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August 2012 Newsletter on Meditation Sources is now available for you! I hope you enjoy it…


There are plenty of ways to meditate. But I think the most important thing is for you to just do it. Sometimes it seems like you can’t sit still, or your mind wanders. That’s okay! After you keep practicing and are dedicated to doing it everyday, your mind will realize it can benefit from a few moments of quiet time. And it will allow you to do the thing you wanted to do in the first place!


I feel it is most important to have a simple plan to start off with. Create a special (sacred) space in your bedroom, or corner of a spare room. Use it only for spiritual pursuits. Soon that place will have a lighter vibration, and you will move into your meditation easier.


You don’t always have to make your mind “not think”. Just do something that requires your undivided attention. It could be reading or writing poetry, sitting in a yoga position, or concentrating on peace or love.


Meditation is simple and easy. Enjoy it!

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