How to Feel Subtle Energy in 5 Minutes

Feeling Subtle Energy

Everything in the world radiates to a frequency particular to itself. If you calm yourself, and pay attention to even the slightest whisp of vibration emanating from an object, you are connecting with its energy field. Energy cannot be seen like a solid object, but it most certainly can be felt. I don’t mean that you can take your hand and tactily feel the texture, or pressure of it. I mean you can recieve an impression, or recognize the vibration in some way. As you relax your attention, and rest your mind, you will begin to percieve a vague sensation like a memory of somekind.

This is tapping into the energy field of an object, person or place. The energy field around it is also an aura, full of the “subtle” recognition of what it truly is. So you don’t always recieve the impression in a loud, or third demensional way, but subtly.

This is the beginning of psychic development and can be expanded as practiced. Try this short exercise with an open mind.

  • Begin by placing several different objects in a basket (feather, rock, crystal, leaf or flower)
  • Sit down in a quiet place to concentrate and focus your thoughts. Place the basket close to you
  • Relax, close your eyes. Ground yourself; become centered in the heart. Take a deep breathe
  • Take the object to be read and hold it in your hand. (Some people hold the object in their hands while others may hold the object to their foreheads, or lie down and place them on their foreheads.)
  • Hold the object in the hand that feels most comfortable (even though I am right-handed, I use my left hand when working with subtle energy. Many people recognize the energy coming in the left side and exiting on the right side.)
  • Allow your mouth to open and say something. By opening your mouth and speaking, you complete the flow of energy so the information can stream through you. The longer you wait to speak, the harder it will be to receive any information.
  • You may hear words, or see colors, or feel something. Whatever it is, just speak it. The flow begins to move through you and more information is received.
  • Take your time when working with subtle energy. Honor it if there does not seem to be anything coming to you. Just close the session and try again another time.

As you continue to use this exercise, you will begin to recognize the energies easier. You will start to feel energy around other things. A great book (also made into a movie) is The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield, and can give you a different way of looking at things. We usually see objects as third dimensional objects as only being hard, but you can begin to see the softness that is there as well.

Enjoy your practice!


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