All is One: Finding Your Inner Sacred Power

ghost sample angel-and-harp
In the Silence, by Jack Fowler

In the silence there is peace
In the silence there is unspoken joy
In the silence there’s relief
From a world full of chaos and noise.
So, I wait for these precious moments
When I hear all, that could never be said
And right here in this Holy silence:
I find God…..
I find myself.

Finding Your Spiritual Nature
There are so many ways to understand and find your spiritual-ness: The part of you that is directly associated with ALL There Is. But today, I will speak of only a few. I will share how you can find yourself…the All That Is at any moment during the day.

You may be saying, “I’m looking for something. I want to live a meaningful life. I want to live more spiritually.”

But what does that really mean to you? How could you define it if you had to? In his book, “Start Now! A Book of Soul and Spiritual Exercises,” Rudolph Steiner shares these ideas:

1. Not judging others
2. Being positive all the time
3. Loving everyone
4. Loving yourself

It seems like you can start out doing very well working with these principles, but within an hour or two, some one will make a statement, or do something to tick you off, and you have gone off into hateful mode.

It isn’t really your fault. You are just too ingrained in the worldly experience. I will share with you touch stones you can use everyday. Or something you can use as a focused thought for your meditations. If you use these ideas and exercises as small ways of connecting with spiritual thinking, then you become more Soul-Strong.

  • Right Thinking~~

    For one hour be aware of your thoughts. Recognize how to separate your thoughts into two phases or parts: (1)essential or (2)non-essential; (1)truth from (2)opinion. Try to listen with a discerning ear: don’t allow yourself to agree or be swayed to criticize. Listening becomes a tool to witness, and know what is important and what is nonsense.

  • Right Judgment~~

    Do not make decisions quickly. Take your time to hear every point of view, and see every need involved in the decision. Don’t do something just because it is attractive or exciting, but because you have determined it to be correct and meaningful.

  • Right Word~~

    Don’t jump into a conversation because everyone else is talking. This could open you up to saying something that has no meaning, or worse, has a negative meaning. It is not what you put into your mouth that defiles you, but what comes out of your mouth. Listen to the conversation, do not engage is crosstalk, but evaluate your stand, and only when you feel comfortable with your words and ideas, then speak.

  • Right Deed~~

    Always look at how you act with and for others. Be sure your actions come from the place in your self that is of God. Think of how your actions will affect the outcome of your experience.

  • Right Standpoint~~

    As you live your life, access it by way of nature and the simple order of living. If your stand point is cluttered with confusion and debris, only chaos will result.

  • Right Striving~~

    Only do what is within your power to achieve, but always strive to for the highest good. Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements says: Always do your best.

  • Right Memory~~

    Look at your past experiences (even if done incompletely or in error) as a way to do it better the next time. Always learn from your experience as well as others’ experiences.
    i am3
    Remember these focus thoughts:
    When you know All That Is, you access all energy, all frequency, all vibration.

    Feel the energy around your body. Imagine how it connects and recognizes what ever is next to it (another person, a table, a chair, the wall). See the energy connect with all other things and people just within your space.

    It is just like that in the whole world. We are secretly all connected. The secret is now out. You are informed and empowered.

    Meditative Thought~~~~
    There is a tendency in human nature to look to the external world for fulfillment. Fulfillment can only be found within. That which is merely external is powerless to satisfy the inner spirit. By reversing the searchlight of your senses, and focusing your attention on that which is Real, you will undergo a permanent shift in consciousness. This will re-qualify your entire experience.

    My life is a living invitation for Divine Source to express! Beaming with joy and love, I am a blessing where ever I go! All my needs are met naturally with ease, grace and dignity! Dynamic, harmonizing energy vitalizes my body temple! I become Divine through my sacred YES! Gratefully I let it be! And so it is.

    Blessings to you all — M
    “Know Your Own Worth, and Be Worthy of Knowing”

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