swirling and twinkling in them. I reached up and ran my fingers through it making it eddy. I looked about and each light beam had glitter in it. I returned to my friends and asked them if they had seen it, which no one had. I thought about it some more and realised that it couldn’t have been physical glitter or else e every surface would have had a thick layer of it. I returned to have a look and could only see one or two motes in the whole room. This is new to me, but I’m extremely curious about it and what it means.

    1. So cool! You were able to tap into the world of Spirit ~~ even if it was for a few minutes. The thing is… the more you try to do it, the more it won’t happen. Forget about this particular event, and just let it happen when you least expect it!

  117. I have been seeing bursts of light and colors since 1982 as I recovered from a nervous breakdown. During the final days of a five month ordeal small white lights began appearing on the walls of my apartment. I would look away thinking I was really really loosing it. One day to refresh my mind I decided to take a shower. In the shower stall appeared white lights. I screamed and asked God why was he allowing this to happen. The presence of light has been with me for 32 years. I decided this manifestation was of God because their presence began to comfort me. The lights are with me wherever I go. I have been surrounded by a rainbow of colors and bathed in what looks like rays of sunshine in my workplace and at home.

  118. Hello Melissa,

    I had visited Bhutan in march 2014.
    The sky is very clear and beautiful in Bhutan. During my visit to Paro, I have seen angel faces in clouds. I have seen the face of couple angel a female and male angel in clouds very clear near the Himalayan mountains.
    Later while going to Chelella -pass, I have seen flying white elephant like body in the sky, The object was not flying but roaming like historical deities in the sky.

    Later while leaving from Thimphu,I brought the singing bowl from the Bhutan. At the time of buying it i was totally unaware of what exactly it is but I like the sound coming out of it so i brought it.

    After reaching home , I did lot of google on singing bowls, I didn’t got much information,, though I easily use it and able to make a sound from the singing bowl.

    But nowadays when I am alone in the house or meditating, I hear the sound of singing bowl even if a am not making that sound.

    And when I open my eye that sound goes off.
    I am not scared of this sound by i am completely clue less what this is happening.
    What does that exactly mean?



    1. Hi Swamini~ It seems like you are raising your vibrations (frequency) while in meditation. This is normal. And the frequency resonates with the singing bowl to create that sound. When you stop meditating, the vibration lowers again, and the bowl sounds stop. What a wonderful experience!

  119. Thank you Ms Melissa on your beautiful article. I always encountered sparkles since I was in college so that was 8years ago. Until now, I always see them like once to thrice a month and Everytime it happens whenever I have problems like crying out loud then It’ll make me feel better and comforted. I really believe they’re my angels , there’s also a time that after seeing them feeling they’re love to me dancing and enlightening me something very good will happen it’s becoming a lucky day. I always tell them ” thank you Jesus and angels for your infinite love and guidance I love you” . 😊

  120. Hi im a young adult who is puzzled as to what is goin on in my life at this time. Everytime i look up in the sky i see these tiny bright dots moving toward me and what i can only describe as a vortex in the day. Its acutally amazing to see. I have also had two experiences where i got of emotions of great sadness it was so intense i hid and started to cry i was in a large movie theatre. I have also been abled to always see energy on my walls. Can anyone help me understand whats goin on please.

    1. Hi Kiki~ Thanks for stopping by. As you search this blog site, you will find lots of other articles that address your experiences. And the book I wrote called Does Your Child See Sparkles? (includes adults) explains so much more. It is all very natural. So do not get freaked out about it. As you were feeling so emotional in the theater, you were probably “picking up” other peoples emotions. You are very sensitive and naturally “feel” everyone’s emotional states at the time. Once you begin to assess whether it is your feeling or someone else’s, then it will be easier to let it go or tune it out. All the best and thanks for sharing…M/

  121. It’s called visual snow– there’s a wikipedia article on it 😉 personally i dont know that there’s anything spiritually significant about it but i’m sure that’s up to interpretation. anyway maybe knowing the name will help you out

    1. Ellis~ thanks for your input. I have researched this “visual snow” idea. And after talking to many parents of children that have seen “sparkles” I know that the two are different things. The visual snow is a physical condition as stated by the Eye On Vision Foundation: “It is important for you to realize that this is a 24/7 condition for these sufferers. The symptoms do not ever go away. Even with their eyes closed they see the static, afterimages and other disturbing visual images.” As in Sparkles, it is NOT an ongoing, 24/7 condition. It is occasional and never all the time. Sparkles is not a physical condition, it is a spiritual perception. But, I must add, I always make sure that the person in question be fully checked by medical professionals to make sure. Blessings…M/

  122. I have always described it as seeing molecules. It never scared me, but as a child I didn’t understand why everyone didn’t see them. I find it interesting and fun as an adult.

  123. Hi Melissa and All, I recently posted on 4-6-14 about what I call firefly sparkles it was reassuring that others were seeing these beautiful little sparkles they can look white or electric blue they show for a split second, I have found if you take a picture they show as little spheres or orbs, most who can see them have their pineal gland (third eye) open children and adults. I assure you I have had my eyes thoroughly checked its not an eye problem. People who cannot see them really cant understand what others are seeing. So for the moms of children and adults that are seeing them ask these questions.
    When you go to sleep at night what do you see in a dark room with eyes closed it might take 10-25 min to start seeing something, If you see black or grey your third eye is probably not open BUT!! if you see swirls or paint splats or lava lamps movement of color red/yellow/green/indigo blue/purple/lavender/white/silver or electric blue your pineal gland is definitely open, and your spiritual center is clear (LUCKY U) keep it that way no toxins…
    Most children at this time are being born with open intuition (pineal gland). Its a perfectly natural part of the body like a nose, mouth or eyeball…

    Open Pineal gland helps you to be smarter, intuitive, focused (less mind chatter) and most important imaginative and creative. Please nourish this positive aspect of yourself!!!

    If U are the lucky few to see bright colors electric blue/violet that look flame-like and shrink down to what look similar to the helix nebula (eye of god) but with purple indigo blue gold or white, YOU ARE LUCKY monks meditate 10-20 years to see this its called nirvana you are blessed….. Much Love and Many Blessing to All BB:)

    1. Thanks so much Bluebird for checking back in! Yes, it is amazing that the new generation is traveling in a completely different frequency that the one I come from! And your advice about keeping toxins out of the body is great. Always be mindful of what goes in your mouth. (and what comes out of your mouth) because words can be toxic too. Blessings…M/

    2. I know this is a super late response but I found this blog because I’ve been searching for answers concerning a violet flame with a blue outline that flared in my stomach after my Kundalini awakening two-three weeks ago. A lot of webpages and information on this phenomenon are rare and if you have anymore knowledge I would LOVE to talk to you.

      Just so you have some basic knowledge of what happened :
      I had been shroom tripping for the past two months and my spiritual experiences while tripping were intensified. While my friends wanted to stay inside and watch movies or read I wanted to be by myself in nature / meditating. I could never pay attention to a film because the inner voices were way too strong. I firmly believe I actually talked to God the last two trips and in one of them felt like I could telepathically communicate and summon entities based on name (Example: Saint Paul) I even had an odd experience where I looked down to one of my shirts and for some reason imagined it as Satan. The sleeve turned into a snake (not a physical but the outlines of the shirt shifted into a coiled snake and I immediately felt pity for the creature as it was inevitably distanced from God. Because that experience was so incredibly profound I began diving more into my spirituality. I have always meditated but never frequently nor daily. I came across a kundalini awakening guided meditation and thought NOTHING of it.

      During the meditation my jade dragon pendant (A gift from several years ago and had just started wearing it off of instinct because I felt connected to it days prior during a shroom trip) It burned hot against my skin to the point where it was similar to an open flame on my stomach. After the guided mediation ended I saw a purple eye appear – greater in size and intensity before a woman appeared in the center of the black abyss that I was staring into. She was the incarnation of love and I felt so much affection and motherly love from her. She disappeared and I immediately felt saddened and tried my best to find her again only to look down (Eyes still closed) to notice a burning violet flame with a blue outline in the center of my stomach. Ever since my spirituality and knowledge of spirituality are constantly increasing at what I think are quite rapid rates. I’ve been led to other guided meditations, connected thoughts, noticing that things aren’t random and taking my signs for what they are without fear of doubt or being wrong, ignoring the thoughts and judgments of others and feeling extremely distanced from friends and family due to lack of understanding, to books (Autobiography of a yogi) (Secrets to divine manifestation). I feel very detached from my life now and struggle to remain passionate about earthly connections such as income, civilization, my friends (which I’m second guessing almost all of my relationships at this point). I am an actor and through one of my new classes was able to make an incredible breakthrough which involves the release of the ego in order to read people better (which my intuitive understanding has increased dramatically)

      I am searching for truths only to be led to insane amounts of information and this hunger inside of me very rarely subsides. I am starting to feel head vibrations like I’m spinning out of my mind in deep meditations as well. Do you know what is going on with me? What any of this could possibly mean?


      1. Hello Ty~ Thank you for researching for information. Even though this particular article does not answer any of your questions, I feel impressed to respond. And, Yes, I do filter all of the comments that come into my blog. First of all, I want to address different sections of your comments.and
        you may not like my answers.

        “Shroom Tripping” I have to assume that this means you are using some kind of psychedelic mushroom. I must make it VERY clear that I do not condone the use of anything like that and ask you to reconsider its use. It takes all of your self-control away from you. The only time anything remotely similar should be considered is through an indigenous medicine specialist. (not a modern day shaman) but a truly knowledgeable and experienced person of lineage. And only then it is to be used discernably and under extreme, personal direction by that indigenous person. This is no joke and should not be entered into lightly.

        “Summoning Entities” This too is extremely dangerous. When you demand an entity into your energy, you are opening yourself up for take over by this entity. If you study spirituality and metaphysics in any way, you will find that this is not a proper manner of communing with spirit. Asking is one thing, summoning is a very different thing. Be care in this respect. Also, losing your self control, you also have lost your spirit discernment ability. So who ever you have summoned will almost always be a faker or imposter.

        Take Care: Be sure to continually ground yourself — actually walk barefoot on the Earth since it has the natural electromagnetic frequency needed for the human spirit to stay ‘attached’ to the human body. Also, do exercises to remain ‘centered’ in the heart center. Compassion and Love should be your calling card, not random searches. When you have not evaluated the search, you open to all the other stuff in the world that does not have your Highest Good in mind.

        As far as the violet flame idea. I have only a passing knowledge of this, since it did not resonate with my heart. So I really cannot speak on it.

        I wish you all the best on your spiritual journey. Please know that there is no fast track to it, only the time it takes to reach your destination. It truly is the journey. Be well my friend…M/

      2. I appreciate your concern and goodwill to educate me! I must clear up some confusion though. My spiritual adventure only started WITH the frequent psychedelic experimentation. I kept finding myself in a place of familiarity and was able to intuitively understand what was going on around me. I no longer use them and haven’t for the last month since I’ve started meditating more and more frequently. [I honestly lost the desire after my kundalini awakening] The degree in which I’ve been increasing my spiritual awareness however is in my opinion sky rocketing from what most would consider normal. I attribute some of this to the knowledge learned from the previous ‘trips’. But I digress, the spiritual experience with the flame in my stomach came from one of my first intensive spiritual journey without the aid of any other mind altering substance. Ever since that journey and my kundalaini awakening I have experienced powerful changes in my intuitive nature. I was feeling rather detached from Earth in general and life up until about last night. After writing my reply I sat down and meditated and called upon (My favorite Angel) Michael and then used this exact line: “I now invite in all of my loving and wise, spirit guides and guardian angels to be with me now. I am in need of some guidance and assistance.”

        I am very familiar with Michael’s presence because my left arm grows heavy and I feel this incredible tingling sensation vibrate down my spine but not in the same way that I feel other energies. His is very distinct. I should also clarify – summon was a poor choice of verbiage. I only ever called an entity under the guise of a guided mediation in which I then learned how to properly connect.

        It was really the above comment that brought me to this page concerning BB’s line:[ If U are the lucky few to see bright colors electric blue/violet that look flame-like and shrink down to what look similar to the helix nebula (eye of god) but with purple indigo blue gold or white, YOU ARE LUCKY monks meditate 10-20 years to see this its called nirvana you are blessed….. Much Love and Many Blessing to All BB:) ]

        I think I was guided to this page for a reason however and will continue to follow this blog. While new to spirituality I find myself meditating for at least two hours out of my day if not longer. I figured you would be pleased to know that last night I connected with God. I also know God’s presence because it’s very very distinct. I was filled with so much love that I wept uncontrollably and ultimately submitted my will to his own. I was filled with a strong energy and the only way to describe the sensations was “powerful”. The amount of love I was able to witness last night was incredible and only continues to reaffirm the truths that I am finding myself thrust in.

        I also would like to add one last thing as I think you would find it interesting. Upon calling Michael last night I asked that he would interject into the lives of my three closet friends and protect them from any disillusionment they might be facing. (None of them believe in spirituality) I was approached by my roommate this morning who told me he had a dream I would “like”. Upon hearing it he said a large ball of fire fell from the sky and shifted into a human form and followed him inside a house during his dream. Then he said the figure took a meditative stance and light started shining brilliantly around him.

        Thank you so much for everything you do and I truly believe you are a God send. I can feel your kindness and thoughtfulness in your response and I am happy to have made your acquaintance. Cheers and I look forward to all future post!

  124. wow it’s incredible hearing about this. Lately I’ve been feeling different, like very conscious about energies with nature and people. I sometimes think I’m going crazy but I’m sure it’s something out of this dimension. Anyways, today I went running and for the first time laid on the grass. I looked up at the sky and for some reason started seeing these tiny tiny specks of light. So many of them just moving in front of my eyes. I tried touching it but nothing happened. I tried looking towards the left and when I focused there the specks appeared again. Then I tried focusing closer toward me and could see the specks closer, but during all of this I could see nothing happening around this. It was just like a section of two by two feet of these lights. Then I saw like a vortex, it was dark and it was moving either inward or outward, I don’t remember. Only thing I know is that it was always there but like behind all of the light. I understand this tiny specks could be energy, even spirit. But what was that vortex I saw? I was actually writing two poems before running and I felt a great happiness and for the first time I was running without getting tired at all. After this specks happened, and as I leave I ask myself if my grandfather could be there to guide me through writing my poetry and if he would like it (he wrote poems himself too, while he lived many years ago).

