GROUNDED SPIRITUALITY: Take responsibility – don’t hand over …

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Take back your power...

There is so much power in our world. You see it every day…  on television, in the newspaper, in our school system and in our religious institutions. Everyone is trying to corner the power over people and be in control of others’ thoughts. It is surely a “power-play”.

Don’t let it affect you. Know that you are in control of your own thoughts and actions. Even if you make a mistake, it’s alright. You are only learning to manuever in this world. It’s okay. There’s no problem.

You are the most powerful being in the universe. That is because you are a child of the universe. You have that divine link to Creator. Know it in your heart. Be that divine, powerful person you were designed to be. Own it.

Please watch this short 8 minute video I have linked to. Meditate on the information. See how it feels to you.

If you and all others become the divine humans you are meant to be, then my job is done. If I never have another consultation to assist others on their life path, because they saw the value of the information here, then I am pleased to have been of service.

“Until it does, please don’t give away your power to anyone that would have you relinquish your responsibility. Whether they be conspiracy theorists, psychics, healers, spiritual teachers, yoga ‘guru’s…”

Please click on the link here…it should take you to another blog article and short video… See on



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