I’ve re-blogged this excerpt from my book Psychic Integrity, because it shares personal expereinces I have had as a child and young adult. There are so many things that happen as verification of life after death that we tend to dismiss as unreal or imagination — we explain it away.

This section of the book brings home the understanding that we have always been spirit, and that just because we are embodied in a physical form for the moment does not mean the spirit is gone.

Hope you enjoy it!

Psychics, Mystics, and Integrity

Giving Up the Physical

Grandma lived with our family for six or seven years after Grandpa died. Over time, she had several small strokes. When they first started, it was almost comical, the odd things she reasoned out.

Her mind did not always work properly. She brushed her teeth with Brill Cream hair gel instead of toothpaste. They both came in tubes, so it seemed fine in her mind to use either one. But she still knew all the words to her favorite hymn, “In the Garden”.

Grandma was a fiercely protective individual. It was her mission in life to make sure everyone and everything in her control area was alright. She was constantly checking on my younger sisters and me, making sure we were in the right place. If we were outside in December, making snow angels, she was afraid we had passed out from cold exhaustion. And she…

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