This blog from Renae Rossman is great. Instead of trying to think of resolutions for the new year, she shares her exciting experiences from the past year. (Little did I know that i was included until I read it!) Thanks, Chickie!!!


bucketlist1What do you get when you mix a bucket list with New Year’s resolutions and a commitment to do something new? Well, “new-list-o-lutions” of course!!! New Year’s resolutions always seem too daunting to me; besides statistics show that 90-something percent of resolutions are dismissed or entirely forgotten by the close of January. For me, this percentage is more like 98%, LOL!!

try-something-new_smallWith this in mind, I greeted 2012 in a completely NEW way. NO resolutions. Instead, I wanted to better my mind, body, and spirit with new people, places and things. New Year = New Experiences.  And, I thought why not combine the idea of a NEW thing with the concept of a bucket list and sprinkle in the notion of new years resolutions? New-list-o-lutions was born.

Let me forewarn you, this post is a bit long… outlining details of each experience, so please skip around as necessary. I wanted…

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