BOOK REVIEW “Intuitive Studies, a complete course in Mediumship”

Gordon Smith’s “Intuitive Studies” A Complete Course in Mediumship

I am always interested in finding out how other people do things. Being a psychic medium and workshop facilitator, I also hold two different development (unfoldment) circles and awareness classes. I enjoy taking a subject, breaking it down into simple terms and teaching others what I have found out.

I was immediately drawn to Gordon Smith’s understanding that spirit communication takes time and practice. I know from my own early experiences in a spiritualist church development class that you don’t really make anything happen; you allow Spirit to work with you. This gift requires a length of time to allow Spirit to work within your energy field, and prepare you for the contact. It is not to be rushed into. I must have sat in the development circle for several years as a student before working with the public within the church service; all the while, connecting with the other students, raising the vibrations, and actually creating a special energy to the space of our class.

Gordon honors the process in such a reverent way. He has a quiet way of sharing his information, both his own experiences as student and teacher, but also the experiences of his student. His honesty and forthright manner is refreshing and shows his worth.

I agree with his thoughts on creating a foundation of who you are first, and then growing spirit awareness from there.

In Intuitive Studies, Gordon stresses the idea of compassion and healing for humankind as a main focus for unfoldment. But also addresses the importance of creating improvement to your own life; opening yourself to spiritual awareness, and benefiting from your own spirit guides and teachers.

The book follows the forming of a development circle and how it progresses over time. Gordon includes very powerful, yet simple exercises to assist spirit in accessing each student that sits in the circle.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to sit in a spirit development circle, then you will have a much better understanding of what really goes on there. Some of you might be disappointed as the wild and scary really does not exist there. When done correctly, there are no theatrics, no paranormal frights. There are only loving and helpful connections with the guides that are available for you every minute of the day. It is a natural and rewarding experience.

Some people will also benefit from the author’s explanations of each step important in developing. It truly is a process that adheres to no time frames. It takes as long as it takes, and that is perfect. You will get a new appreciation for the gift of mediumship after reading this detailed account from a very established and well-regarded medium.

FTC Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book from Hay House Publishing for review purposes. My opinion of this book here is unbiased, reflecting my honest judgment of the product.

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