Children Seeing Sparkles: The Book is Done!


Well, as I promised, the book I have been working on low these many days is finished! Does Your Child See Sparkles? Help for Parents Guiding Psychic Kids is available for you on

Available in Paperback here>>> Amazon Bookseller

Kindle EBook version is available here>>> Amazon Kindle

Empathic and psychic children are seeing things: Sparkles, Orbs, Spirits, and Ghosts. What is a parent to do? Don’t worry; Melissa Leath has it covered. She has been asked by parents about Sparkles (as the kids call them). And she has gone on a quest to find the answers.

This book covers spirit energies, auras, subtle bodies, hyper-sensitive and empathic children and information on indigo and crystal children. There are excerpts from blog articles that started the search for the meaning of Sparkles, along with some of the comments that followed.
Within this book, Melissa uncovers the concept of Sparkles, spirit lights, and other paranormal occurrences and visions seen by children. Are they apparitions or true experiences? Included are exercises to practice with your child, examples to help expand their ability in a healthy and empowering way, and ideas to implement in your families’ daily routine.

“Sparkles” is filled with real life experiences from parents and their children; their fears and victories, along with Leath’s shared knowledge and explanations.

12 thoughts on “Children Seeing Sparkles: The Book is Done!

  1. All my life I’ve been able to see glimpse of things. It has always scared me as some people would look at me funny. Growing up in Tenn. a bible belt town. Thing like this were looked down on. I had one aunt who kept telling me you have a gift you need to channel it. ( still not sure how.) Lately I’ve I have seen the sparkles. Just out of the blue both times has been when I’ve just woken up. First time thought I was dreaming. However after seeing this my daughter lost two friends in horrible car wreck. Just saw them again this morning. Is it another sign of tragedy?

    1. Hi Donna~ Seeing Sparkles is always considered a blessing, not a tragedy. I believe it was a coincidence that there was a passing after you saw the sparkles. The two things are not related. Although I understand why you might think they are. You have opened up to the Spirit World, and your Guardian Angles and guides are close to you for guidance. Whenever you see the sparkles, ask them to show you something special. Then be open to miracles. Blessings…Melissa.

      1. Thank you. My Aunt always said that was a blessing. As A child from a very religious family they assumed the worst. I don’t understand why they are back now. I’m 44 years old.

  2. Hi Donna,

    I haven’t had the pleasure of reading your book yet but I would like to share our story and would appreciate any insight you might have.

    We have identical 10 yr old daughters that have explained seeing sparkles since they could talk. They described them as multi-colored that dance around and turn into shapes. They were often frightened when they were younger when they described the sparkles going inside their clothing. They have mentioned them off and on but they say they have always been present at night. We have always discounted it as imagination but the girls are in different bedrooms and often tell very similar stories. Recently they both admitted that there has always been a man present that is covered in sparkles but has hollow out eyes but no other features. They say he seems to know how they feel based on the location they see him each night. Recently, I went out of town for surgery and one of my daughters said he laid in bed with her and she could feel warmth. We had them go in separate rooms and draw what they each see and write details about his reactions and locations and they matched nearly exactly. The only difference is that one is taller than the other one and one sits in various places in her room but the other one stands. They both wrote that if they walk out of their room at night they are surrounded by a large colored bubble until they return and see sparkle man again. They say if they are sad then, he sends sparkles that dance and makes various shapes. Very odd. I have to believe them because of the similarities in their stories and what they both see. I am not a believer in ghosts but could this be guardian angels? We built our home new 8 yrs ago. They believe the sparkle man is there to comfort them but they still wish he wasn’t there. They say he will move around in their room if they ask him to but he doesn’t leave until they go to sleep.

    1. Thanks Tammy for your message. Yes, I believe it is a form of Angel that is protecting them. And that they have an open aura to be able to see him. If they want him to be invisible while in protection mode, that should be fine. All they have to do is tell him that is what they want. Blessings to you all and I am sure this will help others as well…M

      1. Thanks Melissa. That is very interesting. I’ll have to read up on open auras. Would this indicate possible psychic abilities?

      2. Yes, Tammy, it has to do with psychic abilities. You should get my book Does Your Child See Sparkles? because it goes into the whole idea of auras being open. I think you would enjoy it.

  3. I remember seeing these when I was a child. Once, just before I saw my grandfather suddenly sitting in a chair. He’d passed away years earlier. I still see them.

  4. I would see sparkels all the time some times several times a day the last year of my mother’s life. I had a prophetic dream about her cancer and a month later she was diagnosed with stage four gallbladder cancer. I was 29 at the time. I was having prophetic dreams, Psychic abilities,out of body experiences and my dreams where really unbelievable. I thought I was going crazy, yet a part of me knew I wasn’t and many times I felt blessed the my psychic side inside was there to help me cope through what I felt that I could never ever make it through alone.
    Is it possible that at 29, 30 an adult can see sparkels and have moments like this ,of these kinds of abilities? I will be honest. These ability and how I felt some days where really frightening for me. I’m not sure I want to increase those abilities. I do feel blessed to experience that gift from god. But if that’s what psychics experience every day. I could not handle that. I’m a simple person. I jyst want to feel my own energy and emotions I enjoy making art, and being with my family and nature. I take medication to keep me grounded. I just want to know why this happened? Have any other adults come to you with similar experiences? And how do you have a normal life with out going crazy or having to be on medication?

    1. HI There! Thanks for sharing your experiences. Yes, it is possible to see sparkles, etc at any age. And just know that you have complete control of your gifts. You can require that you only get important information energetically. Also, if the dreams are too much, tell your guides that you do not want experience them. I hope you buy the book for lots more information and empowerment. Blessings…M/

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