Why children see entities that are invisible to us.

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Since I am finalizing the editing and such with my newest book, Does Your Child See Sparkles? Help for Parents Guiding Psychic Children, I thought it a good idea to share some more of the book with you.

Many parents have a difficult time realizing that their child might really be seeing something that they are not. Just because it is not visible to you, does not make it invisible! And here is my explanation of that idea:

“As we become adults, we develop a different perception of reality. As adults, we are programmed to discard certain images, noises, and feelings as unreal, especially if they are not scientifically proven or socially accepted. Many of us have programmed our intellect to doubt our intuition. Most children have not had the chance to train their perception to correspond with these adult versions.”

Imaginary Friends
“Many parents teach their children at a very young age to block psychic images. Humans feel better when we all experience things in similar ways. They may tell their children that imaginary friends are not real, and that visions are just bad dreams. This sends a message to the child that they should mistrust what they actually experience, and instead rely on adult reality. It robs children of a sense of self-trust that they will definitely need to find their way in the world.

“We all have telepathic abilities and use this as a method of communication to send messages even when we are not aware of doing so. You may think of an old friend that you haven’t connected with in years and in the next day or so you get an email or phone call from them. The two of you connected telepathically (which I like to call the Field of Synchronicity) and this mental “signal” brought about an urge to take action and connect physically.

Parallel Universes
“But many children are experiencing much more than that. They may unconsciously move between both the psychic realms and the physical realms at the same time. They may even recognize parallel universes, alternate realities, and multiple dimensions all layered together at once. They may not be able to distinguish between our familiar third dimension and the many layers of “other worlds”. It becomes difficult to make sense of it all, or to even know that other people do not experience it the same way!

“As a result, your child may see spirit beings or entities from other dimensions or realities right in front of their eyes, (not knowing that our “normal” vision doesn’t register this anomaly).

“This is not only challenging and confusing for children, but perhaps overwhelming in a more material world where psychic and spiritual phenomena are rarely acknowledged.
Kids That See Sparkles

“Many of these kids are so psychically aware, yet their parents and role models usually are not. So they may develop different types of troubling behaviors to help them cope with their situation, and to teach adults what might be going on with them.”

Does Your Child See Sparkles? will be available the end of August. Don’t worry! I’ll be letting you know about it.

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5 thoughts on “Why children see entities that are invisible to us.

  1. I have found your information on sparkles very interesting but I am curious as to why I have started to see them only as an adult. I know as a child I saw what you describe as static and I certainly had some strange experiences that adults would dismiss as my imagination. I only recall seeing sparkles when I was 35 and pregnant with my first child. I thought it must be high blood pressure. The next time was a few days ago. 4 hours after my mother passed away. I had an unusual sense of calm after this experience. I like to think it was my mother telling me she was ok. Thank you for the information you share. I will certainly be looking out for your book.

    1. Hi Nicola~ thanks for stopping by. And I am happy you are seeing these wonderful sparkles! I feel like you are more receptive in your adult years to be able to see them now. Sounds like your pre-born child was hovering around you before entering the world! And your mom letting you know she is well and close by. Such a blessing…M

  2. Hi Melissa,

    I am so happy to have found your blog! It is very affirming for me to learn about the “sparkles,” as I tend to see them against the blue sky and more of a “static” indoors.

    I have a question about what my 9-year-old daughter sees, which is quite different. She does see what she calls “bubbles,” which I think are what other children are seeing as sparkles. But she also sees various symbols. Sometimes double-spirals, small and large, floating around the room, floating out the door or in… sometimes arrays of starbursts with a “glowing white light” in the center, especially as if coming out of her feet. We both think this sight is a gift, but she is so very curious and I don’t know what to tell her about what these symbols could be or mean. Do you have any thoughts on this seeing of symbols?

    Thank you for helping so many families by sharing your wisdom!


    1. Hi Shannon… thanks for the question. Depending on what kind of person is (some are healers, some are counselors, some are diplomats, some are lovers) this is how they see into the Spirit World or Realm. Considering that your daughter sees the symbols tells me that she is probably a healer type person. The double spiral is representative of the double helix in the DNA. So she is receiving etheric information of the make up of our physical world. If she is interested later as she grows up, she can be taught by other healers and intuitives how to develop this gift. Also, she can talk to her higher level spirit guides and angels for more clarification on the symbols. How blessed she is! Much love…M/

  3. hi no it isn’t your imagination are these shadows in shapes cause if there’s a shadow not coming from a object it shouldn’t be there. People say its a ghost. If you keep your mind relax, open and keep confident then it will help you improve psychic abilities. Believe and you see. You got to believe in what you see to see it!

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