Ghosts and Spirits: What’s the Difference?

After being a spirit medium for over 30 years, I’ve had a chance to understand the process of spirit leaving the body at death. Some think this is scary and paranormal, but there could be nothing more normal than our true story as Spirits being Humans.

The fact that I can communicate with the spirits might be strange and spooky to some people. But when you have a loved one that has passed away, you want to know if they are alright. So, who you gonna call?

I’ll be giving a lecture Sharonville Ohio Convention Center at the Victory of Light Expo[] this weekend. [Saturday and Sunday, April 21-22, 2012]. My lecture is called Discarnetes, Ghosts and Hauntings . It is on Sunday at 2:00pm in Room B. The last time I gave this lecture, I had a really excited group of attendees (75-80). They were all sitting on the edge of their chairs, and were full of questions too!

Here’s just a short sample of what I’ll be speaking about this weekend:

Spirits are our loved ones or other beings that have lived on the earth, but are now in the spirit world. They have gone through the entire process of evolving into what we understand as full transformation.

A ghost, on the other hand, is a lost spirit that has not fully embraced the transformation into the spirit world. It remains attached to earthly things or people in an attempt to re-assimilate.

Earthbound spirits are believed to be the spirits of deceased people who remain tied to the earth for a variety of reasons. Religious sects claim that all spirits are of the devil and are here to perform trickery, and lead people down the wrong path, but others declare that as we pass from this life, our sprit can remain earthbound.

It is unclear whether earthbound spirits can see and hear the world around them. Some are able to interact with the living, but many require the assistance of a psychic or medium to communicate.

Reasons for remaining earthbound vary, probably due to the life circumstances at the time of death. It is believed that the majority of earthbound spirits remain out of choice. Some may be confused souls seeking assistance in reaching the afterlife or have unfinished business that they feel must be completed before passing to the next realm.

Here are some reasons spirits remain earthbound:

1. Refusal to accept death

2. Waiting for…

3. Guardianship

~~~sorry! Can’t give it all away! If you want more, come on out to the Expo. If you are interested in ordering a DVD of my last lecture, please send me an email and I’ll connect with you.

Blessings to you.

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