    1. Also, something that has been happening and happened again after the sparkle episode while going home. My eyes seem to focus so much in nothing on the road ahead of me that I have perception of everything ahead of me. It’s like I focus on nothing, but am aware of everything. But then I feel that I’m loosing my direction like I’m in 3rd person and not myself anymore. Then I say stop, you’re going to crash if you continue. And I stop. It has happened a few times and it’s pretty scary. Do you know what it could be? I feel it’s something out of the ordinary. Thanks a lot for the insight 🙂

      1. Thanks for your thoughts CapeA~ It seems that as you focus so intently, you are able to move into a kind of trance like meditative state. It is perfectly safe, only not when you are driving! Plan on doing this while sitting in a sacred space, or during meditation. So that it is done on purpose. Good luck!

  125. Wow I am 34yrs old and literally just discovered yesterday after stumbling across a post that seeing and hearing this static and tiny particles is something not everyone experiences. Like you as a child it terrified me. I would close my eyes tight so I couldn’t see the shapes it was trying to form. I also hear a static sound. This has happened every night of my life. Also to add I am very sensitive to spiritual energy. Meaning I’ve had experiences since I can remember with spirit. I only feel though I’ve never seen one except for when I close my eyes. Just recently I’ve been seeing orbs for the first time ever around my children and myself. I don’t know if it’s all connected or maybe my abilities are trying to grow. I’ve had this extreme feeling lately to try to enhance my abilities and search for information regarding this. Has anyone else had this light static sound at night?

    1. Thanks Amanda for commenting! I have not heard of this static sound (except for the blood rushing through my brain!) so Hope others will see this an respond. Blessings…Melissa/

  126. Hi , I’m 52 and have been seeing beautiful coloured lights since I was about 14 , it scared me when I was young because I believe it to be spirit around me . It’s took a long time for me to realise but I now regard myself very lucky and now appreciate them every time I see them which is all the time of every day .
    Yesterday I was driving my car with my 29 year old daughter beside me when she said , “mum there’s a blue light on your arm ” , when I looked I could plainly see blue lights intermittently dancing on my arm ! , it was fantastic to be able to share it for the first time with someone else and at the same time 🙂 . Amazing !!

  127. Hi again ,
    Sorry Amanda in my excitement I didn’t answer your question. Yes I have had sort of clicking and buzzing sounds and when I researched this I understood that it is someone from another realm giving you information but your brain is unable yet to desifer it , so you need to acknowledge it and your brain will work it out and the messages will come to you in another way . Hope that makes sence ?
    As for the lights , I have learned from experience that if we choose to we can have them in our lives or not as we choose . I have been through stages in my life when I didn’t want spirit so I blanked them out . But now I’ve got older and slowed down a bit I have more time to appreciate them , I was advised to read a lot about it ,and the more I’ve learned the more fascinating it gets ! , the lights are like a fleeting friend who only pops in unexpected ( but always welcome ) I can be deep in my work and I ask myself if an idea that I have is right , sometimes a little (usually blue ) light will appear so I suppose someone is telling me ‘yes’.
    It’s like the light bulb that you see above someone’s head in a cartoon !!.
    My advise to you Amanda is follow the light ! 🙂

    1. Thank you for the information. I do remember a time I heard the static and voices ( like a static radio playing and I couldn’t make out the words), a conversation between a man and a woman and I even heard them laughing. I heard this every night for a month every time I went to bed. The house I was living in had tons of spiritual energy that my whole family and I experienced. But I haven’t heard the voices since.

  128. Hi all, this is BlueBird again, Along with the firefly sparkles and colors, I heard for the first time last night/this morning a loud horn sound in my right ear. I thought is was the spirit in my house messing around because it wakes my up in the morning by telling me to get up or time to get up (i know i know sounds weird) BUT TRUE… Anyhow I looked it up horn sounds astral travel/dreams, CONCH SHELL came up WOW it sound exactly like that.
    What is this can anyone explain???

  129. Yes! , I once heard my fathers voice as I was falling to sleep one night (he’s been passed for years now ) , but he wasn’t talking to me , it was as though I was listening in on a conversation and they didn’t know that I was there , it only lasted for a couple of words but long enough to recognise his voice .
    The more you get into reading about it and taking notice it will all become more normal to you .
    Make friends with your sparkles though cos they are little friends x

    1. Sorry I have not been on the conversation! But you all seem to be doing well without me. The best way to get hold of what is going on psychically or from Spirit is to start sitting for development. Spend some time each day in light meditation. It is so you gain control of the abilities. (Spirit is the one that sets it up, but they need your feed back to adjust how it is coming to you.) So talk to your guides so they know how you receive the info. It might be seeing, hearing or feeling. When you get a regular session going on then things just fall into place.! Check out my book Psychic Integrity (you’ll find it along the side bar in this blog) It is full of everything you need to know to start and continue your development. Blessings…Melissa.

  130. Hi Melissa, I was looking for the horn sounds in particular, loud in my right ear it felt like it kinda hurt inside the ear this morning. The conch shell sound is exactly like what I heard but very loud…It woke me up.. No voices/No static/No humming/ Just loud Horn 1 time..
    Why do you think everything is relating to right side, Electric blue orb looked like a bluebird landed in right hand then twirled around arm and then body clockwise out the top of head..Blue electric energy shooting from right hand to sky like luminescent fish net then sky was blue I ran my fingers thru it like luminescent water it felt like pure bliss and love, its all with the right side.. What the significance with right side, the horn and electric blue light??
    Puzzled BlueBird:)

  131. Thanks Malissa ,
    I really appreciate your advise , I will certainly take a look at your book , I’ve already started development classes ,meditation daily and a circle about once a fortnight and you are totally right ! , lots more things are appearing to me and it is making much more sence – and much more comfortable and exciting than it was at first . It’s never scary any more , there’s definitely more out there than people realise . God bless xxx

  132. Hello Malissa,
    I am happy that i found your blog. Ok, what i am going to describe is a little different or maybe not. But what i see is like millions and millions of shiny glittery white particles floating in the sky with a really high speed. I remember being a child and seeing these small things in the sky which used to move positions with the movement of my eyes.
    But these glitter particles, i started seeing only in 2010 and there are millions and millions of them dancing around, interacting with each other and changing directions on their own accord and they do not move with my eyes. They are their own entities and there is no button to just switch it off and stop seeing it. Its been years since i have seen a clear sky. I had been really scared in the beginning, and thought that there was something wrong with my eyes.I got my eyes checked, and my eyes are healthy enough.

  133. I see sparkles sometimes, most recently was about a month ago and I asked my mom about it since it sometimes makes me dizzy but she said its my blood cells or something like that, I don’t remember exactly what she said but definitely didn’t make me think of blood cells or whatever she said it was. I am 17 and I’ve always been rather spiritually aware. But sparkles I didn’t really think much of until more recently

  134. hello, i am rahul from India i have also experience this type of orbs since childhood and my many freinds discussed about this phenomenon and i am curious about this, so please raise this matter to higher authority of scientific research like as nasa agencies they might will be able to solve the mystery behind it.

  135. I am in my 60’s. Recently one morning I was up in the kitchen and headed toward the bedroom when I noticed up above faint blinking lights outside the bedroom door. I open the curtain[there is no door], looked up and saw swirling, white blinking lights. Swirling and blinking very fast. The room was dark otherwise. I look toward the living room and there was no lights there. I felt confused as to what was happening. As I stood there in the doorway, it eventually dissipated and then I saw nothing. This was very dramatic, so much so that I thought I was ill. I feel ok. I know I am very happy at this time. I know of no deaths recently. I do believe I am an indigo person with all the signs. What do you think?

    1. Hey KR~ thanks for your experience. You know, there are lots of ways to look at the Indigo thing. And I believe many folks from the 1950s and 1960s are fore runners for the new kids on the block who are fully open to energy. And as you (I’m in my 60s too) get aware of what is unseen, you start to recognize what has always been there. You might want to do some more investigating. Thanks…M/

  136. Bless you and your work. 🙂 know that you touched me today, and made a difference. I was one of those highly empathetic children, and spent a lifetime seeking and denying. I am now 37 with 4 kiddos, and things are coming out and happening, not surprised so much as a little scared, and in awe of what I feel and can see. Your blog and website has given me the freedom to decide to talk to my kids and make sure they know they can share with me. Thank you. 🙂

  137. Hi Melissa,
    About 14 years ago my grandfather passed away. One night about a month after his passing I was sleeping and I woke up to my room filled with golden sparkles, the energy was electric and filled my whole body with a strange calming warmth…. then a voice told me everything was okay, but someone wanted to talk to me.. I sat up in bed and looked at my boyfriend still asleep then looked at my door and my grandfather stepped out from behind it. He was not old anymore, looked like he did in his 40’s, he was smiling and wanted to tell me he loved me very much and hugged me.. the hug was so warm and a relief came over me as the sparkles swarmed around the room .. then everything was gone. I have never believed that it was a dream, but now and then I dream of him and I having conversations…. have you ever heard of an encounter like this one? The golden sparkles of electricity was unforgettable.

    1. Yes, Brandi. I hear this wonderful experience many times. It is such a blessing that we are allowed to encounter our loved ones after they have passed away. That is what this blog is all about: Sparkles and how those in Spirit are able to send them to us to comfort us. Thanks so much for sharing your experience…M/

  138. This is amazing. I came across this site when I simply googled soul sparkles. My 21 year old daughter died 3 months ago and I have been so bereaved… A couple of weeks ago I started seeing little bright sparkles. My oldest daughter just bought a necklace that says “Her soul Sparkles”, in memory of my daughter/her sister, and I love the saying and since beginning to actually SEE sparkles it has even more meaning. I haven’t told anyone about what I see but I’ve felt in my heart these sparkles are signs from my daughter, now to find this site I am even more certain. What a blessed gift!!!:)

    1. Yolette~ Thank you for stopping by. I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a child is devastating. But what a sweet way for her to let you know she is fine and around you! And the other daughter bought a necklace dealing with Sparkles too! Very Precious. Blessings to you and your family…M/

  139. Hi Melissa,
    I just lost my Grams yesterday and it led me to think of her husband, my Grandpa who passed before I was born, and how long it’s been in the physical world since they’ve been together. I always had the overwhelming feeling my Gramps has been watching over me. When I was young, my dad and uncle were putting down my mom (divorced) in front of me for what seemed like the thousandth time. I blew up and stuck up for her and ran to my room. At the time, that feeling defined loneliness. When i lied in my bed crying, looking up at the ceiling a warm, loving and calming feeling overtook me and what I describe as a birthday sparkler the size of a bathtub with colours I had never seen before and with all of the light coming fr the center… It seriously looked just like a sparkler. I haven’t seen it since but knowing that presence is near me or was at the time makes me feel stronger and well, lucky. Have you ever heard of this before? I mention about my Grams because I feel like I’ll be losing two grandparents today. It is so bitter sweet.

  140. Hi Melissa, Im so happy that I found your page, i always wanted to share my experience with some one, 6 years a go I lost my brother his wife and my niece their daughter in car accident, this has changed my life completely it changed me. and beginning of this year I lost my mum as well, so it not been easy. for the past 6 months I start seeing sparkling light around people and in my home they only shows for a few seconds and they disappear, I even had my eyes tested and there is nothing wrong with my eyes.I just want to know what are these sparkles are they angels or maybe spirits, hope I find my answer with you. Thank you 🙂

  141. This is what my daughter wrote me. Nothing about sparkles. Suggestions:

    uh also not sure if this is anything big but mom, ever since I was really
    really young, like a toddler. I see things like bubbles in the sky kinda
    moving around like they’re alive? As well as random shapes in different
    colors, blobs around people or just anything in the sky or on a blank
    surface usually. I never thought it was a concern cause when I was little I
    always believed in magic and that I saw auras and it was only last year I
    realized “wait this might be important”. and it’s kinda embarrassing cause
    its so weird but yeah. they don’t bother me (theyre kinda pretty tbh) but
    just thought that might be important. And I heard other people say they see
    the same things sometimes like old school friends when I was little so I
    didn’t think it was. too significant to my health.

