Today’s Energy Experience

This is the blog of someone who has recently started on her spiritual learning path! And she is listening very well to her inner promptings. Small impressions can either be followed, or explained away. If you follow through with those promptings, you can find out if indeed it was spirit guide involvement, or just your Ego talking. Both are good, but you need to know the difference…

Lights of Clarity - My Path to Understanding

When I started this blog, a couple of days ago, I figured I would take time to go back and start from the beginning. I imagined I would begin with my first paranormal experiences then work my way to the present, writing them down one by one. I foolishly assumed more time would pass before having another instance of the supernatural kind. Well, I was wrong. Today has already taught me something about myself.

At work, I came across someone whom I only speak with once in awhile. The instant I saw him I felt something, as though something was wrong or bothering him. I greeted him as usual but instead of going on about my day, I stopped him and asked if he was ok. He looked up at me, a little confused, and said he was doing fine. I decided to walk away, assuming my feeling was wrong…

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