Are You Hyper-Empathic? Put on a SuperHero Suit

ModernDay Mystic Comic2This post is a very quick response to comment I received recently on another article (“Children Seeing Sparkles”). It has to do with children and some young adults who have trouble controling the way they are always impacted with spirit beings or other people’s energy fields.

Sometimes, if you are hyper-empathic, you have too much imput, too much energy bombarding you. It becomes difficult to recognize if it is your own feelings or emotions, or some one else’s. It is difficult to go to public places, or to interact with friends and relatives. (See “Emotional Empath: Is This You?“)

Other people have issues with too many spirits contacting them — sometimes pestering them. Some make it seem so important to help them with some earthly task.

So I have been sharing a special technique that has helped so many people in the past few years. It may seem silly, but to those that are plagued with these hyper-empathic or super-sensitive issues, it makes a major change in how they live their lives.


Pick out a super hero that you resonate with. Let’s say it is Superman (my personal favorite). When you wake up in the morning, sit on the side of the bed. Have the intention of putting on a superman suit. Pretend to pull on the tights. Then the stretchy body suit, with sleeves. Snap or zip up the wrist area. Pull on tight gloves and stretchy helmut-type hat. You might even want to put on the face mask, but I don’t know that it is as important.superman-stamp

By doing this, you are intentionally pulling your subtle bodies close to you. (again, the article on Subtle Bodies will help you understand all the details.) But the important thing is that it creates a protection and closure needed to stop connecting with outside energies. Also, lower level spirit beings will not be able to interfer with your day. They will understand that you are taking control of your own energy!

Some people create variations on this technique, but I would follow this pretty close, until you feel comfortable with it and realize that there is a benefit to doing it.

This technique and others are in my new book Guiding Psychic Kids, Does Your Child See Sparkles? that will be available in about a month.


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