Birth 2012 and Beyond, by Barbara Marx Hubbard

The most important book of 2012 – with priceless gifts today!

Have you ever followed the teachings of the Mayan elders? The Mayan calendar calls for major changes and shifts with the grand pennacle being December 21, 2012. There has been so much hype about that date, along with fear and misunderstanding. But I know this date marks a special transformation for us as a people and for our home, Mother Earth. It gives us the chance to prepare our future through intention in a positive manner.

I have followed Barbara Marx Hubbard since I saw her at an IONS (Institute for Noetics Sciences) Conference in 2001. Charles and I were exhibitors there in Palm Springs CA, and were mesmerized with all the international speakers in the fields of metaphysics and spirituality. Ms. Hubbard has a certain vib around her that you are instantly attracted to. And when she speaks, she shares exactly the information your heart and mind have been craving.

That is why I want to share with you a time-sensitive and exciting opportunity to add to your library. Many are saying it is the most important book of 2012, written by visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard, the woman Marianne Williamson calls “our undisputed planetary mid-wife.”

I love and respect this pioneering woman so much!  And when you buy her book today, you can receive an amazing package of gifts.

We are in the midst of a great shift, as you all know on one level or another. We can blend our love for Mother Earth and all our brothers and sisters, and make a major and positive change in the direction of our lives. Birth 2012 and Beyond is building a global movement to co-create a planetary rebirth, helping humanity go beyond our crises to a new way of being.  A whole systems shift will be required, and this book shows us how.

Barbara’s inspiring vision in the book is amplified by special contributions from 12 renowned leaders – including Neale Donald Walsch, Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Jean Houston, Lynne Twist, James O’Dea and Lynne McTaggart – all offering essential insights into how we can birth a sustainable and joyful planetary civilization.

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When you join me in ordering the book during today’s launch only, you can get a priceless free gift package from some of these top luminaries, including opportunities for private coaching from people like Neale Donald Walsch and Barbara herself!

And even if you don’t order the book, you can register for a special free teleseminar event with many of these leaders sharing about the exciting movement that is growing.

Barbara’s book offers a timely call and a roadmap for turning our collective crisis into an opportunity for mass evolution, which I see as essential.

Tens of thousands have joined Barbara in declaring December 22, 2012 our planet’s first Birth Day to mark the beginning of a new era of peace, health, sustainability, and prosperity for humanity.  I’m fully supporting this vision, which aims for 100 million participants worldwide who commit to building this new era together.

Birth 2012 and Beyond has been created as an essential guide for today’s evolutionaries who are committed to making a real difference.  I am positive you’ll be profoundly inspired by this woman that Deepak Chopra calls “the voice for conscious evolution in our times.”

Here’s just a taste of some of the praise for Birth 2012 and Beyond:

“Birth 2012 and Beyond envisions a future to embrace with love rather than face with fear. It offers individual and collective tools for giving birth to what is most beautiful in ourselves and in the world around us.” —Marianne Williamson, NY Times #1 bestselling author

“When I saw our precious planet from space, I recognized that we must shift our consciousness and culture before we destroy our fragile home. This inspired and visionary book offers profound wisdom for how to make the shift in time.” —Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut, founder of Institute of Noetic Sciences

“Conscious evolution, a concept that Barbara Marx Hubbard has championed for decades, is one of the best two or three ideas of modern times.” —Ken Wilber, author of The Integral Vision

I invite you — no, I urge you to join me in ordering the book today, so you’ll get all the special gifts that come with it in honor of the official launch – and help propel this vision forward!

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May your life be full of joy and wonderful surprises! …..Melissa.

Does the Near Death Experience invite us for a new spirituality, a …

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It is well known that a mind given to fanaticism cannot be truly spiritual. All attachments to a system, religious or otherwise, encourages the ego and that is why there are statements like, ‘Mine is the only way.’ Such practices …

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Extra Resources, Melissa Leath

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Extra Resources for Empowerment is a list of books and videos I feel are important for spiritual growth and creating a firm foundation. These are areas needed to build your psychic and mediumship abilities in the proper manner. It is just a short list right now. I’ll be adding to it soon. But just click on the link and go to the page on my website that has it.


As always, if you have any favorites that I have not listed yet, please share them in a response or comment. I will be happy to add it to the list. After all, we are all in this life together! We can benefit from each others knowledge.



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Comment of the Day: “‘Who Ya Gonna Call?’” Paranormal Ethics, and the Irony of Same”

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This is an interesting response to my post on Skeptic Alarms Blog a few months ago.

Fellow blogger, Jack Marshall, ethicist and lawyer, had been discussing Ghostbusting and hauntings as being untrue, and I chimed in with my typical information about integrity, especially in regards to those who are ghostbusters and dealing with the earthbounds spirits.


In his response to the original post, he was very happy to hear from me, and the other side of the coin, so to speak. He saw that not all psychic mediums appeared to be frauds, and it was refreshing to him.


He actually stood back to survey his opinion of the matter, and I appreciated that.


So he posted another blog article a few weeks later (that I did not know about at the time) addressing the fact that because I had shared my thoughts, it gave him pause to reconsider his skepticism.


His article was refreshing to me to see that a skeptic would at least reconsider this thoughts. But some of the other responses from this readership were less polite about it. I guess there are hard core skepics just as in any field.


One person even invited me to take James Randi’s Educational Foundations Million Dollar Challenge to prove I am a psychic. Wow… what do you think? Should I do it?


Naw… I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. And I am not trying to persuade anyone about my “powers”. That had nothing to do with the post and article I am referencing. I know who I am. That’s all that is important to me.


Check out his blog at and see what you think. Add some comments if you are so inspired! I know Mr. Marshall will enjoy hearing from you.


“Paranormal phenomena is nonsense, and thus ethical standards for it are an oxymoron. Unless, of course, I’m wrong.”



Blessings until next time! …M


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