Surviving Death: Is There Really Life After Death?

Do you believe there is life after death? Or do you believe that once your body dies, that’s all there is?

There have been way too many historical and antidotal experiences to deny death survival. But that is what this documentary is all about: The Debate.

BJ Barretta, producer and filmmaker, has put this age-old discussion into documentary format. And let me tell you… he has brought all the heavy hitters in for the discussion! “Surviving Death: A Paranormal Debate” includes British paranormal guru and ghosthunter Richard Felix, psychic medium Michael Tottey, the guys on The PSI Show, including Dan Sturges, Loyd Auerbach, parapsychologist and professor at Atlantic University, and The Reverend Father Jerry Wooton (Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Gainesville, VA). What a lineup!

Paranormal experiences are explored from scientific, parapsychological, theological, and entertainment points of view. Soooo…….

Why not join the conversation???!! I already have!

There is a Discussion Forum on the main website: Surviving Death: A Paranormal Debate Just click on the link and scroll to the bottom of the page. There are several topics listed and I am sure you’ll enjoy the lively discussion!

Being a psychic medium, I have my own point of view. And I have evidence that no one can talk me out of. What about you?

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