Are You Woo-Wooing Underground?


Woo-Woo-Underground Blog Post


Are you stuck in a community or family of strong religious beliefs?

But, do you still wish you could connect with more enlightened people? People who think outside the box?

Do you wish you could study metaphysics and spiritual concepts without anyone knowing? Or wish you could develop your psychic or medium gifts?

Then you need to visit this great new woo-woo web-blog: Woo-Woo Underground 

The women at Woo-Woo Underground are known only as “Sister 1”, “Sister 2”, etc… since they live in the proverbial BibleBelt, and wish to remain annonymous. (actually, that adds to the mystery and intrigue, I think, of how they are accomplishing their mission)

I applaud their journey into the world of the unknown. I have been on that journey a great  portion of my life — although, I am known for doing it. So for them to do this is secret, is so much fun to watch!

As they pursue their studies and report via their woo-woo blog, I will be watching and reading and supporting from my own blog point. And I’ll be sharing some of their posts as a re-blog here. So pay attention!

Good luck, Sisters! We await your reports!


2 thoughts on “Are You Woo-Wooing Underground?

  1. Woo Woo understand fully what you mean about that! My family calls me the woo woo girl. I find it a compliment at this point in time. I am delighted that you are educating people about the power of inner knowing and can collect information from the universe to provide much needed feedback for their well being. Staying tune, Blessings, Cam

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