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You know, anything having to do with “psychic” is always interesting. And there are so many people out there (just like you!) who need a safe place to talk about it. I’ve seen so many comments to my articles here on The GoBetween Blog, and don’t always have time to answer them fully.

So I have been inspired to create a special Discussion Board just for Psychic Topics. And you are invited to share with others there some of your experiences. Ask questions about areas of paranormal things that confuse you or peek your interest.

I’ll be monitoring the board, checking on the questions, and answering some of them as I can. But this board is for YOU. I want you to have a place you can express your thoughts about dreams, and other unworldly things you see or hear. Some other topics you might talk about are: spirit guides, ghosts, angels, ascended masters, mediumship, seeing sparkles and orbs, auras, spiritual healing, life after death, hauntings…

Be sure to post with love. By this, I mean please do not make rude remarks. Everyone has their own opinion. It is important to honor that. If I see comments that are not appropriate, I will delete them, and if it continues, I will bar that particular person from the board.

The Psychic Self Discussion Board is a FREE place to share your thoughts and observations. So please, enjoy it! with my blessings.

Click here to access the discussion board >>

Have fun! and I’ll see on the Board!

4 thoughts on “Psychic Self Discussion Board

  1. ok, I will go first….This experience is one of the newer ones from late 2013. I have a Cat who is 9 yrs old. He never hissed at my Mom before, or anyone; however, after my Mom was diagnosed w/cancer (he is now 3 yrs old) he started hissing @ her….I would just tell her ‘it’s the cancer, Mom, not you…” but, you still feel bad. Fast Forward to Thanksgiving 2013, I was home sick laying on the couch w/my Cat sleeping by my side while I was watching TV, it was 12:15 PM and all of a sudden he Cat jumped up ‘hissed’ and ran….LOL I said “Mom’s here, hi Mom, Happy Thanksgiving”…Nobody can tell me that that wasn’t my Mom’s energy visiting me – nobody. In 9 years my Cat never hissed w/me, not even once. The Cat hissed again the following Saturday and once more since then….Everyone I tell thinks I should just walk around 24/7 w/the Cat (he’s a nice little indicator of when she’s around…LOL) I’m sure my Mom has been around other than when he hissed….but, unless he is right near me, I don’t know for sure…As we know, animals are very sensitive to this energy. I have more stories to share – all different. Hope everyone enjoyed this one..

    1. Thanks so much Bo! I love the story. Our animal friends always feel energies. But, I really wanted you to click on the link for my NEW Discussion Board >> I guess I was not clear enough in the article, but the link takes you to a really great place for ongoing discussions. My blog does not reach as many people as the Discussion Board will. Hop on over and re-post your info. Thanks so much…M/

      1. 1000 apologies for replying on the wrong board…I must have clicked on the wrong link in the email? Is there any way to copy/paste what I wrote? I will try

        I have the right blog now – again, sorry.

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