    1. Hi Roxanne (and daughter!)~

      The bubbles and shapes thing is very similar to the sparkles. Not everyone sees or experiences this blessing the same way. But if you look around in the other articles on Kids Seeing Sparkles, you will see similarities to what your daughter experiences. It all represents spirit energies being shown to make themselves known…M/

      1. Just wanted to reply about the horn/trumpet sound in right ear I believe its is the OM or AUM sound heard in the inner ear only I believe Clairaudence (Etherial), it is a good sign. It cant be heard by anyone else except for the person its happening too, at the time its heard. So the chatter on utube about hearing horns and earth trumpets or groans is different. The sound of AUM is open for interpretation like a buzz, humm, car horn or very awakening loud trumpet. All good…:) FYI

        P.S. Still see little electric blue sparkles BLUEBIRD

  142. When I found this page I couldn’t believe other people are experiencing similar things as me. I feel I need to share whats been going on with me since I was a child after finding out that it isn’t just me.(I will be straying away from the “sparkles” a bit though because it is only one “symptom” for lack of a better word.) Though from what I’ve read on this page I feel like what I see and experience is beyond what you’ve described. I’ve never shared this with anyone by the way and I do feel a little weird posting it on here for the world to see, but now that I know it isn’t just me I don’t mind so much. Alright, when I was four or five years old I was woken up by, I dunno what it was but it felt like a lightning bolt struck the center of my brain and I immediately sat up. When I sat up I couldn’t open my eyes no matter how hard I tried and I couldn’t speak no matter how much I wanted to yell. During this I could see an older man, long white beard and hair in a blue trench coat type jacket with insane markings on it and he was just starring at me, like he was looking into my soul.(Sorry this is hard to explain, I’ve never tried putting it into words before now.) He was starring at me four what felt like an hour without blinking and then he finally blinked very slowly, looked at me again, smiled, then dissipated. It was like he was just water evaporating into the air. This has never happened since, but when I try to go to sleep I get the same electric shock in the center of my brain, and jolts my whole body sometimes, nothing too special happens when this occurs now but it’s always the exact same feeling of that night. Ever since that night though, it was like everything about me has been upgraded, my mom always told me she thought I would have a lot of issues with school because I wasn’t the quickest learner. But school was a breeze, all the way up to the last schooling I had, if you show me how to solve the problem one time, that’s all I would need, its memorized now. My reflexes are simply incredible now, I dunno how to explain what I mean, you would just have to throw a bunch of things at me really fast and watch me catch them all even if I didn’t know you were doing it until they were in the air. I feel like I see through people in a sense, I just need to look at you, mainly into you eyes and I will have a pretty good grasp as to what you’re feeling.(I’ve only tested this a hand full of times but I was always right in my prediction.) But by far the most interesting thing is my eye sight. At first I would see white lights that were like shooting stars 4 or 5 different ones rapidly racing across my field of vision at any given moment for 20 to 30 minutes sometimes. So during school, instead of listening to the teacher teach what I already understood 5 days ago I focused on the light I was seeing. One day I accidentally un focused my eyes and the light started to slow down until it simply just turned to this smokey type of film that was everywhere I could see. This took me until 10th grade to figure out but i finally did and since then, the “shooting stars” haven’t gone back to there “original form.” Now it’s just become part of my vision and i’ve learned to ignore it when i’m at work or socializing. But still, I can’t really find words to describe exactly what I see. That film you spoke of when you lay in a dark room, I see that all day every day no matter what, no matter what the weather is, how bright it is, if i’m inside or outside, it doesn’t matter what i’m doing, I see it all day everyday. Honestly it’s mesmerizing I don’t mind just sitting alone doing nothing for an hour because of what I get to watch. When i’m watching it sometimes it seems like it’s trying to tell me something, like its trying to for the shape of a body or the shape of something it wants me to see, i’m still trying to figure out how to communicate with it if I even can.. I feel like there is some way to do it because if the “film” isn’t just floating around at its free state then I always get this feeling its trying to tell me something, no matter how hard i’ve tried to think that it doesn’t have its own intelligence I always find myself trying to figure out what the picture its seemingly trying to draw for me is. I still see bright lights and flickers in the corner of my eye or right in front of my face 5ish times a day. There is more to this but I just realized that I’ve written way to much to expect a complete stranger to read all of this and honestly i’m still not sure if anyone could understand what it is i’m seeing, but I still need to understand it myself before trying to get others to. Sooooo if you have any advice for me or pretty much anything to help me understand what this is, that would be amazing. Also, not sure what a star child is, but i’ve been meaning to look it up because 4 complete strangers, have told me they think I am one. One of them even told me he could see my aura and it was “the most beautiful aura I’ve ever seen.”

    Thanks for at least reading this(anyone who takes the time to) I do feel better putting some of my experience out into the world even though i’m unsure of how many people will see this.

    C’est la vie

    1. Great comment, Chris~ Thanks! I am sure you are not alone with these experiences, but not many people will share them, I guess. My first thought was that you were out of the body during sleep, and zapped back too quickly, so it felt like a lightning bolt. And even now, you jerk back into the body. But just make sure your spirit guides and guardian angel are with you to keep you safe. Blessings…M/

      1. I did try telling my parents and friends at first and got in trouble for being a liar & excluded for being crazy so I decided to keep it a secret. Thanks for opening this door for me, I was hoping for some type of guidance on what I should do with this, or maybe I really do just have a screw or two loose. I was too caught up in the moment before I didn’t realize you are in the parenting aspect of this and probably have no answers for a 23 year old living on his own. It is kind of odd you mentioning out of the body experiences. I basically live a second life after I fall asleep but I remember all of it when I wake up but the zap could be connected somehow.
        Let the search begin (:

    2. I was curious so I looked up “Star Child”, they had another name for it as well called Star Seed. Well from what I read it reminded me of the book and movie called the Host. Not saying that you are a host by any means (I’m assuming you’ve read the book or seen the movie?). I only looked at a few websites and they both basically said that a Star Child (I am just summing it up) is someone with both human and extraterrestrial origins. One website said, ” They grow up faster both physically and mentally. They tackle problems and school subjects in often unconventional ways that work but often leave the on-looker baffled. They are more naturally spiritual but less interested in church-going religion.” If you don’t mind my saying, but this sounds a little like you. It is very interesting, and exciting. I don’t know how you must take all the crazy supernatural phenomenon in your life, and I don’t know how I would take it if I were in your shoes. I would probably be just as confused and curious as you are. Good luck in learning all you can about yourself. I sure wish I had a couple of people near by to help me figure out a few things about myself, or teach me how to understand my spiritual self. lol Here are the few websites I checked up on if your’er curious 🙂

  143. Bluebird here again: This blog is such a blessing, helps so many people to know were
    (NOT CRAZY)!! You cant talk about this to just anyone (WAKADOO)….
    WOW what a great journey Chris has had, Its to bad humans are not more experienced and supportive with who we are, sounds like you have been on the spiritual road for a while already. (YOUR BLESSED) I have not had that much support from husband, family and friends (judgemental and criticizing) 😦 during my own journey third eye opening in 2012 due to illness Spontaneous, When eyes are closed and in the dark, I see pulsating purple blue to violet shrinking in and out with gold and green irregular edges to a opening of dark sky with white stars (eye of god nebula) similar, violet static with pulsating gold , OBE but not always aware, lucid dreaming with flying, hearing voices,hearing music and pressure in head with high pitched humms to loud horn sound (OM), feeling touches at night, orbs or spheres all around my home and yard hence (SPARKLES).
    I even see electric blue or violet electricity in my dreams coming out my right hand or dreams of being electrocuted. Looks like lightening from a tesla experiment. From my own experience I try not to leave my third eye open all the time after meditating to give myself a rest and take my experiences for what they are i dont want to get caught up in my own experiences and stop my own growth. My experiences are always changing and exciting and scary at the same time, but I LOVE KNOWING IM NOT THE ONLY ONE:)
    peace love all BB:)

    1. I have the same experiences! Minus the blue or violet electricity. “hearing music and pressure in head with high pitched humms to loud horn sound (OM), feeling touches at night, orbs or spheres all around my home and yard hence (SPARKLES).” I have experienced these a lot here lately. I’ve been doing a lot of research on it and I still wish I knew more. I wish I knew why I was feeling touches at night, and why I hear the most beautiful music that I have never heard before in my life. And every now and then I will wake up to someone calling my name or saying “Hey!”. One day at work it sounded like someone yelled my name and no one was around. It’s crazy and I sure wish I knew more. 😦

  144. I didn’t even know we had a name for this! For as long as I remembered I have always seen these “sparkles” I’ve just summed it up to being vibrations, or my eye sight must be even worse than I thought. I’ve seen orbs clear as day through these sparkles. It’s truly amazing. I’ve seen golden orbs just fly right on by, red orbs fly all over my ceiling at night, but mostly black orbs. I see the black orbs mostly in the day, or when there is light. One night I was laying down in my room, in the dark, just observing the sparkles and a flash of blue light went flying passed my dresser out of the corner of my eye. I still can’t explain that one. I do have pretty bad eye sight, so maybe all these sparkles are just that, my bad eyesight. I don’t know. When I take off my glasses the sparkle becomes stronger. Yes, my vision is blurred tremendously, but the sparkles are so much stronger. What do you guys think?

  145. Bluebird again,

    First a word of appreciation for melissa’s blog, website and great books:)

    So many of us (Humans) Question in silence when it comes to unexplained experiences, we all have our journeys some good some not so good we work through them.

    I myself have asked hundreds of question, researched internet, have read at least 100 books NO KIDDING.. Still i’m walking this road of discovery in the dark. I hear Your a starseed, Et ties, your psychic, your clairvoyant. man o man etc., etc. I must ask myself would one label solve the mystery? I say no..

    Since 2012 it has been crunch time for me and many of us to up our vibration: meaning cleans toxins from our body’s, clear negative thought patterns, awaken third eye meditate, detox from material goods REALLY would 1 more louis vuitton or range rover make your life change for the better or would you look to feed your ego more?

    My journey has been fast paced full of exciting and scary baby steps, but like the rest of you we are all looking for answers?? I dont think there are any real pin-pointing answers.

    If there is anyone who knows the exact answer, I would be INTERESTED…

    Lots of love sent your way BlueBird

    P.S. Love reading everyone’s experiences, my vibration feels inspired..

  146. Bluebird again,

    My last experience on 10/8/14 was waking with eyes still closed in the morning and seeing beautiful glowing pinks, violet, gold, white static colors with moving goldish, whitish balls of rays of light. The balls of light were all in a row in the back and one was moved to the front and talking to me about a subject I had been pondering on for awhile and gave a good answer.
    Are the balls of light angels, ascended masters, spirit guides of some type? Has anyone had a similar experience, this has happened only 2 times so far the first one I just watched in Awe no talking, then the light vanished.
    Leaving me wondering what was that that just happened.. Bluebird

  147. I took a photo of me in the mirror. And when I looked at it it was a tall thing no mouth but had short ears that stuck out like sherck on cartoon movie and he looked dark green…had his arms around me and I had sparkles throught my body

  148. I have seen sparkly floaty things my whole life. Of my 4 children, one of my son’s starting saying he could see colors. It scared me at first but then I realized it was the same thing I had always seen but never told anyone. As I have gotten older I have started to see what looks like static in the daytime. Also I see a glow around people and other living things. Recently a man I had never met ask me if I was a very spiritual person. I said actually yes I am, why do you ask. He said he could a bright light around me especially around my head. I thought it was weird at the time but it got me to thinking about things and reading a lot about things like this. Thats how I found this article. Very interesting and look forward to learning more.

  149. I came across your article, whilst looking for an explanation for some sparkly movement I filmed in my bedroom, during the day today. Up until now, I’ve filmed mostly blue or white what I believe to be orbs. Some very clear and circular, others so transparent. I am fascinated, and not at all scared. Xxxxxxxxxxxx

  150. This is my first time googling a description of what i saw as a child for years. And i had believed it may of been imagination. Im 35 now, and can remember them very vividly. Not one adult believed me. So why would I? I prayed for them to go away. And i hid under my covers inly to peak out and still see them as clear as i could see any object in the room. I usually prayed myself to sleep. By morning they were gone. At times i ran down the hall and slept near my parents bed on the floor. They followed. Always moving quickly, following eachother in a way an intelligent being is aware of surroundings. The light of energy was always white and bright, moving with speed and purpose. In threw the top of a doorway about two feet from the ceiling. One after the other in and around over the bed in a circle and out to the hall and back and around. At times while under the covers i could hear a sound lightly. I cant explain well, not voices, just motion sounds. I could feel them close by. The light was a circular ball of white about 1foot diameter maybe a bit smaller. All were of equal size. I couldnt say it was solid but possibly when something solid moves so rapidly (like a fan) u can see it is of substance but in motion it appears thinned in density. As if the ball itself were not one but possibly smaller pieces rapidly in motion within the circle that was also in motion. Appearing to be one ball of white light gliding quickly in a pattern a watch dog may create making rounds of the house routine before bed.

    1. This is pretty cool, Melissa8811! I too used to run down the hall to my parents bedroom (when the witch was not sitting there in the way!) Yes, I think it is always there, we just haven’t always seen them…M/

  151. Im laying onu daughter bed listening to gospel music. Suddenly sparkles start flickering around me. I don’t know what this means. This has happened to me years ago as well. I’ve have never told anyone else about it.

  152. When I was a small child (3 or 4), I woke up in the middle of the night to see translucent figures, outlined in “sparkles” walking around my bed and down the hallway into my parents’ room. There were at least 10 or 15 walking around, guarding. I didn’t know how to describe it but the only thing I could come up with at the time was that the sparkle outline was similar to dust particles illuminated by a ray of sunshine coming through the window. I was so afraid, I hid under the covers for as long as I could. Some time later, I peaked out from under the covers and they were gone, save for one figure leaning over the right side of my bed, holding a bucket. The outlined figure slowly emptied the contents of the bucket on me which was a rush of warm air. At that point, I knew it was real and I hid back under the covers. I am now 30 years old and have not seen anything since but obviously this experience has left a lasting impression on me. The internet is amazing in that it has allowed me to discover that others have shared similar sightings which now I’m sure to be angels! Wow!

  153. I read your article, and some of the replies and I have to say that while I agree with some of the views and points – it is a little disheartening to see all of the attention going inward and pointing to psychic aspects of this phenomenon, rather than being able to see what the creator intended for everyone with spiritually open eyes to see as evidence to His power being confluent through all things in creation.

    I have studied this phenomenon to exhaustion – and have firmly concluded that what we are seeing is the synergy between our existence, and that of creation as a whole. We and everything which exists – is identical at the atomic and sub atomic level. While we have mass/matter – that mass/matter is determined by our atomic value – we and everything perceived equals nothing but energy.

    The fact – that we exist with a consciousness and are able to produce our own energy fields should identify that something greater exists which grants us this unique quality.

    I have seen these sparkles – however.. I see flutters of light when my eyes are closed, and sometimes bright lights when they are open in total darkness. It is a shame to see such a great gift ; be turned to an “inward light” of one’s self rather than to see it on a creation scale as it should be seen.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Brian. I can see they are very well thought out. All the points you make are logical. All of which are directed back to the Divine. I also see the “inward light” of one’s self as part of that Divine Project, not separate from it. As many people that read this article, they all see it in a different way. And all ways are perfect, as is yours. Blessings to you my friend…M/

  154. Wow, Brian Clark does have a right to his opinion, BUT if it is judging the way other humans should have their beautiful GDly given experiences and trying to shame the beautiful shared communication we are having with each other, I SAY NAY….

    We all are different some are new to the experiences and need non judging helpful comments to grow spiritually. We need to take our exciting and scary baby steps with support of one another, there is only a small percentage of humans that have seen their soul light, the deck is already stacked against us..

    The experiences are already a little mind bending and can be quite scary to some, we need to nourish and feed each other with kindness and love so we can grow and not be blocked by verbal or religious boundaries, we are more than our bio-candy coating and I for one want all HUMANS to experience the beautiful Gdly given light we were bequeathed.

    Please don’t let criticizing, shaming, EGO or closed minded people tell you what you should
    see or do, you may be guided with others experiences and see what works best for you in your highest interest.

