5 Thoughts for Psychic Etiquette

crystal_ballAIt seems so natural to me — like obvious, I guess. But there are some people out there that do not have a clue about proper psychic dealings with other people. So I thought it would be a good idea to share some of my thoughts on the subject.

Thought 1. Do not jump into other people’s energy fields (auras) with out their permission! This has got to be the most obvious one, but will get a lot of flack from major groups of people (especially those who love the Long Island Medium). To always “receive” information from spirit guides or loved ones of other people shows that you are always open and do not respect boundaries. How would you like it if someone walked into your home, without knocking first, and just rummaged through your underwear drawer and personal financial papers? Does the word “violated” mean anything to you? Of course, you would feel violated! That person had no permission to barge into your home and go through your things.

But that is the same scenario if you barge into someone’s personal space without permission.

Let me be clear: You must ask for permission BEFORE you enter their aura! — not after you already have a message for them.

The energy field (aura) is a place where each of us holds our thoughts, experiences, decisions, and personal feelings. It is sacred space, and not to be entered into without permission.

Thought 2. Keep your spirit communication to yourself. I have witnessed way too many mediums and psychics who continually share what their guides are telling them like it is part of the constitution or something. Really. Everyone has a connection to their Higher Selves and Angels. You do not have to tell us what your guides are telling you. We all have intuition and psychic abilities. (The only time this would be appropriate is during a development circle, when sharing is encouraged.)

Thought 3. Inspire others to unfold or develop in their own time and abilities. We each have our own rate of development and desire may be different than yours.

Thought 4. Always send Light and Love to all people and all situations. If you engage in negative thinking or commenting in a hurtful, vengeful, or even satirical way, you are fueling the growth of more negativity. This actually brings more negativity pulled toward you, in ways you might not have ever imagined.

Thought 5. Keep your own energies as high as you can. You can only benefit from your own spirit connections, when you are sure they are high vibrational entities. To do this, think positive thoughts, keep high values, and always expect the best from others.

Well, this particular vent is over, for now. — I may have to do this on a regular bases!

Negative Energy Cleansing: The Loving Way

House Cleansings

I have been asked several times recently about clearing a house of negative energies or spirits. Although there are many ways to accomplish this I feel obliged to share the information that was given many years ago about this cleansing.

I do not profess to be Native American in any way, shape, or form. But I have learned some of the teachings, as well as other cultures dealing with cleansing sweeps. American Native culture is not the only one that uses cleansing for energetic purification.

The Greeks, for instance, many years ago burned sulphur and other minerals after fasting and silence to bring a cleansing about for ceremonial purposes. They say this pulled the veils between the worlds to facilitate clear communications with spirit guidance and knowledge.

As I understand, if you are cleansing with sage alone, then all you are doing is sealing in the vibrational energy already there. So allow me to offer this alternative as one of the proper ways to clear energies from a home —
Before the Cleansing: Sacred tobacco is one of the most sacred of plants for Native people. It is used as the main activator of all plants. Tobacco is offered before picking (and in some cases before using) plant medicines. When you offer tobacco to a plant and explain your reasons for being there, the plant will let all the plants in the area know your intentions, why you are picking them. Tobacco is used first as an offering for everything and in every ceremony. (In Native American ceremony, you would offer tobacco to the Elder leading the ceremony, along with an honoring gift. This announces your intention to the Elders.)

* Cleanse and purify yourself, before proceeding with any clearing. Then continue in a state of Love and Gratitude.

Step 1. Using Cedar (shavings), go through your house from the front door, through each room, saying your prayers or intentions, inviting all energies and vibrations that are lower than yours, and not compatible to your home to leave in love. Suggest they find a more suitable location for their highest interest. Bless them on their ways. As you go through your home, lead your way through to the front door, which intends the entities to leave the space. (Be sure to include all closets, basement, etc.)

Step 2. Using Sweetgrass (which is usually braided), go through your home in the same manner. Now invite all loving energies and high vibrations, which are compatible to your home to now take residence if they wish.

Step 3. Using Sage, go through your home, again in the same manner, ask all loving and sweet energies to stay and protect your space. The Sage actually seals in the energy now.


(There are many ways to accomplish a clearing of energy or cleansing. This technique is one of them. I honor and respect all ways.)