10 Thoughts on Opening Your Intuition

Here are a few useful thoughts on opening intuitively:

1) Spirituality is a way of understanding the Divine Self. Your spiritual awareness comes through this search.

2) Dedication is important for unfolding psychic or medium abilities. Any honorable search requires true commitment.

3) Meditation is a major tool for unfoldment. Spend time meditating every day to remain open to the inner self.

4) Be aware of yourself and your surroundings. Spend time every day recognizing the small things at hand.

5) Read about and research experiences of others. It keeps your mind centered on what you want.

6) Share information received (but do not intrude) intuitively in order to gain confidence in the connection. This way a spiritual connection becomes stronger.

7) Practice with others who honor and respect the gift. They can encourage you and help ground your energy.

8) Become involved in a circle of like-minded people. You will support each other.

9) Spend time working on exercises to increase your potential.

10) Take advantage of every workshop, class, or lecture beneficial to your craft.

If you truly want to increase your abilities, you should benefit greatly by embracing these thoughts on intuition!

Many Blessings…Melissa

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