Thoughts on Psychic Mediums and Readings

When you consider getting a psychic reading, be sure you keep these thoughts in mind. Just as people are all different, so are readers. There is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to psychic readers.


  • Some readers are upbeat, some are strong and forward in their presentation, some are humorous, others very serious. One is not better than the other. However, you may prefer a certain style. If the reader seems too aggressive for your emotional sensitivity, you are not expected to stay. Say so early in the session and make other arrangements for a different reader.


  • You have the right to end a reading if you are not comfortable. But it is advisable to do so after five to ten minutes, as soon as you realize it. To take up the time and energy of a full reading and then say you don’t think it’s a good match is not good etiquette. This would be a complete waste of your time and the reader’s energy.


    In fact, the reader may even suggest the reading is not proceeding in a good way, and suggest you reschedule, or even see another reader, depending on what is happening. I’m usually able to recognize when I am not getting a good connection, or the session just doesn’t feel right. I will either ask for another scheduled time, or offer the names of different readers that fit better with the style or substance needed for that client.


  • Sometimes the reader does not connect with the loved one you request. In fact, sometimes, if a client is so intent on speaking with only one special spirit, the connection might not happen at all. Spirit connection is not always receptive to pressure. As much as you may want it, and as much as the loved one’s spirit may want it, it may not always happen.


  • Once in a while, the client really doesn’t have any specific questions, but wants a general reading. I may suggest they go to a tarot reader or palmist I know for this type of session. If you are getting a palm reading, understand that the reader will hold your hand at least part of the time. If you have an aversion to being touched by a stranger, then palm readings may not be your cup of tea. A tarot reader will be able to give you a full reading by using a spread of cards. You may not have to ask questions during this session, but I feel it is important to do so. Then you are more likely to get the information you need.


  • Astrology readings will be different. You’ll need to provide the date, time, and location (city) of your birth. Then there usually is a section of the session requiring the reader to calculate your specific chart. (Sometimes the astrologer asks for this ahead of time.)


    As you can see, there are many types of readings and many types of readers. So be flexible in your expectations. However, the purpose of the reading is your betterment, and to provide information for you to make life decisions. This should be the reader’s main focus for your session. The reader will help you find the source of concerns or challenges, and will give you possibilities to strive for, or will suggest changes for positive life growth.


    After having a psychic reading of any type, you should feel empowered and good about the choices you are making and about the directions you are moving in your life.


    I’ll share more soon that will help you decide the right reader for you!

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