Is There Really Life After Death?

Moving from one dimension to another…

There has been so much talk about life after death lately. I caught just a short blurb on CNN news this morning about a doctor  who shared his experiences in a near death experience. He said he had always been Christian in name only, but this experience helped him relate to a more spiritual understanding. (Many people these days are opening up to a broader understanding of life and death that is not limited to religion.) He witnessed a revelation of warmth and love that he felt could only be the Divine.

The way I recognize the process of life after death at this time, as my spirit guides have given me, is that the White Light that one sees during a near death experience is similar to what everyone has when they are in the process of passing, which the physical body and brain understand. At this point, there may be a turn around response, and the spirit does not detach from the body. The person returns to the living.

But when the body truly “gives up the ghost,” the spirit completely detaches from the body, and makes the full transition called death, then a full life review and clearing takes place. This completes the passing process.

I thought it would be great to share a passage of my book Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics. It is posted in the book’s blog called “Psychics, Mystics and Integrity”.

Click here for the link to that post. I know you can relate to it. Please share any of your comments,  or stories of near death experience.

Blessings until next time..M Psychic Integrity


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8 thoughts on “Is There Really Life After Death?

  1. Hi I am fairly new to blogging and hope I’m’ writing in the right place. I am interested in your advice on how a person knows if they have a gift to connect somehow with those who have past. I have never believe in this much but after being plagued with anxiety most of my life then recently as in over the past year or so, I have had some rather strange occurrences in my home. I do not visually see anything or anyone though; it is mostly a strong sense of presence emotion that overwhelms me or hearing or smelling things. I believe it may be a family member who passed a few years back, but as i know nothing of this gift, I am unsure if I am really experiencing it, and if so, I do not know how to harness it. Quite honestly, it scares me and intrigues me at the same time. Any advice would be much appreciated.
    Thank you,

    1. Greetings Mia~~

      Yes, you placed this comment in the correct place! Thanks so much. (there are so many blogs, and they all seem to work a little differently!)

      Well, you have asked a really big question. The first thing I would say is that you should look into possibly being empathic. There is plenty on the internet about it, but generally, many people are becoming extremely empathic. That means that you are probably experiencing the anger, joy, despair, aches and pains, etc. of other people. It is like your aura (energy field) is wide open and accepting every energetic pattern that might be around you. Take a look at an article I wrote about it here >>

      You may have to make some changes as to how you show compassion…

      Also, by getting my book Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics, you will have a really good, working knowledge of what mediumistic abilities are like, and how to use them properly — or to close them off. You are in control of them, and you may choose to not use them. Go to my website or

      There is plenty of information there, you will feel much more empowered.

      I hope these are something that help you! Keep me informed…M

      1. Melissa, I literally had my jaw drop when I read your response. I was thinking in one direction, and you showed me another. Let me tell you, you hit the nail right on the head! I have always felt others pain to the point of being overwhelmed and even debilitating at times. I’ve never understood it or been able to identify why. Ive also felt disregarded as ridiculously overly sensitive by most people when Ive tried to explain it. After reading your article, I’m come to the very clear conclusion that I’m an impaired empath. Now what do I do about it is the question. I plan to buy your book immediately to better understand what is happening. It is exhausting to feel this way. You mentioned, “You may have to make some changes as to how you show compassion…” what do you mean by this?
        Thank you for opening my eyes!

      2. Hi Mia~~

        I guess the short answer to your question is — If you are open all the time, always gathering other people’s energy, feelings, and pain, then you go into overwhelm, and have trouble distinguishing if you are feeling it, or if it is someone else’s stuff. Play around with the way you feel. Ask your higher self if it is your pain or some one elses. If it is some one elses, then ask that the feeling disappear. bingo! You will now have a clear playing field.

        When you feel compassion for someone, are you letting that person pull on your own personal energy? Do you recognize the saying: “Boy, I really feel for you!” See what I mean? You are not only hurting yourself, but trying to take on the burden that someone else is supposed to deal with.

        When you feel that “tug” on your aura, imagine a garden hose hooked up to Universal Energy. And then attach the other end of it to the person or situation you feel the tug from. Let them draw on the unending energy and love of the universe, instead of your personal energy.

        That is plenty for you to think about for now. Blessings…M

      3. Melissa, I bought your book and started reading it last night. Love it already. Well, the strangest thing just happened right now. I was recording my 3 month old son and I caught an orb of light from my left eyes peripheral vision. I ignored it assuming I imagined it. My husband watched the video to see our son smiling at his toy and (without my telling him) asked how to rewind the video because he saw something. Apparently he saw it too but on the actual video. I didn’t even think to look there but when I did, it is as clear as day. It went from the bottom left up at an angle in front of my son! I cried because it freaked me out but then I prayed and realized I didn’t feel it was evil. What are orbs of light? Why do you feel it would be presenting itself to me?? I’m so new to this as you know but I’ve never seen this and can’t begin to imagine why now and am amazed I got it on video.

  2. Melissa, Since this last comment I made here. I have seen the light once more and it appeared in exactly the same fashion. This time I did nothing. I have also had two things occur, which I think are like premonitions. I’m still reading your book by the way, and I’m beginning to wonder if more things are happening to me now because I am somehow slowly opening myself up or maybe they’ve always happened, and I am just now recognizing and acknowledging them. Today, for example, I was teaching a class and I had a very quick image flash in my head of my phone showing my son’s school name as though I was getting a call. I chalked it up to some kind of subconscious worry about my 6 year old and went on with my day. Hours later, I had a missed call that perfectly matched the image I saw. It was a perfect match. On my phone it says school nurse, so I assumed it was the nurse, but when I called she said it wasn’t her. Within seconds, it rang again and was his teacher telling me of a field trip that she was going to set up. I realized that I had the regular school number and the nurse number both listed under nurse. So I misinterpreted the reason behind the vision, yet it was still very clearly exactly what happened visually. What is this??

    1. Yes, you are opening up, but now you can be in better control of it. Since you are reading the book, it has a way of helping you move your gift in the way that is best for you. What you experienced with the cell phone is that you are linked up with the etheric energy — or what I would call ESP. Since you are more aware of anything dealing with your son, your senses are alert to that particular vibration. So your intuition – or ESP — paid attention and sent you this message. When you get things this way, it is usually literal and you do not need to try to interpret them.

      Sounds like you are progressing! Yeah! thanks for keeping me informed with your progress.

      1. Thank you so much for clarifying that, Melissa. I am hoping I can figure out what these light orbs are and why they are happening. Any thoughts on that? I too hope I will learn how to move this gift as you said. Something must be happening because I am not afraid like I was before, and that is HUGE for me. Great book, by the way!!

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