Second Program Completed: Two More Professional Psychic Mediums are Certified.


As the second (one-year) program for 2012 finalizes, two more women are certified as professional psychic mediums: Vivian Harris of Dayton, Ohio, and Susan Williams of Crooksville, Ohio. They have made a major decision in their lives to expand who they are and how they envision their future in the metaphysical world.

Harris and Williams have participated in and completed the requirements for full certification in Off the Beaten Path Intuitive Art’s Program for Professional Psychic/Mediums. The program was implemented and facilitated by Reverend Melissa Leath in 2011, and structured around her latest book, Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern-Day Mystics (Balboa Press, division of Hay House Publishing).

The preparation of the program was in the making for three years as Leath pulled over 30 years of experience into four levels of study: (1) Spiritual Awakening, covering grounding and foundational concepts, development meditation, and self-exploration; (2) Psychic Awareness, understanding earth vibrations, energy exercises, working with auras and energy fields; (3) Mental Mediumship, direct vibrational messages, public presentation and polishing, getting ready for responsibility and gallery demonstration; and, (4) Professional Psychic-Medium, understanding and incorporating your gift into service, creating your own reality, living your spiritual understanding, and preparing for professional work with the public.

The program included not only four workshops throughout the year, but also had mandatory accumulation of student study points. This was in the form of volunteer outreach in the field of metaphysics, verifiable attendance in other classes and workshops with reports, research and essays, critiques of other practitioners and experiences, practice readings, and notes on meditations. The year was full of purposeful study, so it was a specific plan of work in the spiritual and metaphysical fields.

Reverend Leath is a Life Visionary and Spiritual Educator. Her gifts in service include mediumship, spiritual counseling, licensed minister, author and lecturer. It is a life-long dream to be able to share her experiences and learned lessons in the metaphysical and spiritual areas with others. ( )

Vivian Harris comes from a holistic health background with a specialty in Reiki healing and desire to assist people with their emotional and holistic needs. She has participated in many intuitive development classes and other holistic workshops, and is continuing unfoldment of her psychic and medium gifts. She is also a Divine Grace Healing facilitator.

Susan Williams has worked with spirit energy and those who have passed over for her entire life, and has recently decided to pursue this area of expertise more diligently. She has participated in many workshops and classes in the metaphysical and holistic areas. Her interest is around grief counseling and verification of life after death. She is following her interest in volunteer hospice serve, after being involved as an emergency medical specialist providing care for the sick or injured in emergency medical settings. Williams also works closely with psychic energies of animals and pets.

“Vivian and Susan are ready to add their glowing energies and to be of service to those in need of their assistance. I am so proud of them, and their dedication. It has been my pleasure to have facilitated their expansion of abilities.” ~~Melissa Leath


2013 Professional Psychic Certification Program is now taking registration. The pre-requisite for the program is at least one year of knowledge and use of psychic or medium abilities. Level One will be Saturday, February 23, 2013. Three other level workshops will take place in May, August and November. To register for the program, or talk to Melissa about it, please call her home-office at 937-323-5346. More information can be see at

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