The Short List of Helpful Hints on Consulting a Medium or Psychic

Here are a few things to think about beore you have a reading with a psychic or medium — or other reader, such as tarot or astrology:

  • Do you need a medium or psychic? A medium offers communication from spirit; a psychic attunes to and interprets the energy field of the sitter.
  • More money doesn’t necessarily mean better information. Service offered by a good reader is invaluable; expect to pay a reasonable rate.
  • No medium can promise communciation from a particular spirit loved one. If conditions are right and the medium is suitable for your loved-ones to link with, then, very likely, you will get what you hope to recieve.
  • Predictions: What you do tomorrow is being planned spiritually today. The energy of that plan is in the aura; but the future is not etched in stone.
  • Maintain your own power. Spirit loved-ones wish to communicate to let you know they are OK and that there is life after death. Then, to guide and inspire, not to tell you about career, romance, and finances.
  • Know when to stop. Just as there is addiction to alcohol and gambling, consulting a reader can cause dependency and obsession. Also, if the reader is suggesting you come back weekly, know that there is something else going on. There could not possibly ber more to cover in a week’s time.

A good reading can be a very beneficial thing and should assist you through any concerns in your life and possible future endeavors. It should cover at least a six-month period, if not a year.

If you are dealing with a special problem, such as grief or a developing situation, then you may require several sesions. This would certainly be considered a spiritual counseling rather than mediumistic communicatin with a departed loved one. To get more information about readings, what to look for, or how it works please get my book, Psychic Integrity, The REspected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics.


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