Believe (TV series) –My Commentary

An extraordinary girl…about to change the world.

All science fiction, fantasy, and metaphysical people should be very pleased right now! A new series called Believe has been added to the NBC television network for the Spring 2014 season Believe on NBC

The story is listed as a fantasy and science fiction, but as all metaphysicans know, the events in Believe really do happen. A 10 year old girl named Bo (Johnny Sequoyah), born with special abilities that she cannot control is the main character. Her abilities have started developing and there are people protecting her. This includes Winter (played by Delroy Lindo), who used to be associated with Roman Skouras (Kyle MacLachlan). So far, we do not know why Winter and Skoura have separated their partnership, but speculation is that there is some bad motive on Skouras’ part.

Bo is able to know what people are thinking, and part of their memory. She “receives” information quickly at times, and sometimes is totally unaware of her psychic powers. She can influence elements of nature, and instinctively knows important things as they happen. All this going on and the “bad guys” are constantly chasing her.
In order to move Bo around more easily, Winter and his associates decide to enlist the aid of Tate (Jake McLaughlin) who is a wrongfully convicted death row inmate and, incidentally, does not know he is Bo’s birth father. But they have to break him out of prison, so the beginning of the show starts with a clever approach to accomplish this.

Tate was not asked about all of this (the prison break, and becoming Bo’s protector) but is thrust into it unawares. He is reluctant to become her protector, but the two ultimately form a bond. And that connection that they build guides them to help each other as well as others. All this while staying one step ahead of the evil forces that want the girl. Yeah, I know – this sounds much like a past series called Touch on the Fox network.

Sure there is intrigue, danger, adventure, metaphysical stuff galore! But most important, I believe, is potential of our newer generation: the kids that see sparkles, hear voices, heal folks, have extraordinary ideas. This opens the potential, and allows us to imagine that it can be possible… because it is!
Believe TV Sereis

4 thoughts on “Believe (TV series) –My Commentary

  1. I have just started watching it but I’m having a hard time with the violence. I just can’t watch violence anymore. I will save it and watch it to stay in the loop. I’m happy however, that two new programs dealing with the metaphysical have been developed. I am looking forward to see what people are saying about these programs.

    1. Carolyn~ I truly understand your concerns with the violence. I can only guess that the network is trying to “appeal” to as many viewers as possible. Hopefully, the ones drawn in by the violence will still get pieces of the higher message of this series…M/

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