Earthquakes, Triangle of Life, and Your Intuition

Several years ago I posted an article I received as a forward from my sister-in-law. I thought it was interesting about things to do during an earthquake. (If you are interested in the original post, CLICK HERE.) It had to do with the Triangle of Life which is basically leaning up against something like a bed, large table or other structure. It has been construed that it meant to do this instead of drop, cover and hold on. Somehow, this particular blog has gotten a large amount of attention, because of the earthquake in the Philippines recently. And I felt I should address a few things concerning it.

I always feel that being aware and informed ahead of time is always the best case scenario. Being in the Midwest USA, we were never taught as kids about procedure to address earthquake safety. So the article my sister-in-law, who lives in California (prone to many earthquakes) I thought was important to look into.

As I investigate earthquakes, one thing becomes very apparent to me: location. By this I mean several things, such as the part of the world the earthquake happens (Japan, Europe, North America, etc.); where is your location in relation to the quake activity (how many miles away, are you at the direct epicenter, etc.); the type of building are you located in (high rise apartment, office skyscraper, country home, barn, etc.) Also, the building codes used for your country, and the level of mismanagement possible during construction. So you begin to see that one situation does not react the same as another.

Also, looking at the second level in my home, our bed is only six inches off the ground, so there is no way anyone could hide under it. All the tables and bureaus are antiques and there is only an inch or two between the bottom of the furniture and the floor. There literally is no place to hide.

If an earthquake happened during the night, I would never be able to hide under something, or even have the time or ability to run downstairs and out the door. So my first thought would be the Triangle of Life – to lean against an inside wall or even the bed or dresser. And the only reason I would think of that is because I read the article about it.

Another point that is so very important here is the awareness of Intuition. I have worked with intuition and psychic gifts for over 30 years. I teach people to have the ability to be aware of their intuition too. The more you honor and use that innate gift that all people have (similar to animals with instinct) then you can intuitively respond in the correct way during any crisis. ( Article: Intuition vs. Instinct ) Being open to your Higher Self – your Spirit Being – through intuition is paramount. The gift is given to us to use in trying times, times when we cannot logically assess situations, such as during earthquakes.

So, I believe that there are different ways to address safety during an earthquake dependent on your location, and your ability to maneuver, etc. Your intuition will assist you in making those decisions in a split instant, so you can make the most of your circumstance. (For instance, as brought up by a reader to the first post, it does not make sense to run out of an office building in a large metro city, with skyscrapers all around you that have large glass windows. This would make hurling glass shards that might be more dangerous than being inside the building. – but then, you should use your intuitive judgment to make that decision.)

Through meditation and connecting with your inner self, you will gain the ability to know your circumstance and act accordingly.

My blessings to you all…M/

6 thoughts on “Earthquakes, Triangle of Life, and Your Intuition

  1. Hi, I came upon your blog by chance after reading an article my friend shared in facebook. Yup, the “Triangle of life”. After reading this article, I found a link to “Article: Intuition vs. Instinct”. And this is what I’ve been wanting to ask someone for a LONG time. But can intuition/instinct also predict accidents or troubles that will befalls family or friends 3 to 4 hours before the accident/trouble happens?

    1. Hi Gina~ I am glad you had a chance to read Intuition vs. Instinct. For us, intuition and instinct usually only helps us in immediate need. What you are looking for, I think is pre-cognition — which is a form of psychic abilities or ESP. If you have intuition and recognize it regularly, then you can expand those abilities through focused practice and development to become psychic. My book, Psychic Integrity, the Respected Practice of Modern Day Mystics has a complete section on how to develop these gifts, step by step. If you want to do that, you might consider reading that book. Blessings to you…M/

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