Naming your spiritual protector like a boss

There are so many ways to invoke protection during the day, or for special spiritual practice. Try this one on for size. See how it feels. If you do not like it, let me know why. If you do, please share with me. Blessings…Melissa Leath ~


A_male_elf_face2 I am having so much fun with all of my ups and definitely feel this year’s horse energy as I ride off into the sun. Only problem with speed racing your spiritual center is lack of protection.

Sometimes we feel like the act of protecting ourselves means wearing a full suit of armor or envisioning a gigantic bazooka in hand. While I was growing up my favorite play-powers were fog, smoke and pure magical beam essence. All of which were alluring and won over my opponent in no time. However, life isn’t so catering to our fantasies.

There is always balance to keep us in check.

The balance I find though as I work even more directly with spirit is the ability to work alongside the energy of protection instead of hiding behind it. When we choose to mask our own self then the energy feels heavy and clunky. If…

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