What About Ouiji Boards?

Interesting… I just got a call from a college student, who was studying jounalism. She was preparing a magazine article assignment for her class, and was calling people to add information to her chosen topic. The subject was about paranormal activity and spirit communication. Since I have been a medium and metaphysical teacher for over 30 years, she found my information on the internet, and decided to call me.

Her main focus was on how interest of the paranormal has become so much more prevalent. It just came back to media again and again. But what was even more interesting was her next question.

She asked me about Ouija boards. The Ouija (trademarked name) is a board with letters and numbers on it. Generally, two people sit together (knees touching) and lightly place their finger tips on a planchette (small, light board with easy moving casters, that allow a pointer or window to point out each letter — forming words) This is supposed to create contact and communication with spirits from the “other side”.

This student journalist asked me why so many have a negative response when she mentions this “game”.

I remember as a young teenager, one Christmas gift that all three of us girls received. We always got some kind of boardgame to play as a family. That particular year we got a Ouiji board! Of course, my parents, being Methodist church-going people, and very conservative, had no idea of the reputation of this paranormal divination tool!

We kind  of played around with it and marveled at the almost instant movement we were able to get. And Dad teased us about spooky stuff happening. (He loved to scare us unmercilessly, especially during ghost movies.) But we never really knew why that pointer moved when we touched it. And after awhile, it was put in the closet for several years.

After I moved out of the house and married, my sisters, who were in high school by then, came to the house and asked us to keep the Ouiji board. They did not want it in the house with them! They proceeded to explain what had happened. They were together with another girl friend one evening, during a sleepover. And of course, they took turns trying out the mysterious Ouiji board. They asked silly questions about this boy and that boy, and when would they get married, etc.

Then, (why, I do not know) they asked when the friend would die! It said she would die when she was 18 years old. I guess it really freaked them out, especially since they were so close to that age. And they packed up the board and asked us to take it.

We did, and I did not want to see it, so I took it to the basement and placed it on a shelf in a storage area and closed the door.

The next year, their friend came down with a very quick infection and died. She was 18 years old.

The Ouiji board stayed in the basement until we moved from that house. When we were packing things, I went down to clear out the basement and throw away unused things — including the board. But it was not there. It was gone. I do not know where it went. And I will not ask. Do not want to know…

What I can tell you is this: when using any form of spirit communication tool, always treat it with respect. Ask that only the highest and best vibrations be contacted. Say a prayer of protection for  yourself with a white light of protection or a pink light of love. Do not act silly. It is a very serious thing when you connect with the spirit world. It is not a game.

Many years of study and training is needed to work with the world of spirit. And if you do not take it seriously, then do not fool with it at all.

You can find out much more about developing your mediumistic abilities by studying my book Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics. It will show you how to start with integrity and form a solid, loving foundation to unfold those gifts.

What experiences have you had with these types of psychic and spirit tools?

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