Kids that See Sparkles The Book


I’m really making progress on my newest book, “Kids that See Sparkles, Help for Parents Guiding Psychic Children”. And I’m really getting excited. It seems that there is more and more information that comes to me by way of friends, articles and spirit guides! And the resource section in the back will be HUGE!

To mark the coming days when the book is ready (I’m aiming for August 2013), I have just started a Facebook Page just for the book. I’ll include all the details I am going through to write the book, small excerpts from it, and other links, books and articles that support parents who have psychic kids.

Go to my new Facebook page and “LIKE” the PAGE. Facebook’s Kids that See Sparkles. The more support there is, the more people will have access to the great information there. And you can post your experiences there too. Because everyone can gain knowledge from each other’s experiences.


The book contains information about recognizing ghosts, interacting with spirits, healing hands, seeing sparkles (of course), and how each child has their own particular problems associated with psychic and medium abilities.

It also addresses ways to raise a healthy and happy child, and help them protect themselves to use their gifts appropriately.

I hope you are as excited about this book as I am! Please go to the Facebook’s Kids that See Sparkles Page and “LIKE” it. You will then get all the posts I add to the page, even after the book is available!

Blessings to you, M

2 thoughts on “Kids that See Sparkles The Book

  1. One night I was waking up to use the restroom ,then crawl back to bed. It took me a while to settle back to sleep and I knew I wasn’t asleep yet because I was just staring in my dark room, then all a sudden there was this beautiful,sparkling colorful light coming face to face with me circling around my face like fireworks, I didn’t know what to say , I wanted to tell my husband who was asleep but I was so stun wondering what is that. But anyways as I was laying there it started to make pattern and shape, I could remember very clear it made a red heart shape ,four leaf clover and a spade shape. I was frantic at the moment and then I felt relax peace and warm, I don’t know why I didn’t wake up my husband so he can see it Like I said I was too stun. As I follow it with my eyes it turn like a green glowing color and dissappear in a flash above the ceiling. The next day I told my husband about it. Years later We move to a different place till this day I never seen it again and I always wonder
    what it is. I even share the experience with my Mom sister and brother. I even called a friend up and told her about that light and she told me she see that kind of light before it dosen’t surprise her because she encounter and sense many things .

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