Back to Work ~~ Psychic Work, That is…

Seers and Mystics

Seers and Mystics

Well now. The Big Deal is done. And now it is time to return to normal again.

Or is it?

What was the Big Deal? Well, it was the free, live, online workshop I was privileged to present on the Hay House Radio Website on Tuesday July 11. The name of it is “Discover Your Psychic Integrity, The Secrets to Psychic Medium Development.” And it was highlighting my book Psychic Integrity, The Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics. (You can see the cover photo on the right side column)

There was quite a lot of planning, organizing (even though I end up talking intuitively), promoting, etc. Then the date was changed last minute because Hay House had a large World Summit that ran a little long… So I had to re-promote. And, needless to say, there was some tension because of that.

But you know what? The new date was soooo much better! Everything just fell into place. People were registering for the event ahead of time. And when the event came time, I had close to 700 pre-registered listeners!

So after the event was over, I felt like I should take some time off. You know, to re=adjust. After all, I ran some pretty heavy energy… But, no one else seemed to think I needed time off. I kept getting emails from new clients and students, requests for new classes, phone calls about other works as well. I think I am supposed to keep going, only in accelerated mode.

There is no returning to normal. I guess that term: “normal” does not mean anything any more. There is no basis to normal anymore. We just have to keep going, always changing and shifting the energy. And know that what is to come will be better each time it changes.

I am ready.

Oh, BTW — The workshop will be available for free until the end of July. So keep in touch, and I will give details as soon as I have them!



3 thoughts on “Back to Work ~~ Psychic Work, That is…

  1. Thank you, I enoyed the Hay House workshop. I also, enjoyed your book, it was very honest, practical and down to earth! Blessings ♥

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