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“Listen to your intuition. It will tell you everything you need to know”  – Anthony J. D’Angelo


I know there are a lot of people that would argue they are one and the same. Men especially use the phrase “I had a gut feeling” or a “gut reaction” and probably use those phrases from a combination of how they were raised (what their parents, and particularly their fathers, said) and feeling like the word ‘intuition’ is too feminine.

Gut feelings are instantaneous insights that accurately reflect disharmony. However, they can be unconsciously distorted by past experiences with unresolved emotions related to one’s own life. It is therefore important to temper such input with compassion and higher wisdom and be willing to go deep within one’s self so as to clear old prejudices and stories collected from the past.

As an example, you are introduced to someone who has the…

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Subtle Bodies, Being Hyper-Empathic; Guiding Psychic Kids

soaringUPDATE: Does Your Child See Sparkles, Guiding Psychic Kids Book

I’m working on a chapter that will help parents understand why their child is so sensitive, or empathic. And it all boils down to the subtle bodies that reside in the aura (energy field around the physical body). During the normal process of unfoldment for mediumship, we learn how to open our subtle bodies, which opens a pathway, allowing the spirit to connect and commune with us. But many people who are hyper-empathic, such as our young psychic kids and young adults, already have their subtle bodies wide open all the time, not realizing it or knowing what to do about it.

Here is a section of the book I am writing now about subtle bodies:

To understand why kids these days are hyper empathic and totally open to psychic phenomena, such as prophetic dreams, seeing or hearing spirits or ghosts, or knowing the future, I need to open the topic of subtle bodies. Also, an explanation of how spirit mediums can connect with the spirit world will be helpful.

First of all, if your child is able to see spirits or hear them, or has healing hands, then more than likely, the child is highly empathic, too. Being empathic means to be hyper-sensitive to other’s energies: such as, feeling sick to your stomach while being around someone with an intestinal upset, or feeling a headache when their mother has a migraine. Other sensations can include excitability, unknown fears, anxiety while in a shopping mall or large department store, anger, over-zealous outbursts, etc. All these things are carried through the our energy fields (auras), and a highly empathic person can feel these emotions and sensations – usually not knowing that they really belong to another person.

To understand what being empathic is, and learn to control it, will make a world of difference to you and the child. Then all the other gifts will be controlable too.

Just because you have a spiritual gift, does not mean it should be controlling you. That is backwards. But as children come to us now, they are coming in totally open to the gifts without any instruction. Most of the baby-boomers (born around 1955 or before) you might know, who are psychic or mediumistic probably had to sit for development of their gifts. (Although there are some who received their gifts as a result of near death expereinces, severe fevers, or sudden mental or physical shock.)

In this world now, the energies are so intense in the universe, and the times are so ripe for transformation, that our kids are coming into the world ready to work. However, we parents, guardians, and teachers have to step up to be their instructors – to help them understand the most advantageous manner to use their gifts correctly.

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This book will be finished and ready for sale sometime in March 2013 if all goes as scheduled [ ;o) ]. I’ll be adding posts as I go so you can follow along with the content. Until then, I would suggest you read my latest book Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics.

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