    Let minds be opened lovingly and let the Worlds collide with no boundaries.

    Like always love and highest vibrations be sent to you all.. Bluebird:)

  155. I have seen this for many years since I was a young child.

    Initially, it was hard for me to describe it and the closest thing I could find to associate with it was glitter flying in the air or static. It’s always there no matter what. I would ask people if they see this and they would say no, that I needed glasses or something. When I wear glasses I still see this. I have only met one other girl that sees this.

    Thanks for making this article. It makes me feel a little more at piece that there are others who see this. 🙂

  156. Thank u for the article.. 🙂 I’ve been seeing sparks since junior high, now I’m on my 4th year of college.. I actually never really care about my experience until I saw the sparks 30 mins ago before I found this blog.. out of curiosity, for those who have seen the sparks, how big is the size? bcs the sparks I see was very tiny.. it’s like small floating dots, as tiny as glitter, and the colour is diamond-like / silver.. true, it only lasts for a few moments. but one thing!!! each time i see the sparks (since junior high), i somehow always feel happy….. happy because the sparks i see was so beautiful. It’s like seeing diamond powder floating delicately and slowly in the air, right in front my eyes, and the number of it slowly decreasing, until it completely dissapears.. i honestly, NEVER TOLD THIS to anyone in my family bcs i do realize that “probably it was just me..” and yes, i googled about it and stumbled upon this blog, and now i’m curious what are exactly those sparks…. another person’s spirit? another creature? still not sure……
    oh forgot to say! a few times, i saw the sparks during/after praying….. haha soo curious what are those!!

  157. When I was five I starting seeing it all the time. It scared me because it was all over me and my room. I didnt understand it. My mom would have to turn the light on and stay by me till I would fall asleep. She took me to doctor and told him I was seeing things and had me mentally evaluated. During my teens I dont remember having any experiences with it. It wasn’t till I was in my 20’s when I first started to practice mediation that it happened again. I went to go to bed after mediating one night and I started seeing what I describe as a translucent mist or sparkles of color and i saw blue flashes of light then pink and blue swirling together. I’ve experienced more of this through the years since it started again. The lights are peaceful and I’m never scared but i also have a dark shape that seemed to appear around same time and it makes me very uncomfortable. I’ve had nightmares of same figure. Does anybody know what it is?

  158. I have always seen sparkles and I have noticed that if i meditate everyday i can see energy even more intense, i will see energy like wind in the room moving around and also little shadows that cross my field of vision then seem to disperse. After months of meditating everyday i saw what looked like 2 moths flying around a light in the office at work but they were just shadows, no one else noticed them. I have had a lot of paranormal experiences, relitives contacting me in dreams from spirit realms and out of body experiences, also dreamt about things that have happened as they are happening. went to sleep one night at my cousins and dreamt i had been stabbed and was looking at the front of a church led on my side, apparently i was screaming in my sleep, on the news in the morning a lad i knew was stabbed and murdered outside the church in town over a girlfriend. I am trying to develop mediumship as i feel its a path i must take in this life. my family think im crazy.
    Thanks for reading Andrew.

  159. Thank you for this article, I was excited to come across it researching after my latest paranormal experience.

    I am a recent college graduate and am experiencing a lot of anxiety and depression for the past few years. I come from a very spiritual family who taught me about angels and energy, giving me books to read about them. Today I was taking a bath and reading a Sylvia Browne book about Angels. I decided to take her advice and pray to them, asking them to heal my hurt and bring love down to me. (I also always pray to my Grandma who has recently passed asking her to always be with me) Also I thanked my guardian angel for always being there for me, because I was laughing about how hard a job that has to be to always be there for me when it feels exhausting feeling so intense all the time!

    Basically I was just ranting and asking them to come to me and surround me to heal me. So then i get up and start my day. Getting dressed, putting on make up, and packing up my bag for the day. Maybe 20 minutes later I walk into my room and there is a ton of white spots in the air, that looked like sparkles. It was very similar to when you see dust in the air or when you rub your eyes too hard. But I hated rubbed my eyes, and there was no sunlight coming through. But there was all these sparkles, so I stared in glory amazed. My “rational” side thought I would turn away to see if the problem really was in my eye, because if it was it would follow no matter where I looked. But as soon I turned to the hallway the spots were gone. I am kind of disappointed that I had to look away, and wish I would have looked longer.

    I dont know why I continued to doubt myself. Online there was a lot about anxiety causing spots, or medical conditions, blah, blah, blah. I should NEVER doubt the presence of angels (or at the VERY least some sort of energy) again because this experience was so undeniable. I had prayed for them to come, I had educated myself on them, I had opened up, and literally a half an hour later this seeing sparkles in the air happened!!

    1. Hi April! Yes, I think we all doubt about these things. Our logical mind tries to “explain-away” everything that does not fit into the 3-D world. But don’t beat yourself up about it. You have recognized it. And the angels know you did. It will happen again, I am sure!

  160. I have always seen sparkles in the air but have never understood what they meant. People have told me it was my vision. I see them dart around and fly around each other. I always seem to experience them whilst out in the open, closer to Nature.

  161. Hi,
    I came across your blog as I was google searching about small green light flashes. And this is why, I was playing with my kitten inside our tent home in the woods, its night time. In the middle of us playing a small green light flashed underneath her super quick then disappeared…. At the same exact time that this happened it scared my kitten to death making her hiss out of fear which in turn made me scream and jump because I wasn’t expecting her to jump herself and hiss…..
    I just want to know what that was because my kitten kept looking for whatever it was that caused that sudden flash after it happen…. And I also started hearing movement and some sort voice outside of my tent which sounded a bit like laughter a few seconds after the flash occurred

  162. Hello,.I.see sparkles,. But also smoke, sometimes covering my eyes, I see misty figures who seem to always move there hands, I have asked them to wave to me which they have,.I also on occasions seen dark shadows.. I seen dogs,. Too. The more I experience this, over time I am seeing this everynight. Last night the misty figure face appeared,. Not like our faces but more of a outline, I knew was nan. I even felt pressure on my forehead. I do have a gift, have always been able to read people, but in the last year,. I am now able to see spirits. I do believe the sparkles are angels and the misty figures are family, the dark shadows I believe are visitors.

    1. .I often see large friendly dogs.[ I do not recognize them as I have no dogs.]This is while trying to go to sleep or sleeping. Does it have a meaning?

      1. Hi KR~ Sorry that I cannot tell what it means for you right now. But you could ask your spirit guides to give you information about it. Might be that it was the best way to get you familiar with ‘seeing’ etheric energy! Blessings, M/

  163. HII

    when i see these golden sparkles . on that day/night i definitely get accident. as i discuss with my friends they make me fun. sometimes i am worry about that, i also share it with my parents then they went to doctor and astrologer with me. as doctor said u have vision problem nd astrologer said its nothing may be due to tension. but i am too much worry about that. is it any spirit/angel? but now i feel its something a natural power which always help me to protect myself

  164. I’ve seen these sparkles and I see them everyday when I’m outside in daylight and sometimes indoors. I describe them as very small silver fire flies and there’s millions of them. It starts off with a large circle that has a blurred ring around it and then the sparkles come out of no where and once they’re there they don’t go away. I’ve tried closing and rubbing my eyes but they’re still flying about.

  165. As a child, I used to watch the sparkles every night before falling asleep. Somehow, I eventually fell out of the habit and forgot all about them. I have only recently rediscovered them and I now occasionally see auras. Sometimes, if you pay close attention and focus, the sparks change colors and you can even see movement in-between the sparks which looks like a moving cell or a kaleidoscope. Thanks for the read! (:
    Best Wishes,

    1. Also, I forgot to mention, after watching the sparkles for some time last night, I began to hear my vibration.

  166. If at all possible, I’d like to hear what you have to say about my experiences with “sparkles”. For as long as I remember, I’ve been able to see what I’ve always called “the haze” but, until recently, only in the dark. My oldest real memory concerning them is from when I was 9 or 10 years old, I remember sitting out in my best friends back yard around a fire late at night, and asking him (rather out of the blue) if he’d ever wondered what it was and what caused it. He stared at me blankly for a moment and then got a surprised look on his face, then began telling me that he’d never actually noticed before, but now that I had mentioned it, he could clearly see what I was talking about when looking up at the night sky. I was surprised, I’d always assumed everyone saw them and didn’t know what to make of this, so I quickly changed the subject, and never really thought about this every day part of my life, until later on when I started to notice that I could see more sparkles (or thicker haze, as I’ve always thought of it) around living creatures and some inanimate objects. Then, within the past few months, I’ve started to see them during the day. I don’t see them naturally every day, and the days that they come seem to be random to me, however, I can always see them, even in noonday sun, if I consciously look for them. I don’t know what I’m seeing or what it could lead to in the future, but I’m starting to get concerned because they seem to be getting more and more obviously visible over time. At the moment, I see the highest concentration around my door frame (not the door itself) and around the mouth of an empty wine bottle stuffed with Christmas lights that I have in my room. Have you found any signifigance in when you see them most strongly or the areas they seem to congregate in? I can’t seem to find any, but I would really appreciate a fresh perspective on this phenomenon.

  167. Hey melissa. so anyway i think i may be one of these “crystal children” or whatever because ive been able to see these sparkles since i was a kid and my mom even stated i claimed to see smoke as a child and chase it around. im 17 now and it feels like its stronger than ever. I have to literally try and focus to keep it from blinding me sometimes. almost all the points you have made in that post related to pretty much exactly how i describe it to my friends. But i still have absolutely no idea what it is exactly. sometimes (pretty often) i even see a thing stronger than the static that is an actual colored light and is probably about .5-4 inches wide. My affinity to this ability is incredibly strong just as i stated earlier it feels like it can blind me completely at times. i thought that it was the ability to see spirits because i thought a blue or yellow light meant an angel and a red or black light meant a demon. I am able to see both the lights and the static as if it were a part of me. like you said as a child i claimed i was afraid of the “dark” but i did not understand the thing i was truly afraid of is what was in the dark. i am able to see it a bit more in the dark than in the light but it is always extremely potent. Now at my age i think of it as a part of me. if i lost it itd be like i lost the ability to breathe, eat or smell. Im still not at all sure what exactly the static and lights are or if my description of what the lights mean are even correct at all. id like your point of view on the subject if you have the words to spare. I want nothing more than to truly discover what this power is and why its so strong in my eyes. there was even a point that i thought it was a type of eye disease because of how obvious it was to me yet no one else that i told could see it. If you have any ideas as to what this is other than what you wrote up there of course it would be much appreciated!

    1. Hey! I feel that your are able to see into the other dimensions that many humans are not able to see. This includes the energy (frequencies) that creates material things in our third dimensional world. As they are organized by Spirit (angels, guides, loved ones from spirit, and other entities) the vib-particles you see move and radiate in many different ways. Other people can see them, but in different ways than what you see. We each have the ability, but many are clouded for one reason or another. You are blessed…M/

  168. Hello there Ive seen your article after googling what my four year old seen last night. It wasn’t a dream. She was wide awake pointing at it, getting frustrated with me that I couldn’t see it. It’s happened her before when she was younger but she couldn’t explain it properly.
    Her eyes were following it. Last night she explained seeing beautiful shapes. Circles. She said they were purple pink and green and they were dancing. She’s drawn a picture of it and it’s like circles with swirls then triangles coming out of the top of them. Maybe three or four triangles. I know children can exagerate, make up stories dream etc but my child was being very real and wide awake. I’d be so grateful if you or anyone else knows anything about what this could mean. Kind regards. Victoria

    1. The shapes represent many things, depending on who is seeing them and how they represent symbols. So I do not have a particular meaning for you. However, these are things that many children — and some adults — can see or perceive in some way. It becomes more prevalent as time goes by. What she is seeing is very common and not a problem. It is important that she realize that she has control over it. And if she wants them to go away, she must state that to them. Many children grow out of this ability, but some develop it into a beautiful psychic gift…M/

  169. Hi Melissa,
    I have a very sad yet also warming story about my first experience with sparklies just the other day whilst trying on my wedding dress.
    I’ve been engaged for just over a year to the man of my dreams but our engagement has been tough in terms of events that have happened to us.
    Last year I lost my grandad, a man so very special to me, at the time I was pregnant with twins but sadly lost them at 7 weeks on the day of my grandad’s funeral. My fiancé was going through it too as his mum had just been diagnosed with Cancer.
    We fell pregnant again not long after, but so sadly, lost our beautiful daughter Ava Grace at 17 weeks. No explanation for it.
    But with all that sadness, we’ve stuck through it and grown stronger.
    So, whilst in the bridal shop, having my dress fitting, I just turned around to look at the woman holding my tiara and suddenly I was surrounded by these sparkles. They were very real, very there. Dancing silvery, bright sparkles falling around me like confetti, but dancing in swirly and jiggly like movements.
    The whole thing lasted less than a minute. But it was an incredibly special moment and I’m certain the special people we had lost came to share it with me. My Grandad and our little babies xxx

    1. Let me offer my condolences to you for you and your family. I know those are difficult life events to move in. But the story you relate is such a sweet one. How lovely that your family from spirit have shown themselves to you at your fitting! Thanks for sharing these experiences for others who read this blog!

  170. I always seen the white glitter light….there so tiny , gone so fast..I was never scared of them. They give me a sense of warmth…like erethng is gonna be OK. I just saw a ball of light was the size of a golf was gone so fast..no1 else saw it ..I always seen things and heard things nobody would ever believe.. I’m so happy ..

  171. Every time I close my eyes to go to sleeping see this white glow, I’ve been seeing it for ages but it’s only starting to occur to me now that I’m noticing it more. I’m 16, I would be a very spiritual person, I believe in most of the spirits and things like that but I would really like to know abit about why I’m seeing this white glow. Thanks

    1. Hi Milky Murphy~ I have the same experience on occasion. I have always thought it was my own Inner Light shining through. But also think it could be the Higher Guardian Angels, etc., protecting. Has anyone else seen the white glow after closing your eyes at night?

  172. BlueBird:) again
    melissa Leath/Milky Murphy:

    I have experienced the white light a few times in the morn eyes still closed before i woke up, it was still dim in my room. The light was so bright it seemed I was looking at the sun midday. One of the times I woke confused about 4am and thought I was late for work and started panicking and asking myself what time is it? I then realised i couldn’t see the clock and then the light went away and I could see it was still dark and early in the morning.

