Many people have questions about the integrity of psychic readers and mediums these days. So I thought it was important to share the introduction of my book Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics. Check itout and have a good read. Pose any questions in the comments area and I’ll get back with you! Thanks…M

Psychics, Mystics, and Integrity

Why did I write Psychic Integrity, you may ask? Well, I guess it combines several emotional components, along with plenty of experiences and observations. Basically, I have seen so much deceit and unprofessional action when it comes to psychic and mediums.

I have witnessed mediums who barge into others’ personal space and tell them that the angels are given special instructions for them to follow. I have seen psychics that “fish” for information by asking questions,  and then feeding it back to the client. And I have seen readers who charge exorbitant amounts of money for false information.

I have seen dishonest, and ungifted mediums take advantage of grieving clients who want to believe. So the readers can tell them anything, and the client will think it is so.

I hate to tell you some of things I’ve seen. It would disenhearten you.

That is why I wrote Psychic Integrity…

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