It’s time to incorporate your spirituality — your intuitive ability. Listen to your heart and realize that what you are “knowing” is truth…

Psychics, Mystics, and Integrity


Don’t always look for proof. There are many things you know without someone telling you, without reading it in a book, or seeing it on television. Not all things of this world can be touched or seen physically. But you know them to be real, such as love for your child, patriotism, the way you feel when you smell newly-mown grass. These things exist but cannot be seen physically.

There are many researchers and scientists who would love to be able to dissect the spiritual dimension to see what there is to see.

No scientist can research your feelings and tell you, for instance, that you are lonely. It is something you just know. If you feel broken-hearted because your husband just passed away, no surgeon can operate on you, look at your heart and see the break. Yet, it is there.

Going one step further, being told by a…

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