    Wow that was weird, I told my husband and he started laughing. It is usually a peaceful feeling i summed it up as being with source/healing? Except for that one time I guess it takes you by surprise sometimes.

    I sometimes see purple/blue pulsating color and then white goldish mist mixing around when meditating swishing and pulsating around sometimes makes my head feel a bit dizzy but manageable at this time i start to see little twinkles of the white light in a dark sky then it goes away..

    I now find lucid dreaming and astral travel mixing in a little, (A LITTLE MIND-BENDING).

    It would be nice if there were directions haha.

    Love, Light, Peace…

  173. Ive seen sparkles since five. Ive had visions. People who have passed have come to me in dreams to give me a message or a message to pass on. One time I heard a childs voice say mommy I said Im not your mommy Sweet heart. Go to the light I turned around and saw a large orb go through the ceiling so I turned back around and sitting in my chair and felt a hug and I turned bsck around and there went that orb up and out the ceiling again. Ive seen a shadow person only once. When my step father inlaw had cancer and was dieing he asked me to do his last rights. I wasnt a minister at the time. In the hospital I couldnt see him to do it everyone was going in in twos so I didnt get to see him . That night at home I cryed sitting on my love seat feeling like I needed a hug looked up and there stood a beautiful angel that put his arm out as to hug. He did felt like a warm caring hug. After he just dissapeared. The next day he wait till I got to the hospital When I got there I gave him last rights then he passed. That was my calling. was pregnant with my daughter I had a dream Jesus brought her to me and said heres your lil piece of heaven. I am a empath I feel and take on others illnesses. I can instantly feel it when someone dont like mel .

  174. what lead me here are visions I have been i googled..blinking train lights spiritual vision. And now I am here!! For the past two months I have been seeing visions when I close my’s like being in a train or moving car going through a know the flashing lights. Also over this time period i have seen other forms of visions of light..a total whiteness once..a small straight up and down rainbow out of my left eye..a total vision of green just like the whiteness, but green. Another time i saw a mist of what looked like a ton of very tiny snowflakes or mists of rain..but the weather was mind you i live in florida. so it was not snow! i drive past the same fountain every day taking the kids to school. One afternoon i was going to pick them up. looking out the window passing the fountain i noticed about three feet away from where the actual fountain is what looked to be three straight up and down clouds with those same very tiny “misty things” is what i call them. The day was sunny and warm clear skys no reason for this to happen…then when i got to the school..i was waiting for the kids i saw a purple rectangle was like looking through a window with purple haze…no i was not actually looking out the window..i was looking at the back of a seat. the vision was clear as day..i have seen three tiny sparks of light with my left eye and on the same night right after that one tiny yellow one out of my right eye..then the next day..a shining blue what seemed to be ray of light while i was standing in my kitchen..there is no place for a blue reflection to come in my kitchen not like that one was. Now I’m going to say a little bit about me..i have most always seen spirits of one kind or another since i was very small. never shunned them away or feared them. To me they have always been part of my life..but i have never seen visions of light before now. When i was giving birth to my last child my son. i passed away on the i guess you could say i have had a near death experience..if that is what you wish to call it. since then i sense things much more, I’m a very healthy 49 year old woman my son is now 11. i don’t take any medications not even aspirin. My sight is good along with everything else..i even still skateboard do gymnastics, know the normal stuff that people do with their families. i started noticing headaches about 2 years after my son was born..they would sometime last for a couple minutes. then leave..then i started taking note of them..they were only occurring during very strong earthquakes. i always wonder if I’m feeling the vibrations of the earth. the stronger the earthquake and the closer the stronger the headache..but i never take any medication for them because they usually don’t last that long..unless of course they are really big and really close..when the Hatti one occurred i even got sick to my stomach.. so now you understand the feelings that also come along with my visions. sometimes i can feel certain other peoples feelings as well. i wonder why it’s only certain people..some of the people i don’t even know personally just that they are friends of friends. i know it’s all a bit strange to walk the earth being me. i often think about when i was on that table and i was really in another place..i didn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel i did get a bit of greying around my sight when i was passing but when i was out..i was just there standing in a field..a giant field with trees surrounding me..all i heard was music..drums calling me back..all i knew was i had to find my way to the drums. it’s taken me a very long time to find a place to tell my story. and yet i thought i was the only one seeing lights and visions. i thought maybe some of the other peoples blood that i was given that day..6 pints or more..might have carried their spirits within me now..( i thank them all very much for giving me the chance of life again)..where ever they all are!! i thank them everyday. i know there is a meaning to all of this. i just have to find it. i know it was the music that brought me back!!! but the other things i see and feel..i don’t know about them. only life will lead the way. so..i wish you all the best in finding out your meanings to the visions that you see.

  175. Hello Everyone,

    I am 21 years young, and I have been seeing this glittery sparkles like dust flakes on and off in my life. I never came across anyone who had seen them or never paid much matter bc it was a warmth feeling. As I came across this blog, it has made me feel better about myself, and better of how I have seen glittery sparkles. It always either happened in the middle of the night, before bed, on a sunny day as i am alone in peace or in the early dark morning 4/5 am..This morning I woke up late 5 am.. It was a normal morning just a little earlier, I did regular rutiene bathroom, brush my teeth, as I was stepping in the shower I started to notice the rain of sparkling glitter, I closed my eyes to think it was a vision, I opened and they were still there, At this very moment, which was the most recent it has happen I felt this happiness in my life, I felt as if the world stopped, as if even my heart beat stopped and all that was happening was this sparkles. I decided to do some research and I do believe is energy, I believe is a gift, a blessing. It makes me feel gifted

    I do not know when will be the next time this would happen to me but I am highly looking forward to it..

    I am a child of god, i do deeply love god with all I am, I try to be as connected and keep a great relationship with god and his ways… Lately I’ve been sad in complete distraught, and This upcoming Sunday is my grandfathers memorial… I do not know if it can relate but it makes sense. to me it does.

    As a child, this has happened to me. The day of my cousins death, as I woke up in the midle of the night A bright light from my closet shined and it woke me up as I seen what appeared an Angel to me , I felt confused I was 4 years old and I can clearly remember this scenery.. What is it?

    I decided to open up and tell my mother, she advised we’d see the eye doctor, i said no I’ve seen the eye doctor December, everything is fine, she said we’d schedule a physical I said no it is not pain it is different, she said no you are weak and your body can’t take it.

    I do not know, I’v been through so much in my life, the sparkles this morning it was just a push to say keep going my child you are gifted and i have so much planned for you….

    1. GrettaAileen! Thanks so much for your sweet story. And I am so happy you were able to find my blog. As you can see by the long list of comments, there are many people who have seen the same type of thing. Blessings to you…M/

  176. I don’t know if I’m asking for advice or if I’m relieved that this is even a possibility.
    I’m 29, male, and before today I’ve never experienced anything like this in my life. I’m a certified belayer where I work and a group of children were there using the climbing wall in our facility. As a child climbed I looked up at the ceiling and sparks were cascading down. (That’s what I was seeing) All I could do is stare, I decided to close my eyes and shake my head. I looked around and it didn’t follow my field of vision. When I looked back up it was still there, immense and beautiful, until it just went away. I asked a few friends if they saw it or if they have ever experience anything similar. The consensus was no and lack of sleep. Anyway, it’s probably nothing. Just a hope, perhaps you can shed some light on the matter. Thank you

    1. Hi Seth~ Sometimes being tired or having low energy can put us in a state that allows us to see inter-dimensionally. We are not as connected to the third dimension, and open to other realities. So I feel that yes, you did witness this wonderful energy display. If you try to make it happen again, it might not be there. But when you least expect it, then -boom! there it is! Thanks for sharing…M/

  177. I had one experience when I was a young teen. I was sitting on my bed, leaning over and looking out the window that my bed was pushed up against, when I notice a few tiny lights slowly circling me. I sit up and then see that there are a multitude of tiny lights slowly circling me in this sort of hazy light. After about a minute or two they fade away, but I have always remembered that experience and still wonder what it meant.

  178. My experience(s) are a bit different, than “sparkles,” but I have been having eerie experiences my whole life and in the past year and a half they have gone to “another level.” About a year and a half ago, I quit my job, ended my long-term relationship, and moved to another state to live with an unmarried family member who is the closest thing to a true parental relationship that I have ever had.

    I have had chronic back pain as long as I can remember. After being in my new town for a few months, I decided to visit a chiropractor for the first time. I hadn’t really gotten around to researching any an the area when I saw a chiropractic office on my drive home one day. I immediately turned into the parking lot. I was told I could have a free consultation right then and there. I was aware of an “energy shift” as I walked in. I sat waiting in the exam room and soon the door (opposite the one I entered through) opened and I have never been the same.

    She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen; more than that, her presence was the most beautiful and intense feeling I had ever felt. She didn’t really walk in, she sort of glided. I can only describe the sensation as a combination of awestruck, dumbfounded, terrified and mesmerized. There was nothing else in the world. On my drive home, I thought of Mario Puzo’s book “The Godfather” and Michael Corleone being struck by “The Thunderbolt”. It’s the only explanation I have for my experience.

    I began a treatment program and saw her for several months. The first encounter was the most intense, but it never lost its thrill or magic. Eventually, my schedule and hers couldn’t align and she transferred to another location in a much larger city 80 miles away where she lives and had been commuting from. This was a major blow but I decided that everything up to that point was my imagination and/or a reaction to the stress I’d been feeling for years that caused me to leave my former life behind.

    But I thought of her constantly. Sharp, physical chest pain, insomnia, loss of concentration. I decided I would move back to where I came from and put that all behind me. I moved back (not to be with my ex, though) but the thoughts and feelings of longing, mystery and pain continued. I tried to go back to my previous life but something was wrong. I had to go back. I packed up my things and returned to the city where I met her.

    After about a month I decided that I would not find peace unless I somehow acknowledged what had happened. For almost a week, I planned how to re-approach her. I had written her songs and poems. Instead, I found my copy of “The Godfather” and inscribed three lines in badly-translated Italian. I set a target date to see her. For the three nights leading up, I did not sleep. I fretted over what to write, when to go, etc.

    At about 4:00 AM on the morning of my mission, I stepped outside onto the back porch to smoke a cigarette and the world felt stranger than normal. In the distance past the tree line, I heard what sounded like an iron heartbeat that was very slow and very rhythmic. This happened for a few moments and the I heard a sort of blast from the east, which when I looked over I realized that it seemed to come from the exact location of the office where I met her. After the “blast” there were some seemingly calm moments. As I looked into the tree line, I thought I saw the Moon or Venus very large between the branches. The light shrunk immediately, but seconds later a much smaller, sharper light popped out, glowed bright for a second or two, then disappeared, only to reappear and repeat this process several times. Each time in blinked I could feel it getting closer and stronger. I remember thinking “Have I just seen Tinkerbell, and am I losing my mind?” Immediately after that thought, the next blink was much closer than the blinking intervals would have suggested. And I realized it was approaching me. It glowed very bright; I was remarkably calm for the confusion I was feeling. It was glowing longer and stopped blinking as it got within about ten feet of me, now just a steady glow. The light was coming right at me and I knew I couldn’t fight it, so I stood still and it came right at my chest and entered my body. I felt calm.

    The next day I went to get a box of cupcakes to bring with me to the office and give to the doctor and the staff. When I got to the office I saw that it was closed. I knew she worked almost exclusively at the office she had transferred to, so I got back in my car and drove the 80 minutes to her new office. As I pulled into the parking lot I saw her at the outside trashcan dropping off bags of trash and the feeling I got told me that I wasn’t imagining it. I went inside and waited for her to finish with the client she was with. When she came out to see me, it was like the first time all over again. I made small talk (or tried to) but mainly just tried to keep the stupid grin off my face. She asked if I wanted a spine adjustment then and there, but I said I had to run, but gave her the cupcakes (meant for her and her entire office staff at the old office) and the book. I told her which chapter I recommended she read (Ch. 23, the one about “The Thunderbolt.” I was dying to ask if I could see her but felt too self conscious with the receptionist close by, but said I would make an appointment to see her next week.

    That was two days ago and I will be driving back down there next week. No matter what, I must get the words out.

    I apologize for the rambling story and the tenuous connection between my experiences and the sparkles. I didn’t think I could tell anyone I know and could find plenty of information about “The Thunderbolt”/”love at first sight,” but nothing that resonated with my experience with the white light entering me. I have always been a very intuitive and imaginative person, but non-religious and only vaguely spiritual. Between our initial meeting and my trip to see her two days ago I began practicing meditation and studying various world religions, not looking for answers but insight. My gut feeling is that the light that approached and entered me was a spirit/force guiding me to continue my mission to express myself to her, to see it through. I still can’t really sleep, but I don’t think I will until I can get the words out. Thanks very much for reading. Just writing this all down makes it seem a little less mysterious and frightening.

  179. Hi, my cat died a month a go in an accident. A week later I was going outside and looked back into the lounge through the window and I saw this shape made of not so much sparkes but more of a crystal and light shape. I thought it was just the light or a reflection but I looked again from a different angle and it was still there and it was in a shape of a cat. So much so I went back in and petted it. the shape was not moving and I did not feel anything when I was petting the area where I saw it. I felt crazy at the time but tonight I was searching the net and found this site. Has anyone had a similar experience?

  180. I’m a 12 year old girl, and for as long as I can remember, everytime I would look at an object and look somewhere else, I would see beautifully colored dots around the object I looked at. My dad died when I turned four years old. And, in my old home, you could always see that he stood near me in the camera because of an orb which is very closely to me. I began research on why I had dreams that came true and could guess where an item was very easily and got it right 18/20 times. When I learned what I was, a physchic, I practiced it a little more, but I never meditated. When I learned about automatic writing I stopped researching. I was afraid, afraid of God, because I didn’t want him to allow a demon in my body. Also, only two days ago, I had a very important and seemingly realistic dream. I dreamed that a demon had taken control of the house, and the family who lived in it were afraid. One person was not wallowed of faith, he was a preacher of Christianity. However, he did not know what to do, and was taken over by the demon. I came up to him, and said “Use the Bible, have faith in what you do.” And he did. As he said the words, the demon took over his head, pleading “Please! Stop!” Then he was gone. I wonder what the dream meant’? Would you like to explain what it means..? Also, before that I have been having dreams of a message given to me by an angel. One was something like, “…..coming. Promise to me that you will stay pure.” I promised. Another was, “The Fifth Angel has come.”

