Karma and Divine Source

I like to think of karma as a way of clearing or balancing life experiences. It is a way of evening out and learning fully from the experience of imperfections. I don’t believe it is a “get even” kind of punishment doled out by the universe or a vengeful God. But it is an opportunity to understand from all points of view about situations in life.

You know, if we are so bold as to venture out and become involved in a certain condition, then we are opening ourselves up to experience it fully. It is our obligation or responsibility to complete the cycle of learning through the complete experience.

Imagine, if you will, the very beginning of everything in the universe; only the beginning.  Pretend, just for a minute that nothing else exists yet. The beginning is a place that does not recognize the third dimension as we know it.  The third dimension has not even been created.  There are no layers of existence yet. This would be the point where there was only “pure potentiality” as Wayne Dyer calls it. This is the point from which all things are created. It is the point where there is freshness, perfection and total love.  It is love without exception.   It is love without condition.

The Divine Source (or what many call God, some even refer to as Zero Point) is the beginning place of creation.  Divine Source only recognizes perfection.  So if there is experience that stems from Divine Source, then it must be a perfect experience.

Let’s think of a logical way of understanding it. Imagine a piece of paper. The piece of paper is a representation of Divine Source: perfection. We also will imagine that someone draws a mark on the piece of paper with a crayon.

We’ll say that Mary sees a straight line. But when Bob looks at it, he sees a curve. Susan looks at it too and sees a blue streak. Stan however sees a red scratch.

But in reality, there is only a piece of paper. Anything else that is added to it or embellished on it does not change what it is. It is a piece of paper.

Now, Mary still insists that it is a straight line and starts to tell her family about the straight line. Just by planting the idea of a straight line, everyone she tells about it, sees the same things she does: a straight line.

An error in perception has just begun. But the story continues, because it is already implanted in the thoughts of family. So one of Mary’s family members talks to Susan (remember, she sees a blue streak). Although see only saw a blue streak to start with, she might even begin to see it as a blue straight line.

On and on the perceptions go, always adding something else, until the original piece of paper is marked up with all kinds of colors and blotches. The piece of paper is almost undistinguishable.

The reality of the situation is that the piece of paper is still a piece of paper. It is not a straight line, or a curve or a blue streak or red scratch. The thing has not changed, only the perception of it has changed by inaccurate thinking.

This happens much of the time in life, in all societies, all around the world. Every human being starts out as a divine plan of perfection – straight from the Source.  But while living our lives, we take on agreements to access the full experience of the situations we become involved in. So we are taking on the karmic agreement. During this time other people perceive us in certain ways that generate through years and years of mistaken thought. Sometimes our family beliefs are a composite of flawed perceptions. And we lose contact with the original perfection.

The best way I see to complete the karmic agreement without having to experience the full power of it, is to accept the responsibility of the situation. Accept that we are seeing it in error, or at least, we are not seeing the perfection of it.

It is important to allow ourselves to be responsible to see the perfection and the mistake that was incurred over generations. Then we can forgive the mistake.  We allow it to be perfect again. We clear all imperfection from the experience, so it can go back to the Source concept, its original state of being.

There is a wonderful affirmation that Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life, shares with us: “I am willing to change. I am willing to forgive.” It gives us an opportunity to at least consider the possibility that there can forgiveness through responsible action.


Listen to a powerful perspective of working with karma in your life with Debra Riley and Melissa Leath on Tammi Rager’s radio program, THE NOW AGE on Talktainment Radio (internet radio) on Monday, April 30, 2012 at 7:00pmEST. Click on http://talktainmentradio.com/shows/livinginthenowage.html  (If you miss the live broadcast, the show will be archived as a podcast.)

** For more in-depth information please go to:




These are resources that explain Hawaiian problem solving processes to release memories that are experienced as problems, and ancient Huna concepts of forgiveness.

©2012 Melissa Leath.


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