Meditation for Kids: Books, Articles and Other Resources

I started writing down the names of these books to use as reference for clients and mentor students. Parents are always looking for great sources to assist their children in meditations and self-empowerment. Then I thought, what better way to always have the list available — I’ll re-blog it, and then you can read it too! So here, Mystic Mommy has updated her list for articles and books, etc. I am sure you will find something for your child…M

Mommy Mystic

I am frequently asked about meditation resources for kids, so here is a compilation of the best resources I have found. First, are books you can read to your kids, and then books you can use to learn how to teach them meditation, as a parent or teacher. Note that these books are all geared for pre-teen children (perhaps I will create a list for teenagers someday.) After the book lists are some articles about research on children’s meditation, as well as meditation programs in schools. Finally, I have included a list of organizations currently teaching meditation in schools and other settings.

Thanks to all of you that suggested books or resources for this post, and if you have any more to contribute, please feel free to add them in the comments!

Books for Kids

Each Breath a SmileEach Breath A Smile, by Sister Susan – Based on the teachings of Vietnamese…

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