    1. I see the sparkles day and night, same with the dots. I see orbs whenever I look at some kind of natural light during the day and night as well, but only in certain places, they aren’t everywhere so…

  181. Hey, its me again! I got a question this time, a few days before father’s day, I saw one blue sparkle at night, it transformed into a blue orb, and then it started to become a blue the time the shoulders were formed, I turned on the light, scared to death.. Do you know what that was?! Also, how do I tell my mom that i’m not imagining seeing sparkles. I told her about it and she completely denies it. She says that they don’t let you see them anymore, and she won’t believe that I can still really see and hear spiritual things. She was even a witness of me showing her where the spirit was and I told her what it was saying when i was little, they rarely speak to me now.. because I dont let them finish forming……..

    1. Welcome back Rebekah~ And thanks for your words. I am sorry that your mom cannot feel comfortable about this situation. But it is YOUR experience. So accept it with love and keep it in your heart. You are being blessed…M/

  182. Hi there, it’s so nice to read about so many stories that are similar to mine. I’ve always saw little flashes of light, usually a light purple or white light. Recently I have started seeing flashes of light, and I have saw the swirling white lights everyone has described, exactly how people have described. It’s the pattern to it that really throws me. If it were simply “floaters” in the eyes and a scientific reasoning would describe, then I can’t see floaters as having a design and pattern. I had a very intense experience last night. It would be impossible to dismiss this event as a trick of the eyes, the lights were very obvious and swirling in patterns in the dark. I was very scared and had my eyes closed tight, very similar to the experience you described Melissa. The white light is a positive though I would have to believe. I believe this experience has something to do with angelic presences. I try to explain things logically and scientifically if I can, but sometimes the only logical explanation seems to be otherworldly. I have had several people tell me randomly that I am from the fairy world, and though I’m skeptical of course, it really rings true to me. I was told by someone that the lights I see are a way for the fairies/ angels to communicate. In my case, hypothetically, if I were a re-incarnated fairy spirit, I was told that my fairy family tries to communicate to me this way. It’s a stretch, and a long shot, but it’s a very nice thought and feels very comforting. Perhaps everyone who experiences this phenomenon also has some kind of connection to the angelic world.

  183. I used to see giant static bugs crawling everywhere, like beetles and caterpillars. I don’t see them anymore, but they used to scare the hell out of me. I see the static only. I can see the static in the dark mostly, I can see it in color if I focus on it. It has evolved to black tentacles moving around the room and it is scary sometimes, but I truly think I am scared for no reason and then the fear leaves me. I was watching ghost stories recently and I don’t know why. I have been watching them looking for angels. I think I am one or a god living a human experience. I don’t have a religion. I was a christian…. I am very spiritual and connected to nature and the universe. I saw a ghost when I was a child and I heard them walk around too. Instead of shark week, I have been having ghost week I started watching ghost videos online and then I decided to see if anybody else experienced what I have and found this site. Thank you very much. Peace

  184. I believe the Sparkles are just your Chakra Energy and Consciousness and the spirit of God connecting. This would be a type of Ray not in the visible spectrum but when frequency of the mind is heightened by relaxation and/or meditation the the spectrum is then visible. I have been Practicing Meditation and have had many thoughts on this very subject as a chile i believed it was my imagination, and in part still do today. I do now see that the connection to my beliefs, God, and my consciousness are very connected to these lights. Chakra wise I started to categorize each color for a basic idea of what they represent. red.self orange.creativity blue.truth purple.myspirit light purple.Gods spirit or the connection to infinity. throughout these looks and most basics of understanding i began noticing i could make green appear when I used my mind in a certain way almost at the back of my brain trying to heighten my sciences and or get a different chemical to fire in my synapsis when doing this i noticed it was almost a center of gravity thing like where you hold your balance at and most of it could be originated or started in the spine and spinal awareness. simply by concentrating on my sternum for 10-15 seconds just on one spot while relaxing i could effectively turn a white piece of paper i was looking at green for the time i was looking at it, this brought up many questions for me like what is this and how could this ever help me. Very significant but still nothing in this world that i at that time could see helpful. but then i started noticing when i practiced this it became always on. everything had these optical illusion shadows that were multicolor and always changing and when i would think and be aware at the same time i started to see my thoughts would create color change but no like say thinking : blue and it happens but i started to notice that this was defining the consistency and type of my thoughts. like if i had a really deep thought build up of truths and self identity and creativity the mix would be blue red and orange. when i think about spiritual aspects such as this and am in a pondering spiritual type mood I Always see Purple and Green and White. Scary part is other things have appeared too things that have depth and they usually only appear when i take a sleeping herb like valerian root or melitonin and such things. in my bed in pitch dark i can make out almost lego like entities made up of lines and celtic knot or paisley style shells they are transparent and made up up varying color. its almost like the hidden forces that rule our oceans wind fires and spirit and earth are all giant masses of entities populating this same area as we are.

  185. Hi Melissa, I just shot a video for my new Life coaching business. I started meditating about four months ago and have been feeling very connected to spirit lately. I uploaded my video to youtube and I notice at the 2:35 point in the video, a sparkle went off right by my ears. My earring were dull and had no sort of stones on them. I have never seen anything like it. Check it out and let me know what you think. My youtube channel is called Rashida Gaye:MindShift Life Coaching. Thanks

  186. Hello my name is josh and I have noticed these sparkles for a long time their always with me I see them everyday and everywhere in my vision they look like static from tv and well I’ve expirienced an out of body thing by accident I was depress one day I closed my eyes and instantly I saw my self over this darkness of nothing and below this light I was freaked out and then about a month ago I heard my mom call my name and I don’t live with her and she’s still alive so it was weird then I closed my eyes and saw this vortex and then these things watching me and out of no where flashes of light struck at them and they ran away and I wasn’t asleep at all

  187. Can the sparkles be colorful? I’ve been seeing colorful sparkles since I was a young kid, and I remember reaching out my arms while in bed to try to grab them. When I opened my hands they would be there, but when I looked away they’d be wherever I was looking. I’ve also seen static like particles moving extremely fast while I look at something dull colored like the wall or ceiling. I kinda dismissed the “sparkles” as something like my eyes were making up something to see in the darkness and every so often in the light. While I still think it’s just that, I think the theory of it being something spiritual is interesting. So I’m curious to find out if what I’ve been seeing qualifies as sparkles. 🙂

    1. Thanks E~ Yes, many children and adults report that sparkles can be in colors too. It depends on who is seeing them, I guess. Some people only see white, or gold. Others see many colors. Thanks for your comments…M/

  188. Hi Melissa. A few weeks ago, i was kneeling in front of the mirror on the landing, tying a band in my hair, when silvery teardrop shaped lights about 1cm long, started flying around in-front of my vision. I turned my head, to see if there was something behind me, there wasn’t, and the lights did not move round with my vision, which may have suggested a problem with my eyes. I turned my head back to where the lights had been, they were still there but just beginning to fade away. They were not on the wall/mirror, they were in the air between my head and the mirror. I looked on the internet to see if there was a logical explanation. A torn retina was suggested, so i kept that in mind over the days ahead, in-case i needed to see the doctor. However, my vision seemed normal. I then mentioned what i had seen to my son, who lives with me, and he said that he also had seen the same lights, fitting the same description and in the same place, on the landing. He also had been kneeling in-front of the mirror shaving. He had thought it must have been an electrical fault with his shaver, which he said kept running out of energy soon after charging. He agreed that the lights were ‘in the air’ which did not suggest a source of light passing through something sparkly. Many things have happened in this house since we moved here 2 years ago, including the kettle switching itself on, things moving around in the kitchen, voices, thumps, things dropping off the wall with no known cause and unusual smells (especially burning rubber). But i do not feel any sense of malevolence here, we feel totally comfortable in the presence of whatever this might be. Karoline

    1. Thanks for your experiences, Karoline~ Sounds like your house has several visitors. And as long as you are comfortable with it, there is no need to make any changes.

  189. I can’t believe I found this site/blog. I’ve “suffered” with this my entire life. Thought I was the only one. I’ve described it to friends and family as if you’re looking at a sparkler; one of those things that kids hold on the fourth of July, or New Year’s eve. The things I see are just like that, except it’s only one spark, a single spark off of one of those sparklers. It always happens so fast that I cannot recognize it until after it’s gone. I always see it out of the corner of my eye. It’s almost instantaneous, much less than a second. I used to think I had an eye issue. I’ve seen several opthamologists over the years who can find nothing wrong. I just can’t explain it. Over the last couple of decades (I’m 54 years old now), I’ve come to associate the “spark” with something unpleasant (at least by our human understanding), usually foreshadowing a traumatic event, often a death of someone close. The sparks always occur in the air, fleeting and instant, like I said, always gone before I truly realized what happened. I only say that they occur “in the air” since there is a second phenomenon that I experience from time to time. This is a dark, shadowy blob that moves much slower and tends to change shape as it moves. It still moves very quickly, so that I cannot truly focus on it, but it moves much slower than the “spark,” probably about half a second, but again, I’m unable to focus on it and only realize it occurred after it’s gone. Oddly enough, we tend to attribute things of goodness and good fortune to things of light and bad/evil with darkness. In my experience, it’s just the opposite. The “sparks” as I said seem to foreshadow something traumatic, while the dark blob seems to be a precursor to something much more positive. I don’t understand it and it’s bothered me all of my life. The sparks rarely occur, thankfully. Usually years apart, but over the last two days, I’ve seen them four times, Early this morning, out of the blue, my Brother (who has always discounted paranormal phenomenon), called me to tell me that our Grandmother visited him this morning. She passed in September of ’99. He said that she only smiled at him, then vanished, but the room still smelled of her perfume twenty minutes after the experience. He and I chatted for a while on the phone and I drove to my parents house (who I care for, since they’re up in years and both are in poor health). My Mother has been very ill for the last few months and the docs just can’t seem to figure it out and my Dad is a chronic heart patient. I felt an overwhelming need to tell him that we were about to experience an “adjustment.” He asked why I used that word, but I didn’t really have an explanation. I will be devasted if I lose either of them. I’m very concerned today that this month (August ’15), may be a very difficult month.

    1. HI Rick. I am glad you searched and found us here. Although the sparkles I speak of are different than what you are experiencing, I feel it is good that you have written about it. So many people experience these energies in different ways, for different reasons. The fact that you have figured out their meaning is very significant. I am sure others will associate with your description. I hope your coming days will be positive ones. Many blessings to you and your family.

  190. I have been meditating for over 8 months now. Initially i could see white flashes of light in my bedroom during the night. Now as you said when i go to sleep at night i can see blue sparkles here and there. Also numbers like 11,111,1111 seems to be popping up and taking my attention. Is there any reason for this showing up?

    1. You have raised the vibrations of your space, and person. So they higher spirits (guides, loved ones, and angels) are able to manifest more easily. The numbers are there because you are more aware and recognize synchronicity. This is a way of confirmation for you. Continue.

  191. Helll. I’ve read through a lot of these comments and your blog regarding Sparkles. What I’d like to add is that I get occular migranes – which cause sparkles. Now…with that said…I’ve had 2. A zigzag sparkle – and this last one was like tunnel vision, but the whole circa rance of the tunnel was sparkle and it was staticy in the center. Sometimes in the mornings when I wake, my world goes noisy with the visions of white noise as something like a filter over everything. ..but they sparkle. Not just black and white. Just today I had the sparkling floaties in my vision…where they bolted around in my field of view like bugs on the water. It’s curious to me. I feel like it’s something psychic. I tend to “know things” so maybe this is my penal gland opening up after years of flouride poison.

    1. Lol Tasha, I too suffer with migraines (with aura). I know when one is on it’s way because i start to feel exhausted for no particular reason. Within the last 12 months i also experienced what appeared to be my first ever unexplained seizure and i’m 52 now. You do start to wonder if all these strange lights we see are just a medical sign of some underlying illness of body or mind. Trouble is, i’ve been keeping a little journal of all the in-explainable things that i have experienced since i was a young child. And not just me but also my family and friends once the subject has been brought up. Everything from ‘out of body experiences and astral projection’ through ‘electrical items turning on by themselves’ to ‘actually seeing a lady appear and disappear before my very eyes’ (plus everything else in-between). I just don’t see how it can be put down to ‘a medical problem’, if anything, it’s amazing and exciting. The veils seem to be lifting to reveal hidden dimensions.

      1. Thanks Tasha and Karoline for sharing your experiences. I know that many people read through this whole thread of comments to my article. I so appreciate it. Blessings to you both!…M/

    1. What an interesting question. I’m trying to think of anyone ever saying anything like that. The closest I can come up with is a woman I knew long ago, who would manifest flecks of gold on her arms. But I never heard of glitter dropping from an aura. Maybe there will be others on the stream here that have more info. Thanks for your question Frank!

  192. I’ve just recently in the last 4 or 5 years noticed these abundant flickers of “light”. I leave this in quotations because it’s not really light, it’s something else. Though it resembles flashes, it seems to be clear in nature. I’m still not sure what it is but I see it when I look up at a bright sky. Its not in my peripheral vision like quite a few people experience, but it is everywhere. I’m still looking for answers. If I could shut out everything else in my vision and just see these flickers, they would almost fill up my entire line of sight. They are everywhere and it doesn’t take much concentration to see them. If someone has more information on this and can give me more answers as to what part I can play in seeing these flickers, please contact me because I feel as if they are many to help or guide in some way but I just don’t know how to interpret them. Thank you

    1. I have always been able to see auras even as a child, I am 39 now and are trying to make my ability a lot stronger, have any suggestions?

