This sweet blogger-chick is a client of mine — well, so to speak. Anyway, the two-day conference she refers to is one that my husband and I exhibited in. And I gave another “experiential” workshop (not the one she relates here), but it was The Development Circle. It was a two hour session for those who had never been in an on-going class for psychic/medium development — totally a spiritual thing!

It was great and there were about 23 people in attendence — most of them had never been in a development class, and did not even think they were psychic in any way.. But they were interested. And we got really great results from them all.

Always be open, even if you think you are not — just trust, and you will be surprised what will come…


Everyone has unique gifts and/or qualities to share with the world. What are yours? Do you even know? …Yet? Sometimes we seek out our gifts, yet other times they are so innately natural that we don’t even realize we are gifted. Sometime last year I met an 80-year old woman, named Mary Lou, and as we were talking about life she told me, “You’re quite spiritual. Your role in life is to share that spirituality with others. You’re inspirational and will motivate others.” Hmmmm. Really? At the time I didn’t understand (or believe for that matter), but was grateful for her wisdom.

Today, what Mary Lou said is starting to make more sense and I’m beginning to see her wisdom manifest in my life. It dawned on me recently that a vast portion of my dearest, closest friends are Agnostic. If you’re not familiar, Merriam-Webster defines Agnostic as: a person…

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  1. Thanks so much for your reblog, Melissa!! Yes, the conference was AWESOME!! So many great seminars and not enough time 🙂 Congrats on your session… I’m sure everyone in attendance LOVED it and learned loads!!! Thanks again, xoxo!!

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