      1. The most important step to start off with would be meditate on a regular basis. This forges a special bond between you and your spirit guides. They will work within this energy to raise your frequency and start giving messages to you — very subtle ones, mind you. So it will not be a huge booming voice, but a slight whisper or vision. Regular practice. Blessings/M

      2. Thanks I will start tomorrow, have you felt the atmosphere? Everything feels so heavy and it has for weeks for me ….. I am pretty good at pin pointing locations of known friends and people whom I could feel there energy. But this heavy atmosphere is messing everything up for me. It’s like something is purposelessly interfering with my energy. The other day I woke and thought I was being smothered, and it took me a minute to figure out that the energy was so heavy that it was hard for me to breath …. that’s one of the reasons I need to get stronger … I sound crazy I know but I don;t know what else to do …

  193. we se sparkles in daylight and orbs in the night because we have our third eye open (healty pineal gland) sparkles is the energy of angels protecting us and orbs are our spirit guides. we are well protected and nothing harm can happen to us. we have a special mission on this planet so get to work! ………….ps english is my second language…

  194. Hi Melissa. Your topic has been the subject of much discussion in our household since the last time i visited on August 15th. Since then, my son David has also confessed to seeing small particles of light in the air ‘outside’ during ‘daylight’ and in the manner that your reader ‘James June 2013’ wrote. James said that if he had to describe them it would be like tiny little points of light floating around and a more steady or focused kind of light appears n then disappears, all while the tiny points of light are still flashing. Then James goes on to say that he only sees these lights during the day, especially when he’s looking into a clear sky. My son related to this and then guided me to see what he was seeing. At first, i couldn’t see them, but David told me to relax my focus and continue looking. Then suddenly they came into focus for me also. The only differing thing for me was that they were not floating, more ‘dashing in all directions’. They were surrounding the overhead electrical wires. My son said, it was something to do with plasma and electromagnetic energy. Then he baffled me with science! So my question to you is ‘can we make any use in this life of seeing this phenomena and what does it prove?’

  195. My 7 yr old daughter is complaining of these balls of light everywhere literally 100’s everywhere and says they are getting on her nerves,she says some have jagged edges like grassy as she says so i’m guessing they are sparkles they come in orange,green,blue and white in colour.She see’s black lines floating around too sometimes with the balls of light! I told her she is very special to see these things because not a lot of people can see what she is seeing,i also ask her to draw me pictures of the things she see’s.Recently she has also seen a doppelganger of me and my other daughter walking up the hallway on separate occasions then just vanish into thin air,today she saw a large transparent 3 fingered clawed hand reach out of her bedroom door and then vanish a few seconds later..i’m abit worried when she mentions shadow people,dopplegangers and the big claw hand thing!

    1. James. thanks for your comments. I have seen many “open” kids start to see things that they have seen in movies or heard in stories. Sometimes that “vision” shows up as a manifested one from memories. Assure her that she can tell them to leave her energy.

  196. I am so glad I found this article. I went searching tonight online to rule things out. My 10 year old daughter has been seeing these for years. Since she could speak she has been talking about this among tons of other incredible experiences that are too intense to dismiss. She has NEVER slept through the night. Tonight she was unable to settle down and started to cry because she see’s them and I think she is terrified. I just feel awful for her. She has to go to bed with 2 lights on and my bedroom door (faces hers) closed because the activity she see’s everynight. I experience this time to time, but my own parents said I was just tired. It will be great for her to see this. Thanks!!

    1. Thanks Amy! I hope this information will help your daughter deal with this situation. Be sure to check out the other articles in this blog. I and a friend, Shaheen Miro, share a whole series on “Kids Growing Up Psychic” that should answer many more questions for you. Blessings…M/

  197. Hello my wife and I see.sparkles from since we were very young and have seen and gone through various unexplainable things. But what we want to ask you is if you can explain the following what happened only yesterday night. I was sound asleep and my wife woke up and opened her eyes she saw a lion made of smoke jumping g as if from a high mountain top in a couple of jumps on our bed. she tubed her eyes and looked again the lion now was standing over me looking at me while I sleep as if it wanted to know what I was dreaming or wanted to understand me. He was not agressif he looked beautiful and very mygestic and had a human like expression of his face his hair was moving as if there was a wind but all windows were closed. He looked at my wife as If he wanted to know what she was looking at or maybe how it is she could see him. Than he turned back his face looked at me again and dissappeared. Can you explain what happened and what that means? We have no clue, thank you.

  198. i sometimes see yellow lines passing on the sides of eyes.i dont know why it happens,when i tell this to my friends they say you might think that way . but i do not think and theses lines pass and then i say oh i have just seen that . can any one tell me

  199. I’m 20 years old male this phenomena first started happening to me 3 years ago, I can switch it on and off like a light switch,not to get confused with floaters those fuzzy balls that follow your view this is far more vivid can literally see thousands of electric looking tadpole lights dancing around in sky covering my whole view,How I trigger it is by clearing my mind fully and while staring at the sky relax your eyes so that they loose focus and imagine energy charging your brain,they just appear,i’m not sure if it’s just a trick of the eyes or something alot more,but either way i’m interested

  200. i am fron nigeria, i have been thinking about this thought i have a problem with eyes, am glad to know that people like me having such experience, glad to know that, i see White and shine of sparkles just like the one on this website, it very real, i think i am a special spiritual being having human experience, in the same time,in the afternoon, .

  201. Same for me! When i began meditation I began to experience blob of white lights at the bottom of my left eye. The light(s) follow what I can only describe as a ‘C’ shape of the curve and shape of the lower part of my eye. I thought I had an eye problem, checking the medical website but I realise now that is not the case. I just see white and not colours. The other weird experience I had, I went to a writer’s workshop and when a particular speaker stood and spoke, I saw a circle of light around her head like a halo. I blinked but it wouldn’t go away but when she had finished speaking, it was no longer there. Anyone know what that means?

      1. Thanks for your response Melissa. As a middle aged woman I tend to think that my time is up in terms of careers. I guess when you are house-wife and mother etc, you feel you have no choice but to look after others before yourself. However, with the very recent loss of a family member, some thoughts have come to me about taking time out for myself, Hence the reason why I’ve come to your site to find out about all things spiritual. I look forward to coming here more often.

  202. I am a massage therapist and when I first started out I would see white flashes of light on my clients…then later with time I would see a lavender or white time…then with more time the colors of magenta then blue flashes….I did see a sparkly flash around a beloved dog of my elderly client who was soon to die. I am glad to find others who have similar experiences. I also will see the flashes around me and not necessarily on clients now. I felt it was a form of angelic presence also. Just trying to figure out what the different color flashes meant?

    1. Hi Michele Scott~ I’m so glad you have found my blog! There are many in the healing fields like you who are able to see energies like you. As far as the colors go, you could always relate them to the chakras’ colors and where that relates to the body. but more importantly, as the sparkle when you see it. Ask what the color represents. Then listen with your heart (not your physical ears). You will receive an impression that represents the color. This is the best way to know for sure what your spirit understands with the colors. All the best!…M/

  203. Hi Melissa,

    My 5yo has been saying that she sees yellow sparkles in the night. There is so many of them and they come in waves . She says that these sparkles make funny faces, are friends of each other and can join together to make funny faces. She says that they come on mummy and daddy but not her as she can shoo them away. I got her checked at the GP who said that everything looks normal with her. I found your article and am just wondering if you could pls help us understand this could mean.

    1. Hi BV, and thanks for stopping by. Your child is blessed to see these sparkles. I believe they are representing spiritual and/or angelic energies. Many children and adults are able to see them. It is another layer of natural vision, just not third dimensional. Allow her to take you into the world of the unknown! Check out the other articles I have in the blog here, and consider getting my book, Does Your Child See Sparkles? I believe all your questions will be answered.

  204. HI! I’m Dwayne
    When i actually started to think about these sparkles appearing in my eyes, i found my self in a lost situation.
    It all started with dreams in the night at a young age, may be around 5 to 8. i started getting nightmares of very dark colored snakes moving around the corners of my bedroom. later during the day in the broad day light i could see some structures connected to each other, all moving in a group in various directions. Even till today i find it hard to describe these structures. But as of now, it does not matter to me as they hardly appear.
    But these sparkles in the form of tiny crystals still appear and frankly speaking the above article just went over my head.
    Now am 19 and i still see these sparkles
    am a little afraid but would love to know more and more about it.

    Thanks Author

    1. Dwayne~ please take me time to read other articles here under the topic of Seeing Sparkles. Even though you are an adult now, much of the information and experiences of those who comment to the articles is just for you! Do not be concerned. It is all natural. You just are able to see into other dimensions. Blessings!

  205. Over 2 years ago while in the depths of my grief calling out to G_d 5 times and then my wife 3 times a 8 pointed bright white light star flashed in the mirror in front of me in the darkened room- curtains pulled -no streetlights- no light sources whatsoever-I now know it was Jesus Christ’s mercy letting me know she was safe in His memory. I did not imagine this-this happened-Jesus will come again.

  206. When I was a child (4-5) I would always see what I called “dream dots”. They would appear as fuzzy white translucent specs (like the fuzzy static on old televisions). They would appear close together in several tall figures around the room (normally 3). It would frighten me at the beginning. I would pull the covers over my head and count. They would still be there after. I remember the time they all dissolved to the ground and came together to form animals or shapes and would dance around the room….playing with me in a sense. After that time, they would always appear to me like that. I would eventually fall asleep. I see them occasionally as an adult, but as figures. There are now 5 figures. They are always standing around my bed and one is at the entry to whatever room I am in when I see them. I only see them for a short moment before a fully awake. I am not afraid of them, they make me feel safe. I will also note that as a young adult, there were time I also saw darker shadows at a distance. I could see the shadows through the haze of the dream dots. There was one time as I awoke, a shadow came bolting towards my bedside I began to back up Towards the other side of the bed (and noticed that the dream dots/figures were also present). When the shadow hit the side of the bed it dissipated….it couldn’t penetrate through the dream dots. I do believe they are a good energy, spirit or maybe even guardian angels. I’ve never googled this before…doing this now because I recently had a child and see the dream dots more frequently. I’ve always known of orbs BUT I don’t see orbs. What I’ve seen is completely different. I googled “child see’s fuzzy white lights” and this came up. Crazy! Going to read the book!

  207. Dear Melissa,

    Thank you so much for your generosity in your words and wisdom.

    My beautiful husband passed after losing to cancer two months ago. Two days after he passed, I had an incredibly vivid dream of him. He was healthy and looked much younger, and in this dream held me gently. It was so palpable. I actually had the physical sensation of feeling touch in the dream and woke up incredibly comforted.

    Yesterday saw a rash of strange events, and even stranger behaviour from me. In the early morning, I was lying on the sofa thinking about that wonderful dream, when the display on the radio dimmed. It caught my eye, and worried there was something wrong with the radio, I kept my eyes on it, hoping it was just a power fluctuation. Then it started flickering in what I can only describe as a ‘playful’ way. I wasn’t worried something was wrong, somehow, and I, without knowing why, smiled. The display continued flickering almost as if to acknowledge my smile then stopped.

    As it was early, I went back to bed. I was awakening by our doorbell (which doesn’t work most of the time). I leapt out of bed and answered–and there was no one there. Normally I would be incredibly annoyed, but somehow I wasn’t.

    The reason I’m writing is finally, early this morning, I had not quite a dream, I think I was half awake, and I not quite heard, but sensed my husband saying to me, “Do you want to know what I look like?” and I saw these tiny, shimmering, quickly moving particles. It was amazing and made sense at the same time, at the time. Of course, now that I am awake, I am curious about this shimmering business and so I Googled something like “seeing spirit as shimmering light” and found you. I’m so glad I did.

  208. I just saw something like this for the first time and it’s freaking me out. It was 6 to 8 small sparkling dots, reflecting different colour lights almost like how a disco ball would, they were orbiting in front of me in some sort of synchronized pattern, similar to a 8 figure. It was almost memorizing and i just stop thinking about what was going on at the time and was just staring at it, it lasted about 5 seconds before they disappeared.

  209. The house I live in is believe to be haunted… I have seen many shadows…they move very fast…different shapes of shadows… One night I was in my kitchen and I could see something peek around the corner at me.. It had a round face and no eyes…just big dark sockets… I. Have also seen these golden balls all different shades of gold…moving very fast… And only see all the above in the corners of my eyes….the gold sparks have even came very close to my face and startled me….

  210. Dear Melissa,
    I’m so glad I have found this page filled with countless experiences!
    It calmed me down and gave me a good feeling again.
    Also I have experienced sparkles since I was very young, but I never really understood what it could since no one could tell me..
    I’m 24 now and yesterday I decided to finally try to look up what this could be, but the main things I was bumping into were ‘disorders’ this ‘deceases’ that which made me very anxious and sad, especially since I’ve always associated the sparkles with a happy feeling or simply good.
    It is fun to read about all the other things as well, like the change in movement, the intensity, the colors etc. it’s so great to read an exact description of something i’m experiencing!
    One thing I also did as small girl was lay on the floor in my room and ‘catch the colored puzzle pieces’. I perceived them as colored puzzle pieces but they were more like hyper realistic multicolored flat shapes that gently drifted down.
    It was only till recently that I realized that this was probably not that usual as I’ve always thought it was and it’s still something I can’t find a lot about..
    Is this something you recognize?

    1. Hi nnevina~ Those ‘puzzle pieces’ that you describe sound fun and relaxing! I have seen similar things, but never engaged them like you do. Maybe some of the other readers will comment. thanks…M/

  211. My birthday was recently and early that morning I was coming from the bathroom when i saw a flicking of light this time lower to the ground[not high by the ceiling]. I looked down and saw bands of light as you would see if you had Venetian blinds slightly open and the light was shining thru. There were no blinds there and it was a dark hallway. It lased a few seconds but I thanked the entity that was there, I assumed, celebrating my bday when i realized what it was. I turned around and it was gone.

  212. It is simply prana, or Qi its everywhere, sublte liife energy nothing more. not that big a deal, simply meditate then open your eyes with a soft gaze, every human can see it.

  213. I was walking in the dining room and suddenly I saw black kitten normally roaming around the dining table. I have a lot of cats inside the house but I don’t have balck kitten. When I put on the light, the cat disappeared. What is the meaning of it.
    thank you.

    1. Hi Elenita! I can only give you my own interpretation of this phenomena. To me, it was the spirit energy of a cat that has passed away and connected to you other cats. Nothing to worry about!

      1. Hello Melissa, I have nothing to worry about. In fact, I love seeing things like that as if I am the only one could see them. However, I would like to ask where did you base your own answer? In Psychology, they taught us that animals have no Spirit and it’s written on the book. More to say, I can see in my vision every time I close my eyes an unlikely events that usually happen just the next day I saw it. For example, I saw a cat died tonight, the next day, there is really a cat died but a different cat from the one I saw. If I don’t want them to die, I will try to repeat my vision, trying to think that the dead will rise and walk. The next day, no cat will die. I do not know why in my childhood days, I can see things like bloody decapitated parts of human bodies moving and hiding from me. It made me scared as they touched my ear, nose and toe while I’m in bed ready to sleep. There are so cold. Later in life, I can feel the presence of spirits but never saw them once. I tried Medium to see them but I failed. I am now in my 50s and still I can hear noises like in poltergeist at 12 in the afternoon, sometimes a voice of a man whistled me at 6pm in my back yard. I also saw a piece of white skirt almost at the base of the door hiding, I presume it was a dwarf dressed in white, I saw her from the reflection of the glass while I was doing the dish washing. Many times in my old apartment a white lady is passing in front of me from the vacant bedroom going out of the house. I am not afraid of the white lady in fact I am used to it. Why? I used to see her normally during the full moon only. She’s floating, fast and in a split of second, she is gone. In the same house, I saw blood coming out from the wall too but just ignored it. Also, there’s someone is keeping me a company. in the house. I can feel someone is getting up from my bed and someone is about to sleep beside me but you don’t know who or what they are. They don’t harm me anyway but it puzzled me. I don’t know why I have these senses. Sometimes I’m having a goosebump and I will just turn on the lights until I sleep. But believe me or not. I saw ghost not related to me, I hear voices talking to me, see dead people appeared and even talking to me in my dreams every time I asked a question about “who they are”. Lastly at the age of 5, I saw the 12 Apostles in the Last supper with Jesus in Red Velvet Cape. I saw them from above as I was viewing in our window at the second floor and an open window down below is where they were. I have no idea what it was until I grew up and learn about the Last Supper until I grew up. These I have been keeping from myself for a very long time, tell me, is there any good about these experiences? Whenever I talked to someone about this, they will think I a liar and a none sense person. Hey, if the animals have spirit, I would like to believe that because all the pet I have loved, oh, I want them to be with them when I die. Thank you Melissa.

  214. It is SO so nice to see so many other people who all see what I see! Bright blessings to you all ❤ I've talked to spirits all my life, since I was a little girl, but the gold sparkles were something new and different when I started seeing them as a teenager. For so much of my life, there's been a spirit that's always been there with me; I assume he's my guardian angel. He's very dear to me and has helped me and even saved my life a few times. I only see and speak with him in dreams, though; when I'm awake and he's nearby, it's always been shining gold sparkles. I see them brightest when I'm dancing or working on music, or sometimes when I'm painting. But it's always so comforting to see the sparkles there and know that he's with me.

  215. BlueBird here again haven’t posted in quite a while. I am having quite a journey good and frustrating I do still see firefly sparkles few and far between, I do believe they are all different kinds of energies good and bothersome. I do pray and ground and meditate in love. Still see colors??

    Is anyone feeling vibrations on body like massaging vibration can be all body parts,
    can be very warm like a gently vibrating warm blanket laying on you or a body or body part it can feel floaty and comforting
    can be stroking, touching rubbing or kisses with electrical charge
    can feel like someone laying on or in body than you can feel it leave as well
    My thoughts: astral traveler? Twin spirit? could be a lusty spirit??


    Blessing Love and Peace BB:)

    1. Several times in the last few months  I was awakened by what I thought was an earthquake. The bed seemed to be unsteady. I  checked and there were no earthquakes in the area. I then thought  that my body was fighting off a cold or the flu internally [white and red blood cells fighting]. This was back in April and May 2016.What do you think? K.Kennedy Portland,Oregon Your Go to Site for Health Facts and Solutions:

      From: “The Go Between: Psychics, Mediums and Integrity by Melissa Leath” To: Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2016 6:37 AM Subject: [New comment] The Truth about Seeing Spirited Sparkles #yiv0639709213 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv0639709213 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv0639709213 a.yiv0639709213primaryactionlink:link, #yiv0639709213 a.yiv0639709213primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv0639709213 a.yiv0639709213primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv0639709213 a.yiv0639709213primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv0639709213 BlueBird BB:) commented: “BlueBird here again haven’t posted in quite a while. I am having quite a journey good and frustrating I do still see firefly sparkles few and far between, I do believe they are all different kinds of energies good and bothersome. I do pray and ground and ” | |

  216. Blue Bird, If you were sleeping that time, I’m sure it’s really happening while you are unconscious but if you are not, I make sure you have ESP. I only based my answer on my experience.

  217. Melissa, I have 1000’s of orbs on me in pictures and I see them also. During the day if I look at the sky or black pavement, i see what almost looks the end of a sparkler.. theres white small dots that swirl and jump off each other. I wish I could post photos on here, I have several that show the orbs (multi-color, but mostly blue, purble, green, pink and white). just wanted to share! Im 30/F, and iti began 2 years ago. love and light, God bless, always 🙂

  218. BlueBird,

    So sorry not to stick with subject (sparkles) it was just on my mind and with so many on site I felt I might get lucky with someone else having the same symptoms.

    Thank you for being patient:)

    Much Love and inspiration sent your way


  219. Thank you so much for this amazing read!

    I have experiencing a lot of weird physical occurrences this year but most recently it has been the bright white flashes once I try to fall asleep. Last night I happened three different times, with each of them being different shapes and sizes. It almost feel likes a strike of lightening inside my room. Last week as I closed my eyes in bed, I heard a loud female scream and then quickly jumped out of my bed to see where it was coming from but quickly realized that no one else heard it. I feels like I have been suffering from Insomnia & anxiety for the past few weeks and it always seems to get a little bit more intense at night. What can I do to calm my nerves and be able to sleep comfortably even with all the spirit activity going on?!

    P.S. Reading this article helped me to realize that I’m not going crazy. *sigh of relief*

    1. Hi theTravelingBuddha! I am so happy you found this article. Your question about calming yourself at night is really easier than you might think. Best results come from communicating with your spirit guides and angels. Let them know you are expecting a sound and restful sleep. AND ask them to filter your reception from unwanted contact with wandering spirit energies. Ultimately, you are in control of your own spirit body and anything or anyone that might intrude when you do not want it. Even if these are loving and wanted contacts, they will to leave you alone when you tell them to. It is up to you to say it to them in a kind, but firm way. Blessings to you…M/

      1. Thank you so much!

        I communicated with the spirits last night before bed and I was able to get the best sleep I’ve had in weeks! I could feel that they were still present but my sleep was not interrupted for once.

  220. I stopped meditating 6 months ago, but now I started seeing these lights flying around me whenever I concentrate enough :red,green and blue.I’ve tried this with some light drugs to alter the experience ,and when in pitch dark I could see nothing else but those lights around me really really bright,and when in bed I looked at my ceiling,concentrated on the lights I couldn’t even understand what I was seeing,and my hands were transparent,anyway I must say I am not really comfortable seeing them whenever I concentrate on something because I don’t understand it yet.

    1. brOck~ thanks for your comment and I am so glad you found my blog. There are many other articles here that might help you as you become more familiar with this ‘gift’. Just know that you have complete control over it. If you do not want to see them, then say it to them, tell your guardian angels and spirit guides to make sure the sparkles, etc do not show themselves. All the best to you…M/

  221. Hi Melissa
    Would be most interested in your thoughts on my experience. Its probably been about the year ago. I was cleaning a Drs. Office late at night, by myself. Wasn’t nervous, and went about my cleaning. As I. came down the hall to the kitchen, I glanced up to the waiting area. There I saw three circles of red and green. lights rotating in circles. I dropped my cleaning stuff and ran up to the lights. I felt extremely mad at them! They very quickly blended together and took the form of a person. They went into the reception area and disappeared. Seemed they were scared of me. Let me also mention, I was at my dad’s grave the day before. There I felt badly for a woman very young that passed away. Can you explain what I saw? Ruby🌹

    1. Hi Ruby (sorry for the delay, but I have my blog set for moderation. Everything that is in the comments of my articles is first read and approved before published.) I thank you for sharing the experience. I feel that because you were involved with a ‘busy’ physical endeavor, your mind was open and clear. This made it possible for you to see the lights with your inner vision. Being mad at them probably came from the unwanted intrusion of your quiet space. I imagine the energy was just as surprised as you were! But it is a very common situation, even though most of us do not ‘see’ it happening. The trip to the grave the day before I believe was unrelated to this situation. But the compassion you felt there could have assisted in your awareness of the lights. Blessings to you, and again thanks…M/

  222. Hi,

    I go through patterns where i think is there something more…

    I googled this to see what came up as i remember when i was young, i had night terrors a lot and i guess a good imagination ! I used to often see floating orbs of white floating when i was trying to sleep above me. Even at that age i had to convince myself was natural explanation, i was however frightened a little. As ive aged i do not see this anymore (im 27 now). I think about this time every now and wonder if there was anything more to it. It lead me to this thread

      1. I was wondering the floating white orbs were ? They moved slowly.

        Why dont i see them as an adult ?

  223. Hey so I don’t see sparkles very often, but when I do, I usually see a few at a time. I see them mostly once a week in a general ballpark, maybe a bit less, but I see them. I sometimes see them in class, and one time the teacher called out on my for looking away while she was talking to me. I was following a sparkle. I even saw them while I was playing for my sports team, and ended up missing a catch because of me following the dot.. I am 15 currently. I was doing my homework before I started typing this, when I saw a single sparkle appear float right next to me near my elbow. When I turned my head to look, this tiny white dot floats for less then a second away from me and disappears. I had to know what it was since I’ve seen them for a long time, but not as many as been described in the article. I was wondering if you think I’m seeing the sparkles, or if it is something else.

    1. Hi Megan~ Thanks for sharing your experiences. I do believe it is the Sparkles you see. Even though it is off ad on. Everyone sees it differently. So that is good! Just realize, you can let those spirits behind the sparkles know that you need to be attentive at certain times in your life. If they are trying to get your attention at school or other times when you should be concentrating, they need to honor that. You will be fine…M/

    2. i see them also, i have so many photos with thousands of tiny “sparkles”/ orbs on me.. wish i could include the pics in this post. i see them when i look at black pavement, or driving looking to the the sky they bounce off one another.. its so pretty 🙂

  224. My son is 5 years old and for well over a year he has described seeing ‘swirls’ at night time, either before bed or when he wakes up. He talked about them a year ago and we had his vision checked as we knew he was completely serious about what he was seeing, and he then didnt really mention it again until this week, when he had his first scheduled eye test and we had mentioned to the optician that he complains of bubbles in his vision when he gets upset.

    He says with the swirls, he still sees them and sees them every day. They are really thin sparkly white swirls, and there are ‘too many to count’. The strange thing here is he doesnt see them when he closes his eyes and, when he is looking at them (ones that arent really close to him) if I put a book in front of his face, he then cant see them, so its like they have a real physical presence as opposed to being seen in his mind, if that makes sense.

    He says they have never made a sound and he gets a bit scared if they get too close and they touch him, because they then turn in to spider-like shapes and can tingle up his arm. I know this sounds like an overactive imagination but he is completely serious about this and he just doesnt make things up. Does anyone have a similar experience to this? The optician says everything is fine but if the ‘issue’ persists in a few months then he will refer him.

    1. Neil, thanks so much for commenting on this article. There a any who rad this stream and I am sure will respond to your question. I have the feeling that yes, you son is seeing what we refer to as Sparkles — spirit generated dots of light. These sparkles are seen by people differently. The thing that strikes me about it is that he feels them. If this is not acceptable to your son, let him know that he has power over them. This is his experience and his body. He gets to say what comes near him and what does not. If he tells them to stay at a distance they will agree. They just want to be around him because he can see them. I encourage others here to respond…M/

      1. Thanks Melissa. Its scary because when we google similar issues many have been diagnosed with syndromes where children hallucinate, we just pray its not something like that. And I did think, if someone like Henry Tyler or John Edward had been seen by a psychiatrist at an early age they would probably have been told they have severe issues when in fact they may just be gifted.

        He says that the swirls dont come to him as such more that he could reach out to them, but he doesnt because they change in to these spider like shapes when he does, and then its like he cant get them off him. I had a long talk with him last night about it, he definitely doesnt see them when his eyes are closed and when I asked him to see if he could feel one when touching it right then, he did try to touch one and he did say that one didnt change shape, which was good.

        Bless him he tried drawing one this morning, they are like little bubbles with cobweb type lines coming out of them and squares on the lines, its very hard to describe, he was very proud of his picture but did then say, it was hard to draw them. He did describe how they move, they spin slowly while they move around the room. And he said this morning he thinks they protect him, which is something I suggested to him last night. We will try to reinforce that he can make them go away if he doesnt want to see them.

        Thanks again.

      2. I am so glad you feel there is an improvement (or understanding ) on his part. When he understands that the sparkles will respond to his interaction, and his wishes, things will settle down. Be sure to look around this blog because I have plenty of other articles regarding this subject and empathic kids. You may also want to order my book on the subject “Does Your Child See Sparkles?” Just look around. Blessings to you and your family…M/

      3. There is nothing wrong with his vision. What i saw where a big swirl of tiny white lights moving slowly.. There where beautiful but somewhat disturbing as you don’t know what is happening. I am an adult I saw them early in the morning. The lights reminded me of pictures you see of the lights around the planet Jupiter.

  225. I have to say thank you for posting this. I see sparked! they are blue in color and only last about 3 seconds each . the strange thing is I started seeing them only after my grandmother passed . it was odd because it was the very night . the other strange thing is i ve told this universe i don’t want to see any kind of form , so perhaps this is why these blue sparks are coming to me. another extremely curious thing is that a glass will break each time someone has passed in my family every time! So wild . I just went to a church service on Christmas eve saw one there then the next day I saw one for one second floating above my bed then I questioned out loud a name and it happened again after asking if it was that said person , if they would flash again if it was. SO COOL! thanks for being out here for us to connect to ! stay blessed!

  226. hi I m from nepal. I saw green and red light floating on a wall. I asked red light come to my hand and it stay in my hand it was glowing like bulb.